The 8 Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents in 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Camping is always a good idea. But many of us cannot go camping in winter due to cold weather and snow. Because most of the tents don’t work well on the snowy ground and cannot support the heavy wind. But winter won’t be an issue from now on. Because today I am here to introduce you to the best extreme cold weather tents you can use in winter.

First, you should learn about some basic buying guides. And so, let me enlighten you with details of a few necessary facts you should check before buying it. Next to that, I will start our in-depth review. I have tried to select tents of different types. It will help you to find out the most appropriate one for you. So, let’s check them out not one by one.

Our Top Picks at a Glance:

1. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent (Best Overall)

2. GEERTOP Cold Weather Backpacking Tent (Budget-friendly Option)

3. FLYTOP Double Layer Backpacking Tent (Best for Backpacking)

4. MoKo Backpacking Tent (Best Cabin Style Tent)

5. Azarxis Cold weather Backpacking Tent (Best lightweight Option)


Reviews of 8 Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents

Here, I have selected 8 tents from different brands. Besides, they all have unique features and specifications. But all of them are checked by our group members by a person besides lots of other tents. But we ended up finding these 8 tents as the best winter tents. So, let’s get introduced to these tents.


1. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian – Budget Winter Tent

[amazon box = “B084KLM84C” title = “ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent”]

First, I would like you to meet ALPS Mountaineering Tent. This one is made in a way that meets all the criteria of winter tents. You may be familiar with the manufacturer brand as it is quite popular. This 3 person tent comes with a bucket full of amazing features and advantages. I have tried to put all the necessary information here so that you can make the perfect decision. Let’s check them out.


The floor plan includes a total area of 43.5 feet square and the vestibule area is 21 feet square. The height is 54 inches in the center. This 92 inches long and 79 inches wide tent becomes very compact in size after packing so that it can be carried easily.


If you are worried about the materials used in this tent, then here’s the clearance for you. The main fabric used in this tent is a 75D polyester. The floor is made of 75D poly taffeta. About the poles, they are made of aluminum.

Weather Protection

To keep you protected in stormy and rainy conditions, the cover and UV ray protected rainfly with 1500 mm coating covers the poles of the frame. The floor has 5000 mm coating and the seams are sealed to keep you dry.

Improved Pole system

The poles used in this tent are made of multi-hub 7000 series aluminum. Weatherproof shock cords help to create a firm frame for the tent.


Well, this tent is designed for 3 people to stay comfortably. But if you are camping with 4 persons altogether, you can adjust to it with a little less space for moving. And less than 3 persons can stay with a lot of baggage.

Easy to Set Up

There are pole clips for quick set up. The pole system is free standing so you can simply assemble them with the shock cords and fly. No worries about settings now.


You are going to have a comfortable inner space in this tent. The mesh windows and 2 doors will ensure enough air circulation as well as weather protection. Also, it has got a gear loft system to give you the feel of increased space.


  • 2 Doors for entrance.
  • Mesh windows for enough ventilation and protection from pests.
  • Copper and Rust color to pick from.
  • Several storage pockets for your necessary equipment.
  • 4 season weather protection.
  • Very lightweight so that you can easily shift with it.
  • Vestibule area for your belongings.


  • There’s no lantern hook for hanging any lights.

Our Thoughts on ALPS Mountaineering Tent

In the end, I suggest you check the pros again. It demonstrates all the features of the best winter tent are available here. The mesh windows can be covered with the tent fabric curtain. And the door too. The floor fabric is also thick and durable. So, when you will be about to sleep, you can just lay down in your sleeping bag inside the tent.

If you are thinking about the lantern hook, I must remind you that it’s not a big problem. You can use an extra hook too. So, check if your demands meet the features of these tents. If it’s appropriately gone with then why not shake a leg?


2. GEERTOP Budget Cold Weather Tent

[amazon box = “B07VF9K3K8” title = “GEERTOP Backpacking Tent”]

If you are looking for a 2 person tent that you can use on a very cold and snowy day, I can recommend you the best selling one from GEEKTOP. It is a very popular sports and camping manufacturer and tents of this company have gained a good name for their durability. So, today, I am talking about the GEEKTOP, one of the best cold weather backpacking tents you can try.


