Are Sleeping Bags Warmer Than Blankets?

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In the frigid weather, camping is tougher for sure. So, campers have to carry essential sleeping equipment to have a comfortable sleep in the cold weather. In this case, a contrast between a sleeping bag and a blanket is always there. Some people always prefer a sleeping bag while some go for a blanket. But when it is about the warming issue, the question arises whether sleeping bags are warmer than blankets.

If you consider the warming capability, the sleeping bag is better than a typical blanket. A camping blanket is also good but a sleeping bag will be the best in that sense. It covers you from all sides and so, there is a less exposed area to get cold.

Well, whether it is a sleeping bag or a blanket, both of them have a lot of benefits and functions for different purposes. But the most important fact is to get the appropriate one for you. Besides the warming issue, there are different functions of these two products. But when the weather is the issue, you should go for the sleeping bag. You should learn the whys and other essential information that you will get right below.


Warming Issue: Sleeping Bag Vs Blanket

There are many factors when a blanket will win after a sleeping bag. A blanket is convenient, easy to carry, lightweight, and easy to wash. But it is not at least the best option when it is about the warming issue. A sleeping bag is far better than a blanket when you are thinking in the frigid area and have to warm your body fast.

Just give a thought to the functions of these two products. A sleeping bag surrounds you from all sides. If you don’t have a bed, it’s okay when you have a sleeping bag. The function of a sleeping bag provides you warming surface inside the bag. So, it will feel like a thin mattress as well.

But a blanket can only cover you the way you will keep it. So, it may not be warmer than a sleeping bag. Besides, you cannot use it for all sides including the beddings. So, if you don’t have an extra mattress, you cannot possibly sleep comfortably just with a blanket.

Also, a sleeping bag is made of nylon fabric and other high-temperature consumption fabric. It helps to prevent the outside cold temperature from coming inside. On another side, a blanket can be of different materials. A camping blanket is better than the regular one while you are on a trip.

Blankets of any type can warm you. But if there is one single side exposed, your full body can freeze because of it. But when you are using a sleeping bag, there is no chance to have an exposed side. In that case, the sleeping bag is warmer than the blanket.


Benefits of Using A Sleeping Bag

If you are not just thinking about the warming fact, there are several benefits of using a sleeping bag. First of all, you can have slept anyway still if you don’t have a bed or mattress. Normally, a sleeping bag has a surrounding comfy wall like a bag where you can hide and then sleep.

Also, the use of a sleeping bag is simple and you just have to close the zipper to set it up. Some of the bags contain a head pillow on the head cap and so, you don’t necessarily carry a pillow as well. Besides, some of them have pockets where you can store all your essential gears. However, the following facts will clarify why you should choose a sleeping bag.

  • Variations in Size and Function

In the shop, you will get sleeping bags of different types, brands, and sizes. You can just pick up the right size bag for you to check the bag. Besides, there are different types of bags as well. You can get a sleeping bag with rectangle, semi-rectangular, and mummy shapes. Besides, they come with variations in material that works for different purposes.

  • Warming Facility

Like the variations in size, materials, and shape, the sleeping bags also come with different temperature functions as well. For different seasons, types of the sleeping bag vary according to their consuming power of temperature. There are bags specified for summer, winter, and 3 season purposes. So, you are free to choose the appropriate one for your use.

  • Emergency Use 

For emergency use, nothing can beat a sleeping bag anyway. In any case, you don’t have a shelter, tent, or even bedding, you can just use a sleeping bag for a comfortable sleep. Some sleeping bag has adjusted pillow and head loop. You can just use it in a safe place and sleep comfortably.

  • Compact Size

Some of us have a wrong idea that sleeping bag is very difficult to carry for its size. No, things are not like that. Good quality sleeping bags are easy to compress and pack in a small bag. So, you can just hang the cover bag with your backpack using a hanging clip. Besides, it is very light in weight and so, you won’t feel the extra weight of the bag.

  • Simple Setup

Setting a sleeping bag is less hard than filling a bottle from a tap. You will need only a minute to install your sleeping bag while it takes a minimum of 5 minutes to set up an air bed. To set up your sleeping bag, you only have to pull up the sleeping bag from its cover bag and lay it on the ground. You just have to make sure that you are placing it in the right place and if you are in a tent it is not touching the edge of the tent. Now, just keep yourself inside the bad and close up the zipper.

  • Waterproof and durable

Most of the sleeping bags are made of nylon or polyethylene fabric So, they are waterproof and durable. It is hard to get even a scratch on your bag if it is from a good brand. For having durable materials this kind of bag provides more warming facilities and long-lasting use.

These are the probable functions for what most people prefer a sleeping bag over a blanket. But there are strong arguments for blankets as well. The following section will make it clear to you.


Benefits of Using A Camping Blanket

It is for sure that a sleeping bag is warmer than a blanket but it doesn’t mean a sleeping bag is better on every side than a blanket. Probably you cannot carry a sleeping bag more comfortably than you do with a blanket. You can compress it and then carry it in your backpack.

Besides, a sleeping bag is a good option only when it is winter. In a place with warm or normal temperatures, you may not need a sleeping bag but a thin blanket can help you a lot. You can use it as you want and also it works well when you have a mattress and a tent.

Aside from all these points, a blanket has another benefit. Besides, if you don’t like to buy or carry a lot of camping equipment, choosing a blanket is a good decision. You can also carry things inside the blanket if you manage to fold them in a proper way and make the knots. Not just these, you should also use a camping blanket for following beneficial sides.

  • 3 Season Usages

There are camping blankets for different seasons available in the shop. The 3 season blanket is the most popular one. If you have a 3 season blanket, you can use it anytime except it is not snowing. Sometimes, in summer, spring, and autumn, you will need a think blanket for a comfortable sleep. In this case, a camping blanket will beat the sleeping bag.

  • Easy to Carry and Use

Camping blankets are thinner and very lighter in weight. So, you can fold it, again and again, to roll it up in a small bag. For its compact size, it is very easy to carry in your backpack. It will also take less space too.

  • Easy to Wash

No doubt that a blanket will be easier to wash while comparing to a sleeping bag. Just use some blanket liquid detergent on your washing machine. It will get a wash automatically. You cannot possibly wash a sleeping bag in such an easier way.

  • Good for Multiple Persons

In a sleeping bag, there is no way to sleep two people or more. But if you have a larger blanket, you can use it for two and sometimes for more persons. In that case, couples should have a camping blanket whether or not they are carrying sleeping bags for them. If it is extremely cold, they can use the blanket over the sleeping bag too.

  • Multiple Using Facilities

The most interesting beneficial side of having a blanket while camping is its multiple using functions. You can use a blanket in different ways other than warming yourself up by covering yourself. Fold it properly and you can use it as a pillow or a cushion. If you need a shed, just hang the four corners of your blanket with something like trees or branches. You can also use it as bedding or even a mattress cover. Also, you can use a wet blanket to put out the fire.

So, if we consider the issues of beneficial sides, the sleeping bag is preferred if it is only about the warming capability. But on the other sides, blankets have more facilities. Blankets are convenient, compact, and more essential in some cases. So, if you are a regular camper, it is better to have both of them in your bucket.


Final Thought

In a nutshell, I can say that a sleeping bag is warmer than a blanket only when you have the right sleeping bag. On the contrary, a blanket is most convenient in a dry season if you have the right one only. So, make sure you are buying the appropriate one whatever product you are spending your money on.

So, here I take my leave for today. I anticipate your better camping experience. We always feel better thinking any of you may get some helpful information from us. That’s the inspiration for our effort. Thank you again for your time.