The 7 Best Hot Tents for Winter Camping in 2021

Did you know that there are special types of tents for winter? These tents have a stove opening in the tent to burn woods and are called hot tents. They are used because it is impossible to survive the cold of the winter when you’re camping outside.

The best hot tents for winter camping come with all sorts of features to make your camping trip convenient. It would help if you thought about different aspects before buying a tent, so we have collected the best tips for you. Read the following list to find out which tents are best for camping in the winter.

Hot tents refer to tents which have stove openings. However, the best hot tents for winter camping are ones with not only with stove openings, but those who also provide a good amount of heat is durable against extreme weather and have good air ventilation.

Good winter tents can survive against snowfall, harsh wind, and really low temperatures. These tents are usually fully waterproof and can endure terrible weather with no problem whatsoever.


Best Hot Tents for Winter Camping:

Trying to pick through thousands of tents can be puzzling. We have looked through many hot tents and reviewed the best ones available. Go through this list to find your perfect tent.


1. DANCHEL Canvas Bell Hot Tent


DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket (Top and Wall)
  • COZY&SPACIOUS: Dia. 3 meter /10ft, top height 2m/6.5ft, wall height 2 ft. door height 4.9ft. 44lb,can not put...


This tent is undoubtedly one of the best hot tents for winter camping. With its unique shape, two stove jacks, and bad weather endurance, it is our first pick. It is also one of the best-looking tents you’ll ever come across.


Preinstalled Stove Jack 

This product has two pre-installed stove jacks. These jacks have 500 degrees heat resistance strip to avoid harm to the canvas fabric, and rain flaps cover for the unused stove hollows. You can use industrial or wooden tent stoves to keep yourself warm.


Durable in Extreme Weather 

The outer fabric is 100% cotton canvas with a 1500mm hydrostatic rating meaning it can endure snow, wind and rainfall. To preserve the stove heat and avoid dampness, it has a heavy-duty bathtub floor. The floor is of synthetic material and can’t be soaked.


Good Ventilation 

This tent possesses four small windows and mesh panels. There are also four vents on the roof which provide good airflow. The entrance door also has a net cover.


Warm and Inviting 

The stoves offer a quaint and warm atmosphere inside the tent. It is quite spacious with an area of 216 ft2 and can fit eight people quite easily. Wood stoves provide a delightful light, perfect for social occasions.


Easy Set up

Even though it is heavy, it is quite easy to assemble. There’s only one main pole and one-person set-up.



  • Pre-installed stove jacks to keep you warm
  • Spacious interior for families
  • Can protect against bad weather
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Has good airflow



  • The zipper is not long-lasting
  • Heavy to carry


Our Thoughts on DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket

It is a tent that is not only ideal for camping in the winter, but also amazing for large families and social meetings. If you want to have a comfortable and pleasing experience of snow camping, consider buying this tent. Along with being visually stunning, it delivers all the necessary services.


2. Russian Bear Hot Tent


Russian-Bear Hot Tent Wood Burning Stove - Yurt Tents with Stoves Pipe Vent Hole
  • UMBRELLA-TYPE DESIGN: The dome-shaped frame allows any outdoor enthusiast to quickly pop up the tent on any...


It is the ultimate tent for fishermen and hunters. It is expensive but comes fully equipped with a chimney and wood stove. This product is hands down one of the best hot tents for winter camping.


Premium Stove 

This tent comes with fully supplied with the finest wood stove, which costs $600 alone separately. The stove is made of stainless steel and has heat resilient ceramic glass walls for heat release. This heat helps to keep the tent warm.


Suitable for Extreme Weather

The fabric is well-suited for extreme ice-fishing and hunting weather. The material is a high-tech oxford fabric which is waterproof and has guarding borders in the tent base. No amount of rain or snow can penetrate this fabric.


Heat Management 

This tent has a 3-layer heat-insulated floor that prevents from water seeping inside. It also helps to maintain the hot interior temperature.


Easy to Setup

It can be assembled quickly as it is an instant set-up tent. You have to unfold it, and the tent expands itself. Then you have to position the central pole inside to keep the roof up.


Good Structure

 There are four layered windows on the tent. The tent itself is made of three layers: interior mesh and panel, transparent dense part, and exterior waterproof layer. There’s also a hinged door option if you don’t want to use the zipper.



  • Comes with a good stove so no need for extra purchase
  • Has insulated floor for warmth
  • Can be assembled without fuss
  • Can protect against any risky weather
  • Has good ventilation



  • Very expensive
  • Comes in 5-person size only


Our Thoughts on Russian-Bear Hot Tent

If you’re an experienced camper who travels to places with extreme weather, this is the definitively the tent for you. It is spacious, warm, and comes supplied with all necessary equipment. You can’t go wrong with this tent as it has all the qualities you can ask for.


3. OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent


OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent, Weighs 2.6Ib, Black Orca Series
  • Quality Materail: Made with 20D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric with waterproof YKK Zippers and waterproof treated...


This product was made for people who like to go camping by themselves. It has every quality you could hope for: waterproof, stove opening, light to carry and heavy protection. This product is surely a winner in our list.


Can Withstand Bad Weather

Even though the exterior material is 20D silnylon, this tent boasts a 3000mm hydrostatic rating meaning it can endure heavy wind and rainfall. It can also shield against a body of water leaning towards it which is highly impressive.


Waterproof Zipper

One of the features of this tent that makes it one of the best hot tents for winter camping is the waterproof YKK zippers. Most tents have fickle zippers that have no waterproofing, but these zippers can protect you against heavy rainfall. It ensures no leaking whatsoever especially at the stove hollow.


Foldable Stove

Stove openings are really important for winter camping, and this tent is no different. The stove hollow is foldable, and there’s a chimney opening as well.


Easy Setup

This 2.6lbs lightweight tent is easy to carry and assemble. It comes with an aluminium pole, necessary tent pegs and guy-lines. It would help if you bought a stove pipe jack for the opening.


Wellsuited for Solo Travel

This tent is 1-2-person in size. It is ideal for travellers exploring by themselves. You can fit and light a wood stove inside, and the interior will get warm.



  • highly waterproof to guard against groundwater and rain
  • one pole set-up
  • affordable but has great quality
  • lightweight to carry
  • Ideal for people travelling alone



  • Have to buy stove jack separately
  • Isn’t available in family size


Our Thoughts on OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent

If you like to travel by yourself and you’re on a budget, consider buying this product. It is affordable and light to carry to any long-distance destination. The tent also provides superb weather management and can keep you warm on a chilly night.


4. OneTigris Iron Wall


OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent with Inner Mesh
  • Material: 20D sil-coated nylon fabric that's light, durable and highly versatile, 2000mm waterproof rating...


One of the lightest tents available, this product will meet all your needs. It can shield you against harsh weather as good as one off the family-sized tents. It also comes with an interior mesh layer that makes it stand out from the rest.


Mesh Inner Tent

One of the attributes that make this tent one of the best hot tents for winter camping is its inner mesh tent. It can be used with a wood stove as long as the stove is outside of the inner tent.

The mesh interior takes up half the tent. It prevents insects and mosquitos from coming in. This feature makes it ideal for summer camping as well.


Bad Weather Durable

It has a 20D silnylon exterior with a hydrostatic rating of 2000 mm. It can survive against heavy rainfalls, snowfalls and harsh winds. It has strengthened stress points for enduring extra harsh wind.



Weighing only 3.4lbs, it is one of the lightest tents and one of the best hot tents for winter camping. It comes with all items for assembling: y-lines, tent pegs, tent pole, etc. The stove hole is on the top, but you need to buy a stove jack separately.


Compatible with Lone Travelling


This tent is suitable for 1-person and a wooden stove. However, two people can stay if the inner mesh is removed.



  • Has a mesh inner
  • Perfect if you’re travelling alone
  • Good stove jack for warmth
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Can survive against terrible winds



  • Doesn’t come in bigger sizes
  • Stove jack needs to be bought separately


Our Thoughts OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent with Inner Mesh

In a nutshell, it is a good choice for campers travelling alone or with a pet. It provides all features you would want in a winter tent: stove opening, resistance against harsh winds, and hassle-free carry bag in a smaller size, so you don’t have to carry heavy tents just for yourself.


5. Pomoly HEX Teepee Hot Tent 


Pomoly HEX Hot Tent Camping Tipi with Stove Jack 4 Season Waterproof Winter Warm Cold Weather Insulated Bushcraft, 2 3 4 Person
  • 【300D Oxford Cloth With Silver Coated Layer】This is our core advantage. More Waterproof, Anti-wear and...


One of the most affordable tents on this list, this product is compact with all the right features. It is tall enough for you to stand up in it rather than crouching. This tent can fulfil your childhood dream of staying in a tepee tent in the snow.


Comes with Stove Jack

Many hot tents have stove openings but no stove jacks. If you don’t want to buy a stove jack separately, then this tent is a good choice. Not only does it come with a pipe jack that is heat resistant, but it is also affordable.


Good Material

This tent is made from 300D Oxford fabric and has a silver coating on the inside. The material provides good airflow and ventilation while shielding against extreme weather situations. It is also waterproof and maintains a warmer temperature than standard teepee tents.


Comfortable Height

One of the features that make this tent one of the best hot tents for winter camping is that it is almost 8 foot tall. You can easily stand up and move around inside the tent.


Perfect Size

Most tents are either 1-person size or 6-8-person size. However, this one is the perfect size as four people can fit in it. If you want more space to move around and place the wooden stove, it can accommodate two people.



