Are Air Mattresses Comfortable for Camping?

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Air mattress is one of the most used bedding alternatives both for camping or home use too. It is convenient, comfortable, flexible, and cheap. However, when it is about camping an air mattress is the best option for its hassle-free portability. But many people have a confusion about the comfortability of an air mattress.

Generally, an air mattress is made of PVC, nylon, polyester material, or something of vinyl. It’s like a bag that you have to fill with air using an air compressor or hand pump. When being completely inflated, it will get the shape of a mattress.

The structure of an air mattress is simple and there is no solid component to make the surface harder. So, there is no doubt that an air mattress is comfortable especially when you can on a camping trip. It’s because camping air mattresses are specifically made with the dimensions of a standard tent to help you have a better night’s sleep.

Well, there are tons of questions among many of you about the comfortability of an air mattress. You already know that an air mattress is undoubtedly comfortable. Apart from the comforting ability, an air mattress has tons of camping benefits. To learn everything about it, just stay still and spend a few minutes reading the content briefly.


Are Camping Air Mattresses Comfortable?

Air mattresses are also known as air beds or blow-up beds. Generally, it’s a type of bed pack that you have to inflate with air and give a form of a mattress. After use, you can press it to deflate and then get it in a tiny folding size. As it is very easy to carry, people prefer carrying it while camping.

To talk about the comfortability of an airbed, I can fully assure you of the foamy and soft bed-like feeling with an air mattress. As it is filled up with air only, it certainly has no solid material to make the surface harder. Besides, the surface is mostly made with polyester fabric or nylons.

Most of the airbed has wavy surfaces that ensure air passes out in a proper way. Besides, some air beds come with extensions like pillows. So, it will be like a soft mattress when you use an air mattress.

If you compare the air mattress with most other camping bed types like camping cot, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc in terms of comfortability, no doubt that the air mattress is the most comfortable one for camping.

However, air mattresses are naturally waterproof and some good quality ones are even heatproof. Inflating and setting up a bed is very easy and a person alone can handle it within a few minutes. And the folding size is not bigger than a usual purse. So, most pro campers prefer using an air mattress while camping.

Aside from comfortably, there are a certain number of benefits for that you will use an air mattress. The next section will disclose the fact and then I will mention some situations when you better avoid using an airbed.


Benefits of Using an Air Mattress While Camping

Apart from the issue of comfortability, there are some particular benefits of using an air mattress while camping. Let’s check them out.

  • Protects body posture

Air beds are highly adjustable and it allows the users to alter the firmness of the bed at any time. You must prefer a soft and comfortable bed. Indeed, firm and stiff beds are not suitable for the human body.

You should sleep on a relatively soft bed which also provides optimal weight distribution on your body. If you sleep on a firm bed you might feel pain and soreness in multiple parts of your body. Moreover, the condition of your spine might deteriorate.

A good quality air bed will suit your body in the best possible way. You can adjust the firmness as you desire and additionally it will help to maintain your body posture to the optimal level.

  • Easy to Store

An air bed is first and foremost very easy to store and carry. You can take it in any way possible whether, in a handbag or backpack, it’s up to you. They tend to be compact when not in use and according to your need choose the right size for your convenience.

A quality air bed can be rolled anytime after use and compressed into a very small package. You can keep that in your bag or in a utility box whichever is available. Even the packing procedures are simple and comprehensive.

  • Very much Light Weight

Air beds tend to be very light in weight. They are made in such a way that anyone can carry them with ease. Whatever the sizes, air beds are light in weight comparing any type of other bed for camping or backpacking.

There are two types of air beds, one operates with a manual pump which is lighter. The general weight range is around 2-3 kilograms. The other one comes with a built-in pump which is best for any occasion if you have a car or RV. These tend to be around 9 to 13 kilograms in total weight.

  • Provides larger space

As air beds take limited space and suit nearly all the situation, they are perfect for camping and hiking. Air beds allow at least 2 to 3 people to sleep or rest comfortably. Moreover, it provides more room than sleeping bags, hammocks, and cots.

If you are camping with family, especially kids then we will suggest taking air beds instead of other options. Even these air beds come in numerous sizes. You can buy yours according to the number of people. Additionally, air beds save you from extra hassles and additional baggage.

  • Size Variation

Another benefit of air beds is you can buy them in different sizes and you don’t need to waste any sweat to do that. They come in perfect sizes according to your needs and each size and model has a certain weight holding capacity.

Before buying any look for the maximum weight holding capacity. Generally, you will find twin-size, full-size, and queen-size air beds. Twin size can hold a grown man and a kid or teenager. Full and queen size can give room to 2-3 people with ease.

The maximum weight capacity for these 3 different sizes ranges from 300 pounds to 600 pounds. Built materials, valves, and coating quality determines the durability and holding capacity of an air bed.

  • Durability and Affordability

In durability, you will rest assured as most of the air beds available in the market are made of high-quality vinyl. This type of material makes the air beds hold up to 650 to 700 pounds without any issues. Vinyl air beds are even rollable and users can keep that in any way without damaging the outer layer.

You must not choose an air bed that is made of plastic materials as they tend to deteriorate very fast. Even high-quality vinyl air beds come at cheap prices. They are affordable if you compare the price against other options.

A gross price range is from 39 USD to 80USD. This price difference is for different sizes, smaller ones are cheaper than the double size or queen size ones. You might find more premium ones with additional features at an increased price.

  • Easy to Set-up

One of the most beneficial parts of an air bed is its easy maintenance. Anyone can set up an air bed without having any previous knowledge. A good quality air bed also comes with a comprehensive user manual. Just by following some baby steps you can inflate and deflate it as required.

Other options such as sleeping bags and hammocks need some preparations and rope-based set-up. Unlike those, air beds come with a manual or built-in air pump. The most common way is inflating the air bed from the storage in your desired place. After that you have to press the self-inflate button on the pump or other panel, the rest is done automatically.


When Air Mattress is Not a Good Idea?

As you see, an air mattress has endless benefits. But it doesn’t mean you can just use it anytime anywhere. There are some situations when you shouldn’t carry an air mattress and go for a camping cot, sleeping pad, or even a hammock.

In the rainy season, the ground is wet and muddy in most places. So, if you are planning to camp in a forest or mountain, you shouldn’t use an airbed unless the tent floor is elevated and waterproof. In this case, you should try something that can keep you dry like a camping cot.

If you are planning to camp in a desert area where the ground is full of sand, you should never pick an air bed anyway. The high temperature of the sand can melt the nylon or plastic material of the bed. Also, the heat of the sand can make the bed much warmer too. And you know that sand can preserve heat for a long.

When it is winter, the ground can be cold and just covered with ice. It will be then too difficult to sleep just over the airbed. So, you should avoid using it in winter as well. You should better try for a camping cot or hammock in that case.

In the deep forest, the ground can have mud and insects. So, it is better not to sleep directly over the air bed on the ground. Hammock performs the best in this case. You can also try for a cot too. Eventually, a camping cot is the best option in this case as it is elevated over the ground and insects can possibly not get in touch with you.

So, these are the possible situations when an airbed is not a good option. Besides, you should carry it when you don’t have a pump or air compressor to inflate the bed.


Final thoughts

About comfortability, air mattresses have rare alternatives. Still having some issues with it, campers feel comfortable with it, even carrying it. Hopefully, you understand the comfortable issue of an air mattress as a whole. If you think this information is helpful you can share it with your friends who are also interested in camping. Till now, you are staying with us, and thank you a million folds for that.