For this tent, the length is almost 102.36 inches and the width is 82.68 inches. However, the height is going to be 45.28 when it’s fully set. The package comes in a very small size as it is 17.6 inches long and 7.24 inches wide.


This tent contains both inner and outer parts made with PU 3000 mm fabric, a floor sheet of 5000 mm oxford fabric. These materials are perfect for camping or hiking as they are tough and at the same time comfy as well.


When camping on your own, a heavy tent can not be carried away for long. So the solution is here because this tent is quite lighter than other tents of this size. It is only 6.4 lbs which are nearly 3 kilograms.

Double Layer Weather Protection

This tent gives you additional layers to protect you from bad weather conditions but also ensures enough ventilation. The breathable inner fabric combines perfectly with the UV protective outer layer.

Water and WindProof

When camping in challenging areas, your tent should be ready to face any weather conditions. The double-stitched seams are properly sealed and the built-in snow skirt protection will save you from getting wet. The L-angled tough stakes leave no chance of getting scared about the heavy wind flow.

Easy SetUp

A person can set up this tent within a few minutes with no sweat. So you won’t be bothering about what to do with the equipment. L-shaped aluminum stakes and freestanding poles are easy to deal with.


The tent is recommended for 2 persons to stay. The inner space will be enough then for easy turning. But of course, if you only want to enjoy this space alone along with your baggage, it can be handy.


  • Duffle bag for carrying every equipment you need altogether.
  • Double doors and double mesh windows let you enjoy the natural view.
  • 2 vestibules for a spreading space.
  • Freestanding design is firm enough.
  • Lantern hook and storage pockets are available.
  • 2 sided zipper for durable performance.
  • Highly visible and reflective ropes that can be seen in the dark.


  • Any e-port isn’t available in this tent for passing electrical cords.

Our Thoughts on GEERTOP Tent

If we check out the pros again, we can find some unique features. Double doors and double windows are not very common in a 2 person tent. And all those doors can be locked with double-sided zippers. And a big sized storage bag is also helpful in your trip. But nothing beats the freestanding system that makes it very easy to set it up instantly.

And what’s left is the deficiency of e-port access. I think you don’t need it when you are camping in the deepest nature. Again, this tent is not very much pricey. So, grab it if you think all your demands meet this tent.


3. FLYTOP Double Layer Tent 

[amazon box = “B01N53IWBE” title = “FLYTOP Double Layer Backpacking Tent”]

A double layer tent is always good for the winter season. And if you are looking for such a tent with double-layer tent material, then Flytop Double Layer Backpacking Tent will be the best option for you. It’s not a family tent as it is for a 1 or 2 person tent. You check out the details and important facts if this tent, have a glance over the following features.


Let’s have a quick look at the size of this tent. This tent is 83 inches long and 59 inches wide. In addition, there are two vestibule areas, each of them is 8 feet square in size. The height is around 49 inches.


210T polyester is used for the inner and 210D oxford fabric for the floor. The fly is made of the same fabric as the inner which is tear protected. The stakes and poles are of aluminum and high-density nylon for the mesh.

Easy to Carry

The whole package of this tent comes in only 1.77 kg. It will not cause you any further burden. So if you are planning for any hiking trips, you will be able to easily shift with it.

A Complete Package

This tent comes with a bunch of equipment that you need to set up a tent. The package includes a tent body, 2 foldable poles, 13 pegs, 4 reflective and windproof ropes. All of these come in a carrying bag.


Usually, this tent is a good pick for 1-2 persons. It can be a perfect tent for couples outings. But it’s better not to exceed personal limitations.


A very cozy atmosphere inside the tent is confirmed because of thermal balancing. 2 doors, mesh walls. The fly lets you enjoy even the rainy days.

Weather Protection

No matter if it’s summer, spring, winter, autumn, or rainy season, the tent has got all waterproof materials and seams are also sealed. For snowy conditions, you can enable a snow skirt. Besides, there is enough ventilation system for hot weather.


