The 8 Best Hiking Boots For High Arches in 2022

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Are you struggling to find the right pair of hiking boots because of high arches? Tired of investing your money behind the wrong pair of hiking boots that are not at all comfortable for your high arches? Then, you can finally relax as we came up with this entire guide to introduce you will some of the best hiking boots for high arches that you will find very comfortable and completely worth the money that you are going to spend behind them.

We have listed down below hiking boots that come with proper features to especially support hikers that have high arches. And in the end, we have included a buying guide as well to help you out with making a decision about which one of them is the best hiking boots for high arches that will perfectly suit all your requirements so you have a successful and enjoyable hiking experience without any struggle.


Best Hiking Boots For High Arches Reviewed and Rated in 2022:

1. Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot:

Ariat Men's Terrain Hiking Boot
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT: Featuring the ATS technology, the Terrain hiking boots offer durability and all-day comfort;...

Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot comes with a shank that has advanced torque stability composed in it to provide hikers with high arches proper support and stability. For holding the arch in place along with giving balance the eyelet has been made durable and strong. This helps you to tie laces according to your convenience without making it either too tight or too loose.

Get to enjoy hiking in all sorts of environments with these boots as the rubber sole provides you great traction and grip over very slippery surfaces as well. The outsole of these boots has been designed to be stirrup friendly so it is very durable to allow you to walk over very rough or rocky terrains without any difficulty. The design also ensures that the hiking boots last you very long.

These hiking boots are built with 100% full-grain leather that helps in keeping away the moisture from the internal side of the boots. This ensures that your feet remain dry and you can continue with your hike comfortably. The shaft of these hiking boots is 4 inches long from the arch. The shank acts as protection for your feet from getting harmed in any way while you walk on uneven tracks.

The hiking boot has a square toe design to provide sufficient room for your toes. This ensures that your toes do not get any blisters and you can concentrate on your hiking without having to be bothered by any kind of pain.

Apart from all these amazing functions, these boots do come in 5 color styles to choose from. It is built for wide feet but sizes for hikers that have small or slim looking feet do have options available. For ensuring that your hiking boots do not get into wet mud completely it comes with a heel that is 1.5 inches in height. Heels are beneficial for short people.


  • Repels moisture as it is built using 100% leather.
  • Stability and balance provided by ATS shank.
  • Square designed toe area to provide room for toes.
  • Comes with a rubber sole to help provide traction.


  • The eye locks of the hiking boots can break if the laces are pulled together very roughly while tying.

Our thoughts on Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boot:

For those who have high arches these Ariat Men’s Terrain Hiking Boots are suitable for wearing as the shank comes with great support for that. To add more, you are getting a good number of options in colors and sizes to select from. The price is perfect as well.


2. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GoreTex Walking Boots:

Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gore-Tex Walking Boots is uniquely built with Gore-Tex to make it perfect for wearing on a hike. The Gore-Tex material gives these hiking boots waterproof properties to make it suitable for wearing while you conquer wet terrains. We all know the importance of hiking boots having waterproof properties for our feet to stay dry to feel comfortable.

The midsole of the hiking boots consists of EVA. This is to provide cushioning to your feet to protect it against from getting harm because of rocks or uneven terrains. To ensure that you don’t feel heavy on your feet and your speed does not slow down the upper of the boots consists of ripstop. This feature adds durability to the boots to take on the pressure of various weather and also ensures that the boots are very lightweight.

Wearing on the boots is completely hassle-free as it comes with stows laces that are fast to tie. Also, they don’t get tangled up keeping a hiker away from facing annoyance. The laces surely tie up quickly to ensure that your feet stay in place and does not feel tight.

The sole is made up of gum rubber to provide you grip and traction over any surface that you walk on. The shoes are made up of synthetic to give your high arched feet the proper support and secure feet. The top has a mesh that is abrasion-resistant and helps to make the boots slightly breathable to ensure that your feet dry up very quickly if they are sweating.


  • Great for providing support and shock absorption as it comes with EVA midsole.
  • Suitable for wearing during all weather conditions.
  • Comes with a rubber sole that can provide great traction and grip.
  • Upper made of ripstop to provide safety to your feet.


  • The hiking boots do not come in much color and size options to choose from.

Our thoughts on Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GoreTex Walking Boots:

If you are looking for more supportive and protective and best hiking boots for high arches than these Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gore-Tex Walking Boots will be the right choice. People who have high arched feet need a lot of cushioning to keep their feet protected from getting any kind of bruises. However, those of you who have wide sized feet might not find this hiking boot suitable as it does not come in a proper size range to select from.


