What is the Best 8 Person Tent in 2023?

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The fun of camping multiplies myriad folds when the entire camper group gets to stay under one tent roof and chill together. To this end, having enough room inside the tent is essential, for the standard size you can pick tents for 8 person or more. Today, in this article, we’ll be focusing on 8 person tents and introduce you to the best option of this category. So, without any further ado keep scrolling through the entries to decide which one to pick and why!

Best 8 Person Tents: Top 8 Reviewed

1. Coleman WeatherTec 8-Person Instant Tent

[amazon box=”B07FNZWHV7″ title=”Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent”]

To start with we’ll rave about the model that has swayed our mind the most – and that is the WeatherTec 8-Person Instant Tent from the renowned camping accessories brand Coleman. For all the valid reasons this model has topped our list. You’d be glad to know that, this model hoards all the advanced facilities one may expect to have in a tent. Besides, to add more spark to it this model is designed with utmost precision to let campers stay in the lap of luxury.

For lending you adequate space, the model lodges a dimension of 14 feet x 10 feet which is pretty spacious for 6/8 people. Unlike usual tents, the model doesn’t have any downward inclination and occupies a ceiling height of 6.3 feet on all sides with 6.7 feet at the mid. This shape promises you no bump in the head while moving, playing, or dancing around inside the tent. Again, its fat U-shaped doors are perfectly measured and placed to allow easy in and out anytime. Speaking of its construction, it is made with 150D Polyester material with a unique WeatherTec system integration which confirms a safe and secure staying all year round. So, whether it’s a scorching sun heat, strong downpour, or heavy snowfall happening outside, this tent will let you feel at home amid all odds.

Furthermore, to extend its service life, 2X double-thick material is used for its construction. Besides, the model includes a divider to impart two separate rooms under one roof. Another captivating perk of this model that lures every camper is that, it takes even less than a minute to install by following 3 easy steps. This is one of the most concerning areas for many campers since no one likes to spend hours just to fail to pitch the tent properly! So, if you have got that tent installing anxiety, this model is here to rescue you. Also, for an added bonus the mess storage pockets are sewn on both sides of the tent walls to take care of your small personal belongings that are easy to miss out, such as phones, watches, or sunglasses.


  • Designed with a wind-responsive frame
  • Installable just in 3 easy steps and takes even less than one minute
  • WeatherTec technology makes it the perfect choice for all-season
  • Double-thick tear-resistant fabric assures stability during all odds
  • Large screened windows confirm supreme ventilation
  • Removable room divider confirms extra privacy if required
  • Easy access U shape hinged door confirms no tangling with zips
  • Comes with a welded floor with a seamed groundsheet


  • Contains no E-cable ports for charging devices


2. Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Flex Bow Canvas Tent

[amazon box=”B001NZWQ1C” title=”Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent”]

Next up, we’ll introduce you to another imposing model that has been highly raved and flooded with positive reviews from happy campers all around the world. Not one or two, it has a plethora of impressive features to take you aback. To mention a few, first, we’d like to draw your attention to its super-strong flex-bow frame which promisingly stretches its firmness and stability to the maximum. The model is made of 100% watertight cotton canvas fabric that is precisely breathable as well as subtle enough to keep the dust and bugs out. On top of it, its exclusive hydra-shield layer adds more to its efficiency.

Pretty spacious this model is designed with a dimension of 14 feet x 10 feet. Its peak height is 6.6 feet while the rest of the ceiling height is 6.1 feet which apparently imparts you comfortable walking around space, even if you happen to have a towering height. Besides, its large D-style front and back doors with top-rated YKK zippers ensure no trouble in and out. However, if you’re worried about sufficient ventilation, this model will put your mind at ease. This tent ensures exceptional ventilation while keeping the harmful pests out, thanks to its four wide windows and two vents with special no-see-um mesh.

