The 10 Best Cabin Tents for Family Camping

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Cabin tents can become your trusty home away from home on weekend camping trips. Known for their vertical walls, spacious interiors, and handy features, they’re perfect for groups looking to enjoy the outdoors while still savoring their creature comforts. You’ll find a range of cabin tents available and narrowing down which is the best for you and your group can be intimidating. I’ve checked out the top cabin-style tents on the market in 2021 to narrow down which ones top the charts and which will leave you wishing for more. Check out below The 10 Best Cabin Tents Your Group Will Love in 2021.


10 Best Cabin Tent Reviews:

1. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9′

Cabin tents are known for their spacious interiors, and the Core 9 does not disappoint. With sleeping space for up to nine adults and a ceiling height of 78 inches, the tent is perfect for families and groups. Especially as it comes with an optional divider down the middle of the tent, which is great for those who want separate sleeping areas or who want different living and sleeping spaces.

What first struck me about this tent is how easy the setup is. When a manufacturer claims it only takes 60 seconds to set up the tent, I tend to have a hard time believing it. The first try did take me about twice that, but after a few times using it, the poles clicked into place quickly, and the tent was indeed up and ready in 60 seconds.

I was also impressed with how airy and light-filled the Core 9 tent felt. Mesh windows on every side of the tent, along with mesh on the ceiling, allows for 360-degree views.

Overall, the Core 9 may not be ideal for cold weather or winter camping, but for a long weekend away, it made a perfect place to call home for a few nights.


  • The Core 9 is a freestanding and self-supporting tent. This means it does not need to be staked to the ground and can be pitched on any terrain
  • Setting up is easy and can be done in under 60 seconds
  • Multiple mesh windows and mesh on the ceiling allows for plenty of ventilation
  • With an optional divider in the middle of the tent, it’s great for groups or families who want sleeping separation
  • High-quality wall storage pockets keep your valuables off the tent floor


  • The large door on the front has three zippers that meet in the center. The flaps and velcro covering them keeps out the majority of moisture, but in heavy rain, a small amount of water may leak in
  • When packed up, the tent is nearly four feet long, making it a bit of a hassle to fit in vehicles with a small trunk


2. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Available in three sizes, 4-person, 6-person, and 10-person, the Coleman Cabin Tent is your trusty friend for summer camping weekends and backyard parties.

The value for money of this tent is exceptional. Running much less expensive than competitor tents, I was worried I’d pull out a cheap and easy-to-break tent. Instead, I found a tent with high-quality materials, good ventilation, huge windows, and a durable floor. While it lacked fancier features, it more than made up for it in its ease of use and price tag.

With a name including ‘Instant Setup,’ I was also very interested to see if the tent would live up to its name. It did. Pre-assembled poles and an integrated rainfly meant all I had to do was click together the poles, and the tent was ready for use. No time was wasted with clunky poles and adding an often unnecessary rainfly.

It is worth noting that as the roof and walls themselves are waterproof, an extra rainfly does not come with this tent. While I much prefer this when I know I’ll be camping in sunny and warm weather, it could be an issue for rainy nights. During a night of moderate rain, I had to close the vents and windows. While this did prevent water from getting inside, the tent became moist simply from having a few sleeping adults in the tent without any ventilation.

I especially liked this tent for impromptu summer camping trips with friends. As it’s so easy to carry, set up, and is plenty spacious for a group of four to six adults, I was never worried about wasting precious time getting the tent ready for use.


  • Set up is easy and takes 60 seconds
  • The tent is very affordable and allows you to focus your hard-earned money on other aspects of your group camping trip
  • Huge windows and a wide door allow for plenty of ventilation, and your group will love relaxing inside and away from the sun or mosquitoes.


  • There is no room divider which could be an issue for groups wanting some separation or privacy


3. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman has nailed convenience and ease of use with their WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room. Easy-to-use doors and a spacious interior make this tent a perfect home away from home.

The biggest selling point of the tent for me is the large screen room. Measuring 9 x 6 feet, there’s more than enough space to set up a couple of camping chairs, store extra gear, and keep a cooler close by. It’s perfect for when the bugs are biting, and you simply want to enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Nearly unobstructed views and plenty of fresh air made me forget I was even inside a tent.

