The 5 Best Heated Camping Chair for Winter 2023

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Camping in the winter isn’t comfortable enough without a heated chair. Because, be it inside your tent or in front of it on the snow base, if you sit on the snow or even on anything that is kept on the snow, the harsh coldness from the snow and the winter environment will stab your buttocks.

And so, you will not have the comfort of sitting somewhere in peace and enjoying the white winter view. That’s why it is wiser to take a foldable heated chair with your camping gear for a better winter camping experience.

To help you choose the best heated chair for your next winter camping, we will be shortlisting here the top 5 heated camping chairs according to us along with their description. Have a look!


Best Heated Camping Chair: Top 5 Reviewed

Our Top 5 Recommendations:

POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Portable Chair (Best Overall Heated Chair)

POP Design The Original Hot Seat, Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat (Best Comfortable Heated Chair)

Chaheati MAXX Heated Add-On Seat (Best All-Season Heated Chair)

Blufree Extra Wide Heated Stadium Seat (Best Oversized Heated Chair)

Terrain Heated Camping Chair (Best Battery-life Heated Chair)


1. POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Portable Chair

[amazon box=”B087832GWZ” title=”POP Design Heated Portable Chair”]

POP Design comes with some of the best heated chairs in town. Among them, the best heated chair for camping purposes is the Hot Seat, Heated Portable Chair. It has a number of features that are suitable for camping along with being very lightweight.

The heated chair bears a portable USB-powered technology of heating. However, the portable USB battery is not included with the package of the heated chair, though it works well with any USB battery and lasts for hours. All you have to do is to plug the USB cable of the chair into the USB port of the battery and start having its service.

It has the capability to warm up to 110 degrees of Fahrenheit just by pushing a button. You also have the option of customizing your preferred heat with an integrated control button.

Moreover, along with the excellent heating features, it also offers great comfort with the high-density foam padding for back support along with 3 adjustable reclining positions. To adjust the reclining positions, you just need to simply release the armrests from the secured lock, slide, and place it to the other lock beside it as per your comfort demand.

Furthermore, if you want to fold it for carrying to the camping location, just press or pull out the red quick-release lock of the chair. Besides, the package provides a shoulder case that fits the folded chair perfectly for an easier carrying option.

If these are not enough features to impress you, some of the bests are yet to come. One of the best features of the POP Design Hot Seat is that it is both durable and waterproof.

The 6000DPE Polyester is strong enough to resist water or any other liquid to leak to the interior of the chair damaging the heating technology. And the powder-coated heavy-duty steel tubes are durable enough to rely upon without any hesitations.

An extraordinary storage system with a number of pockets and cup holders is worth mentioning as well. But would you believe all these features within only a weight of 11 pounds? Yes, but this 11-pound chair is fully capable of carrying up to 300 pounds of weight. Along with that, you also get 2 years of warranty.



  • Multiple settings for adjusting heat easily
  • Multiple reclining options
  • Large weight-bearing capacity
  • Several pockets and cup holders for easy storage
  • Shoulder bag for carrying included
  • 2 years of warranty.



  • Portable USB battery is not included in the package.


Best for: People looking for the heated camping chair with the most all-rounder features.


2. POP Design The Original Hot Seat, Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat

[amazon box=”B07GC7KNC5″ title=”POP Design Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat”]

If you prefer a thick cushion more than a thin sturdy build, then POP Design has the best option for that as well. POP Design is absolutely aware of the fact that to some people, at the end of the day, only comfort matters. And that is what they kept in their mind while designing the Original Hot Seat, Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat.

After long and tiring hiking in the cold snow of winter, when you reach your camping destination, this is the ultimate comfort your body craves to rest on. Except for the super cushiony build, most other systems of this stadium bleacher seat are similar to the POP Design hot seat, especially the heating system.

Because this seat also comes with three separate levels of the heat of which the highest is 115 degrees of Fahrenheit. The level of the heat is set using three separate buttons. Moreover, like the POP Design hot seat, the stadium bleacher also runs through an adjustable USB heating technology but just like the previous one, the USB battery is not included in the package.

