About Us

What is OutdoorFunMag?

OutdoorFunMag or Outdoor Fun Magazine is like an outdoor enthusiast family that aims to bestow people with useful information on outdoor fun activities like camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing. We also provide product reviews on various outdoor products.

Mission Of OutdoorFunMag:

We, OutdoorFunMag have made our team with a number of experienced outdoor enthusiasts. We love to learn new things to apply them for experiments and then look forward to sharing them with people. We aim to help people learning something new from each of our blogs and provide honest reviews of necessary outdoor products. So, visitors come to learn about new gadgets for camping, hiking and also can make an efficient comparison between different products.

This website is the outcome of our passion and love for outdoor deeds like camping and hiking. With it, we wish to offer an all-inclusive camping guide for you and thus, we love to make it the most trusted information source for you as well. Every member of our team has a great thirst for learning new and DIY solutions for different outdoor exploring problems. Every time we learn something new, we first apply it in a practical situation to prove its effectiveness. After that, we decide to share it with all of you only when we find the techniques workable.

Besides, we try to look for new gadgets coming to the market for outdoor fun activities like camping and hiking. We use them and provide honest reviews of those items. At the same time, we disclose which facts the products are not good at and which is good. That’s very helpful to make a good comparison between the products of several companies and series.

How Do We work?

Camping and hiking have now become a lifestyle for us. As we cannot avoid it, OutdoorFunMag promises to update and continue our service in the future. We don’t wait longer to share new and life-saving ideas with you. Besides, trying new gadgets is another passion for us as well. So, our commitment is to serve you with the most effective outdoor hacks and product reviews as long as you are with us.

Every time we start composing a blog on an issue solving fact, we try to recall all our experience details related to the fact. Besides, we discuss the fact with all other team members to collect every single idea on an individual level. We don’t believe in so-called viral outdoor hacks and never ever share any information until we experience it by ourselves. When we come to learn about a new hack, one of us choose it to try and make sure the acceptance.

Sometimes, we have to take a few more times to share some innovative and new outdoor hacks or review contents just to make sure the reliability variable rates. For review posts, we try to use every single product by ourselves to check the features including pros, and cons. We also have a connection with a good number of camping experts and often we take reviews from them if we find them using something new. That’s how we collect all the information that is guaranteed to be authentic and evidentiary.

Our Purposes

OutdoorFunMag believes that the connection between human and nature can make us pure and gnostic. In this era of extreme urbanization and technology, it’s nearly impossible to stay connected to nature every day. That’s why camping and hiking seem to be the best ways to come near nature and wildlife and to explore the primitive integrality inside ourselves. This kind of activity is also essential to release from our everyday routine life pressure as a means of relaxation and adventure.

For all these wherefores, we encourage people to try outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, etc with the best of our endeavors. And this website is a part of our invigoration. And we take it as a medium to share the possible solutions of all those issues that the newcomers find difficult so that those issues can’t be the impediment in their exploration of the deep and green world. That’s the quest for Outdoorfunmeg and the reason for our hard work.