Are Expensive Coolers Worth it?

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Cooler is a very essential need for campers and when it’s a family camping tour, it’s like a must. While camping people use coolers to keep their foods cold and fresh like preserved in a refrigerator. You can get coolers of different costs but many of you often asked if expensive coolers are worth it for camping?

Definitely, yes. An expensive cooler is worth buying. As you don’t have so many alternatives to a cooler, it is essential to have one that really works and won’t make your foods soggy. Most of the expensive coolers come with tons of features and long cooling functions to keep your food fresh and chill.

A cooler is actually a box-like portable unit that prevents air from passing through the inside wall and keeps ice solid for long. And the ice will keep your food cold and fresh. It is the basic function of a cooler. But when you have good quality and expensive cooler, you will additionally get more functions that are truly essential.

Besides, some of you buy cheap coolers and face a lot of problems with that. Eventually, you need to learn about the possible problems you can also face with a cheap cooler. And to learn all essential information about this issue of a cooler and its price, you have to stay concentrating till the end.

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What is the Function of a Cooler?

A food preserving cooler is functioned with the combination of the insulation system and ice to keep your food cold for a long time. The most important part of a cooler is the insulation wall. This wall is made of plastic or foam. The layer of the wall is thick and air-proof.

The insulation layer keeps the lower temperature of ice inside the cooler box. Initially, it prevents the outside air from coming inside and the inside coldness to pass outside. At the same time, it slows down the outside air leaching to the inside compartment. As a result, the ice in the inner part keeps the compartment cold.

A cooler can be of two different functions. Convection is the first process. In this process, the heat passes through the air currents especially when you open and close the lid of the cooler box. Additionally, this process also occurs in the inner part as well. So, you have to keep it closed and only open it when you need to so that process is slowed down.

The second process is a conduction system that basically spreads heat from the outside in the inside space. And the conduction process is slowed down by the thick insulation shell.

So, the functional theory of a cooler says that the insulation part is the main part of the cooler. It’s because this part slows down both the conduction and convection process to keep the ice solid for a long time. But you have your own task too just to avoid opening the lid so often.


What Makes a Cooler Expensive?

Generally, a food preserving cooler can be from 50$ to $1000. And the price basically depends on the functional variations, portability, features, size, and preserving duration. So, it’s natural that the more you will pay the better your cooler will be.

You have learned the functions but an expensive cooler provides more than that. The insulation layers of the coolers are of different types. And the thicker it will be the longer it will keep your food cold. But a thick insulation layer can make the cooler heavier. When it is an expensive cooler and it is from a good brand, It can have a thick insulation layer but it won’t be that much heavier.

Besides, there are brands like Yeti, Coleman, Igloo, Pelican, Polar Bear, etc that bring expensive coolers that can even keep your foods fresh for around a week. Besides, you will have more space and a lightweight facility.

Most of the expensive coolers are easy to carry. Some of them also have moving wheels and curt-like handles so that you can take themes like luggage. Additionally, they are durable and provide a long-term warranty for a safe and cold food-preserving experience.

So, the more facilities your cooler will have, the more expensive it will be. As it is not for one-time use, I prefer buying an expensive and even branded one so that you can use it for decades.


Why Are Expensive Coolers Worthy?

Now, let’s come to the main point if an expensive cooler is worthy or not. After the above discussion, I think it’s clear to you that buying an expensive cooler is worthy and even important. Now, let’s learn the reasons behind it. The facilities an expensive cooler provides will Indeed make the reasons clear.

  • Most of the expensive coolers are durable and come with high-quality materials. Some of them even last for a decade or more if you manage to take care of them and use them properly.
  • A cooler from any popular brand must come with a long-term warranty. You can have 3 to 7 years of warranty and so, you don’t have to think about the issue regarding its performance for a long time.
  • An expensive cooler can keep your foods cold and fresh for 3 to 4 times longer than a cheaper one. Some of the coolers can even preserve foods for 4 to 5 days long. But you have to contain sufficient ice for that. And a cheaper one cannot carry it for around a day only.
  • If you have a day trip like a picnic, you can carry more food with less amount of ice. Even if you open the lid very often, it will keep the food fresh for the day long.
  • Most of the expensive coolers have bigger inside space. So, you can preserve more food and drinks there.
  • Cheap coolers don’t have proper conduction and convection systems like an expensive one. And you have already learned that these two essential processes let the inside compartment cold for a long.

Apart from all these facts, a cooler from a good brand and quality must be expensive. Remember that good quality materials required more money and value as well. So, there should be no doubt that buying an expensive camping cooler is worth it and I definitely suggest you buy one looking for the quality and functions without checking the price.


Problem You May face with a Cheap Cooler

After talking with some cooler users who choose a cheap I have learned the basic problem they faced. And I think it is essential for you to learn about them too. It’s because you better buy one cooler with a little extra money rather than buying ten cooler with fewer but for 10 times.

However, the most common problem they faced was the shorter cooling duration. Most of the cheap coolers don’t have a thick and supportive insulation layer. As a result, it cannot keep your food fresh and cold for a long time. Besides, the inside cold temperature comes out as soon as you open the lid. It happens because of the poor conduction and convection systems.

Another common problem is the cheap material that is not even durable. They don’t have an easier carrying holder or any sort of wheels. So, you may have to face difficulties while carrying the cooler to the camping spot. Besides, some of the users find poor quality material that breaks so easily.

Some of the cheap coolers have a tiny space inside the storage. You cannot preserve sufficient food and you may have to carry two or more for your food for a few days. On the other sides, those cheap coolers don’t have a good appearance and you may not like them as well. So, it’s always better to avoid cheap and non-brand products whether it’s a cooler or something else.


How Long an Expensive Cooler Holds Ice?

Some of you also asked if an expensive cooler can keep food cold longer than a cheap one. Definitely, yes, it can. We check a lot of coolers. And they have variations in cooling durations. And the whole time duration is depending on the product quality and most important how often you open the lid.

Most cheap coolers can only keep your food cold for around 24 hours if you open it one or two times. But there are expensive coolers that can preserve your foods for 80 to 95 hours still if you open the lid twice a day. So, if you need to stay there for a week, you have to manage some ice in the middle of your camping trip or just enjoy fresh foods for around 4 to 5 days if it’s a good cooler.


Final Thought

If you prefer quality over cost, you won’t lose the battle of buying the appropriate product. And for camping cooler, it’s so true and I cannot deny it. However, most of the expensive coolers have a 3 to 7 years of warranty. So, it’s better to buy 1 for many years with a bit more money rather than buying 1 every year at a cheap price. Hopefully, you have understood the issue and remember it while buying a cooler for your next camping trip. Thank you again for staying with us.

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