This seat ensures super comfort with all the base, back, and armrests to be made cushiony with high-density foam pads and roomy like a couch in the living room. And that’s not it. It also provides the option of six reclining easily adjustable positions. You will forget your blankets and heaters sitting on this chair.

This is a chair perfect for big guys. Not only is it spacious, but you also have the option of even increasing the space of the seat up to 20 inches by simply folding the armrests. How about that?

Besides, the storage system with an oversized pocket, 3 smaller pockets, and a cup holder is also hard to ignore. For more, it is also waterproof and weather-resistant as built with imported polyester.

This material makes it easier to carry as well with a super-lightweight of 9 pounds. And just like most other POP Design portable chairs, it comes with a warranty of 2 years as well.



  • Weather-resistant polyester exterior
  • 6 different easily adjustable reclining positions
  • Easy heat adjusting option
  • Ultra-lightweight with maximum cushiony comfort
  • Extraordinary storage capacity with a large oversized pocket, 3 smaller pockets, and a cup holder
  • 2 years of warranty.



  • Does not include the USB battery in the package
  • No shoulder bag added for carrying.


Best for: People seeking ultimate comfort.



3. Chaheati MAXX Heated Chair

[amazon box=”B085PRQV76″ title=”Chaheati MAXX Heated Chair”]

If you want to skip the hassle of buying USB batteries separately, you should definitely check out the Chaheati Maxx heated chair. Because it comes with an 11.1-volt lithium rechargeable battery along with the charger included with its package. So, no need for extra shopping.

The battery lasts about 2 hours if the chair runs on the highest heat setting and about 6 hours on the lowest of the setting. With a 100% nylon build, the Chaheati Maxx heated chair permeates the maximum heat on the seat.

However, it is called an all-season heating chair because of having four temperature control settings along with a dust-resistant exterior. So, not only for winter, you can use this heated chair in every season just by adjusting the temperature as per the season.

The buttons for operating the heat lie on the edge of the chair, right beside the pocket with the battery. A unique feature of its battery is that it also has a USB port for your mobile phone to charge while sitting on the chair. How cool is that? Moreover, it is the only heated chair with woven heating technology instead of traditional heating coils.

This specific chair is oversized for a better ergonomic structure. Moreover, when it is expanded completely, it gets about 39 inches tall. But you do not have to worry about how to carry it as they provide a carrying case with the package. There are also cup holders on the armrests of the chair.

The Chaheati Maxx heated chair weighs about 11 pounds. But it has a capacity of carrying weight up to 280 pounds approximately.



  • Rechargeable Battery along with a charger included
  • USB charging port in the battery
  • 4 adjustable temperature settings matching with the seasons
  • Oversized ergonomic structure
  • Shoulder bag for carrying included
  • Good battery runtime.



  • No extra pockets or storage space
  • No option for adjusting reclining positions
  • No warranty included.


Best for: People who prefer an all-season heating chair.


4. Blufree Extra Wide Heated Stadium Seat, Foldable Portable Bleacher Chair

[amazon box=”B099MWNZKJ” title=”Bluefree Extra Wide Heated Chair”]

This is another portable heated chair for big guys who prefer comfort over all other features. It has quite the similar features as the POP Design stadium bleacher seat, but the biggest difference is in the size of the seat.

The Blufree Extra Wide heated stadium seat comes with an unbelievably wider seating space of 25 inches with keeping the armrests down. But with lifted armrests, it is about 19 inches which is wider than any other heated stadium seat.

The temperature of the heated stadium seat can reach up to 115 degrees of Fahrenheit but there is no option to regulate it. However, like most other heated stadium seats, Blufree extra-wide also uses a USB battery system for heating. However, the USB battery is not included in the package.

Moreover, like the POP Design stadium bleacher, it also has six easily adjustable reclining positions. However, though the seat is not as cushiony as the POP Design bleacher seat, it is coated with 600D waterproof, non-slippery Oxford cloth.

Besides, it has a special design with underside straps and buckle that resists the seat from topping off the bleacher by securing it. Along with that, the backpack strap attached to the stadium seat makes it easier to carry on the shoulder after folding.