Like the previous entry, this model is again very easy to install and takes only a few minutes to pitch it entirely after when the staking is done. Same for taking down, neither does it take much time nor require the involvement of more than one person. Now, aside from all the perks, let’s look at the most alluring feature of this model and that is the presence of the awning space. Around 84 x 78 inch large the built-in awning space of this model provides a shaded entry and open space to unwind, From, sitting here you can literally spectacle the surrounding scenic camping area without venturing out in the sun. Fascinating, right? Also, this model does not lack storage pockets and, in addition, packs a customizable gear loft.


  • Features extremely sturdy Flex-Bow frame
  • Around 84 x 78-inch large awning space
  • Special Hydra-Shield coating for highest water protection
  • Comes with 4 large windows that ensure superior ventilation
  • Extra 2 funnel-flow vents for better temperature management
  • 2 D-shaped doors with convenient YKK zippers.
  • Multiple organizer mesh pockets along with a customizable gear loft


  • No device charging port
  • Slightly heavier compares to other options


3. Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

[amazon box=”B07V6KNQ1D” title=”Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent”]

If you’re direly aiming for an instant tent option, then here we’ve brought another amazing choice for you. This 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent from the well-known brand Core promises to setting up/taking down within 60 seconds, (the duration may vary by seconds), which is undoubtedly faster than many other alternatives. To avail of this amenity the model is thoughtfully constructed with a pre-assembled frame that made this efficiency of quickest installing and assembling possible.

Speaking of its dimensional details, the floor space of this model is around 14 feet x 9 feet, and the center height is 6.5 feet. Made of Polyester this model is specialized with Core H20-block technology to support you in all seasons. In addition, its flexible ground vent adds more security and visibly level up its efficiency higher. Moreover, its gigantic T-shape door is also another feature that catches the buyer’s attention.

However, what swept off our feet is the see-through ceiling panel which not lets you admire the bright day sky and starry night while laying on your tent, but also warns you about the impending calamity. Now, if you’re thinking about whether a thin layer of ceiling panel would be able to cover you during the calamity or not, then let us assure you that this model comes with a full-coverage rainfly. Its efficiency doesn’t end here, it also comes with a user-friendly room divider to let you enjoy privacy if needed. Then, again you can fold up the divider when you want, it takes no hassle at all. Then again, it has another expedient addition in it, which is E-device charging ports, we do not even need to exaggerate how essential this feature is for any camper.


  • Features pre-assembled frame for quick set up
  • Promises 60 seconds setting up/taking down involving 2-person at a time
  • Core H20-block technology extends its water-resistance quality
  • Comes with a see-through ceiling panel
  • Full coverage rainfly also works to protect against UV rays
  • Carries hinged room divider for further efficiency
  • Contains a fully closable electronic device charging port


  • Features only one door to come and go out
  • The zipper closure is prone to rust


4. TETON Waterproof Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

[amazon box=”B08BKPN8NJ” title=”TETON Waterproof Sports Canvas Tent”]

Our next recommendation is from the high-end brand TETON Sports. Perhaps, you already know that all the accessories of this brand mirror the brand’s top-notch quality, and the model we’re presenting now is no exception. It is deftly made with a weatherproof canvas fabric that also disposes supreme breathability. These efficiencies make it a perfect pick for all-season protection. The model is made with ample space of 14 feet x 10 feet, where easily 6-8 people can accommodate with no sweat. Then again, its central height is 6.5 feet which avail you an easy and comfortable moving around zone inside the tent.

Most campers, however, prefer this model since it has two power outlets, two gear lofts, two organizer pockets, and two overhead storage. If you happen to be one of those campers who like to keep things arranged, then this model is sure to live up to your mind. Again, another bright side of this model is its wide-ranging doors which let you in and out your camping baggage and gear easily. The door is again sewn with a rust-free zipper with large pulls which make opening the tent handy for anyone. To add the cherry on top, this model comes with an awning that comes built-in with it. The mid-range awning effectively keeps you and your tent secure from the sweltering heat of sun rays apart from sharing extra shaded space for resting. Nevertheless, if you clumsy and don’t feel like going out, its mesh screen windows will let you enjoy nature right from your tent.