From the screen porch, you can get into the main tent area by a zippered door. This is great for keeping bugs outside while trying to get inside quickly, and as the tent has its own flooring, you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlers on the grass finding their way inside the sleeping area.

The other door is located on the side of the tent and has a unique hinged design with a curved pole around the perimeter. I often struggle with zippers and find the door material can get ripped when I’m not careful, so having a swinging door made getting in and out of the tent very easy – especially for younger children.

Even with the separate screen porch, I was impressed with how big the sleeping area felt. While typically fitting six people in a 6-person tent is a squeeze, I found six people could sleep inside comfortably without being on top of one another.


  • A unique hinged door makes it easy to get in and out
  • The screen room is perfect for storing gear, relaxing without the bugs and can even be used as an extra sleeping area in warmer weather
  • The awning created by the rainfly protects the windows and allows them to stay open during light rain
  • An optional divider is great for groups who want separate sleeping areas


  • It takes around 20 minutes to set up the tent, and you’ll want a friend to help


4. Ozark Trail 14′ x 10′ Family Cabin Tent, Sleeps 10

The spacious Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent is excellent value for money. It provides a significant amount of sleeping space for large groups and a well-organized home away from home for smaller groups.

A unique feature of the Ozark Trail is its gear loft situated at the highest area of the ceiling. At first, I wasn’t convinced it would hold gear without sagging or generally just being an eyesore. However, I came to love that I could toss extra clothes, jackets, and blankets into the gear loft, and they were kept safely away from foot traffic. The gear loft is not appropriate for large suitcases or heavier items but held a few extras easily, and I hardly noticed it throughout the day.

Besides this, the rest of the tent comes with your standard features, and there’s nothing else inherently unique about it – except the price tag. Being on the lower end of the scale, it’s a very affordable option for occasional summer camping trips in good weather. The Ozark Trail tent also has an optional divider which comes in very handy when you’d like to separate the tent into two spaces. As I was camping with a smaller group, it was perfect for the four of us to sleep in one section and use the other section to store luggage and other odds and ends we didn’t want to leave in the vehicle.

It is worth noting that this is not an instant setup tent. However, it’s still relatively easy to set up and took me under 10 minutes the first time around. With a couple of helping hands, it can easily be up and ready within five minutes.


  • Great value for money and will hold up well for occasional summer camping trips
  • An attached gear loft keeps extra clothes, jackets, and blankets off the ground
  • With six windows, one door, and a mesh ceiling, there is plenty of ventilation, and the tent keeps cool during hot summer days
  • A waterproof bottom and factory-sealed seams ensure the tent is leak proof


  • As the tent itself is relatively boxy and tall, it’s not great for strong winds


5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent tops the charts for comfort, durability, and value making it great for weekend group camping trips.

Similar to the Coleman WeatherMaster, a main feature of the Wenzel Klondike is its screen room. However, unlike the Coleman WeatherMaster, the screen room has an attached floor which comes in very handy. As someone who doesn’t like bugs or mildew getting into the tent, the floor is great for stress-free lounging, especially in not-so-pleasant weather.

As an attachable rainfly also covers the screen porch, it keeps relatively dry while it’s raining. However, if there is heavy or sideways rain, you wouldn’t want to keep anything that cannot get wet in the screen room as the mesh sides can let moisture in. I would say a similar verdict about the rest of the tent; while it was great in light rains, heavy rain and strong wind can make for an unpleasant night.

On the other hand, I absolutely loved the tent for warm summer days. The full mesh roof and two mesh windows lets a nice breeze come through, especially if the rainfly is left off. On top of that, the screen porch and windows allowed for lovely views and made the tent feel extra spacious.

Overall, while the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent wouldn’t necessarily hold up in strong wind or rain, its excellent value and spacious interior make it ideal for groups ready to get away for a lovely weekend camping trip.


