Best Budget Winter Sleeping Bag in 2022: Top 8 Reviewed

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After a long day of tackling sheer adventures of camping, undoubtedly any camper will yearn for a good night of sleep. However, due to the rough weather in the wild, sleeping gets difficult. That’s when sleeping bags come for the rescue.

In this article, we will be narrowing down the best budget winter sleeping bags that suit your needs and guidelines to assist you through this important decision! Keep on scrolling down to get a good night’s sleep, campers!


The 8 Best Affordable Sleeping Bags for Winter Camping

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for 2 Person

[amazon box=”B01LXK5T5Z” title=”Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for 2 Person”]

The sleeping bag that has taken over the entire list is this deep green-colored sleeping bag manufactured by the well-recognized brand Sleepingo. This double-wired sleeping bag is guaranteed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep than any other sleeping bag. The outer cover of this sleeping bag is made up of sturdy waterproof polyester fabric which will prevent the rain from interrupting your good night’s sleep.

Moreover, every inch of the fabric packed with 210 thread count is sure to last you for a lifetime. On the inside, the bag is filled with teron and cotton which makes it super soft and cozy on the inside. Talking about coziness, this bag can keep you warm up to 32 degrees! This is because the materials won’t let the heat escape through your body so it keeps you from shivering during winter camping.

The next element that strikes the eyes is the ample space that this sleeping bag offers the campers. With dimensions of about 87’ into 59”, this sleeping bag has more than enough space to fit in more than two people comfortably. As a result, this might also be considered perfect for couples. Therefore, if you want to carry fewer things during your camping experience then this is it.

When it comes to carrying, this comfy bag is absolutely light with a weight of about 3 pounds. With this weight, you can easily carry it anywhere making it one of the best choices as easily portable sleeping bags. What’s more, is that the packing of this bag is also fairly hazardless which saves up a lot of your precious camping time.



  • Can be used as two individual sleeping bags
  • Capable of withstanding the coldest temperatures
  • 210-thread count lining design offers premium comfort
  • Extremely lightweight yet packs maximum durability
  • Completely insulated, and the quality won’t wane over time
  • Comes with a waterproof carry bag
  • Includes two additional pillows
  • Offers lifetime warranty


  • No cons


2. Coleman 0°F Mummy Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B07G5GPWXZ” title=”Coleman 0°F Mummy Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag”]

Next on the list is a product manufactured by the brand Coleman. If you are quite familiar with camping then you must have heard the praises of Coleman! This adult sleeping bag also justifies them. Although this one is not a double sleeping bag like the first one on our list, it surely is big in size with its dimensions being 32” into 82”.

This means that this sleeping bag can easily fit people up to 6 feet and 2 inches in height. The unique mummy shape of this bag also helps in accommodating the camper inside. Now, when it comes to the weight of this bag, it’s about 5.8 pounds which is much heavier than the previously mentioned one.

However, the special features are actually overwhelming. Starting off with the temperature capacity of this sleeping bag. It can keep the person inside warm to temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep the heat intact in the bag, there is a semi-sculpted hood that you can tighten with the aid of a drawstring just like a hoodie.

Not only this, with the features such as quilting construction, insulated foot box, and thermolock draft tube, it’s absolutely impossible for the heat to escape into the surroundings. This thermolock system is really efficient at locking the heat in the interior of the sleeping bag. Furthermore, you will also be covered up during warm weather as there is extra ventilation at the bottom of this sleeping bag that will let in the air for you when it gets sweaty.

When the heat waves strike hard, you can simply unzip the ventilation system at the bottom. This will allow air circulation in, and out of the bag. This makes the bag suitable, and efficient for use in different types of weather. Moreover, there is a zipPlow system that will prevent snagging when you pull the zip up or down by plowing the fabric away. To wrap this all up, this comes with a carryable bag that is big enough to let the sleeping bag breathe when it is all packed up.



  • Fits  people up to 6 feet, and 2 inches
  • Semi-sculpted hood with drawstrings
  • A perfect option for all seasons
  • Packs Ventilation zip and zipPlow
  • Includes Thermolock system
  • Features quilting construction


  • Heavyweight


3. TETON Sports 101R Celsius Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B001D6TB8W” title=”TETON Sports 101R Celsius Cold Weather Sleeping Bag”]

Up next is this beautiful sleeping bag produced by the famous company TETON Sports. This rectangular sleeping bag is really big in size with the dimensions of 90 into 36 into 3 inches. Near to the previous one, this adult sleeping bag has a weight of about 5 pounds. This weight might be heavier compared to the very first one in this list yet the other features that this sleeping bag has outrun it all.

