The Best Family Tents for Bad Weather in 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

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Tents’ material varies and so does their quality. All the stores brought tents don’t come with waterproof technology and weather protection. So, you have to be careful of these issues when buying one especially when it’s for your family. Because we should never make a compromise when the fact is the protection of our family. So, today, I will share with you the basic issues you should care about when buying the best family tents for bad weather with some examples.

A short buying guide will show you the facts matter in the weather protection technology of a tent. But the most important part you should check out here is the reviews of the best family tents for bad weather. I tried to list 8 tents with different capacities and features. Hopefully, you will very easily find the appropriate one for your family. But first, check out the buying guide briefly.


Best Family Tents for Bad Weather: Top 8 Reviewed

1. Coleman Sundome Tent 

[amazon box = “B004J2KDH0” title = “Coleman Sundome Tent”]

Are you looking for the best family tents for bad weather with a bucket full of features? Well, then you’re on the right track. Coleman is quite familiar with their sports and outdoor products. But their tents prove their best quality. If you need a tent for 4 persons and weather support in any condition, then Coleman Sundome Tent is a tough one to find a competitor. Well, let’s check out the features of this tent and learn more.


The length and width of this tent are about 108 and 84 inches respectively. After setting up the height will be 59 inches in the center which is almost 6 feet. But when packed, it becomes 24.5 inches in length and both the width and height are around 7 inches.

Color and Material

For this type of tent, you have 2 color choices to pick from – navy and grey. Go for any option that you like. This tent is made with waterproof fabric and the poles are made of 11 mm shock-corded fiberglass.

Weight and Shape

The weight of this tent is 9.75 pounds, which becomes 4.49 kgs after packing. So it isn’t tough to carry to the camping area. This tent is dome-shaped, when fully set.


This tent is made for 4 persons to fit in. But space inside easily allows 5 persons. Even if you need it, for special occasions, 6 persons can also stay in it but it can be uncomfortable.

Superior Ventilation

You don’t have to worry about the ventilation because there are large windows to keep your tent cool. Also, there are ground vents to keep the warm air out and give you a comfortable atmosphere inside.

WeatherTec System

This system keeps the tent totally waterproof and able to withstand the heavy wind flow. The corners of this tent are welded and the seams are inverted. The tub floor and water-resistant fabric help to keep you dry even in rainy weather. The frame is strong enough to protect you from stormy conditions. You will get extra protection because of the rainfly.

Storage Pocket

There are small mesh pockets sewn on the tent walls. You can keep your essential equipment there within your reach. It’ll save you from bothering to look around for the items that you need.

Quick Setup

The tent can be set up in 10 minutes without any hassle. So you quickly get your tent ready whenever and wherever you need.


  • Fits 1 queen-sized bed.
  • Mesh window for enough ventilation.
  • Strong frame to resist heavy wind and storm.
  • Zipper closure keeps out moisture.
  • E- Port to access electrical power.
  • Welded corners and rainfly for extra protection.


  • If the product is used for a very long time, it can cause you cancer and other reproductive diseases.

Our Thoughts on Coleman Sundome Tent

After considering the above features we can definitely appreciate this 3 season tent without any doubt. Even we can assure you that it will serve you like the best family tents for bad weather. Moreover, you should not be worried about the cons as it is only applicable for using it for a long period. And you know that you are not going to camp for so long.

Apart from that, you should rethink the weather support features of this tent. It will relieve you from tension while planning for a hiking trip at any season. Also, the tent is very easy to set up and it is quite budget-friendly. Still not convinced? There’s no way you ain’t.


2. Core Extended Dome Tent 

[amazon box = “B07NLMQ8HG” title = “Core Extended Dome Tent”]

Here we come with another super durable tent that is known as one of the best family tents for bad weather by most of its users. I am talking about a product by Core, a leading sports and camping accessories manufacturer. And Core Extended Dome Tent is their best selling family tent. You know, what’s the best of this tent? It’s the weather support that lets you use it on any season. Well, let’s see what’s more it will offer.


