Top 10 Best Single Person Tents (2022 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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If you are a solo camper and like to go for an outdoor trip by yourself, then you need the best single person tent.

But it is difficult to choose the best one according to your needs.

I personally used several tents for outdoor trips. From my previous experience, I can suggest you the best single person tents for camping.

However, you need to select the best single person tent according to quality, price, and size.

So let’s start!!!

Which is the best single person tent this year?

Here I will review the top 10 one-person tents which will be effective for you to find the best one.

Let’s start the review of the best tents for a single person.

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1.  The Winterial Single Person Lightweight Bivy Tent: The Best Pick for All

Winterial Single Person

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The Winterial Single Person Tent is your ideal one individual 3 season tent for climbing, camping and hiking!

It has gotten positive surveys from clients in different online stages including Amazon.

This bivy tent mixes the most significant highlights you would need in your performance summer climbing cover in a manner.

That is exceptional with its rivals.

It is an ultra-lightweight tent that is very easy to set up, strong, tough, and reasonably estimated.

As a bivy tent or rather low safe house tent, it is perfect for campers who will just need a tent to go through the night in and remain outside more often than not.

This settles on this tent a decent decision for tenderfoots, scouts, and middle of the road level hikers.

3 Seasons Tent

The Winterial Single Person Tent is a fantastic rigging for 3 seasons outdoors, climbing or chasing.

Without the downpour fly, the tent ensures an extraordinary asylum during warm summer evenings.

Within, the non-detached tent highlights a work material that permits free wind stream.

Actually, you can without much of a stretch look at the sky and stars as you make the most of your late spring evenings in the bivy tent.

The ventilation is additionally helped by the work entryway that can without much of a stretch be zippered setup.

This, notwithstanding, does not imply that the tent won’t shield you from cold and downpour.

As it accompanies an inside and outflies that is will shield you from cold and stormy affluent.

At long last, the tent texture includes completely taped and secure creases.

Strong and Durable

As a non-unattached one individual tent, you are guaranteed that the tent won’t be diverted by twist, independent of how solid the breezes are.

The tent accompanies three groups of solid lines and 14 in number stakes that won’t curve notwithstanding when setting on exceptionally hard ground.

Once more, the weatherproof texture highlights pre-fixed creases and a strong downpour fly that will serve you dependably for a considerable length of time.

In contrast to most tent shafts, the Winterial Single Person Tent aluminum posts will neither twist nor break with incessant use.


  • Stuffed Weight: 3 pounds
  • Measurements: 90″ by 28″
  • Pinnacle Height: 38″
  • Floor zone: 21.5 square feet
  • Number of shafts: 2
  • Shaft Material: aluminum


  • Great cost.
  • Large floor zone.
  • It has a vestibule where you can safely keep your outdoor gear.
  • Lightweight and effectively versatile.


  • Low top tallness thus most perfect for the individuals who just need the tent for rest.
  • Not unattached.

Primary concern

The Winterial Single Person Tent-Bivy Tent is certainly your best solo outdoors, chasing, or climbing tent.

The 3 season’s tent ensures comfort in warm summer climate with its work rooftop and a warm night on colder or stormy evenings with its taped downpour fly.

This is in excess of an instance of getting what you pay for.

The tent is anything but difficult to set up, strong and sturdy.

The main drawback is its low rooftop that may not be so favorable for the entire day and night cover.

 2. The Eureka Midori Solo One Person Backpacking Tent

Eureka Midori Solo One Person

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This is one of the best single person tents.

The Eureka Midori Solo – 1 Person Tent is your regular one individual tent that amplifies bearableness.

 It will give you satisfactory space, ventilation and versatility politeness of the V3 Enhanced System.

This is a 3 season tent and will unquestionably be extraordinary for a wide range of conditions because of its weatherproof texture.

The tent will give you substantially more than simply cover in the event that you happen to utilize it for summer outdoors, kayaking, chasing or climbing!

In a perfect world, this is one of the tents that is intended for the two beginners and routine scouts.

Profoundly Adaptable

Not all that a large number are as versatile as the Eureka Midori Solo – 1 Person tent.

The motivation behind why I evaluated this performance individual tent the best tent for summer is it’s everything cross-section dividers.

 That will give you choice ventilation and an agreeable rest during warm or sweltering summer evenings.

Yet, once more, not all your exploring will be arranged during summer and regardless of whether in this way.

 At that point, the climate can now and again be very erratic.

This is the motivation behind why the tent accompanies a processing plant taped full inclusion polyester downpour fly to shield you from the cold or blustery climate.

Additionally, the single extensive entryway is hooded. Isn’t this versatile?

Unsupported Tent

While unsupported tents may not be so great in zones with solid breezes, they are quick and advantageous for quick climbers.