3. Vasque Talus at UltraDry Hiking Boot:

Vasque Talus at UltraDry Hiking Boot is perfectly suitable for wearing on during small hikes while daylight when you don’t have much pressure to take on. Any amateur hiker who is at the beginning of learning hiking will love these hiking boots. The collar and tongue that are padded to add comfort and as well as protection to your feet from catching blisters make your first hiking experience very memorable.

The midsole of the shoes is made of EVA to provide hikers stability while walking on wet slippery terrains. Furthermore, the midsole does the job of cushioning and protecting your feet against getting bruised or hurt in any way. The TPU shank does the same job of providing you more stability so you don’t face any unfortunate incidents.

To ensure that your feet do not move inside the boots causing unbalance, the hiking boots come with metal lacers. These metal laces enable you to tie your laces speedily and also keep your laces secure ensuring a snug fit. Since high arched feet need proper support the footbed included with the boots are also cushioned with EVA and consist of dual-density as well to make your hiking experience throughout the day very comfortable.

The boots are built with nubuck leather to give waterproof properties to the shoes. This ensures to keep your feet protected from getting wet. Also while you walk on wet terrains than the shoes will provide you traction and grip for safe walking by the help of Vibram outsole.


  • Feels very lightweight.
  • Comes in 4 colors to select from.
  • The lagged pattern on the Vibram outsole to provide grip and traction.
  • Comes in sizes available for high arches and wide feet.


  • These hiking shoes can only take the pressure of a light backpack. So it is not suitable to wear on long hikes as you need to carry a lot of things for these hikes.

Our thoughts on Vasque Talus at UltraDry Hiking Boot:

We loved how this Vasque Talus at UltraDry Hiking Boots are built for providing amazing performance to beginners. These are lightweight and do not feel heavy at all making it suitable for wearing during short hikes. Don’t get these if you have to go for long-distance hiking trips as it is not built to take on that amount of pressure.


4. Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking:

Salomon Men's Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking
  • WATERPROOF BACKPACKING SHOES: Designed for maximum traction on mixed terrain, the Quest 4D 3 hiking boot...

Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking is designed for wearing on long hikes to conquer terrain that has rocks and uneven surfaces. Even during rainfall or when it is snowing causing the terrains to get slippery, you won’t have to worry about hiking as these boots are going to provide you enough traction and grip.

The hiking boots consists of an advanced chassis to ensure that you keep your feet inside the boot in the correct position. the chassis does help a lot to reduce strain and fatigue as well while you are trying hard to pass a rough and difficult terrain. The shoes do feel lightweight and are well cushioned to help protect your feet against getting any bruises.

Even if the construction of the hiking boots is done lightweight it is indeed strong and supportive enough to take on a load of your body weight and backpack. The rubber outsole will ensure to provide you stability as it has lugged patterns for traction. So, you can be going on adventurous hikes in beautiful mountains without any sort of stress.

To help you stay comfortable during your hike, it is necessary to keep your feet dry. Hence, these hiking boots are made out of waterproof that greatly works in keeping moisture away from your feet. Furthermore, your feet will stay secure and will be not moving around because of the strong metal eye locks that ensure the laces are securely tied. You won’t be bothered because of laces loosening which helps in enabling secure and snug fit.  These secure comes in 3 amazing colors to choose from. And for high arches and wide feet hikers, these come with suitable sizes that will ensure that these fit you perfectly.


  • Lightweight and well cushioned to provide your high arched protection against getting blisters.
  • Comes with a rubber sole that provides grip and great traction.
  • Hiking boots are made of waterproof synthetic material to help keep feet dry.
  • Comes in 3 colors to choose from.


  • Costly in terms of price.

Our thoughts on Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking:

If you are looking for one of the best hiking boots for high arches, then these Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking boots are one of them. Even though they don’t feel heavy on your feet they do provide your high arched feet enough support while taking on a load of your backpack. Even though it is slightly pricey, but we all know that we have to pay a bit high for good things.


5. Oboz Women’s Juniper Mid BDry Waterproof Hiking Boot:

Oboz Women’s Juniper Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot is designed especially for women hikers by keeping in mind about how delicate their feet are. The Swift current midsole of the shoes consists of EVA, TPU chassis, and an ESS plate combined. So this ensures that their high arched feet are not bruised because of walking over stones and rocks. The midsole acts as a cushion for shock absorption to help prevent any type of bruises from occurring.

Women are not at all in any way less when they come to face an adventurous hike. That is why the outsole of the shoes has been designed in an excellent way to help provide durability and comfort while keeping them stable and well balanced when they walk. The outsole comes with lugs pattern to give them proper grip while walking on tough and slippery trails.