  • Boasts a puncture-proof construction
  • Features two extra wide doors with rust-free zippers
  • Carries a total of 6 storage pockets: 2 gear lofts, 2 organizer pockets and 2 overhead storage
  • Comes with a mid-range awning space
  • Contains 2 power outlets for electronic device charging


  • Takes a lot longer to set up compares to other options
  • Pretty heavy to transport from one place to another


5. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

[amazon box=”B07N7YHTN5″ title=”Browning Camping Big Horn Tent”]

The model we’ll highlight now is such a gem of an option for you that we’re pretty much sure that you’ll end up fancying it. From its look to its quality, efficiency, price range everything is spot on. On top of that, if you buy it from here you’ll get a huge discount that Amazon is recently offering for this piece. To be precise, there is so much to rave about this model, from its extremely lightweight to its superior durability, everything makes the model a winning choice for any camper. Again its extra tall ceiling (7 feet) adds more advantage to it and turns it into the best option for those campers who happen to have a height above 6 feet.

To your knowledge, this 150D polyester-made model features a super-strong frame that is made of a combination of fiberglass and steel. So, you see, there’s nothing to doubt about its stability and durability, but apart from that what fetches more buyers for this model is its style. This model is designed to function as a free-standing tent that requires zero labor to set it up! A great relief, isn’t it? Like us, other campers are also drawn to its efficiency and hence straight opt for it. Again, for ensuring ultimate campers’ satisfaction the engineers incorporated a total of four large windows in all four walls of this model. In addition, they designed a meshed roof to ensure maximum ventilation.

Also, it contains multiple storage pockets to keep your small necessities on track. However, apart from all the silver linings, its size is pretty concise than other options on our list which is 8 feet x 10 feet. We suggest, if this size is enough for your group, then you shouldn’t miss this super beneficial model which is also coming is a discounted price lately.


  • Features the free-standing design
  • Made with straight sidewalls to ensure maximum space
  • Tent floor is made of 150D oxford polyester with 2000mm coating
  • The removable rainfly is made of 75D 185T polyester
  • Comes with 4 wide open windows
  • Meshed roof is also incorporated for ensuring outright ventilation
  • Economical option


  • No device charging port
  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Only one doorway to go in and out


6. Coleman 8-Person Elite Montana Cabin Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B00J955FG6″ title=”Coleman 8 Person Elite Montana”]

Another model from the brand Coleman made to our list with its unique and user-friendly qualities. Very thoughtfully made this model is designed with exclusive angled windows. These one-of-a-kind windows will let you keep them open during rain without letting raindrops enter the tent, allowing you to enjoy the soothing breeze instead. Sounds heavenly, right?

Just so you know, this Coleman cabin tent occupies a dimension of 12 feet x 10 feet and is made of reinforced Taffeta material. Its poles are made of fiberglass and the rest structure of the frame is made of sturdy steel. You’d be thrilled to know that, the frame of this model is tested to withstand heavy winds of 35+ MPH. So, if you’re up to an errand for a model with optimum stability, this model is definitely the best way to go. Besides, the model is made of double-thick fabric to enhance its weatherproof quality. In addition, to this double-layered wall, it also comes with a leakage protection layer, so overall we must admit that its durability is worth praising.

Also, its height range is 6 feet at the center which again will let you move or play around comfortably inside it. Another special quality that sets this model apart from other options is its hinged door designed with an extended awning. These unique features make this model a top pick for campers who look for aesthetic pleasure in everything and want to get the most out of their camping trip wherever they go. Not to mention that these extras will set you back a significant sum of money, but the pleasure they bring will more than make up for it.