They don’t take long to amass and can advantageously be moved to all the more even grounds after get together.

In addition, unsupported tents will effortlessly be gathered even on harder grounds where posts of non-unattached tents may not get in.


  • Stuffed Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz.
  • Measurements: 7’6″ by 2’8″
  • Pinnacle Height: 3 feet
  • Floor zone: 20 square feet
  • Number of posts: 2
  • Post Material: ultralight aluminum


  • Easy to set up.
  • Versatile and versatile.
  • Weatherproof and perfect for a wide scope of climate conditions.
  • It has a vestibule and capacity pockets for your climbing gear.


  • The shafts may begin wearing off from the tips following quite a while of persistent use.
  • It needs a lot of stakes to verify.
  • Vestibule entryway opens inverse the tent entryway consequently making entering troublesome without creeping to the ground.

Main concern

The unsupported Eureka Midori Solo Backcountry Tent may not be a fantasy tent for expert scouts or campers.

 Yet it is a certain outdoor gear for beginner to the middle of the road hikers.

At a moderate value, this excellent tent goes more remote than simply giving you essential safe house out there.

It is very easy to set up, dependable, exceptionally versatile.

And offers a stunning perspective on the unmistakable summer sky and groups of stars and asterisms of stars.

Regardless of the few worries about its shafts, this is a tent you would be happy to have on the off chance.

That you esteem a decent night rest, solace and start seeing!

3. The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent

UL Backpacking Tent

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One would inquire as to why the Big Agnes – Copper Spur HV UL Tent is extremely prominent among new and old clients.

 All things considered, as one of the most recent preparations from the Copper Spur arrangement of tents from the Big Agnes.

It includes excellent space to weight proportion, dependability, and execution.

In a faultless manner, this tent strikes an extraordinary harmony among space and solace on one hand and lightweight on the other.

In this way, not at all like most lightweight tents that bargain space and solace.

This lightweight tent is most reasonable for quick solo explorers who worth their solace and space.


Highlighting more extreme dividers on the inward sides of the tent, the Big Agnes – Copper Spur HV UL Tent brags of a greater volume giving clients more space and solace.

The tent has an absolute load of 2 lbs. 8 oz. what’s more, a story space of 20 square feet giving an astounding load to space proportion.

It is silly to discuss the presentation of a tent without referencing anything on the materials and workmanship.

The twofold, excellent ultra-light ripstop nylon texture and the 2-tone work are incredible in keeping you dry during the chilly climate.

 And it guaranteeing enough ventilation during warm and dry evenings.

Simple to Set Up

Comprising of only a solitary plume light post and an ultra-light texture, this tent is one of the least demanding to set up henceforth perfect for quick mono climbing or outdoors.

The unfastened single entryway is simple and quick to stow.

The single shaft is structured so that a snare and circle tabs consequently interface with a solitary vent fly.

It guaranteeing adequate pitch and extra solidness.

These snares and circles, together with the tensioners and fellow lines on the fly make setting up this tent amazingly simple.


  • Pressed Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
  • Measurements: 88″ by 28″
  • Pinnacle Height: 38″
  • Floor zone: 20 square feet
  • Number of posts: 1
  • Post Material: DAC Featherlight NFL and NSL


  • A vestibule and pockets give gigantic extra room keeping your tent increasingly composed.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It has a fly that is useful when there is a downpour or in a freezing climate.


  • Has an impression that is sold independently.
  • As a 3 season tent, it may not be extraordinary for winter climbing.

Primary concern

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 1 Tent is your definitive exploring mate.

It is prevalent among most clients.

Because of its flexibility and unwavering quality which are both supported by the tent’s enormous extra room, simplicity of set up, versatility, extensive floor territory just as the texture’s toughness and stable posts.

While a couple of individuals believe that the impression ought to be incorporated into the price tag, most clients imagine that the cost is worth what you get subsequently a wise venture.

4. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1

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One individual outdoors tents are never again a save of those high in the monetary stepping stool, on account of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent.

You never again need to hold your exploring trips basically in light of the fact that you can’t manage the cost of a decent solo individual tent.

At an entirely moderate value, ALPS Mountaineering gives you a tent that contrasts aggressively and rivals that cost a lot higher.

The unattached tent offers enough space, total insurance and great ventilation for solo explorers.

Generally, this is a perfect tent for anybody chipping away at fixed spending plan yet at the same time needs to get the best out of short exploring endeavors.

Great Price

Without eliminating the greater part of the indispensable highlights, one of the real selling purposes of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent is its cost!

Costing path under $100, the twofold shaft tent is produced using a weatherproof texture that will shield you from the cruelty of the earth.

The work texture on the top, supported by the enormous D-molded entryway and the little side windows basically give the required ventilation as you take your merited rest.

Truth be told, the entryway can safely be cut on the left half of the tent to give a decent perspective on the outside condition when you sit in your tent.

