The 7 Best Camping Cookware for Family 2022

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No family camping trip is complete without cooking together and feasting in the midst of the wilderness. We know, you don’t want to miss out on this, which is why you’re here browsing for camping specialized cookware items.

Since you’ll go with family, having just a cooking pot and a spoon is not enough. You need more cookware and dinnerware, but buying them separately, however, is again quite challenging. But, you’ve got nothing to worry about as we’re here to the rescue.

Below we’ve rounded up the top camping cookware sets that contain everything you’ll need to cook for your family. So, without any further ado, let’s delve deeper to know more.


Top Camping Cookware for Family 2022 – Reviewed

1. MalloMe Camping Cookware Set

[amazon box=”B01743BX1A” title=”MalloMe Camping Cookware Set “]

The model that tops our list truly won our minds with its unrivaled combination. Although it does not come with the highest numbers of cookware, its smart collection, quality, competency, efficiency, and durability swayed us to rank it number one.

The set expertly nests every piece of cookware you’ll need for worry-free camping cooking. Each piece is crafted from anodized aluminum, which is non-toxic. Additionally, the products are intended to last forever, and anodized aluminum ensures quick heat from the first use to years afterward.

So, with this set of camping cookware, you can absolutely pass all the upcoming camping trips of your life; in fact, your grandchild can do the same. Moreover, it weighs only 1 lb, making it as light as a feather on your backpack. On top, they are designed to be stored in a compact space, so this set won’t take up much room in your backpack.

Additionally, it offers burn-free cooking. Again, the included items are really handy to use and also contain heat-resistant handles to assure you are safe while cooking. Furthermore, they are really easy to clean and take only a little work. Lastly, to top it all off, this set also comes at a very reasonable price.


Nested Components:

  • Nonstick Pot
  • Pot Cover
  • Nonstick Pan
  • 2 Bowls
  • Folding Stainless Steel Spork
  • Soup Spoon
  • Wooden Spoon Spatula
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Nylon Travel Bag Drawstring Pouch



  • Non-toxic – the incorporation of non-toxic anodized aluminum ensures that the cooked meals are free of undesirable odors and harmful health effects.
  • Long-lasting – its exclusive and strong build makes it highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Burn-free cooking ­– the design ensures that neither the meal nor you are burned, therefore it has a burn-free design as well as a heat-resistant handle.
  • Extremely lightweight – it weighs only 1 lb, making it as light as a feather on your backpack.
  • Compact design – all 10 pieces of components are designed accordantly to fit together in a way to be able to tuck into a smaller space.
  • Reasonable price – thanks to MalloMe for availing this winning set of camping cookware at a very reasonable price.



  • Fewer components – if it is all about numbers of components for you, then this model is not your best fit – as this set nested fewer components than many other sets of camping cookware.


Best for: Families who are more into long-lasting build along with the combination of high-end quality, and heavy-duty durability within an affordable price.

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2. Stanley Camp Cook Set 

[amazon box=”B01MTFIMUC” title=”Stanley Camp Cook Set”]

Stanley camping cookware set takes the second spot on our list with its impressive inclusions. The set contains 21 cookware and dinnerware components to guarantee you never run out of them and can enjoy your outdoor cooking to the fullest. Speaking of the quality, this model is surely going to live up to your mind.

All the components of this model are made of stainless steel which is again reinforced to be scratch-proof and rustproof for maintaining maximum durability.  Also, it assures to be BPA-free, so no worries of health effects as well. Another plus of this model is its multi-layer foundation on the pans and pots, which ensures equal heating and ensures that the entire meal is cooked evenly.

Now, if you’re worried that 21 pieces will take up a lot of room in your backpack, then let us get you out of that quandary. To your relief, the set is fashioned in a highly space-saving manner, fitting into an area of 11.06 x 10.9 x 6.1 inches. Each of its items is practical and convenient and the vented lid is just the cherry on top.


Nested Components:

  • 3 5L Pot with Vented Lid
  • 7″ 3-Ply Frying Pan
  • Cutting Board
  • Spatula
  • Serving Spoon
  • 6″ Plates
  • 22oz Bowls
  • Sporks
  • Dish Drying Rack
  • Heat Resistant Trivet
  • Locking Bungee



  • Full cooking set – packs kitchen-based full cooking set that includes a total of 21 practical cookware and dinnerware components.
  • Strong built – it holds maximum durability while maintaining a scratch-proof quality.
  • Rustproof ­performance – its rustproof coating assures its rustproof performance for decades to come.
  • BPA-free – its BPA-free construction preserves the nutrition of the food while ensuring zero harmful health effects.
  • Space-saving design – all 21 components are designed to accommodate a space of 11.06 x 10.9 x 6.1 inches.



  • Pricey – it comes in a pricier range than many other options on our list.
  • Slow heat – it takes some time to heat up due to its multi-layer foundation.