Again, much like the previous one, this one is constructed as a half-circle mummy-style hood that keeps you warm during the cold weather. Not only does the hoodie system come in help but also the fiberfill, double-layer construction, and draft tubes keep you warm during the much-needed sleep after a long day of tough activities. The fiberfill is stuffed in the sleeping is actually an innovative method that keeps you warm in really low temperatures.

Now that you got the winter covered, it’s important to stay airy in the summer. This sleeping bag also got that covered for you with the ventilation system located at the bottom or at the top of the sleeping bag. Through this, you can easily get access to cool air in your sleeping bag by just unzipping the zipline. In any weather, you will get the experience of sleeping on a really warm, and spacious bed all thanks to the soft poly-flannel lining of this sleeping bag.

Now, the unique characteristic of this sleeping bag is the compression sack. This company will provide you with a compression sack for stuffing your bag without rolling it. After stuffing the bag in the sack you can tighten things up with the heavy-duty straps. Talking about heavy, the double-layer offset stitching that has been mentioned previously does not only keep you warm during the rough nights but also increases the strength of the sleeping bag.



  • Half-circle mummy-style hood
  • Double-layer offset stitching
  • Innovative hollow fiberfill
  • Ventilation zip at the bottom or top
  • Draft tubes and interior pockets
  • Compression bag with heavy-duty straps


  • Heavyweight
  • No foot box


4. TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag for Family

[amazon box=”B00807TNB2″ title=”TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag for Family”]

TETON Sports remains on this list again yet once again with this family camping sleeping bag. As the name suggests this sleeping bag is indeed bigger than any of the other ones mentioned previously. This double sleeping bag is longer and wider than any other queen-sized sleeping bag with dimensions of 94 into 62 into 3.93 inches.

This generous size helps campers stay comfortable in their sleep. However, the weight is surely an issue here as it reaches up to 16.5 pounds. This makes the sleeping bag difficult to carry.  But if you are a person who’s looking for comfort over portability then this one is surely for you.

Looking on, this sleeping bag is determined to keep you warm with the soft lining, zipper, and shoulder draft tubes. All this will aid in keeping the warm air inside the bag to keep you warmed up during the rough winter nights. Furthermore, like their previous sleeping bag mentioned, this one is filled with innovative fiberfill which keeps the warm from conducting out of the bag.

Not only does it provide warmth, but it also makes it softer to the touch which provides the ultimate comfort after a long day of camping activities. The construction of this sleeping bag involves double-layer offset stitching that ensures that there are no cold spots interrupting between you and a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, there’s no ventilation system in this one as it is only meant to keep you all warm during your winter camping experience. This in turn means that you will not be able to use it for summer camping. Finally, if you have any concerns for allergies when it comes to sleeping bags then this one is the best option for you as it is totally non-allergic.



  • Boasts a family-sized option
  • Features innovative fiberfill
  • Double-layer offset stitching
  • Made with non-allergic material
  • Includes convenient zipper
  • Packs shoulder draft tubes


  • Very heavy
  • Not easily portable
  • No carry bag
  • No ventilation system


5. Coleman Plum Youth Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B072FPXT39″ title=”Coleman Plum Fun Youth Sleeping Bag”]

Another addition to this list is yet again by the popular brand name in the camping world Coleman. This pick is different from the rest of the sleeping bags that have been enlisted before. Unlike the adult sleeping bags, this one is for the young youthful campers out there.

This fun sleeping bag is perfect enough to fit children up to a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Next, the weight of this bag is about 1.3 kilograms which is actually quite less than the previous bags that have been mentioned as it is only meant for young people rather than adults. This makes this sleeping bag easily portable for children.

Although this rectangular sleeping bag doesn’t have a mummy-style to go along with it, it surely does have some great features to keep your kids warm during their winter camping experience. This sleeping bag has a thermolock system like the rest of the sleeping bags. A full-length draft tube has been inserted around the zipper of this sleeping bag.

This will keep the heat locked inside the bag without letting it escape into the surrounding. This of course ensures a warm sleeping time. If that doesn’t satisfy your camper soul, then the comfort cuff surely will. The comfort cuff adds plush material at the side where the face is rested which provides you with a softness, and relaxing experience.