  • Boasts a super sturdy tent frame
  • The frame is tested to withstand winds of 35+ MPH
  • Features exclusive angled windows
  • Hinged door for easy access and out
  • Unique door awning for further efficiency
  • Comes with a full coverage UV-resistant rainfly
  • Also has a convenient electrical power port
  • Contains multiple mesh storage pockets


  • Comes with no floor vent
  • Includes no divider for privacy
  • The door size is pretty problematic to go in and out


7. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

[amazon box=”B01BIRE7ZW” title=”Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent”]

This model is very uniquely designed to win your heart! Its see-through convertible screen room walls will let you gaze out nature the entire time, and make you feel closet to the wildness even when you’re snuggling inside your tent. The screen room opens with a T-shape door and the end of the room opens to another room of the tent. That part is covered all over to let you enjoy your privacy when needed. These two separate rooms cover an area of 16 feet x 11 feet when installed entirely, lending enough headroom for 8-10 people. Aside from that, it also retains some extra space for letting you store your baggage and camping gear.  Again, the model’s center height is 6.5 feet which is pretty ample and ensure easy and comfortable moving inside the tent.

The tent is expertly made of weather-resistant polyester fabric which is again reinforced with water-resistant polyurethane coating. The finishing of this coating is neat and it assures 100% water-resistance of the tent. Again, for the ventilation concern, it boasts a full meshed roof along with two meshed windows! And, that’s not all, as it also encloses a rear mesh vent that lets breeze come from the ground. To add more value to this model, the Wenzel engineers included a storage duffel and two hanging pockets for storing and accessing the small camping gear without any hassle. However, there is one thing about this model that takes its popularity to another level and this is its long-lasting guarantee. The company literally offers 10 years of warranty against any sort of defects which persuades a lot of campers to opt for this model.


  • Offers two separate rooms, one for privacy and another for admiring the nature
  • Built with strong plus break-proof frame
  • Comes with a removable UV-proof rainfly
  • Features a full meshed roof for optimum ventilation
  • Two meshed windows and a rear mesh vent enhances the ventilation
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty against any sort of defects
  • Carries one storage duffel and two hanging pockets


  • Comes with no device charging port
  • Takes a pretty longer time to set up entirely
  • The included rainfly doesn’t provide full-coverage


8. Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B08PKTCPY8″ title=”Eureka Copper Canyon LX Tent”]

Last but not the least, the model we’re preaching now is such a persuasive option and has been one of the best-selling models of last year. From allowing easy installation to providing extra inside space, the model packs a plethora of user-friendly knacks. Cabin style this model is crafted with polyester taffeta and occupies an area of 14 feet x 12 feet which is ample for 8-10 people to stay in comfort.

The walls of this model are thoughtfully kept steep to free as much standing room as possible, kudos to the Eureka! engineers for incorporating this ergonomic trick. Again, the model is designed to retain 7 feet height all around, making it a perfect choice for taller ones to people of any height. For further convenience, it contains a storage pocket and a gear loft to keep camping necessities arranged. Again, this completely waterproof model comes with a water-resistant rainfly, which protects you and your tent from both sunlight and rain. It also comes with a room divider that splits the entire space into smaller halves for convenient use.


  • Comes cladded with additional wet weather protection
  • Features a super sturdy construction
  • Includes a room divider for bringing necessary privacy when needed
  • Has a power access port for charging devices and power lights
  • Packs a storage pocket, a gear loft and a handy overhead storage


  • Entails a longer time to set up and take down
  • Feature only one door for going in and out
  • The included rainfly doesn’t provide full-coverage


Buying Guide for Best 8 Person Tents

Choosing a tent from a wide range of tents with a significant price tag and similarity in looks is not a piece of cake but if you well know what your demands are, it becomes less stressful for your mental health while purchasing. So, here we have jotted down some of the key features to look after while purchasing a tent of your desire-


There’s always a mentality encrypted in people that the greater the budget, the better the tent but after going through our sorted list you should be convinced by now that you can own a good tent without hurting your wallet brutally. You just need to look for the properties that you need and ignore paying for the unnecessary ones. Do keep in mind that the pricing of the tents does depend on the size, weight, and features of the tent. According to the features, the price of an 8 person tent can range from somewhat $100-500.