Best for: those campers who are rooting for a kitchen-based practical full cooking set with scratch and rustproof performance.

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3. GSI Pinnacle Camping Cooking Set (B006ERS6OU)

[amazon box=”B006ERS6OU” title=”GSI Pinnacle Camping Cooking Set”]

Our third vouch comprises 23 pieces of components. Its every quality including durability, functionality, and efficiency is beyond praise, and you’ll realize that yourself as we break that in detail below.

To start, let us tell you about its building material which is anodized aluminum for the pots and pans and solid plastic for the rest of the components. It’s worth noting that its pans and pots are Teflon Radiance coated to ensure a non-stick performance. On top, each of its bowls, plates, and cups are color-coded to allow you to maintain your personal pick.

Furthermore, the detachable handle makes utilizing the pots and pans much easier. If these don’t sway your mind, its unique straining lid will surely do. Along with the strainer layer, the crushproof and heat-resistant quality adds more charm to it.


Nested Components:

  • 2L Pot With Strainer Lid
  • 3L Pot With Strainer Lid
  • Fry Pan
  • 4 Plates
  • 4 Insulated Mugs
  • Sip-It Tops And Sleeves
  • 4 Bowls
  • Folding Handle
  • Stuff Sack/Wash Basin



  • Complete cooking set – covers all necessary cooking gear from pots to the washbasin, including a total of 23 cookware items.
  • Color-coded ­– each of its bowls, plates, and cups is color-coded which helps you to keep track of which bowl/plate/cup is whose.
  • Non-sticky performance – Teflon Radiance coating is used on its pans and pots to ensure nonstick performance.
  • Durable – the included pots and pans feature top-notch durability and promise to serve you in the long run.
  • Compact design – all 23 components are engineered in such a way to be crammed into a small area.



  • No spoon or knife – we don’t need to exaggerate the importance of a spoon and knife in cooking, unfortunately, this model doesn’t pack even one of them.
  • Breakable – the plastic-made components are likely to break if used carelessly and dropped from a height.


Best for: those families who prefer to have their own specific bowl/plate/cup even when camping on the outskirt.


4.  Odoland Family Camping Cookware Kit

[amazon box=”B0822LSCRT” title=”Odoland Family Camping Cookware Kit”]

This cookware set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking equally, so when you want to go lighter on the pocket this all-in-one cookware set is the way to go. With this set, you can ace your home cooking and when camping, you can bring it along as well.

To be specific, this set of cookware is designed to serve four people. So, if you’re starting a new family or planning to gift a cookware set to a new building family, this combo is ideal. Apart from a spatula, it almost includes everything you need in the kitchen starting from a kettle, foldable cutleries to a collapsible water container.

On top, it comes with color-coded silicone insulated mug protectors. More captivatingly, the pots and pans are designed to work with any type of stove, even with a bonfire. Not to mention, even after nesting so many things, it only occupies 8.7 x 8.7 x 6.5 inches of space when properly assembled.


Nested Components:

  • 1L Pot
  • 1M Pot
  • Fry Pan
  • 1L Kettle
  • 6 Gal Collapsible Container
  • 12L Collapsible Bucket
  • 4 Cups With Silicone Protectors
  • 4 Stainless Steel Plates
  • 4 Sets Of Dinner Cutleries (4 Forks, 4 Knives, 4 Spoons With 4 Storage Bags)
  • 2 Cleaning Cloth
  • Carrying Bag



  • Packs the highest number of components – collaborates a total of 29 pieces of kitchen components for easing your both indoor and outdoor cooking game.
  • Perfect for gifting purposes – if you’re planning on gifting cookware set to a new building family, this combo is beyond excellent as it includes almost every essential kitchen tool.
  • Color-coded mug protectors ­– these protectors not only allow you to track your own cup but they are also insulated, allowing you to drink coffee or hot water without the fear of burning your hands.
  • Compatible with any stove — the pots and pans are intended to operate with any sort of stove, including a campfire.
  • Minimalistic design — all 29 components are designed to fit within an 8.7 x 8.7 x 6.5-inch area.



  • Expensive – after the Stanley camp cooking set this set of cookware is the pricier option on our list.
  • No spatula – surprisingly it doesn’t pack a spatula which however is very essential for cooking.
  • Heavy – comparatively heavier option on our list, weighs around 5.5 lbs


Best for: families with four people who would like to utilize the same cookware set both indoors and outdoors.


5. REDCAMP Camping Cookware Set

[amazon box=”B0794R9TT7″ title=”REDCAMP Camping Cookware Set”]

With around 1,293 Amazon consumers’ ratings, this REDCAMP camping cookware set soared to the fifth position on our list. Like our previous models, this one also packs the most essential cooking gear that is meant to assure a no-trouble outdoor cooking experience.