Well, let me clear you about the size of this tent. The total area of this tent is 27 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Center height is around 72 inches which is enough for a normal person to stand. The floor is 16 inches long and 9 inches wide after setting up.


PU coated fabric and 68D polyester are used in this tent. The floor is fabricated with 115 gsm polyester. The frame is made with steel 7in stakes and fiberglass poles. All of these materials are durable. So you can use this tent for a very long time.

Easy to Carry

If you are worried that a tent of this size must be very heavy and tough to shift with, then you are totally wrong about it. This tent weighs only 18.21 pounds. The final weight after packing will be around 9.48 kgs.


Advanced H20 block technology and the water-resistant fabric is used in this tent to protect you from rainwater. From top to bottom, the seams are heat-sealed. So there’s no chance of getting wet inside the tent.


The tent has two extra ridge poles. You can enlarge the space and also enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, the mesh ceiling panels will give you the outside view from your tent.

Cord Access Point

There is an E- port in this tent so that you can easily pass any kind of electrical extension cord through it. Moreover, the access point is covered with a triangular portion to secure the power cord when it’s inactive.

Weather Support

The tent is fully covered with waterproof fabric and rainfly sealed with extra thick and wide tape. Also, the strong frame makes the tent firm in place. No matter if it’s heavy wind flowing or raining outside, you can be tension free.

Advanced Ventilation

In this tent, you’ve got adjustable intake vents which will easily pass the cool air inside and the warm air outside. The ground vents will also help to serve the same purpose.


  • 3 queen-sized air beds can fit inside.
  • Attractive orange color combines with nature.
  • Pockets to keep your necessary items.
  • Lantern hook and gear loft for keeping the flashlights safe.
  • Closable power access cord.
  • Enough space for 9 adult people.


  • In winter, you will need extra support to resist the cold from the earth.

Our Thoughts on Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

So, if we go over the details of this tent for one more time, we must find many things unique here. And if you are thinking about the winter support, then I must remind you that you should keep extra floor support in winter for any kind of tent. However, if you think apart from that, it will be hard not to appreciate it.

Moreover, it is not a pricey product like most of the best family tents. Hence, it is good to look at and you can carry it very easily. Want more to get convinced? I think you should check the product on Amazon or other e-commerce shops.


3. SEMOO Dome Tent 

[amazon box = “B07KK4VKKF” title = “SEMOO Dome Tent”]

Semoo comes with another protective tent for any weather. It is known as Semoo Dome Tent. And also, this one is considered as one of the best family tents for bad weather. Well, it is Semoo dome tent. It’s a 5 person tent and so, you can try this one if you have 4 other people in your family. Some interesting features of this tent will amaze you. Then let’s check them out.


This tent is quite large in size. The length of this tent is 94.5 inches. It is 118 inches wide and the height after the set up becomes 70.9 inches. The overall dimension after packing is 25 inches long and 9 inches wide with 6 inches of height.


The inner of this tent is made with polyester polyamide. It is covered with polyurethane rainfly and the floor is made of polyethylene. For the frame, there are fiberglass poles and pole pockets.

Good Quality Zipper

Another notable feature in this tent is the 2-way zipper. This type of zipper prevents it from getting stuck. Also, the lock system of this zipper keeps it free from rust.

All Season Support

Enjoy camping at any season at any time of the year. Enough support for ventilation makes this tent suitable for the spring and summer seasons. The waterproof fabrics are usable during rainy weather. Hiking, traveling, backpacking, camping – no matter what the occasion is, this tent can be your companion.


This tent is commonly designed for 5 persons to stay comfortably. But if you are carrying a lot of baggage and other equipment, then less than 5 people will make it easier to stay.


Ample air supply is confirmed through the large window and door. The roof has also mesh vents that will pass out the hot air from the tent. So there is an adequate opening for the cool air to come in.


