The 10 Best Camping Slippers and Booties of 2023

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When you are about to camp on the mountain or anywhere in the winter season, you cannot simply go just with your regular boots or converse. On the campsite, you must need the best camping slippers and booties. And today, we are here to introduce you to some of them.

Basically, you will need a pair of camping slippers or booties because of a few reasons.

  • It keeps your feet warmer and dry.
  • It helps to release soreness and pain for a long walk.
  • It is good to use inside the tent or the cabin.
  • A pair of thermal slippers or booties are essential in extremely cold weather.

So, you must understand why you need a pair of camping slippers or booties. Now, it’s time to learn about the best options for them. We checked a considerable number of booties from the marketplace and found these 10 pairs as the best.


10 Best Camping Slippers and Booties Reviews

While picking the recommended products, we preferred real customer reviews and first-hand experience. Besides, we checked some essential features and prices as well. You will learn everything about these 10 slippers and booties in the brief details right below.

1. Rab Hut Slipper

Let’s begin the list of the best camping slippers and booties with one from Rub Hut. This pair of comfortable slippers is well-known as the campers’ favorite. It comes with some great features and you can check the details from the information below.

Slipper Material

Synthetic material is used to form the slippers’ wall. Inside it, there is a plush soft material to ensure the most comfortability. Again, the nylon-made sole comes with a grippy silicone traction print.


3M Featherless insulation is the base construction model for this pair of slippers. It makes the slippers look amazing and at the same time, quite comfortable. Also, the perfect placement of stitches makes it a unique one.


Because of the EVA sole and plush material shoe walls, this pair of slippers ensure the most comfortability. Additionally, it helps to relieve the pain that you will develop while hiking.

Winter Protection

You don’t even need a pair of socks when you are wearing this pair of comfortable slippers. Its thermal insulation system will keep your feet warmer and dry.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Unisex and so, goof for any people.
  • Very much lightweight.
  • Comes in royal blue color.


  • Not good for the use of summer.

Our Thoughts on RUB Hut Slippers

If you are not going for a vacation in summer, then it can be your best pick. It is affordable and durable. So, I will suggest you think twice before you head towards other options and forget about them.


2. The North Face Youth Thermal Tent Mule II

Products from the North Face Youth are always appreciated because of their durability and excellent construction. So, I must suggest one of their best camping slippers and booties here. Check out all essential details of this item from the information right below.

Color Variations

You will get this pair of slippers in 5 different colors. There are 2 printed models of wildflower and camo design. And there are 3 different single-color models which are black, paradise pink, and light pink.


This pair of camping slippers are made of nylon fiber material. It is waterproof and helps to keep your feet warm. The sole is again made of rubber and that’s why it is quite durable.


With the black rubber sole, the complete design matched perfectly in this pair of slippers. The stitches make small squares and that looks quite standard. Besides, the softer plush material makes it even more comfortable.

Thermal Functions

This pair of camping slippers come with complete thermal insulation support. So, it is perfect to use in winter. Additionally, it is waterproof and so, it will keep your feet dry and clean.


  • Unisex design.
  • Available in almost all sizes.
  • Thick rubber sole and two holding laces.
  • Only 1.5 Pounds in weight


  • Some users think that it is overpriced.

Our Thought on The North Face Youth Thermal Tent Mule II

You must see the link where you can check the price of this product. If you think it is out of your budget, you can check other options as well. But still, it is not a cheap option, I will say, it is very excellent and quality compared with other options.


3. Teva Men’s M Ember MOC Slipper

You can also try Teva Men’s M Ember Moc slippers. It will be the best option for those who are looking for a textile slipper with a dashing outlook. But first, I would like to remind you that it’s a men’s slipper and so, if you are a female, you can skip this part.


There are 6 different colors available for these slippers. But the best part is its design and appearance. I think no other camping booties are so stylish as this one.


This product is made of 100% synthetic and textile material. EVA foam is used to form the walls and that makes it more comfortable. The sole is again made of a durable rubber sheet.

Knitted Collar

The collar of the slippers is designed with perfectly knitted fabric. So, it is soft and won’t make you feel uncomfortable even if you are using it for a long time.