  • Setting up the tent is straightforward and takes around 15 to 20 minutes
  • The screen porch is perfect for hanging out away from bugs and can also be used as an extra sleeping space on warm evenings.
  • The main sleeping area is spacious and fits two queen-sized beds comfortably
  • Vents in the roof and back allow nice hi-low air circulation on warmer days
  • Great value for money


  • There is no electric cable hole, which can be a problem if you have a short extension cord or it’s raining heavily, and you need all the zippers fully closed
  • The thin fabric and mesh roof would not hold in the heat on colder days


6. Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money on a tent that has it all, the Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet is your go-to.

While I would never have put a built-in closet on my ‘must-have’ list, this tent changed my mind. Having a dedicated space outside the tent’s sleeping dimensions that is complete with shelves and a hanger bar is a game-changer. Not only does the tent feel immediately more spacious when everything is put away nicely, but simple things like finding your swimsuit or PJ’s without having to dig through a bag are also much easier. I wouldn’t rate the shelves too high as they did sag with anything heavier than a swimsuit or t-shirt, but the hanger bar holds up very well.

I’ve also heard of people using this extra room for a portable toilet. I didn’t test this theory, but I could certainly see it working, especially for families with young children who might be nervous about leaving the tent in the middle of the night.

Another feature I love, like other Coleman tents, is the hinged door. Getting in and out of the tent is extremely easy, and I don’t have to worry about the tent ripping if the excess door material gets stepped on. I was a bit confused as to why the manufactures made all three zippers on the door the same color, as I found myself opening the window instead of the door, but really just a minor inconvenience.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the extra money I paid for this tent and will happily use it for group camping trips for years to come.


  • A mesh rooftop and large windows allow for good ventilation on hot summer days
  • The Fast Pitch tent lives up to its name and comes together in under 10 minutes
  • Built-in WeatherTec features keep the tent dry during rainy nights so you can sleep in peace and comfort


  • It would be a very tight fit for a group of eight people


7. KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents

Coming in 3-person, 4-person, and 6 to 8-person sizes, as well as a variety of pleasing colors, the KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents, are just as great to look at as they are to sleep in.

Compared to other tents on this list, the dimensions are smaller, and the area per person ranks below other models. Even so, the inside feels very spacious thanks to its tall walls and double doors. As long as you slightly ignore the recommended capacity, you’ll happily fit two people in both the 3-person and 4-person tents and a group of four in the larger 6 to 8-person tent.

As the name suggests, I was thoroughly impressed with how easy the tent was to set up. The tent and high-quality aluminum frame are permanently attached, so all I had to do was unfold the tent, spread it out, and extend the four poles until they clicked into place. After this was done, I attached the rainfly directly onto the tent, which nicely covers the full dimensions of the tent. Because the tent is still freestanding at this stage, I could maneuver it exactly where I wanted it before staking it down.

Besides the rainfly providing full coverage, I also love that the front of the rainfly could be extended straight out from the tent and held up with extra poles to create an awning. This was perfect both when it was lightly raining and you wanted a place to keep dry while you unzipped the tent, and for sunny days when you’d like to sit under some shade.

Overall, besides the slightly smaller capacity than advertised, I enjoyed every aspect of the KAZOO Family Camping Tent.


  • Sets up in under 60-seconds, just like opening an umbrella with an automatic aluminum frame
  • The fly is full coverage, so it’s possible to keep windows open for ventilation even in heavy rain
  • The front of the rainfly can be used as an awning, making for a lovely place to sit on sunny days



8. Timber Ridge Cabin Tent

While the Timber Ridge Cabin Tent barely fits into this review due to its smaller size, it’s wonderful for parents with one or two small children or groups of five or six who will solely use it for sleeping.

Measuring in at 10 x 10 feet, I was excited to test out a square tent as typically they come in rectangle sizes. While the shape seems trivial, the square dimensions and high ceiling felt very spacious, and nobody in our group felt like they were getting outcast to the ‘end’ of the tent. Besides that, I found many other reasons to rate this tent high and make it a go-to for summer weekend camping trips.

To set it up, all I had to do was unfold the tent, extend the poles one by one, and up the tent went. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish, including adding the rainfly. However, with a couple of helping hands, I’m positive it could be fully set up in just a few minutes. I also liked that I could set up the tent without staking it in first, as I prefer adjusting the location when I can see exactly where the doors and windows are.