  • High quality connects buttons for quick and easy setup.
  • Professional triangular pegs for a strong frame.
  • Light hook so that it doesn’t get in touch with the floor.
  • Pockets to keep your must-haves organized.
  • 2 sided zipper which is rust free.
  • Fluorescent materials for resisting UV rays.


  • The inside space isn’t enough for standing.

Our Thoughts on FLYTOP Double Layer Tent

In the beginning, I have already mentioned that it’s not a family tent and so it’s very small in size. So, you cannot stand inside it. I don’t think a single person tent should be that much longer in height and you don’t need to stand inside it. So, the fact of the cons should matter a long time.

Let’s end the discussion of this tent with its pros. These facts are unique and useful. Besides, it is quite a pocket-friendly tent. Still not impressed? I think you should be at least for its durability and good-looking appearance.


4. MoKo Backpacking Tent

[amazon box = “B08CHTMS89” title = “MoKo Backpacking Tent”]

Did you ever hear about The MoKo brand? It’s a well-known sports and camping manufacturing brand. And it brings out one of the best winter tents for you. If you have a total of 3 people in your family, I wonder if you could get a tent as perfect as this one. Well, let’s get introduced to MoKo Tent. For details, just have a look over the important facts of this tent below one by one.


It is a great family tent for 3 people. The tents assembled floor height is around 3.5 feet, with a length of 210 cm and approximately 180 cm in width. It offers quite a spacious inside environment.


The tent is made with top quality materials. Poles are made of fiberglass, pegs are of reinforced aluminum alloy and ropes are of weather-sealed materials. Tent fabrics are also highly water-resistant and weather sealed.

Weather Support

Its strong structure offers superior durability against heavy wind, rain, and snowfalls. You can use it in all four seasons without worrying about anything. It includes a 2500mm+ flysheet and a 5000mm floor sheet for unparalleled weather sealing.

Easy to carry and Setup

You can easily carry it as it comes with its own bag. The packaged weight is around 158.7 ounces which are quite light in its category. It can be assembled by a single person and takes a few minutes to set up properly. The structure of the tent is familiar to other models.


It is quite spacious for a group of three people or a family consisting of 2-3 members. You can easily fit in 3 standard-sized air mattresses inside the tent. It also features a large vestibule to keep the essential gears in one place.


The interior is very modern with lots of space for 3 adult people. You will love to see outside and the sky through clear windows from inside. Also includes side pockets, hanging hook, and a high-quality weather-sealed flooring system.


You will have the convenience of Rainfly when you buy this tent. It provides extra stability and endurance in extreme weather conditions. The Rainfly is made of 210D waterproof fabric which is detachable and very easy to set up.


  • Withstands heavy rain, wind, and snowfalls.
  • Includes high-quality floor fabric with weather sealing technical.
  • Spacious for 3 people and keeps away insects and mosquitoes.
  • Does not require any expert to set up the tent.
  • Comes in a handy bag with a lightweight package.


  • You should choose another if your family has more than 3 members.


Our Thoughts on MoKo Tent

You will get tents in a variety of capacities. So, you should always get an accurate idea of your Camping tent partners. However, this 3 person tent will be okay for a single use or for a little family. It’s a 4 season tent and you can use it anytime. Heavy rain, snow, and extreme cold weather won’t be a problem here. Besides, it is very durable and nice to look at.

If you are thinking about the price, please calm down. It’s not that much pricey. So, check out your demands and match them with the features of this tent. Hopefully, you will find out it’s the appropriate one. And what I can assure you is its quality service that won’t disappoint you.


5. Azarxis Tent

[amazon box = “B075V4FJCW” title = “Azarxis Backpacking Tent”]

Let’s check another one from the best extreme weather tents. This time, it is from Azarxis, one of the leading sports and camping manufacturing companies in the USA. And we select the Azarxis Backpacking Tent from a lot of their tents. Because this one is the best selling one of this brand. Let’s see the details of this tent and get a good idea of it.


This tent is good enough for a couple and comes in a compact package. The height of the tent is around 115cm with a length of approximately 210cm and around 150cm in width. It can easily accommodate 2 single air beds. 