Convertible Heel

The rubber sole has an extra convertible heel counter. That’s why you can wear it and even walk or run for a long time comfortably. Besides, the front part is slightly lifted to make it even better for a regular one.


  • Available in almost all sizes.
  • Stylish slipper with synthetic suede overlays.
  • Waterproof and cold absorbing facilities.
  • Lightweight and easy to wash.


  • It is quite expensive compared to the other slippers.

Our Thoughts on Teva Men’s M Ember MOC Slipper

So, if you are looking for a men’s slipper with a dashing outlook, then I think it’s a must-try for you. Eventually, it is comfortable and durable. So, if you manage to buy it at the price, I am sure that it will never disappoint you with low-quality performance.


4. Outdoor Designs Down Booties

Well, the next recommendation is also for another men’s camping slipper. And this time, it is Outdoor Designs Down Booties. This pair of high collar winter booties are used by thousands of campers and it’s almost free from any complaint.


The reason behind mentioning the size is its versatility. You will get it with all grown men’s size. It is available in S, M, L, and XL sizes. So, remember that it’s not available for kids and women.


This duck-down-filled bootie has its outer shale made with nylon fabric. The inner part is made of plush foam and that makes it more comfortable. Besides, the sole is made of rubber that is quite durable.


The ankle is covered with an elastic material that will help you keep your feet warmer. Besides, there is a cinch cord above the ankle that you can use to adjust the collar.

Anti-Slip Function

The thick rubber sole has come with shock-absorbing functions and anti-slip features. So, you can run or walk wearing this pair of booties for a long time. You won’t ever feel pain for that as well.


  • High cooler design.
  • Good for summer and especially winter.
  • Very much comfortable and lightweight.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.


  • No users have placed any serious complaints about these camping booties.

Our Thought on Outdoor Designs Down Booties

This pair of excellent camping booties is affordable and quite good to look at. It comes with a mat black color and has a seal on the side. Besides, it is quite easy to wash. So, I think you can buy this slipper for sure.


5. HAFLINGER Unisex GZ Felt Clog Closed Slippers

If you are looking for the best camping slippers and booties with thicker soles then you can try Haflinger Unisex GZ Felt Clog Closed slipper. It is the best seller of the manufacturer and I am sure you will love it once you start using it.


I will prefer these booties to those who like dashing designs. It eventually comes in 3 different colors which are charcoal, smokey brown, and mat black. The thick sole is light brown in color.


The upper part of the booties is made of pure cotton wool. So, it is very soft and comfortable. The thick soles are, on the other hand, made of durable rubber sheets. So, it will last longer than your expectancy.


This pair of booties come with around 1-inch long heels. And the material is softer enough to provide you with comfy steps. Besides, the wool knitted upper part is very standard to look at especially for the synthetic stitched lace around the ankle.


  • It is available in almost all sizes.
  • Different color variations.
  • Very much lightweight and comfortable.
  • Soft wool material is good for winter support.


  • As it is made of wool, it is not properly waterproof.

Our Thought on HAFLINGER Unisex GZ Felt Clog Closed Slippers

If the fact of water-proof function is not mandatory for your trip, then I think it’s the best pick. It is affordable and comes with quite an excellent appearance. So, think twice before checking the next recommendation.


6. Baffin Cush Booty

Baffin Cush Booty will always be on any list of the best camping slippers and booties as it is one of the campers’ favorite booty. This simple yet comfortable booty is mostly preferable to use in winter. It is very light in weight and I am sure you will agree that it is super comfortable.

Color Variations

Around 7 different colors are available for this booty. You will get it with black, hyperberry, merlot, charcoal, espresso, blue, and navy blue color. And all these variations look quite impressive and standard.


It is basically a nylon fabric mate booty. Inside the shell, it has plush foam which will eventually keep your feet warmer and dry. The sole of this booty is designed with a silicon lettering surface that is essential to make it an anti-slip booty.


The outer shell of this booty is stitched with shearling lines. And the high collar designed provides extra weather support in winter. An elastic lace is also there to adjust the ankle hole as well.