  • Pre-installed stove jacks
  • Ideal for small families
  • Can easily stand up and move about
  • Good airflow and durability
  • More sturdy than standard tepee shaped tents



  • Doesn’t come in larger sizes
  • There are a long processing and delivery time


Our Thoughts on Pomoly HEX Hot Tent Camping Tipi with Stove Jack

If you want a tent with pre-installed stove jacks within your budget, this is a good choice for you. It is not too large or too small, just the right size for small families. Families with four members should consider buying this tent as it is the right size for them.


6. Stout Bell Tent


Stout Bell Tent- 100% USA Cotton Canvas, Glamping. Life-Time Warranty. Outdoor & Leak-Proof Guaranteed
  • Canvas Bell Tent: This tent is made from 100 percent natural double stitched Cotton Canvas, with a heavy duty,...


As this tent comes with an equipped stove jack, it’s one of the best hot tents for winter camping.  It also features a zipped groundsheet to ensure the best camping experience. There are two series, Pro and Ultimate version differing in some features.


Material and Size

It is made of 100% cotton canvas fabric and comes in two sizes, 4- and 5-meters diameters. It can fit 6-8 people and has an area of 211 ft2. It has a single tent pole.


Furnished Stove Jack

The Pro version has a standard stove jack that uses stove pipes of 3-6 inches. Many consider this tent to be one of the best hot tents for winter camping for coming furnished with a wood-burning stove. There is canvas cover of 8×8 inches for stove openings provided.



There is also four windows and one door which are completely water resilient and provides good airflow. The PVC waterproof groundsheet comes with a zipper, and the Pro version also provides a mesh. This tent also has two cable ports for your comfort.



The tents are double stitched especially around the vulnerable points and made to last. The metal zippers are also very durable and strong.


Bug Net 

The 4-meter tents come with extra bug netting wall. This insect net is attached to the sidewalls and has zippers. When not in use, you can unzip them and roll them up.



  • Strong double-stitched canvas tent made to last
  • Bug prevention net available
  • Comes with a stove jack for warmth
  • Has two cable ports for ease
  • Completely waterproof



  • heavy at 94lbs or 43 kgs
  • Hard to carry for long-distance trips.


Our Thoughts on Stout Bell Tent- 100% USA Cotton Canvas

In brief, this large tent is ideal for a large number of people traveling to a heavy snow area. This tent also provides a mesh tent to keep away bugs. It is not only a winter tent but can be used all year round.


7. Playdo Camp Bell Tent


PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Wall Yurt Tent with Stove Hole for Outdoor Camping Hunting Hiking Festival Party
  • COTTON FABRIC and TOUGH.This camping tent is made of 300gsm cotton fabric with waterproof treatment. Heavy...


This bell-shaped tent is spacious enough to accommodate 25 seating people at the same time. Its stove jack and waterproof fabric make it one of the best hot tents for winter camping.


Builtin Stove Jack 

This tent comes with a stove pipe jack. It uses a five-inch diameter stove vent, and it is placed on the canvas top rather than the walls on the side. You can cover the not in use stove opening with durable straps.



The material of the tent is 300 GSM cotton fabric with a waterproof coating. It is durable and shields against snow, winds, and moderate rainfall. The cotton fabric is a better insulator than the standard synthetic tent.


Family Sizes

It comes in various sizes which range from 3-6 meters diameters. The largest size is a 10-person tent while the smallest size can fit six people and three queen-size beds. The tent comes in a carry bag for easy transport.


Waterproof Floor

Not only is the fabric waterproof, but also the floor is made of PVC material making this tent completely water resilient. The fabric is also fully shut with stitched seams and won’t let snow in.

Good Airflow

There are netted windows with zipper and air vents on the top. This tent provides good cross ventilation. It can also be used in the summer season by rolling up the walls and cooling the interior.



  • Has a pre-installed jack for warmth
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Fully waterproof
  • Has good quality of aeration
  • Can survive against the wind



  • Can handle a modest amount of rain
  • Can’t withstand heavy snow


Our Thoughts on PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

If you’re looking for a tent for a short trip in a mildly snowy area, this is a good fit for you. It can accommodate a large group of people at the same time while keeping them warm. It is perfect for brief trips with friends.


How to Stay Warm in A Tent

When you’re camping in the winter with snow all around, staying warm inside of your tent becomes more about survival than just a luxury. Below are some steps you can take to remain warm in a tent.

Step1 Warm Yourself Before You Get Cold

If you wait until you’re cold to warm yourself, getting your body heat up is going to be difficult. Moreover, before you go to bed, warm yourself up by walking or eating something hot to increase your core temperature.