Another feature that can be positive or negative is the one door. I prefer one door for smaller groups as it’s easier to set up the inside of the tent and make sure it gets closed properly. However, if I were sharing the tent with five others, it would undoubtedly be hard for sleepers on the outside to crawl over everyone to get to the door.

Overall, it’s an excellent tent for pleasant weather and smaller groups and provides plenty of space and durability for families with small children.


  • Set up is truly instant and doesn’t take much muscle
  • Designed with an E-cable port that doesn’t let rain or moisture in
  • As the windows are on the top half of the tent, you have privacy without feeling claustrophobic


  • Not great for groups of more than four adults, especially if you’ll be keeping gear or luggage in the tent


9. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent comes in two sizes, 5-person and 8-person. Both are great tents; however, as the 5-person is slightly small for groups of more than three people, I went for the 8-person size, which was perfect for my group of four adults.

Even before I bought the tent and used it for the first time, I had a feeling I had a great tent in my hands. Browning is known for their high-quality camping gear and having used their equipment for other outdoor adventures in the past, I knew just how durable it is. I also hold their customer service team to high standards and have been pleasantly surprised with their quick answers and help whenever I’ve contacted them.

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent certainly lived up to Browning’s high-quality backing, and I’d happily use this tent for days on end and for many weekends a year without worrying about wear and tear. Similar tents can get crazy expensive; however, the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is priced well for its value and provided me many happy camping trips without having to empty my wallet.

A feature found only in the 8-person tent is the room divider. Even if creating two separate rooms isn’t always necessary, I find it’s handy to have a divider available when you’re trying to change clothes or even if you want to make one part of the tent a living space during the day. This tent also has two doors, one for each section of the tent, adding further privacy and convenience.

Overall, I’d be hard-pressed to find a tent with as great of quality and durability without spending twice as much money compared to the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent.


  • Very high-quality tent without the high price tag
  • Holds up well in all weather conditions, including heat, rain, wind, etc.
  • The customer service is very quick to help, and the warranty ensures you won’t be left out in the rain
  • The ceiling stands at 87 inches tall, allowing plenty of standing room even for tall adults


  • Expensive for the once or twice a summer camper


10. Springbar Highline 8 Person Canvas Tent

Taking cabin tents to the next level is the highly durable, highly waterproof, and highly stylish Springbar Highline 8 Person Canvas Tent.

Unlike polyester tents, the Springbar Highline is ideal for all weather. Even when it poured down with rain all day, my group and I stayed comfortable and dry inside. As the 100% cotton duck canvas is waterproof itself, no rainfly is needed. The thicker canvas material also keeps heat in, and with a winter sleeping bag, I can happily use this tent even in colder weather.

Of course, along with top-notch protection and heavy-duty material comes a much higher price tag. If you’ll be camping a couple of nights a year in warm weather, there is no need for such an expensive tent – unless you very much love your creature comforts, then why not! Coming in at twice as expensive as polyester tents, I’m happy to report that it will last much longer than twice as long. In fact, I know many avid campers who have used their Springbar canvas tent for nearly 30 years, and the tent is still going strong.

Another feature I rate high for this tent is its oversize awning. It’s great to sit under and provides protection from rain when you’re entering or exiting the tent.

Besides its higher price tag, it’s hard to find fault with the Springbar Highline. It’s an absolute treat to hang out in, and groups of four or five will love the homely feel and security the tent offers.


  • Separate bags for the tent and poles make it easy to carry
  • The tent features a big awning that doesn’t double up as a rainfly or door, so you can keep it up as an awning in nearly all weather
  • Keeps you warm on colder days yet has plenty of ventilation for hot weather
  • Fully waterproof means you don’t have to stress on rainy days
  • Very easy to set up in under 10 minutes


  • As a high-quality, long-lasting tent, it comes with a higher price tag
  • There are windows on the front and back of the tent, but not on the sides


Buying Guide for the Best Cabin Tents

While these cabin tents may look quite similar from the outside, each has its own unique style and features. Depending on when, where, and how many people you’ll be camping with can have a big impact on your choice of tent. Check out below some key features to look out for.