It also has a storage system of three hidden pockets and a cup holder. The overall weight of this extra-wide stadium seat is just 11 pounds which are quite less compared to its size.

Even though the stadium bleacher chair is very easy to operate, control, and set up, still they provide a user guide with the package for better clarity of its useability. Alongside, you get a 60 days 100% money back or free exchange guarantee as well as a warranty of 12 months.



  • Extra-wide with a seat of 25 inches
  • Bleacher seat straps and shoulder straps for easier carrying
  • 6 easily adjustable reclining positions
  • Water-proof with 600D waterproof, non-slippery Oxford cloth
  • Good storage space with 3 pockets including a huge back pocket and a cup holder
  • 60 days 100% money back or free exchange guarantee along with a warranty of 12 months.



  • USB battery is not included in the package
  • No heat levels adjusting options.


Best for: People wanting a king-size heated portable chair.


5. Terrain Heated Camping Chair

[amazon box=”B091SYJWT4″ title=”Terrain Heated Camping Chair”]

When your priority is long battery life, you need to go a bit different from the regular heated camping chair that is considered to be the best. And that is what the Terrain heated camping chair specially features.

It comes with an ultracompact 7.4 Volt 6500 lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 9 hours in the lowest heat settings and about 5 hours in the highest setting. The battery needs about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully from flat.

The chair has three separate heat settings that are easy to operate with a single button system. The maximum heat is up to 131 degrees of Fahrenheit even though they claim 140 degrees. Moreover, it also has two different heat zones, one in the seat and the other is in the lower back of the chair.

The steel frame and the water and wind-resistant fabric make it much more durable than many other heated camping chairs. Alongside, it also includes a cup holder hanging beside the seat. However, there are no other extra storage pockets except for the one beside the seat reserved to store the compact battery.

The weight limit of this ultralight heated chair is about 300 pounds. However, the seating space or the backspace does not have foam but only strong fabric. Though they didn’t forget to include the carrying case made of nylon with drawstrings for your convenience of carrying it to the camping site.

What’s more? The option of choosing your preferred one from four featured colors. And it also offers 1 year of warranty.



  • Longest battery life with short charging time required
  • Water and wind-resistant material of the build
  • Three separate heat settings operated by a single button
  • Large weight-bearing capacity
  • The maximum heat setting is more than 131 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1 year of warranty.



  • No reclining options
  • No storage option or extra pockets
  • No foam in the seat or the back of the chair.


Best for: People opting for longer battery life.


Buying Guide: How to Choose a Heated Camping Chair

Before buying a heated camping chair, there are several factors that one should consider and compare to judge the quality of the chair within a limited budget. For your convenience, we are listing the factors below.


  • Comfort: It is one of the most important factors one must consider before buying any type of furniture product. In a portable heated chair, the comfort is decided by the number of foams and pads included inside the seating and other resting areas of the chair.


  • Maximum Heat Level: Since it is a heated chair, the maximum level of heat it can provide to you is definitely a factor of consideration. Because if it does not provide a sufficient amount of heat, there is no point in purchasing a heated chair.


  • Durability: You don’t want to waste your money on something that will not last more than a few months or a single camping trip. That’s why durability should be an important factor to consider from your checklist while purchasing a heated camping chair.


  • Maximum Capacity: After all, it’s a chair, so you must buy one that can handle the maximum level of weight to carry a big weighed person with heavy winter clothes and other camping gear. Getting a heated chair that roughly has the ability to bear your weight only is not enough.


  • Size and Weight: As you’re buying a chair for the camping purpose, the size and weight it bears is an essential element to note. If the size is too huge even after folding and has a lot of weight, it will be a burden to carry to the camping destination.


  • Complementary Features: The extra features that the manufacturer provides in the chair which makes it different and more attractive than others are something to count as well. This might include a storage system, carry bags, included battery, and so on.


  • Guarantee or Warranty: Last but not the least, look for at least a year of guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer for safety purposes.


Final Verdict

To recap, we would like to highlight the product we felt is the best heated camping chair of all, that is, POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Portable Chair. It has the best overall features and quality considering all the factors we mentioned above.