Step2 Use Good Sleeping Bag

Instead of using a summer sleeping bag, invest in a mummy sleeping bags as they are close-fitting and designed to keep you warm. Synthetic bag fillings and fleece bag liners are good options to provide extra warmth. Remember, a few extra blankets will always help.


Step3 Keep Hot Water Bottles close

These two products may seem like an outdated idea, but they are excellent at keeping you warm. They are vital for winter camping. Keep your hot water close to you when you sleep.


Step4 Insulation with Rugs, Mats, and Carpets

Use any one of these items to insulae your tent in winter. Place them on the floor and try to use more than one. They can provide an extra layer of heat by insulating the floor, and so you don’t have to sleep in a cold footprint.


What to Consider before buying the best hot tents


Stove Jack and Your Budget 

Undoubtedly the listed tents are some of the best hot tents for winter camping. All hot tents provide wood burning through stoves. However, not all of them have built-in stove jacks.

For some budget-friendly tents, you need to buy a jack separately, but you need to consider if the total cost will exceed the price of a good sturdy tent with a pre-installed jack. Some expensive tents even come with fully supplied stoves which takes your mind off buying the right size of the stove.



Snow and ice are water so would be best if you had a tent made of waterproof material. Otherwise, your tent’s going to get wet and cold.

Snow melting and soaking your tent is not an ideal situation when you’re going camping in the winter. Many canvas tents come with waterproof coating, and they prevent the snow from sticking to the cover.



Many consider tents with good groundsheets or footprints to be the best hot tents for winter camping. Proper footprints are imperative when you’re camping in the winter.

Sleeping on a groundsheet that can’t provide warm temperature is a difficult thing to endure in snow. Besides, it would help if you had a waterproof groundsheet to ensure your tent base doesn’t get wet.


Buying Guide for the best hot tents for winter camping:

Trying to find the best hot tents for winter camping is not an easy feat as there are many traits you need to look for. You don’t want to show up to your destination with a tent that doesn’t fit the weather. Below are some of the tips we’ve collected for winter tent buying.


Size and Weight 

When you’re going camping in the snow or ice, you need to pack essentials to help you survive. Your backpack is going to be filled with stuff while cool temperature tends to slow people down. Thus, checking the weight and size of the tent before buying them is critical.

Winter tents are bound to be bulky and huge, but if you end up buying a tent that’s larger than necessary, then it’s just more work for you. Moreover, try to calculate how many people will help with transporting the tent so that you don’t end up carrying a huge load by yourself.


Free Standing Tents 

Camping in winters is always difficult as the ground is snow and you need a tent that can be secured in it. Sometimes you might encounter places where the ground is only ice instead of soft snow. This is where having free-standing tents become very important.

Bell-shaped tents are good for winter camping, but if you’re going to a place with solid ice, you should remember that these tents need to be staked before they can stand properly. However, framed tents don’t require stakes and can free stand.


Easy to Assemble

It may seem like the most overused advice but having a tent that is easy to set-up is necessary when you’re out in the snow. The chilly environment will drain your energy if you spend hours trying to assemble a tent. Moreover, based on your travelling plan, you should buy certain types of tents.

If you move spots regularly, bell-shaped or instant tents are your best bet. Bell-shaped tents are single-pole based and can be set by one person. Framed tents require more time for setting.


Good Ventilation 

 You may think how can airflow be important for winter tents when you’re trying to stop the wind from coming in. Having a breathable tent is vital since you’re going to be burning woods at the stove.

You need cross-ventilation to breathe properly. The best hot tents for winter camping tents provide air vents, mesh windows and extra floor sheets. Look for these options as well before making your choice.




1. Are woodburning stoves safe to use?

Not only are they safe to use, but they are also essential when you’re camping in snow or ice. Hot tents stove openings omit the fume outside when they’re being used. However, if your tent doesn’t come with a stove opening, then don’t try to use a stove.


2. How to relax in a cool temperature?

You need tents that have stove openings or jacks as burning wood in the night is necessary for survival in winter snowing. The best hot tents for winter camping come with additional features such as warming footprint to keep you feeling warm in such temperatures.


3. Are waterproof tents necessary?

Most tents have some form of water resistance, but when you’re out camping in the snow, you need more. Waterproof tents will stop snow seeping into tents and soaking your belongings. They are also durable against heavy rain and harsh winds.


4. Are heavier tents better at warming?

 Not necessarily as there are some lightweight tents under 5lbs that provide excellent insulation and warmth, it varies from tent to tent.



I hope by now you’re aware of what qualities you need in your tent and sort of tent you want. Try to match your ideas with vital features for winter tents. Remember the best hot tents for winter camping are not always the heaviest, warmest, or solid tents but rather those which provides great support.

You need to take airflow, frame structure and transport weight into consideration before you make your purchase. Be sure to read the guides and setting up time as your journey type can influence these aspects. Have a wonderful and memorable camping trip!

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