This is known for its superior durability and reliable performance in all seasons. You will have complete protection against minor impacts. Additionally, these slippers will not wear and tear in repeated heavy use and regular machine wash.


  • Lots of color variations.
  • Only 10 oz weight of each pair.
  • Good for use on the cabin, inside the tent, and on the ground.
  • Very much comfortable and supports both manual and machine-based wash.


  • You cannot use it to run or walk in the mud or on the mountain.

Our Thought on Baffin Cush Booty

As I have mentioned that it’s a cabin slipper, you have to think twice to decide about it. But remember that cabin booty is also a very essential camping accessory especially when it is winter.


7. RockDove Men’s Closed Back Down Camper

RockDove Men's Closed Back Down Camper, Size 8-9 US Men, Black
  • Like mini down jackets for your feet, these slippers will keep your feet thermally insulated all day long....

If you are looking for a high-quality camping slipper at an affordable price range then look no further. RockDove Men’s Closed Back Down Camper is perfect for you and it is designed for male users.


It is made with high-quality acrylic fabric, foam, and rubber soles. You will have a great time using this for its excellent protection against weather conditions. You can also wash it with normal water or a machine without any worries.

Design and comfort fact

This slipper possesses a modern and sleek design. The minimalist outlook and comfortable inside make it very popular among the users. You can also use it as a sleeping slipper on cold nights. It is designed to provide warmth and comfort to your feet in all seasons.

Foot Care

Your feet will be in perfect position as you wear this shoe in any weather condition. It works like a jacket and keeps your feet thermally insulated as long as you wear it. The memory foam insole provides unbeatable comfort and reduces foot stress.


You can use it inside the tent or while doing outdoor activities. Its heavy-duty sole and outer layer offer tremendous versatility. You will have a firm hold on the ground no matter the environment.


  • You will find it in different sizes.
  • It includes a fleece-lined interior for regulating the optimal temperature level inside the shoe.
  • This slipper set is waterproof and does not make irritating noises while walking.
  • It includes advanced anti-skid technology with traction patterns which saves you from sudden slip and fall.


  • Some users complained about the outer sole quality.

Our Thoughts on RockDove Men’s Closed Back Down Camper

You must choose this slipper set for its wide range of usability. If you are looking for a unisex slipper along with complete foot coverage then it will not meet your requirement.


8. Exped Insulated Camp Slipper for Men and Women

Exped Insulated Camp Slipper for Men and Women is a widely versatile camping shoe for all. It comes in different sizes and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Size and materials

It comes in four different sizes, from small to X – large which covers people of almost all ages. The shell and liner of the slipper are made of 30D nylon, the outsole is of 420D TPE, and the fill is made of 100 percent polyester-based synthetic fiber.


This slipper set is highly durable and built to adjust in harsh countryside areas. The outer shell is waterproof and coated with TEXPED nylon for additional protection and comfort.

Flexible and lightweight

This camping slipper is very easy to carry off its lightweight package. You can also use it without any worries. Moreover, it needs minimal maintenance requirements. The net weight is so negligible that you can even carry it on the side of your backpack.

Strong traction

It is slip-proof for its reinforced soles. You will have great traction in wet weather, snow and rain. Additionally, this is great in abrasive forest floors with its superior traction and hold.


  • It is suitable for camping, backpacking, overnight snowshoeing, etc.
  • This slipper uses high-quality materials yet comes in a lightweight package.
  • The built materials are completely weather sealed.
  • You will have proper protection against impacts.


  • It does not cover the upper portion of your feet, so you might need additional socks in cold weather.

Our Thoughts on Exped Insulated Camp Slipper for Men and Women

We must recommend you for its modern design and superior flexibility. It is a great option if you need a comfortable and durable camping show in an affordable price range.


9. Acorn Men’s Slouch BootSlipper

Acorn Men's Slouch Boot Slipper, Charcoal Ragg Wool, Small
  • PREMIUM COMFORT: Mid-calf ribbed back slouch sock boot house shoe with superior comfort; microfleece lining;...

Acorn Men’s Slouch Boot Slipper is one of the most popular and highly reviewed camping slippers available in the market. You will love it for sure.