Aside from the usual kitchen tool what sets it apart from the rest of our entries is its money return guarantee. If you happen to be doubtful regarding online purchases, then this model is here for your rescue. To your relief, this model comes with an entire year of full money return offer, thanks to REFCAMP.


Nested Components:

  • Pots
  • Pot Covers
  • Frying Pan
  • Dishes
  • Bowls
  • Soup Bowl
  • Cutlery Set
  • Survival Bracelet
  • Tool Card
  • Ladle
  • Sponge Brush
  • Nylon Bag



  • All-in-one collection –from a fire starter to different sizes of pots to cutlery sets, very impressively this model contains everything.
  • 100% money-back guarantee – REFCAMP’s customer service is really friendly, and they welcome any criticism and guarantee to refund your entire payment if you have any objection to your product within a year.
  • Choices are available ­– REFCAMP avails different cookware sets with varying numbers of components (12/13/18/23 PCS) to let you pick depending on the number of members you have in your family.



  • Burn risk – heating an empty pot may result in burning the surface of the pot, hence adding food or water before heating is highly advised.
  • Sticky – many foodstuffs tend to stick to the pan while frying, thus greasing the pan well before frying is necessary.
  • Not the easiest to clean – due to the sticky problem, the pans are not the easiest to clean; rather it takes a lot of scrubbing.


Best for: campers who are warranty-concern and only trust the models with a money-back guarantee.


6. Winterial Camp Cookware Set 

[amazon box=”B00XQF9RB4″ title=”Winterial Camp Cookware Set”]

When you want to take as little weight as possible when camping but don’t want to miss out on any essential components while cooking outside, this model may put your mind at ease. It contains only a few practical items that are supposed to get your outdoor cooking game covered.

Regarding the question of quality, let us tell you that this model has won the Best Buy Choice award by the valuable OutdoorGearLab consumers! Do we need to exaggerate more on its efficiency?


Nested Components:

  • Large Pot and Lid
  • Frying Pan
  • Plate
  • 2 Personal Bowls
  • Tea Kettle and Lid
  • Serving Ladle
  • Serving Spoon/Spatula
  • Cutting Board
  • Cleaning Sponge



  • Tough build – the components are all crafted of lightweight aluminum oxide with a unique Teflon finish.
  • Lightest weight set – the entire set weighs just 1 lb, making it effortlessly portable wherever you go.
  • Verified quality ­– has owned the Best Buy Choice award by the valuable OutdoorGearLab consumers
  • Compact design – all 10 pieces of components easily fit into a 4.5 x 7.25 inches space.



  • Fewer components – it contains only primary cooking gear, you might need to buy the other necessary components separately.
  • No cutlery – cutlery is essential when your food is ready and you’re ready to dig in, but somehow Winterial engineers didn’t think of including it.
  • Prone to rust – after a certain time of usage, the components start to rust.
  • Fitting issue – the screw fittings are not really great; you have to tighten them sometimes.


Best for: campers who’re opting for the lightest weight option without having to compromise on any basic cook component.


7. MSR Quick 2-System Cooking Set

[amazon box=”B008NOP21C” title=”MSR Quick 2-System Cooking Se”]

Last but not the least, here we have an ultra-compact MSR Quick Cooking Set for easing your outdoor cooking. If you’re picky about the outlook of your purchase then to your delight its sophisticated outlook is sure to grab your attention. It top-notch build with a polished finishing that lets you cook in style.

From our entire list, this set contains the least amount of cooking components which are however enough to get you covered in there. So, if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of maintaining several pots and pans and only want to bring the essentials with you, this model is exactly what you need.

Nested Components:

  • 2 Non-Stick Pot
  • Strainer Lid
  • 2 Deep Dish Plates
  • 2 Insulated Mugs
  • Pot Handle



  • Ultra-compact – the set contains the least amount of cooking component with a design to assemble together within a span of 7.7 x 4.8 inches.
  • Sophisticated outlook – features a vintage black and maroon combination set of cooking components.
  • Insulated mug ­– when you’re in winter family camping, these insulated mugs really come in handy.



  • Lacks many important kitchen tools – in order to be truly minimalistic, this set lacks several necessary kitchen tools including a frying pan, bowl, knife, spatula, and so on.
  • Insubstantial – a single drop might cause the pots to tap and even break.
  • Cannot operate with a dim fire – if the fire is dim the pots take a hell of lot of time to heat up and cook the meal evenly.
  • Odor – overdone food may emit an unpleasant odor as a result of the reaction between the meal and the pot’s surface.


Best for: avid campers who are genuinely into adventure and will just cook for survival purposes rather than to enjoy fancy meals.


Final words

This article takes you through the 7 best camping cookware for family camping. By reading this far, we hope you’ve already found the one that fits your need. So, campers what are you waiting for? Just tap the specific link of the one you liked and place the order to get your brand new cookware set in no time.