For women who have sweating issues, the upper part of the hiking boots consists of a mesh. The mesh allows breathability for sweat to dry away and also it is abrasion resistant so it doesn’t get destroyed because of any kind of rubbing. The shoes are built with nubuck leather which ensures support for the feet and is also waterproof to help prevent moisture enter inside it.


  • Comes in a large size option to choose from for every woman to get wear.
  • Outsole consists of lugs to provide traction and grip while climbing mountains.
  • The Upper of the boots is made both breathable and waterproof.
  • Protects forefoot and arch with a supportive midsole.


  • Comes available in only two colors.

Our thoughts on Oboz Women’s Juniper Mid BDry Waterproof Hiking Boot:

Women hikers who are looking for suitable boots that will keep their feet protected from getting bruises then these Oboz Women’s Juniper Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boots will be the most suitable on to get. The boots surely have all the features to ensure that you don’t struggle at all while going on long hikes or on locations where the weather is tough and harsh.


6. Vasque Men’s Sundowner GoreTex Backpacking Boot:

Vasque Men's Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot, Jet Black,7 M US
  • Ankle-high hiking and backpacking boots featuring speed lacing system with D-ring hooks

If you want the best hiking boots for high arches that are designed to take on a load of your backpack and your weight, then these Vasque Men’s Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boots are what you are looking for. These boots consist of midsole that is made up of polyurethane that ensures you feel comfortable while wearing them and yet stay stable during your tough hiking trip.

The heels of the hiking boots are cambered making it easy for you to take long steps when you need to. The added heel of the boots ensures that you don’t completely sink in puddles or snow so it is not difficult for you to walk. To ensure ankle support the hiking boots are built high on the ankle area and are padded as well to prevent any sort of blisters.

Stay assured about your feet staying secure inside the boots and will not move around as the laces you tie stays the way you arrange them. The D-ring eyelets of the shoes ensure that the laces stay in the correct position and does not loosen over time. you can quickly adjust the lace whenever required as the boots have a speedy lacing system. Like all these amazing functions the hiking boots do come with waterproof properties as well. the upper is built using leather that will keep away moisture. The boots are surrounded with the Gore-Tex membrane that prevents water or snow from entering inside your boots.

Even during tough weather conditions stay assured about staying safe as the rubber soles provide proper grip and traction while you walk. Furthermore, the hiking boots do come in three colors to choose from which are jet black, Hawthrone, and red oak. With the available sizes to select from you will surely find the right pair that will not feet too tight or too loose on your feet.


  • Strong stitching is done to ensure that the soles stick with the boots nicely.
  • Comes with rubber soles that provide great traction and grip.
  • Comes available in a wide range of size and 3 beautiful colors to choose from.
  • Made up of waterproof leather and is covered with the Gore-Tex membrane to prevent water from entering inside the boots.


  • The toe area of the hiking boots is a bit too thick which can cause bruises on the toes.

Our thoughts on Vasque Men’s Sundowner GoreTex Backpacking Boot:

We loved how the midsole and the upper part of these Vasque Men’s Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boots are greatly supportive. The eyelets of the shoes are durable and as well as strong to hold the laces securely. These hiking boots are wearable during all sorts of seasons since it can withstand all kinds of hurdles so you don’t slow down.


7. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot:

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot is built to tackle tough environments so you can hike completely worry-free with confidence. To add more, the shoes are built with waterproof materials, which are suede and leather combined. The suede adds a touch of style to the hiking boots and the leather does the job of making it waterproof.

Other features do the job of adding durability to the boots. The durability of these boots has been ensured by adding metal hardware along with seam-sealed construction. These two components give the hiking boots enough durability to take on the pressure of rain, muddy puddles, rocky terrains, and anything tough.

The midsole of the hiking boots is built with materials that will ensure to provide a cushion to your feet to protect it against getting bruised by absorbing shock. To add more, even if you have a high arched foot these hiking boot shoes will ensure keeping them secure with the help of the laces that secure fits your feet in the boots. The lace-up closure of the hiking boots is adjustable as well making it suitable for wide feet person to wear it on.

The outer sole of the boot is built to provide traction on all kinds of surfaces. and the compounds that are used for building the outsole helps making the hiking boots suitable to wear on all kind of weather. The bottom of the shoes has dual-zone patterns that help to provide grip when you walk on snowy or slippery surfaces.


  • Durable construction for wearing on during all kinds of seasons.
  • Comes with a sole that has a traction system for providing grip on all sort of terrains.
  • Easy and secure fit with lace-up closures that allows you to adjust the laces.
  • Protective and well-cushioned upper for a high arched foot.


  • The layer of suede that these shoes have will get worn out after a good number of uses.