It comes in a beautiful yet modern design. You will like the stylish color contrasting with Ragg wool-based socks for the upper portion of the feet.


The sole is made of synthetic materials. Other parts are made of approximately 78 percent acrylic, 20 percent wool, and 2 percent spandex.


It comes in numerous sizes for people of all ages. As the slippers tend to shrink, you should buy a plus-size one for comfortable fittings. The available sizes are from small to XX-large.

Premium comforting technology

It includes multilayer Cloud Cushion insole memory foam which ensures unbeatable comfort and support for the foot. It also provides therapeutic effects on the foot

Weather sealed and durability

The materials are weather-coated and highly durable in all seasons. You just have to keep them warm in the rainy and snow seasons after every use. It is skid-resistant and integrates waterproof soles.


  • It is highly versatile for its multi-use capabilities, whether outdoors or indoor settings.
  • You can use it for a long time for its sturdy built quality.
  • It supports both manual and machine-based wash.
  • This slipper adds additional sidewalls and toe caps.


  • Some users did not like footwear design.

Our Thoughts on Acorn Men’s Slouch BootSlipper

The best feature of this camping slipper set is its unparalleled versatility. You might choose other similar ones as it poses a comparatively higher price tag.


10. Baffin Base Camp Slippers

Baffin Base Camp Slipper is another great camping shoe that you can use with pleasure. It comes in an affordable price range and offers top not-built quality.


This slipper is made to last long with high-quality weather-sealed nylon and synthetic materials. You can use it in any season with proper care and maintenance.


It comes in different sizes and this particular one is for kids. This is marked as a little kid which is suitable for 4-8 years old. The same thing for adults is marked as XL size which is also unisex supported.

Comfort fact

It is great in cold and wet weather conditions. You will feel warmth in the cold and also include proper ventilation for air circulation. The Cordura nylon inclusion makes the bootie more comfortable and protected against heavy impacts.

Slip resistance

This camping slipper can be used in any situation and environment. It is highly slip-resistant with its reinforced outsole. The durability and reliability of the under sole are top-notch.

Design and convenience

It is very stylish in design with some color contrasting in black and gray mixing. The unique Baffin logo gives it a different look too. Along with the modern outlook, it is very easy to wear and maintain.


  • It is highly reviewed and tested by professionals.
  • This slipper integrates nylon-based upper and faux shearling lining for extra durability.
  • You will have drawcord locks that help you fit the bootie tightly.
  • It is suitable for mountaineering, hiking, and camping in all seasons.


  • The synthetic insulation materials might provide a bit more warmth than average.

Our Thoughts on Baffin Base Camp Slipper

One of the best things about this camping slipper is its extreme usability and limited maintenance requirement. It might be a bit pricey comparing other brands but you can use it worry-free in wet weather conditions.


Buying Guide for the Best Camping Slippers and Booties

Still, I have introduced you to the best camping slippers and booties, you need to know some basic information about those products. It will help you to buy the appropriate one for yourself.

  • Sizing

As it is about a thing to wear, make sure you are selecting the appropriate size. All the slippers have universal size charts. You can check them to find yours.

  • Where to Use

First, think about where you are planning to use it. There are different slippers for outside and inside usages. So, make sure that you are buying the appropriate one for your needs.

  • Sole and Construction

For any slippers or booties, the soles should be durable and it is better to have a rubber-made one. You should also check out the construction and design as well. Check twice if it is good for the season you are planning to camp on.

  • Comfortable

The material will be either wool, nylon, or synthetic fabric. These materials are comfortable for sure. You can buy slippers with other materials too if it is comfortable.

  • Price

The price of the booties and slippers for camping varies based on their material, construction, and design. But it will be from 30$ to 150$.

Besides these issues, you should check about the foot care facility, anti-slip functions, and shock-absorbing issues as well.


Final Thought

Hopefully, you have understood why it is essential to check every part of the slippers or booties. It’s because you should buy the best camping slippers and booties that fit you perfectly. However, if you are planning to buy one from the list, please share your experience of using it with us. So, here we take our leave for today. Will soon come with something new about your happy and comfortable camping. Thank you.

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