This dome sized tent has a cozy atmosphere inside. A good ventilation system and enough space make it more convenient. Besides, there are welded floors to keep you dry.

All in One Package

With this tent, you are going to get a bunch of equipment altogether. You will get 1 inner tent with 1 rainfly and 2 windproof guy lines. You can set up these things with 4 poles and 6 steel stakes. All of these come with a carrying bag to easily move with.


  • Easy to set up because of pole pockets in the frame.
  • Extra pockets inside tent walls for keeping important things organized.
  • Lantern hook to keep the light distance from the tent floor.
  • Hooped fly frame from additional protection from the rain.
  • Mesh vents keep you protected from insects.
  • High strength frame to standout stormy conditions.
  • 2 color options – grey and orange.
  • Easy to carry.


  • There’s no E- Port for power access.

Our Thought on SEMOO Dome Tent

Isn’t it clear that it’s a feature-rich tent? So, you must understand the reasons why the user is calling it one of the best family tents for bad weather. First of all, it is quite strong to protect you from the harshest weather. Secondly, it is very good to look at.

Moreover, you can carry it comfortably and it won’t take too much time to set it up. And the most important part of it is its budget-friendliness. So, I suggest you have a look over the tent before moving towards the next one.


4. Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent 

[amazon box = “B07HJHH9C8” title = “Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent”]

All the tents don’t come with UV protection and waterproof materials. So, when to buy one for your family you cannot compromise with quality. However, here I have another option for you that will keep you safe and sound in the harsh weather. It’s a product from Kusport. Though it’s a sports and camping accessories manufacturing brand, its tents gain a good name easily. This time, it is Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent. Let’s see why most of the users of this tent regard it as one of the best waterproof family tents.


The tent’s size in the outer part is around 102 inches in length, 86 inches in width, and 57 inches in height. Its package diameter is about 31. 5 inches in length, 7. 9 inches in width, and 7. 9 inches in height. It will require extra precautions to carry it with other baggage.

Easy to Carry

It is easy to carry and weighs relatively less in comparison to other similar tents. It is around 14.3 lbs and comes with its own bag. It does not need any expert to assemble and disassemble. You can also carry it in a backpack for your convenience.

High-Quality Zipper

The built materials are top-notch and it uses the industry’s best zippers for its three windows and one large door. It is worn and tear-resistant and the windows are supported by high-density B3 mesh which is very effective to keep the insects and bugs away.

Variations in Capacity

The tent can easily accommodate 3-5 people. It is quite spacious for 2/3 adults but a family of 3 grown-ups and 2 children can stay in the tent comfortably. It also comes in different sizes.

Hydraulic Pressure Design

It uses hydraulic pressure design for quick set up, as it automatically opens and closes. You do not need to arrange any poles or go through any complex procedures to set it up. Anyone can assemble or disassemble the tent in a few minutes.

Weather Support

A camping tent should be weather-sealed and waterproof by any means, and Kusport ZP05 shines with its 210D oxford PU 3000mm water-resistant tent fabrics. It is also capable of protecting from UV rays. It is suitable for all year round with its superior weather resistance.

Lantern Hook

It features a convenient hook in the center of the tent. This hook can be used to hang a lantern or led lamp. This comes very handily at nighttime also saves from the hassles of placing a light inside the tent.


  • Spacious for a family of 3-5 people with children.
  • Offers top of line weather sealing for overall protection.
  • It comes in a compact and lightweight package.
  • Easy setup and maintenance procedures.
  • Includes a sturdy pocket for keeping small tools and gadgets in one place.


  • Requires dry cleaning after every time you use it.

Our Thoughts on Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent

The first point for which you should prioritize this tent is its capacity. You can get it either for 3 persons or for 5 persons. Secondly, it has an appreciating UV light protective features and waterproof technology. So, you can ensure the most protective shelter for your family with this tent.

Moreover, this tent is not much pricey and the quality must surplus the cost. So, if you think that all your requirements meet the features of this tent, you can try this. I don’t think it will disappoint you in the end.