It includes a flysheet that is made of 210T PU 3500mm waterproof polyester fabric. The flooring of the tent is also from Oxford fabric which is rated 210D PU 4000mm which offers superior weather resistance. The poles and frames are made of high-quality aluminum.


The tent’s ventilation should be proper for good airflow inside the tent. This makes it breathable and comfortable while resting. A large ventilation window is included for maintaining good air circulation. 

Weather Protection

This tent is great for all year long and suits as one of the best 4 season tents for its superior weather resistance. It is completely waterproof and comes with the industry’s best UV protection system. This tent can easily withstand heavy rain, storms, and regular snowfalls.


Its interior is very modern and includes a double open mesh door for optimal air and light passage. You will have the convenience of storing all your daily tools in the mesh storage bag. It includes a lamp hook for easy access to light inside the tent. 


It is great for 2 adults. A family consisting of a single kid can also accommodate easily. The tent can be extended in a certain way. It can also store some luggage in the front space of the doors. 

Durable Pole for Heavy Wind

The poles of the tent are made of aviation aluminum brackets. This makes the tent firm and stable even in extreme weather conditions. It’s high-quality frame poles give it the capability of withstanding wind attacks and heavy rainstorms.


  • Comes with a topnotch ventilation system.
  • Suitable for use all year round.
  • Completely waterproof and highly weather sealed.
  • Comes in a lightweight and easy to carry package.
  • It is packed up with a 20 months seller guarantee.


  • Not suitable for a large family or group consisting of more than 3 members. 

Our Thoughts on Azarxis Tent

First, think about your family members’ number. If it doesn’t exceed 3 then it’s okay. Otherwise, you should look for another one. But a 3 person tent is okay for you, then you can just grab it for sure. Very durable material and excellent functions of this tent must make your decision great.

Again, it is quite cheap in price. But the features are even too good for that. Also, it will keep you warm in the coldest weather. 

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6. Luxe Tempo 4 Season Tents

[amazon box = “B07BV8SQ4K” title = “Luxe Tempo 4 Season Tent”]

Luxe Tempo is the next tent brand we are going to get introduced to. Most of you are probably familiar with this name already. However, this tent manufacturing brand includes the best-selling one and people consider it one of the best winter camping tents. It is Luxe Tempo 4 Season Tent. 


This tent is good enough for two people with adequate space inside. The length of the assembled tent is around 82.6 inches, width is approximately 55.1 inches, and 43.3 inches in height. It also comes in a compact package weighing 5.7 lbs. 


It uses all the best materials available in the market. The poles are made of reinforced aluminum and zippers are anti-grit Reversed Zip from SBS. Includes Rainfly and Canopy which are 210T graded with superior weather resistance. Floor fabric is also made of 5000mm 210T Rip-Stop coated polyester.

Cold Weather Support

This tent is suitable for all year long and specially made to withstand harsh winters. Its inner tent fabric is made of high-quality 210T polyester which is highly weather-sealed and breathable. It offers unparalleled protection against heavy wind, rain, sudden snowfalls, and cold conditions. 

Water and Windproof

Luxe Tempo uses dense polyester fabrics with PU formulations for superior weather resistance and long-lasting usability. It comes with Rainfly which is rated for 5000mm with 210T polyester-made waterproof fabric. The flooring is also waterproof and its base is highly stable in the heavy wind for its advanced air passage system and proper ventilation.


The inside is very modern with lots of useful facilities. Also offers 2 vestibules for storing luggage and tools. It can easily accommodate a double bed with plenty of space for 2 people. You can also utilize it’s mesh gear loft to keep your essential tools in one place.


You will have optimal protection against harsh weather conditions while staying in a fresh and breathable environment inside. Its double-layered doors offer a high-low cross-ventilation system. 


This tent is suitable for 2 adults and you can also choose from its large capacity models. A family with a little kid can easily fit in with lots of breathing space inside. A large double-size air bed can be easily used in it. 


  • Comes in a compact and lightweight package.
  • Offers unmatched weather sealing facilities.
  • You can use this tent all year round.
  • It is easy to set up and maintain.
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with the package.


  • Nothing serious has been found.