The list doesn’t end here! The ZipPlow of this tent ensures your safety by preventing your zipper teeth from snagging while closing and opening the zippers. Here’s one significant feature that will take away all your hazards when it comes to rolling up the sleeping bag. There is roll control that makes packing much easier by locking the edges of the bag which in turn keeps the bag in a straight position while you roll it up.



  • Lightweight compared to other sleeping bags
  • Offers temperature up to 45°F
  • Includes ZipPlow and comfort cuff
  • Packs full-length draft tubes
  • Comes with a roll control facility


  • Not suited for adults
  • No ventilation system
  • Can fit only one person
  • No mummy hood


6. TETON Sports Sleeping Bag for Family Camping

[amazon box=”B006IYCSES” title=”TETON Sports Sleeping Bag for Family Camping”]

TETON Sports hits the list again with this regular camping bag. This does contain some of the basic features of the previous TETON Sports sleeping bag. However, the weight of this regular sleeping bag is quite less than the previous one which is about 2.3 kilograms. This makes it easier to carry to the camping sites.

This rectangular sleeping bag has the dimension of 79.92 into 33.07 into 3.94 inches. Within this area, the sleeping bag consists of a half-circle mummy-style hood which allows you to stay completely warm. Not only that, but it also consists of the innovative fiberfill that is filled inside of the outer taffeta layer that makes the bag very cozy and soft to the touch.

Adding up to the extra warmth is the double-layer construction and draft tubes which work together perfectly to sustain the heat in the sleeping bag. The soft poly-flannel lining doesn’t let you compromise comfort. Unlike the previous one, this has a ventilation system at the bottom, or to of the bag to keep the air flowing whenever you need it. Just unzipping the bag will do for you.

Moreover, it also comes with a compression bag! You can stuff the sleeping bag in the compression sack that you will be provided with, this will make the bag easier for you to carry. For extra safety, just tie it up with heavy-duty straps. However, to make yourself totally safe in all conditions, we suggest you carry an extra camp pad if the temperature gets worse.



  • Offers double-layer construction
  • Made up with innovative fiberfill
  • Comes with a unique compression bag
  • Designed with a ventilation system


  • Slightly heavy
  • Fits only one
  • No extra pillow
  • Might need a camp pad
  • The bottom edge is sewn down


7. Coleman Green Valley Adult Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B00363V534″ title=”Coleman Green Valley Adult Sleeping Bag”]

This green-colored rectangular sleeping bag is manufactured by the much popular company Coleman. Weighing about 5.44 pounds this sleeping bag is comparatively much heavier than some of the other sleeping bags on this list. Moreover, like the previous ones this one won’t be able to accommodate people whose height is over 5 feet 11 inches as the dimensions of this sleeping bag is about 16.54 into 9.45 into 9.45 inches.

Moving on, the sleeping bag has special characteristics like a brushed polyester cover, cozy cotton flannel liner and, a Comfort Cuff that covers your face when you are in the sleeping bag. This does not only keep you all warm and cozy but also keeps your face protected to some extent when you are out there in the wild sleeping.

To add on, this sleeping bag consists of a Fiberlock construction that keeps the insulation from shifting which decreases the probability of facing a cold spot and, on the other hand, increases the durability of the sleeping bag itself. That’s not all folks! The bag also consists of thermolock draft tube that as you might be familiar with now, keeps the heat from escaping through the zipline.

This enables the sleeping bag to be ideal for handling temperatures ranging from 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This leaves you from the cold shivering goosebumps during the cold winter camping nights. Like most of the other bags, this has a two-way patented ZipPlow system that prevents the bag from snagging and frustration whenever you open or close the zips. In addition, there is also a feature known as the Roll Control design and Quick Cord system that makes it easier to roll up the bag at a fast rate.



  • Features Fiberlock construction
  • Flaunts handy Roll Control design
  • Packs the convenience of Quick Cord system
  • Includes 2-way ZipPlow


  • Comparatively heavier
  • Can’t accommodate people bigger than 5 feet 11 inches
  • No ventilation system
  • No carry able sack


8. Coleman Duck Harbor Adult Sleeping Bag

[amazon box=”B00363PSH8″ title=”Coleman Duck Harbor Adult Sleeping Bag”]

Last but not the least, is this adult sleeping bag by the much-trusted brand Coleman. This one-size sleeping bag has dimensions of about 10.63 into 16.54 into 10.24 inches. This makes it suitable to accommodate people who are within the height of five feet and 11 inches. People who are taller than this will not be able to fit into this one.