Available Space:

Cabin tents come in various sizes, from 3-person to 10-person, and even these can have different dimensions depending on the manufacturer. It’s best not to rely solely on the given capacity of the tent and instead have a look at the dimensions. As a general rule, an 80 square foot tent can fit four sleeping bags, a 120 square foot tent can fit six sleeping bags, and a 165 square foot tent can fit eight sleeping bags. If you have gear and want more room to walk around, you’ll need half the capacity.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the space manufacturers deem a sleeping area. Tents with a screen room may claim they sleep more people. However, unless it’s a warm, dry evening, it’s unlikely anyone in your group will want to sleep out there.

Screen Room/Awning:

Featured in some cabin tents is a screen room or attached awning. Screen rooms are great for camping spots that get a lot of mosquitoes, and you can lounge in peace while still feeling like you’re outside. Plus, they provide a nice area to keep extra gear, food, and snacks.

Awnings provide protection from the sun and come in handy when it’s raining and you’re trying to get in and out of your tent. Keep an eye out as some double up as doors and must be taken down if you’d like to close the tent fully.


Depending on if you’ll be camping in hot weather, mild weather or colder weather can impact your choice of tents. Features like multiple windows, canvas roofs, and vents are great for hot summer days however they can be a big pain on cold rainy days. If you’re camping in fall, winter, or spring, look for tents that have a solid roof. Canvas tents are especially great for cold weather camping.

Set up:

The sooner your tent is set up, the sooner you can get back to enjoying the outdoors with your group. Cabin tents are typically easy to set up, and many even come with an instant setup design. However, keep your eye out for the outliers that can take up to 30-minutes to fully set up. Things to look out for are if the poles are permanently attached to the tent if there’s color-coding, and how the awning attaches to the tent.


A freestanding tent can come in very handy when you want to position your tent after you’ve set it up and can see exactly where the doors and windows are. Even so, it’s always best to secure your freestanding tent to avoid it moving around or getting damaged in surprise winds.


Cabin tents come in a range of prices, from around $100 for basic models to over $600 for canvas cabin tents. Having a good think about how often you’ll be using your tent and the conditions you’ll be using your tent in can be a good starting point for determining your budget. If you are only using your tent on nearly perfect summer days, you can easily enjoy a less expensive tent and get the same enjoyment out of it. On the other hand, if you camp a lot in rainy or windy weather, you don’t want to risk rain getting into your tent to save a few dollars. If you’re camping in winter, it’s well worth spending extra money on a tent that will hold in heat and provide additional protection.

Other Features:

While not always necessary, the extra features of a tent can make your experience easier and more enjoyable. A few to look out for is if the tent has storage pockets, a gear loft, and in some cases, a built-in closet. You’ll also have to decide if having a divider is a must. Other features include an E-cable port, how good the carry bag is, how many vents there are for good airflow, and how good the warranty on the tent is.



1. What is a cabin tent?

A cabin tent is recognized for its tall, almost vertical walls that make it look similar to a cabin. Key features will include enough space for a family or group of people, multiple windows and doors, and good ventilation.

2. How do you fold a cabin tent?

To fold a cabin tent, remove the stakes and poles (if they aren’t attached), lay the tent flat, fold the tent in half twice, then fold one-third of the tent over itself. From here, you’ll want to lay the tent poles on the tent and roll the tent up, ensuring it stays compact. Next, secure the tent with ties and place it in its carry bag.

3. Which one is the best family cabin tent?

Our favorite tent for families is the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9′. It comes with plenty of space for two adults and up to three children, a room divider, and it sets up in under 60 seconds.

 Picking the Best Cabin Tent for Camping

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 3-season tent with all the basic features and all-around good-quality, the Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent is our favorite for nearly all occasions.

On the other hand, if you’ll be camping in 4-seasons and spend many weekends a year enjoying the great outdoors, investing in the Springbar Highline 8 Person Canvas Tent is highly recommended.

The covered screen room on the Wenzel Klondike 8 makes it great for hot weather camping, and the very reasonably priced Ozark Trail 14′ x 10′ Family Cabin Tent is great for those group camping trips you enjoy only a few times a year.