You don’t always go out buying tents, keeping that in mind we suggest that it’s better to invest in a tent which has properties maintaining its durability. The durability depends upon the type of fabric, the strength of the joints, poles, and floors. Tents containing aluminum poles and nylon or polyester fabrics are considered best. If you choose a tent with a durable fabric like cotton, it might turn out to be quite heavy but with light-weight fabrics, you will have to make sure to be cautious while handling.


Another significant characteristic while looking out for an 8 person tent is the size of the tent. Most 8 person tents have an area of 110-200 square feet. This might theoretically be appropriate for 8 people to stay but in practice, it won’t be much comfortable. 6 people might be the limit of comfort. By now you might have noticed that these tents are either rectangular or square in shape. Though we agree that while on camping some comfort might have to be compromised. Yet buying a tent with good features might be a savior.

Small Details:

Small details are what make your purchase efficient. Ensuring that you looked up to every small detail is a must. Now let us look at some of those small details.
Ventilation: 8 people habituating in a tent is a big deal where there might be the feel of suffocation. To avoid this, we suggest that you look into a tent that is well ventilated so that the airflow is always on the run.

Door: Lots of people is automatically equal to lots of doors. Normally you might want to look into tents with 2 doors; each on the opposite side in order to make the movement inside and outside the tent less clustered.

Windows: No matter how many doors or ventilators you have, there should always be a place for the windows so that you can peek outside whenever you prefer to.

Vents: 8 person going camping means a lot of necessary and unnecessary things will be stuffed up therefore, you might want to make you that your 8 person tent has this space to cramp up all the stuff.

Privacy: Going on long camps might be exhausting when you have no privacy, but however some tents do have walls to separate the space into compartments for the sole demand of privacy. If you are going with relatives or your parents, this is a good option to ensure personal space even amidst the wilderness.

Weather awareness: You never know what nature has got in store for you so it’s better to be prepared beforehand. There are a lot of tents that are waterproof which means that they have an external rainfly feature. Moreover, wind can also be a risky or disturbing factor when you go for camping in winding areas. To prevent this, you might want to buy a tent with strong poles that won’t break in rough weather.

Portability: We warn you that 8 person tent is most of the time really bulky and heavy. They might weigh from 20 lbs to 50 lbs. So you should keep that in might while buying a tent.

Setup: 8 person tent usually take up to 2 people to set up. The instructions to set up the tent should be clearly stated and it should be easy to set without wasting any of your precious time.

Now, that you are well equipped with the knowledge regarding the type of tent that should be suited for you, there’s no need to hesitate while heading towards the store for purchasing one camper!



1. What is the ideal size for an 8-person tent?

Ans: The 14 feet x 10 feet floor space is pretty sufficient to accommodate 8-person, with 6-person lying horizontally and 2-person lying vertically. Again, the height of the ceiling panel should be more than 6 feet to allow enough room to move around with no bumping on the head.

2. How many varieties of 8 people tents are there?

Ans: There are different range of 8 people tents in the market. They consist of different shapes like rectangular or square and vary in sizes too. The materials also differ in most cases according to the price range.

3. Why are 8 people tents so expensive?

Ans: The expense of purchasing these tents always varies with the features they come with. If the tent you choose is highly luxurious compared to the other ones, it is quite obvious that you are bound to empty your pockets a little more than usual.

4. How to take care of an 8 people tent?

Ans: Like the other tents, 8 people tents do require a certain amount of care. For instance, making sure that the tent is not wet when you pack it up for days or you don’t put much pressure on it when setting up or re-waterproofing it by depending on the usage.


Final Words

The aim of this entire article is to guide you to choose the best 8 person tent for your coming camping trip. Each of the entrants of our list is distinctive in some way, but the model Coleman WeatherTec 8-Person Instant Tent is unrivaled in all considerations. From its instant installation knack to its unique WeatherTec technology, tear-resistant fabric, strong frame, and the presence of divider altogether make it an absolute option.