Our thoughts on Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot:

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of the best hiking boots for high arches because of the added durability that ensures to protect a hiker’s high arched feet while withstanding all the obstacles of tough weather. You are getting to choose from three beautiful colors as well and it is affordable too with great functions.


8. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Boot:

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Boot
  • Low-profile upper with ghillie lacing for comfort and secure fit,This style is running a 1/2 size small. We...

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking boot is built to provide you stability so you can enjoy your hiking trip without experiencing any kind of misfortune. The outsole is built with rubber to help to ensure proper grip and to provide high traction while you hike under tough conditions during the rain, snow, or winter. And for hiking during summer it is an excellent choice as you will get the grip you want while you go up and down the mountains or hills.

Even when you are preparing indoors for going on a hike, you can have these boots worn on your feet as it will not leave any sort of trace on your floor. To add more, the supportive shank positioned at the external part of the hiking boots will do the job of providing support to your ankles and your high arched feet. These supportive features surely make it one of the best hiking boots for high arches. To add even more support the heel of the boot is contoured that works in stabilizing you for safe hiking experience.

These hiking boots keep your feet dry and away from moisture to prevent any odor creating nasty microbes from growing as it is built with leather combined with PFC-free water repellent. Even though it has waterproof properties it does come with a membrane that is breathable to help moisture or sweat from your feet to dry out.


  • The hiking boots have both waterproof properties and breathability.
  • Comes with support shank positioned on the external side to provide ankle support.
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions.
  • Comes with contoured heels for providing hikers stability.


  • Comes available in one color only.

Our thoughts on KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Boot:

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Boot comes in a large size option to choose from making it the best hiking boots for high arches and wide sized feet. These hiking boots are built for use during all weathers as it can withstand puddles, snow, and rocky terrains with the amazing midsole and outsole that it has.


Buying Guide for Best Hiking Boots for High Arches:

Before you straight jump in and make your decision of getting a pair of hiking boots, you need to have a look at this buying guide. This is to know about some details that will help you choose the best hiking boots for high arches. Without proper guidance, you might end up investing your money in the wrong one. So, have a look at the details that your hiking boots need to have to suit you perfectly.

  • Size: If you have feet with high arches then most probably your feet are wide as well. So, you need to pick up a boot size that will provide the perfect amount of room inside so you don’t get blisters because of the shoes fitting you tight.
  • Midsoles: The midsoles of the shoes should be supportive enough and also very good in shock absorption to protect your high arched feet from getting any sort of bruises.
  • The upper: Since you have high arches it is obvious that your feet will stay very close to the upper part of the hiking shoemaking you sweat later on. For that reason, look for hiking shoes that have mesh on top for breathability. This ensures that sweat is dried out very quickly.
  • Waterproof properties: If your feet get wet by any chance, it gets more prone to getting blisters very easily. So for that check, if the hiking boots that you have selected do have waterproof properties.
  • Strong outer soles: Make sure that the hiking boots you have selected have strong outer soles that will provide you enough protection when you walk over rocky surfaces and uneven terrains. You don’t want to get caught up in any sort of problem because of facing accidents.
  • Traction: Since you will be walking on the hiking terrains with the great speed it is obvious that you will need outsoles that have proper lugged patterns that will provide you enough traction and grip. This is to ensure that you don’t slip off while walking on wet terrains, or terrains covered with snow.


1. What shoes are good for high arches?

Ans: All the hiking shoes that we have listed above are the best hiking shoes for high arches. They all have features to provide support, protection, and enough cushioning for hikers who have high arches. Have a look at these hiking boots you will get one that suits you the best.

2. Should hiking boots be a half size bigger?

Ans: Yes, for hikers who have normal-sized feet and don’t have high arches getting boots that are half size bigger are sufficient. However, for high arches, your hiking boots have to be at least one size larger.

3. Do high arches need support?

Ans: Yes, high arches do need support. As the chance of pain being caused to high arches is more than compared to others. Getting well supportive shoes with proper soles will lessen the chances of pain.

4. Can high arches cause back pain?

Ans: Yes, but only if the hiking boots that you are wearing do not cushion your high arched feet properly and acts poor as a shock absorber. Such kind of hiking boots, result in the pain to be transferred to the back resulting in back pain. So you should get hiking boots that have proper cushioning and acts well as a shock absorber.


Final verdicts:

To sum up, we hope that you found our guide very helpful as you got to know about the best hiking boots for high arches in the market. These hiking boots will work for you all you have to do is to carefully select the right size. We mentioned about how size matters for high arches in our buying guide as well.

Whenever you get puzzled about trying to make a decision, have a look at our buying guide and we assure you that you will come to a correct conclusion. So, hopefully, you will no longer struggle with your hiking boots because of high arches if you select one from the hiking boots that we have listed above.

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