Our Thoughts on Luxe Tempo 4 Season Tents

Yes, no serious complaint had ever been made in this tent. So, you can just leave the cons section and look over your demands again. First, check if you need a 2 person tent. And check if the other features meet your demands. I hope there won’t be any at all.

So, what’s left is the price. And this tent is not a costly one. This budget-friendly tent is again very good to look at and quite comfortable. So, just grab it and make a beautiful camping trip.


7. WEAPRIL Winter Camping Tent  

[amazon box = “B07XXXN2XQ” title = “WEAPRIL Winter Camping Tent”]

Let’s check out another tent of a different brand that most of the users consider as one of the best tent for winter camping. It’s from Weapril and you can call it as Weapril Winter Camping Tent. This two-person tent come with rich features and lots of extra facilities. Once you check out the features it will seem to be hard to say no to it.


This tent is 82.6 inches in length and 55.1 inches in width. Again, it is 43.3 inches in height. The width is enough for two people and with this height, you can comfortably sit inside it and spend some great moments.


210T polyester taffeta PU3000mm polyester fabric is used to make the tent curtain. And it is completely waterproof and windproof. Besides, the poles are made of durable 7 series 8.5mm aviation aluminum rod. So, it will provide you with a long-lasting service.

Instant Set-up

It will take no more than a few minutes to set up the tent. There are clip system poles that are very easy to adjust. Again, it is crafted with a freestanding system that will let it auto stand within a blink of your eyes. 

Easy to Carry

This portable tent is again very easy to carry. It is only 17.5 x 8.5 inches when it is packed. So, you can just take it inside your backpack. Besides, it is very lightweight and so, you can carry it comfortably.


Without the adjustable rainfly, this tent is made of mesh cloth. So, the ventilation system is very good here. On the rainfly, there are two perfect-sized ventilators that will work well when you use the rainfly.


The mesh cloth must make you think about the wind, right? Well, you don’t have to think about the cold wind because of the mesh cloth. The double-layer rainfly will save you from that.


  • Black B3 mesh cloth.
  • Only 5.5 lbs in weight.
  • SBS Waterproof zip lock system.
  • Very durable materials that ensure long-lasting service.
  • Large interior and double hook protection.


  • There is no additional window.

Our Thoughts on WEAPRIL Winter Camping Tent 

If we look at the details of the tent, you have to be appreciated. And when you are looking for the best tent for winter weather conditions, you shouldn’t look for the window. Therefore, this tent is made of high-quality mesh cloth. So, if you love to have some window facilities, just take off the rainfly. The whole tent will act as a mesh window.

Aside from that, this tent doesn’t include any deficiency. You can use it in any season and even on a heavy rainy day. So, if you are in search of a two-person tent, then just grab it. I am sure that it won’t make you disappointed.


8. Snugpak Scorpion 2 Camping Tent 

[amazon box = “B07MXPYC31” title = “Snugpak Scorpion 2 Camping Tent”]

Well, if you are not even choosing one from the above best cold weather camping tents, then stay focused. Because this one is the last recommendation for today. Well, this one is from Sungpak. It’s also very familiar camping and sports product manufacturer. And the tent we select from this brand is Sungpak Scorpion 2 Camping Tent. Let’s check out how it will support you in winter.


Knowing the specific dimension is very important when buying a tent. The Inside of this tent has a length of 81 inches and the width is 51 inches. At the center, it’s 41 inches tall. The package size is comparatively compact which is 17 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. 


The flysheet is made of 210t polyester RipStop with 5000 mm polyurethane coating. Poles of this tent are equipped with DAC Featherlite aluminum NSL anodized. The no see um mesh is made with 50D polyester. Also, you will get 16 alloy stakes. 

Severe Weather Protection

Here waterproof materials are used in this tent and it is strong enough to withstand any weather conditions. Bathtub-style floor sheets make sure that there is no chance of dampness. Besides, it can tolerate heavy wind flow. 


Since ample airflow is concerned for any type of tent, a tent like this won’t disappoint you. A door along with 3 windows covered with no see mesh is adequate to serve the purpose.


