Best 6 Person Tents For Rain in 2022: Top 6 Reviewed

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The biggest challenge while packing for the most awaited trip is to find the perfect tent. Deciding to get the right tent for a single person alone is hard enough. On top of that, if you’re on a quest to look for the best 6 person tent for rain, it sure is a difficult task!

You’re not just looking to fit all of your favorite people in one room, are you? You want the one-stop cabin that provides shelter to get you through a chilly rainy night.

We know just how excited you were all along to plan for the camping trip of the year with your friends or family. And we want to be the best of help and get you hooked on some of the best family-sized durable tents in town!


Best 6 Person Tents for Rain

We have compiled the perfect list of large shelters before you head on to surf for a gazillion tents on random sites. We weighed out the best pros over some cons and laid out the best aspects in detail to keep you on your toes. So take notes as we compare the features of the ultimate six-person tents together!


1. HikerGarden 6/10 Person Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B0813CY1W1″ title=”HikerGarden 6 Person Camping Tent”]

The HikerGarden is a straight-up roomy tent that gives space to you and your massive family! We’re not kidding – it is not your ordinary-sized tent, and it won’t even get you claustrophobic. Since this is at the top of our list, let’s get you familiar with its bomb features!

Extra Room

Oh yes, this tent is a whopping 120 by 96 by 76 inches! Fitting in as many sleeping bags as six has never been so easy before. With a spacious center to make you feel at home, its roof stands taller than the tallest in your family.

Allows Air Circulation

It is no surprise that there will be at least 5-6 people unpacking all their camping gear, clothes, and sleeping bags. Keeping that in mind, HikerGarden featured this tent with four window places and a befitting large door. All of these are made of mesh to add more ventilation.


You asked for water-resistant tents; here’s the best one across the internet! Even if you find yourselves zipped in during heavy rainfall, the delicate fabric will not let a hint of rainwater leak through its layers.


You’ve heard of waterproofing, but a tent for rain is even better when it’s windproof. The winds could get more robust and make the rain sound worse when you’re tucked inside. But the HikerGarden will stay put and won’t let the kids get scared.

Highly Durable

How does the tent stay put even through stormy weather? Not only is the fabric leakproof, but the tent comes with reinforced steel poles to hold its frame upright. And don’t worry, the poles won’t fail on you unless you take it all down.


  • Easy to assemble: It takes no more than 5 minutes to set this up
  • Durable: It holds up through windy rain
  • Branded: A master at designing the best tents through extreme weather
  • Double-Layer protection: The fabric doesn’t let rainwater leak
  • Ventilated: Comes with meshed windows and a door to allow air circulation


  • Poor Heat Endurance: It’s more suited during the rainy season
  • Inconvenient Zipper Lining: The zipper only opens one-way

Our Thoughts on the HikerGarden 6/10 Person Camping Tent

Overall, we think this wins as the best 6 person tent for rain – emphasizing “rain” because this is exclusively built to be water-resistant and windproof.


2. Ennoven Waterproof Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B08W4X5PM6″ title=”Ennoven Waterproof Camping Tent”]

Are you looking for a more convenient camping tent to shelter your group of 6 in both the rain and under the sun? Let’s have a look at the brilliant blues of this Ennoven product! It’s got the right balance of ventilation and protection in the outdoors.


Hikers are always anxious about packing light, and a tent needn’t be the reason to feel burdened before an exciting adventure! So if you’re planning to hike for hours, this is the ultra-light tent you want to carry along with your sleeping bag.

Instant Tent

Ennoven markets this as an instant tent because of how fast and easy it is to assemble – literally no skills required. Since it is super lightweight, even the kids could give you a hand at setting it up before the sunsets.


If you’re a family of four, this would be the most delightful space. But fret not, this was still designed to accumulate a group of 6 during an emergency camp night out in the rain.

Water Resistance

This hexagonal tent is like an umbrella under a shower of rain. And after the rain stops, its roof dries up super fast without letting the crevices dampen—all credits to the innovative design of Ennoven.