5. Coleman Camping Tent

[amazon box = “B00TFY8Z54” title = “Coleman Camping Tent”]

Another Coleman tent is here to support your big family even in the harshest weather. Well, I am talking about Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent. So, your family of up to 8 people can easily enjoy a protective shelter inside this durable tent. Some features we found here are quite unique and so, forming the list of the best family tents for bad weather won’t be perfect without this tent.


The tent comes in a standard size that is capable of accommodating up to 8 people. After assembling it consumes around 13 feet in length and  9 feet in weight with an additional closet measuring approximately 2 X 2 feet. The center height measures approximately 6 foot 8 inches which is quite spacious for any adult person.


It is built with quality materials while featuring stainless steel poles and waterproof tent fabrics. You will love its inclusion of a waterproof flooring system. The zipper is weather-sealed and comes with a protective cuff made of weather-resistant fabrics.

Strong Wind Support

The frame of the tent is very sturdy and also includes Rainfly for extra protection against heavy wind and rain. It is specifically engineered to withstand strong wind force while offering a better air passage system. The poles are designed to hold onto extreme weather conditions.

Color-coded Pole

It is very easy to set up and comes with comprehensible instructions. The poles of the tent are color-coded. This makes it easily recognizable and also poses an appealing outlook. You will be able to assemble the whole tent in a couple of minutes.


Enjoy your time and get the conveniences of storage pockets and closets attached to the Coleman family tent. You don’t need to look for essential tools and gadgets as they can be easily stored in the mesh pockets. It is also well-positioned for quick access.

Interior design

It’s interior is up to the mark and you will feel like you are at home. It’s the same as your expectations and can accommodate two queen-sized air beds or three standard double beds with ease. The center height of 6 feet 8 inches makes it more breathable than most of the competitors.


  • Offers a very modern and spacious interior.
  • Comes with storage pockets and other storage facilities.
  • It includes its own WeatherTec system with welded floors for optimal waterproofing and dry inside.
  • It takes very little time to set up along with its Fast Pitch design.
  • Comes in different color variations such as, blue, gray, and yellow.


  • It is always better to carry it in a separate bag or on a vehicle whichever you prefer.

Our Thoughts on Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent

The weather protection system of this tent is quite satisfying. There are a waterproof floor and rain fly. Moreover, the poles are strong enough to ensure better wind support. Besides, high technology zipper protection will help you stay safe in the harshest weather.

Another unique feature of this tent is its closet. You will have mesh storage in any tent but a closet is not available there. You will get both of them here. So, check the features again and make sure that it meets all your demands. 


6. Core Instant Cabin Tent

[amazon box = “B00VFH1RQS” title = “Core Instant Cabin Tent”]

Another product from Core is here waiting to get introduced to you. It’s Core Instant Cabin Tent. Most of its users think of it as one of the best family tents for bad weather. There are strong evidence and reasons behind their thought. I suggest you check out the features of this tent in short. It will help you learn more about it.

Tent Size

When you set it up, it will be 14 feet in length, 9 feet in width, and it is 78 inches in height. You can keep 2 queen-size beds inside it.

Easy to Carry

When you pack it up, it will be only 14 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Again, it’s only 30 lbs in weight. You can carry it very easily.


High-rated 600mm hydrostatic and 68D polyester is used to make the tent fabric. Besides, telescoping steel poles make it even more durable.

Easy Set-up

The best of this tent is its easy set-up functions. Anyone can set it up and it won’t take more than 60 seconds to do that.


This important quality tent is suggested to use for 9 persons. But some of its users use it for 10 persons or more. So, there is quite a big space in it.

H20 Block Technology

This H20 means H2O or water. So, it says that it includes a high-quality waterproof technology and keeps you dry at any season.

Wall Storage Pockets

There are 2 wall storage pockets in this tent. They are made of mesh cloth and they are different in size. So, you can keep your necessary items there.


