Are Duck Boots Good for Hiking? Let’s Find Out!

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The hunt for getting the right kind of hiking boots might seem to never end. You might have tried on many kinds of boots, gone through many hiking boots reviews but have always remained unsatisfied. Now, after trying on everything you might wonder, are duck boots good for hiking? Well, we are going to find that out in this article and might get to know much more about ducks boots by having a look at in-depth details.

Before we get to know some of the features that make a good shoe for hiking and whether or not duck boots do have the features, let us get to know what are duck boots.

About Duck Boots Or Bean Boots:

Duck boots were created by a person named Leon Leonwood Bean. He also owns a company named L.L. Bean where duck boots of many colors and designs are manufactured. The idea of inventing duck boots came to him when he got sick because of wetting his feet while going on various trips.

Hence, he manufactured duck boots that keep the feet dry. The sole of the boots is made up of rubber and the upper part of the boot consists of leather. The leather provides a person with the comfort and flexibility that is needed while walking. The rubber sole prevents water from entering inside keeping feet dry and a person safe from getting sick and catching cold.

Features that make a shoe ideal for hiking:

If you are thinking about whether or not duck boots can be the ideal shoe for a user, then you need to consider some factors. Have a look at these factors that makes a shoe ideal for hiking and then you can decide whether or not you want to wear duck boots on a hiking trip.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered such as the location, type of terrain, environment, the material of the shoe, and many more. See the factors to know if duck boots can cope up with the requirements.

  • Requirements for day hikes:

For day hikes, people always prefer trail shoes. That is because trail shoes are made up of light and yet breathable material that ensures your feet stay dry and not at all sweaty. Even if the shoes are breathable they do the job of protecting your feet from heat. However, the trail does are not yet known as the best and ideal shoes because they do not provide enough ankle support.

And if you have to walk on uneven terrains with these shoes you will face injuries and the pain of twisted ankles as well. That is why for enjoying day hikes there is a requirement that you choose a shoe that is sturdy providing you the best possible support so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

  • Requirements for hiking in tough places:

The environment of a rocky hill or icy glacier might be thrilling and exciting, but they are indeed tough places for hiking. And for such places, hiker did try wearing on mountaineering boots. These provide greater support compared to trail shoes. All mountaineering boots are warm, resistant against water, and abrasion.

  • Requirements for hiking on almost all terrains:

For all sorts of terrains, most hikers prefer backpacking boots. That is because such boots have durable construction and provide enough support to your feet so you can tackle the challenges of your hiking trip.

  • The material of the shoe:

The material that a shoe or boots are made of is an important factor to consider to understand whether it is an ideal boot or shoe for hiking. The wrong fabric of the shoe can cause a lot of pain to your feet making your hiking experience a bitter one. furthermore, the right comfortable hiking shoe should be made up of material that is breathable or waterproof.

  • Fullgrain leather is used for making the upper position of the shoe. Mountaineering boots are made up of this kind of leather as it is high in terms of durability and versatility. For hikes that require you to be very active and conquer a lot of tough situations, you need boots or shoes made up of full grain leather. These kinds of leather are completely protective making your wear comfortable.

However, the only issue with boots made up of full grain leather is that you will feel a lot of weight on your foot. Your walking experience will become very tiring indeed and because of wearing heavy boots, you will see your backbone getting affected as well.

  • On the other hand, you will see that the shoes that are made of split-grain leather are even more comfortable than full-grain leather and it is less heavy as well. However, split leather does not have great water-resistant properties and cannot perform many heavy duties.
  • Some shoes are made up of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. These kinds of shoes do feel light on your feet, dry up fast, and are easy to wear. However, they are not water-resistant.
  • Shoes that have shanks in them:

For internal support, hiking shoes do consist of devices that protect your feet from getting injured. Your soles of the shoe stay protected from getting damaged because of walking on uneven surfaces. One of these devices is shanks that are placed between the midsole and the outer sole of your boot or shoe.

These shanks are 3 to 5 mm thick that make sure that you stay balanced and stable while hiking. The length of the shanks varies. Some of them cover up the entire shoe and some just cover up the halfway.

  • Shoe sole:

Sole is an important aspect as that is the thing on which you will be standing. It is the one that stays in contact with the ground the entire time. Most shoe soles are made up of rubber and some have material like carbon added to them to increase the stiffness of the sole.

  • The grip of the shoe:

The feature of shoes gripping on the surface is called traction. If your shoe does not have a proper grip on the surface you are walking on, you will get tired after taking some steps. You will try to grip on to the surface that can later cause pain to your feet.

Do duck boots have all these requirements for being good for hiking?

You have already understood that ideal hiking shoes or boots should be water-resistant, made up of durable material, breathable, great in terms of traction and lightweight. So now let us see if duck boots have these qualities to be ideal for hiking.

The upper part of the duck boots is made up of full grain leather. Now, you already know that full-grain leather is great in being water-resistant. This feature comes greatly handy as you get to keep your feet protected from getting soaked with muddy puddles or coming in contact with streams or any wet terrains.

Other than this, the sole of the boots is made up of rubber providing great grip. And for stability shanks are present right between the outer and inner sole. So you can make the most out of this feature. To add more, you will feel very comfortable when you wear these duck boots. Feeling comfortable is one of the important aspects as well for hikers to consider.

Now, you will not get everything right in anything. There are some cons that you have to consider. The material is a heavy full-grain leather and not everyone will prefer that. Furthermore, the support need for the ankle will be less as we discussed earlier. So you might not want to wear these boots on tough and long hikes.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, are duck boots good for hiking or not depends on what sort of hike you will be going on. For small hikes on hills that have wet terrains and muddy puddles, duck boots will be great. However, for long hikes that involve conquering a very tough environment these duck boots are not suitable.

Even if your feet stay very protected, you need support for walking on uneven surfaces. Which sadly duck boots don’t give you. So think and consider all your requirements and then make a decision whether you should wear duck boots for the kind of terrain you will be walking on during your hike trip.

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