Double Layers

The PED fabric on this shade is outstanding, which not only withholds rain but also endures sunlight like a pro. You could plan a wonderful garden picnic under the sun and then let the kids rest in its shade. It’s built for both kinds of weather.


  • Easy-set up: Its automatic setup hydraulic design is quite the innovation
  • Breathable Fabric: It is meshed in the right places for added ventilation
  • Water Resistant: Rainwater won’t leak into its double PED layer.
  • Hexagonal: Its shape helps the tent to stay put
  • Ultralight: Easy to carry around and pack up


  • Less Height: It’s best for people under 6 ft
  • See-Through: It doesn’t ensure you much privacy.

Our Thoughts on the Ennoven Waterproof Camping Tent

This tent is most suited for light fishing camps or perhaps for backyard camping during daylight. Its all-season aspect makes it a favorite among kids these days!


3. Coleman Steel Dome Tent

[amazon box=”B00S57UU7S” title=”Coleman Steel Dome Tent”]

Nobody knows how to pick the best 6 person tents for rain as we do! Based on thorough research, we bet you are going to love this number instantly! This Coleman Steel Tent is almost like an all-in-one cabin.

Dome Shape

We knew we had to include a dome-shaped tent to give you the best rainproof experience! The streamlined shape keeps the tent standing up even in the roughest of winds. You can put it up in the most tricky mountainous zone; it still won’t budge!


The tent’s dome shape adds unmatching strength to its steel structure. Not only does it withhold gusting winds, but the Coleman tent will keep the 6 of you absolutely protected on a wild stormy night.


If you’re a long-time camper, you already know how difficult it is to come across a decent all-season tent. Well, this is innovated for convenience with WeatherTec System to keep you ready to camp at any time of the year.

Separate Screen

Hold your beer for the best news ever! Not only can six people sleep inside this massive tent, but each of them gets separate private sections to themselves. This makes storing every individual’s camping materials even more convenient!

Easy Assembling

With so many things going on with this product, you might be wondering how difficult it must be to set this up. What you won’t believe is, Coleman promises that you won’t need any longer than 7 minutes to unpack and assemble the whole tent.


  • Steel Structure: Keeps the tent standing through extreme weather
  • Round-shaped: To stay put on roughly windy days
  • Polyguard fabric: Makes it an all three-season tent
  • Separate Screens: Ensures more privacy and allocated storage space
  • Rainfly tech: The interior stays dry even during the rain


  • Lacking window: The back wall needs a rain flap
  • Lengthy packing: Taking down the tent takes more time.

Our Thought on Coleman Steel Dome Tent

If you’re impressed by now, we believe that this is a brilliant 6-person tent – in case you don’t mind sparing extra minutes on packing and rolling this up.


4. CAMPROS 6-Person Waterproof Tent

[amazon box=”B08CGTT29K” title=”Campros 6 Person Waterproof Tent”]

This waterproof family-sized tent is a Cambodian camping companion. Our extensive research assures you that this product comes with all the desirable attributes you’re searching for in the best 6 person tents for rain.


A slight dome in shape, this tent keeps six whole persons comfortably tucked within its promising silhouette on a rainy trip. Fitting in as many sleeping bags and backpacks is not a toughie due to its roomy interior.

Double Layer

Apart from its shape bringing an advantage to make it waterproof and windproof, the layers are coated with excellent water resistance, keeping the interior simultaneously dry. Its double-layer feature gives you extra warmth on bone-chilling nights.

Mesh Windows

Although its layers are meant to keep out the rain, CAMPROS designed it with meshed windows to keep away any humidity. This allows air to circulate without condensing the interior. You can relax with your friends without feeling trapped inside a room.

Guaranteed Quality

To create more reliability, CAMPROS offers a year’s worth of high-quality service. So aside from the tent’s breathability and promising design, we love the fact that a brand can show courage in its quality.


This tent has the smallest but significant components, such as an electrical port passing through a designated hole. The package also features fiberglass poles, a rainfly, a storage bag, along with a set of easy-to-assemble guidelines.