  • It includes a carry bag, tent stakes, and a protective rain fly.
  • There is an electric code access port.
  • Durable and smooth zipper closer.
  • Includes an advanced Ventilation system.
  • Very easy to carry.


  • Nothing serious has been found yet.

Our Thoughts on Core Instant Cabin Tent

Yes, no serious complaint has been made yet. Again, the features are quite satisfying. If you noticed clearly, you will find some unique features like inclusive tent stakes, two storage pockets, advanced ventilation, and e-port access. Besides, it is quite big in size and so, you can just take it regardless of the number of your family members.

This big-sized tent is also very good to look at. The color combination of gray and green looks too good. Also, it is very much budget-friendly. So, just try it out without any doubt.

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7. Wenzel Klondike Tent

[amazon box = “B002PB2HPS” title = “Wenzel Klondike Tent”]

A Wenzel’s tent is the next brand I am talking about. It’s Wenzel Klondike Tent. If you are looking for a tent with a larger interior space then you are on the right track. However, let’s check out the features briefly.


This tent is 16 feet in length and 11 feet in height. And anyone can stand up inside the tent. Because it’s 6.5 feet in height.


Fiberglass and steel are used to form the pole sticks. And a polyurethane water-resistant coated polyester fabric is used to craft the tent fabric. So, the material combination makes it quite durable.


This tent is designed for 8 persons’ use. It includes 2 compartments like part. In the bigger one, 5 people can comfortably sleep. While the smaller ones for the use of 3 persons.


This tent includes a mesh roof that ensures the most effective ventilation system. As there is a waterproof rainfly, you don’t have to think about rainwater.


There are compartments and if you use a curtain in the middle of the tent,  you can enjoy privacy. Also, there are two mesh windows and 2 storage pockets.

‘T’ Style Door

A ‘T’ style door is locked with a zipper. It is quite big and two people can use it at the same time. Again, you can keep it half-closed and half-opened too.


  • High-technology ventilation system.
  • Very durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Double-stitched joints and smooth zipper.
  • It fits two queen beds.
  • Removable waterproof rain fly.


  • You cannot use it without the rain fly as the roof is made of mesh cloth.

Our Thoughts on Wenzel Klondike Tent

Wenzel has made this tent with quite good care. The mesh roof, I think won’t be a problem. Instead, you can enjoy the great view of the night sky from the tent. But you should use the rain fly when it is snowing or raining. Other features of this tent are quite good to make it the best pick.

While thinking about the outlook, I must appreciate it for its gray and taupe color. Also, the black mesh in different sizes makes it look cool. Moreover, this product is good for your pocket too.


8. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent 

[amazon box = “B001NZWQ1C” title = “Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent”]

If you are looking for a durable yet flexible tent for a group of people than check out Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe. It is great for 6-8 people with its spacious accommodation support and easy to set up procedures. You never know when the weather turns bad. So, keeping a waterproof and weather-sealed tent in any kind of long-term outdoor activity is a must.

Size and Weight

This canvas-made tent weighs around 84.59 pounds and is made with heavy-duty materials. You will have to carry it in a vehicle or in a  separate bag. The package dimension is approximately 50 x 14.2 x 11.1 inches and after setup, it measures around 10X14 feet.


The tent fabrics are made of 100% cotton duck canvas. That is a highly waterproof and safe airflow system. The fabric is made with Hydra-Shield technology so you will not be bothered by weather conditions. Its poles are made with high-quality stainless steel.

Spacious Design

The tent is very spacious with a central ceiling height of 6’6″. The height is good enough for walking inside the tent. It also includes 4 wide windows. The tent is capable of accommodating up to 8 people at a time.

Tent Materials

The whole package is made with the industry’s best materials. The ceiling is made with 10-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas and the wall is made with the same canvas of 8.5-ounce grade. The floor is made with heavy-duty polyester-reinforced vinyl that is 16-ounce.