An inner tent covered with UV protected fly is very cozy inside. The mesh liner won’t let mosquitoes in. One door and three windows for air to pass through. You will be able to easily sit and move inside it.


The tent can be used for 2 persons’ stay. The large inner space allows comfortable turning. But more than 2 people can be a little mess. The sealable porch area can provide ample room for your baggage. 


  • Only 6.3 pounds that can be carried anywhere. 
  • Comes with a repair kit that includes several types of equipment for repairing any damage. 
  • The press-fit connector is handy for easy settings 
  • Taped seams give additional waterproof security. 
  • Fly first pitch design is convenient for bad weather. 
  • No-see-um mesh helps to avoid mosquitoes and flies.
  • Applicable for 4 seasons.


  • No storage pocket is available in this tent. 

Our Thoughts on Snugpak Scorpion 2 Camping Tent

You can just keep a store bag with you while going camping, ain’t you? Then the con shouldn’t matter a lot. And what’s left behind is all good. You can use this tent in any season. Even this waterproof and windproof tent will ensure a better shelter in the bad weather. So, what else do you want?

You may think about the price, right? Well, it is quite pocket-friendly and so the price won’t bother you. So, in closing, I can assure you this tent will serve you like the best cold weather camping tents.


Buying Guide for Best Extreme Weather Tents

While buying the best tents for winter, you have to check out a couple of facts about the tents. These will help you to get the most appropriate one for you.

Capacity: Only you are the one who can tell how many tent partners you have. So, the capacity is your part to check. But you have to check it properly. You can only regret it later if you end up buying the wrong sized tent not just for notching it properly.

Material: This fact matters the most when it is about the winter tent. There are variations of tent materials. But you have to ensure the best one for the winter season. For example, you can get a tent with a PU 3000 mm polyester or 75D polyester. These types of tent fabric work better in extremely cold weather.

Pole: Tents’ poles are also important in this case. The poles should be durable to support the tent in the heavy rain and wind. For this, you can try a tent with aluminum pole sticks. You can also try glass fiber pole tents. But aluminum poles comparatively work better for wind.

Waterproof: In winter, snow will be everywhere. And snow creates water. So, you have to buy a waterproof tent if you are looking for cold weather tents. You can use this type of tent in the rainy season too.

Windproof: In winter, another restriction is wind. Heavy wind can just blow over the tent if the poles and materials are not good enough. So, check twice if it is windproof. Otherwise, your winter camp won’t end up with happiness.

Double Layer Protection: When the weather is extremely cold, you should ensure double layer protection of the tent. Here, I am talking about Double layer tent curtains. It will block heavy wind and outside temperature.

Ventilation: Whether it’s winter or summer, ventilation is always important to ensure. Low-quality ventilation systems won’t let you use a fire lamp inside the tent as it can create smoke and cause breathing problems. So, check the ventilation system properly before paying for your tent.

Besides, you should check the 4 season ability, easy to carry and setup system, good interior design, lamp hook, tub-like floor, and similar.



Q. Can I use a 3 season in extremely cold weather?

A. 3 season tent refers to only spring, summer, and fall. So, you cannot use it for extreme cold weather.

Q. Should I use a 4 season in extremely cold weather?

A. Yes, 4 season tent is recommended for snow time besides spring, summer, and fall. So, you can use a 4 season tent in extremely cold weather.

Q. Can I use a 3 person tent for 4 persons?

A. Probably not. But you can use a 3 person tent for 4 persons if you have two children in your family.

Q. What type of pole works better for wind support?

A. Aluminum rods made poles work better than fiberglass poles for wind support.

Q. Do I need a waterproof tent for the winter season?

A. Snow makes water. So, you need a waterproof tent in winter.


Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have got a better idea of the best winter camping tents. You have already learned what to check and prioritize when to buy a tent for winter. And I have already shared reviews on the 8 best extreme cold weather tents with you. All of them are free from excessive complaints and the users’ reviews of those tents on different e-commerce sites are quite good. So, you can just pick any from tents checking its features and your demands.

So, that’s all for today. Will very soon come back with something new. Till now, stay connected and make a plan for your next camping. Thanks a millionfold.