    • Unbeatable price: One of the most budget-friendly options
    • Roomy: It can fit up to two queen-sized mattresses
    • Fast set up: It doesn’t require much manpower
  • Kid-Friendly: It is the perfect tent for light outdoor activities
  • Budge-proof: Strongly built to withstand all-season troubles


  • Thin Floor: It is more suited on low grass ground
  • Fabric Smell: It’s best to air dry after a shower of rain

Our Thoughts on the CAMPROS 6-Person Waterproof Tent

We think this is an excellent 6-person tent to relax in between a family hike or fishing session. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and packs quickly away at the back of your trunk.


5. Echo Smile Camping Instant Tent

[amazon box=”B08DNRTR8F” title=”Echo Smile Camping Instant Tent”]

We have yet another instant camping tent – easy to carry at any time of the year throughout any kind of outdoor activity. The best part is, it’s made in multiple styles to suit your choice. Check out more features here –

Promising Build

EchoSmile isn’t joking around when they said that their tents are made of heavy-duty steel. This particular model is built to accommodate five people at the least. A couple more friends joining? – The tent has a solid pole to keep it together and stays budge-proof until you disassemble.

Wind Resistant

Setting up a tent and trying to keep it put on windy days is worrisome. But not with this revolutionary cabin! As promised, its pole will stand firm. Moreover, it is well-equipped with more tight materials to keep it fixed during strong winds.


Can you believe that this one can fit up to 8 people? It stands as tall as 51.18 inches in the center, making the interior seem roomier. It is the perfect space for a family gathering.


It is unbelievable that any 6-person tent could be lightweight. The EchoSmile packs wonderfully light and sits at the back of your car without weighing it down on the way to your campsite. This also allows fast assembling as the clouds are about to burst into a shower.


Who doesn’t like the sound of a quality and service check warranty? Many brands promise many features but lack consistency, but EchoSmile doesn’t shy away in this department. It assures a complete checkup before sending it over to your doorstep.


  • Multiple Styles: There is something for everybody
  • Ensures Airflow: Meshed windows and doors for good ventilation
  • High quality: Strong fiberglass pole and heavy-duty steel
  • All-weather: Great for summertime and monsoon
  • Well-equipped: For easy assembling and budge-proof structure


  • No instruction: Not easy for kids to set up
  • Outside zipping: Takes more time to zip windows

Our Thoughts on Echo Smile Instant Camping Tent

For the price, the Echo Smile is great in build and serves the purpose during light rain and warm, sunny days out. If you’re a family of 6 in need of a quick-fix tent, this is a reasonable option.


6. Mobilehome Family Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B07P1XSFXH” title=”Mobilehome Family Camping Tent’]

By now, you’ve noticed that some of the best 6 person tents for rain are built round in a dome shape to give it better wind resistance. We couldn’t help but end this list with a Mobihome dome outdoor tent.

Mesh Door and Roof

A 6-person tent lacking in ventilation is a no-go. That is why we always suggest the ones that have more and more mesh fabric open passageways. The Mobihome has its roof meshed for the ultimate ventilation.

Polyguard Fabric

Because it is designed with poly guard fabric, this tent endures rough weather. That is also why you won’t have to buy a tent every time you and the whole gang decide to go camping.

Comfort is Key

The interior of the Mobihome makes you feel at home. A lot of tents tend to feel like a claustrophobic space with trapped heat. But this product takes the comfort hike with many modes of ventilation.


Since there are feathery light layers of fabric used all around the tent, it packs as one of the lightest among the rest of your camp carryables. No more looking for a bunch of instructions to set up a simple tent, as this one is made for emergency setups.


The top layer might have meshed fabric, but it blocks out complete rain like a surprise. Anyone inside would stay bone dry without feeling any bit of humidity.