Weighing about 6 pounds this bag is super soft as it is made out of cotton. This also means that if you sleep on this bag’s bare skin you won’t get the crusty synthetic feel from the cover. Adding to its qualities, the cotton flannel liner, and thermolock draft tube prevails the heat from escaping into the atmosphere. This saves you from all the shivering during the cold winter nights. All these reduce the cold spots that might have been present in the sleeping bag.

To be specific, this bag can endure mild temperatures which can range to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the bottom of this bag can be unzipped which will provide you with constant air circulation inside the sleeping bag when the nights get warmer. The list goes on with the Wrap and Roll integrated packing system. This makes it less hazardous while rolling and packing up this one-person comfort bed.



  • Features thermolock draft tube
  • Includes cotton flannel liner
  • Keeps warm up to a temperature of 40° F
  • Packs Wrap N’ Roll facility


  • Heavyweight
  • One person
  • Can’t accommodate a person taller than 5 feet 11 inches
  • Not very spacious
  • No pockets


Buying Guide for Best Budget Winter Sleeping Bag

Going through a list of the best sleeping bags for winter camping isn’t quite enough to help you make the right decision in choosing the perfect cozy sleeping bag to be your partner during the chilly winter camping nights. There are a few important factors that must be kept in mind before making the choice. To ease up your process, we have stormed down some of the important factors that need to be looked after:


Temperature rating

This is basically the temperature up to which your sleeping bag will be able to keep you warm. The temperature rating of winter sleeping bags is below 0-degree Fahrenheit. However, this temperature rating can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. You might take a look into the EN value to get the exact temperature rating. Here’s a really important side tip for you if you are buying a sleeping bag for the first time, always look for a sleeping bag with a temperature rating lower than the temperature of the place where you will be camping.




When it comes to synthetic sleeping bags, people always tend to opt for polyester. This is because they have great insulating properties, they tend to dry up fast when they are wet from the snow and, they can easily be packed. All these qualities are much likely to be preferable by the winter campers as it saves them a lot of heat energy and, also their valuable packing time. Moreover, they are cheaper than any other synthetic. However, it is pretty heavy which makes it difficult to carry.


Compared to polyester down sleeping bags are much lighter. It’s important to know that it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio. As they are filled with feathers, they are easier to pack. But, when they get drenched they lose their insulating properties as it takes a lot of time to dry out. Another downfall of down is that it is generally much more expensive than synthetic insulation.



During winter most of the heat loss tends to occur through the head as it is most often left uncovered. People often don’t tend to think more about this small property when it’s actually really important as the hoods can prevent heat loss into the surroundings by covering up the head completely. Other than providing warmth the hoods also make a good space for the pillow.



Another essential factor to consider is the shape of the sleeping bag. As you might have noticed from our list that most sleeping bags are either mummy-shaped or rectangular. The mummy ones maximize the preservation of thermal energy. This obviously means that the rectangular ones can’t provide as much heat efficiency as this one yet there’s a lot of free space where you can move your body a little. However, the mummy-shaped one’s don’t leave out any space for heat to escape and are really easy to compress which aids in packing up the sleeping bag easily.



Another small but important factor is the zipper quality of the sleeping bag. Most winter sleeping bags don’t have long-length sleeping bags like the summer ones. Before buying the snag you should make sure that the zippers work properly by pulling them up and down and looking if it snugs or not. Most sleeping bags make ZipPlows which prevents this snagging from occurring. If the zippers don’t function properly, you might face trouble while going for nature’s call in the night.



What kind of sleeping bag is suitable for winter?

Answer: Semi-rectangular and mummy-shaped sleeping bags are the best options for winter camping.

What is the meaning of the temperature rating of sleeping bags?

Answer: The temperature rating value indicates the specific temperature up to which your sleeping bag will be able to keep you warm.

How to choose the temperature rating of my sleeping bag?

Answer: When choosing the temperature rating it’s better to choose one with a temperature rating that is 10 to 15 degrees more than the temperature of your desired camping site.

Which is better synthetic or down sleeping bag?

Answer: It depends upon your budget and, preference. If you are willing to choose comfort and, cost overweight then down’s the one for you; however, if you want to go easy and, efficient then synthetic is the way to go.


Final Words:

After going through our list of the best budget winter sleeping bag, you should easily be able to make your decision on which sleeping bags will fill your comfort requirements. Just keep all the important factors in mind and, you are sure to stay warm on the chilly sleepy nights!