The base frame of the tent is made with 1 inch galvanized steel tubing. It is highly flexible and very easy to set up. The rods of the tent are made with 3/8 inch solid spring steel Flex-bow rods which are known for their longevity and weather-resistant capabilities.

All year round

This tent is suitable for any season. You don’t need to worry about hot sun, heavy showers, and sudden snowfall. It features UV protection, super reliable waterproofing, and an air passage system. You will be amazed at its sturdy construction and weather sealing system.

Modern Doors and Widows

It comes with 2 large D-shaped doors in both the front and backside for easy access. The doors are provided with YKK zippers so you will not have to worry about its quality. You can enjoy the wild from inside as it also features 4 large windows with a modern outlook.


It also includes adequate storage and pockets to keep important items. Heavy-duty storage bags are available and also include steel stakes around 12 inches in diameter. You will find plenty of places to keep tools and baggage.

Airflow and Insect control

The tent includes 4 wide windows with no-see-um screen mesh technology. That makes it repellent to insects and bugs. You can sleep comfortably without thinking about bugs and mosquitoes. Two large vents are also integrated for proper airflow in the tent.


  • The built quality is up to the mark with good weather resistance.
  • Comes with an adequate ventilation system.
  • Great for families and friends consisting of 6-8 people.
  • Easy to set up and does not require more than one person to assemble it.
  • Suitable for all the seasons.


  • Comes in a sizable package and you will have to avoid extreme snowfalls.

Our Thought on Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent

For a group of people, this tent suits best without any doubt. The tent is strong enough to withstand any moderate weather conditions and the frame is made with stainless steel and metal alloy. 

It’s advanced sun protection and waterproofing make it a formidable competitor among others. If you want a more portable and lightweight tent than you will have to choose another.


Buying Guide of the Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

We have other content on family tents and you can check the basic buying guide issues of a family tent there. But what we are discussing today is not a family tent. Instead, it’s about the best family tents for bad weather. So, only the weather Support facts will be focused on here. Check the following issues and ensure them while buying a tent for your family.

Materials of tent: It’s the most important issue you should check out. There are tents with different types of tent fabrics. You should pick the one with durable pole sticks and waterproof fabric. Besides, the tent fabric should be high quality and sunlight protective too.

Waterproof: If you are thinking about the best tents for bad weather, there is no way it doesn’t come with waterproof technology. Check the material twice if it works. Don’t go for the one that is semi-waterproof or water splash-proof. It should be rainproof.

Rain Fly: When it is about weather protection, the rain fly works the most. So, check out how durable it is. And also, make sure that it is waterproof and it can ensure UV light protection.

Wind Support: It won’t seem good if your tent just flies away with the heavy flow of wind. So, the one with heavy wind support should be picked.

Floor Design: Tub like floor works the best when it is rainy reason. Because it prevents the mud and outside rainwater from coming inside the tent.

3 Season Tent: You should buy a 3 season tent. It means that your tent can be used in any season. So, check twice if the tent includes such important features.

If you manage to check the mentioned issues while buying the tent, I can hope that you will get the most appropriate one for you. 



Q: Which pole material is good for bad weather?

A: Fiberglass or aluminum pole works well for bad weather.

Q: Should I buy a larger tent than what the capacity says?

A: You can buy a larger one if all your family members are not children and you like privacy.

Q: What type of floor design is good for the rainy season?

A: Tub like floor prevents water and mud from coming inside the tent in the rainy season.

Q: Should I take an extra floor mat in the winter season?

A: Keeping an extra floor mat is always suggested regardless of the seasons.

Q: Is rain fly essential in the summer?

A: In summer, it also rains. And for UV protection, you should use the rain fly.


Final Verdict

Here, you have learned about the basics and reviews of the 8 best family tents for bad weather. If you check the features and other details properly, you should have got the one that suits your demands the most. If you are still in confusion, just pick one from the list checking the design and capacity. I can assure you you’ll love it in the end.