  • All-Season Tent: It is perfect throughout summer, fall, and spring
  • Cramp-free space: Features ventilation and widespread space
  • Superb Quality: Tent floor built of PE, multiple layers of water repellent and mesh fabric
  • Reliable Brand: Quality assurance along with unmatched customer service
  • Instant Setup: No trial and error needed to set it up perfectly


  • Slim doorway: Mattresses need to be set up from inside the tent
  • Disangled Sides: May make it congested

Our Thoughts on Mobihome Family Camping Tent

Considering the positive aspects of this tent, we believe that this one is a budget-friendly tent for 4-5 people to create a more breathing space for everyone. All things you could possibly need in a decent tent, you’re looking at the right one.


Buying Guide for the Best 6 Person Tents for Rain

So far, we have been going on and on about the best 6 person tents for rain recommendations. But now it’s time to take a brief look at how to choose the right one and align it with your preference.


You can only imagine how heavy these large tents might be to carry, assemble and disassemble. That is why brands keep designing the most ultra-lightweight tents. However, lightweight doesn’t mean compromising quality. Materials are used in multiple layers that keep people comfortable on the outside and keep the extreme weather on the outside.

Tents that need more ventilation are given windows and doors made of mesh fabric. While other parts may need rainproofing, so water resistance is added to the material.

Usually, tents are made of polyester or nylon, with certain lining types to ensure durability and comfort.

Know the Shape

6-person tents are made in either type of shape: a tunnel, a dome, or a pop-up.

If you’re looking to fit more people, a tunnel tent is the best solution there is. These are for people hanging out in large groups. That is why they are also built with sturdier poles.

A dome-shaped tent stays more on the ground, giving more space at certain angles. These are great for blocking out the wind.

Lastly, pop-ups are like instant tents that are cheap on the market. At the same time, it’s hard to find sturdy ones.


If you find an all-season tent, be sure to measure other qualities, especially that of shape and material, before landing on the purchase. Just because they claim to endure all types of weather doesn’t mean they’re built for it.

Camping tents that cater specifically towards the summer or winter or rainy season offer better factors. They are built with suitable materials, rated at the right temperature range, or given proper insulation. In fact, they are less gimmicky and less confusing to choose from.

First and foremost, you should decide which time of the year you want to camp in. That should help you pick a type.


Family-sized tents are built to endure extreme weather. While it is supposed to shield you, it doesn’t have to make you feel trapped inside. The air inside should not feel unnecessarily hot or humid, especially when it’s raining outside.

Brands that are excellent at tailoring the perfect tents ensure that any material, fabric, or lining used should not disturb a sleeping person. To improve the interior atmosphere and enhance comfort, tents are given more passages with meshed departments, flaps, and adequate zippers.

Lastly, never forget that a group of 4 would have a better night’s sleep inside a 6-person’s tent, as it gives them extra space.


Always, always check for a warranty. Brands that promise a hundred percent inspection before sending out the orders have more credibility. They are believed to be more consistent.

One to two-year warranties sounds the most decent. However, make sure to read up if the brand takes responsibility for repairing or sending missing parts.

Most brands with a higher rating will never back off from offering you a one-two or even a lifetime warranty with reasonable conditions.



1. How big is a 6-person tent?

Ans: Although the standard size varies shape-wise, the height is around 90 by 120 feet square.

2. Can I fit a queen-sized mattress in the 6-person tent?

Ans: Yes, you can. Some tents can even fit two queen-sized mattresses.

3. What is the best capacity of comfort for 6-person tents?

Ans: A group of 4 people would find the best level of comfort in a 6-person tent. It would leave them more space to move around without resistance.

4. Is it necessary to buy a rain fly for a tent?

Ans: It is only necessary when the tent doesn’t come with it. Some people use tarps instead of a rainfly as a substitute.



While surfing through the internet to find the best 6 person tents for rain wasn’t an easy task, it sure is worth it if you can land on a comfortable purchase. We hope you find durability and comfort packed into the best rain-shielding tent. And when you wake up from a good night’s sleep with your fellow campers, we hope they’ll pat your back for planning the ultimate trip, even during the rainy season.