Complete Package

Put something aside for the absence of an impression, this is a finished tent with all-round highlights.

It is produced using solid and tough aluminum posts and a weatherproof polyester texture to keep going long.

It additionally accompanies 10 aluminum pegs, a downpour fly and additional texture swatches to helpfully fix the tent when there is need.

All things considered, these adornments look such huge numbers of an incoherent yet you don’t have to stress as the whole gathering comes will a convey sack with handles and ties for compactness.


  • Stuffed Weight: 4 lbs 4 oz
  • Measurements: 7’6″ by 2’8″
  • Pinnacle Height: 3 feet
  • Floor region: 20 square feet
  • Number of shafts: 2
  • Shaft Material: aluminum


  • Has an open vestibule for putting away extra climbing rigging.
  • Strong and solid development.
  • A detached tent that is anything but difficult to set up.
  • It comes with a convey pack for simple compactness.


  • It does not accompany an impression but rather this can be acquired independently.
  • Slightly heavier than most one individual outdoors tents.

Primary concern

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent may not be your fantasy tent since it isn’t as lightweight as you would need for one individual outdoors tent.

 However, it is exceptionally reasonable and extraordinary for vehicle or motorbike chasing, outdoors or climbing.

It accompanies superb zippers on the vestibule and the entryway to expand your tent’s life expectancy.

I have an extremely positive inclination about this tent and will unhesitatingly prescribe it to anybody on a fixed spending plan.

5. The TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent: Just Perfect

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

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TETON Sports is a major brand in the open-air gear industry, and they have kept on structure their image with the praiseworthy TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Person Tent.

This tent has been in the market for a considerable length of time and has reliably stayed a standout amongst the best in the not insignificant rundown of the one-individual tent.

What makes this tent emerge?

All things considered, there are such a significant number of clear reasons like the simplicity of set up, sturdiness, selection of materials and flexibility.

Be that as it may, the two non-evident reasons we took a gander at are the way that it accompanies all that you need in a tent and also, it is a straightforward yet faultless plan.

Accompanies All Accessories at No Extra Cost

Nothing is as bothering as requesting a distinctive tent frill in the wake of picking your optimal tent.

All things considered, you won’t encounter this with the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Person Tent as it incorporates everything that you would need to use in the wild in a similar request.

In one bundle and at a moderate cost, you get the tent, the downpour fly, stakes, impression, shafts, strings and everything else you will require during the gathering and utilization of this great tent. Isn’t this an astonishing arrangement?

Extraordinary Design

The tent highlights a solitary aluminum post that aides in quick set up and separating.

The shaft bolsters an internal work tent that viably ventilates the tent and helps build up when utilized without the polyester downpour fly during hotter evenings.

So as to guarantee that the tent endures longer than your conventional hiking tent, the work texture has strengthened creases and dependable stay focuses.

At long last, the 150D Oxford canvas that makes up the additional high bath like the floor is all you need from awkward grounds.


  • Pressed Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Measurements: 82 crawls by 32 inches
  • Pinnacle Height: 39.5 inches
  • Floor territory: 20.5 square feet
  • Number of posts: 1
  • Post Material: aluminum


  • Easy to set up.
  • Versatile and decently evaluated.
  • It comes with an extra frill.


  • Heavier than a portion of its rivals.
  • It has some way or another bigger pressing size.

Main concern

The tent is genuinely heavier than its rivals and indeed, TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 1 Person Tent is certainly not a tent you would go for if weight is your lone thought.

In any case, since weight is never the main factor to search for in one individual tent.

This tent is as yet an extraordinary decision for solo campers as it accompanies a wide scope of benefits.

It is anything but difficult to utilize, agreeable and solid and highlights an extraordinary plan.

 Subsequently perfect for explorers on short grasps or those utilizing vehicles or cars.

6.  The Big Agnes Unisex Rattlesnake SL 1 Person mtnGLO Tent

1 Person mtnGLO Tent

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The Big Agnes never baffles its clients by going past the conventional and in the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL1 mtnGLO Tent.

They have given hikers the advantage of illuminating their camps.

This tent is lit up with the protected mtnGLO Tent Light Technology which ensures clients adequate light with only a solitary snap of a catch.

Aside from the LED lighting, this tent is tough, simple to set up, overly lightweight and weatherproof.

It is along these lines reasonable for prepared hikers and scouts however novices will likewise discover it strange.

mtnGLO Tent Light Technology

The overly light Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL1 mtnGLO Tent is a performance individual, 3-season tent that highlights a protected mtnGLO LED lighting framework that guarantees that your boondocks outing remains splendid all through.

It highlights LED lights that are impeccably coordinated into the body of the tent and a chance to empower on and off task.

The framework utilizes 3 AAA batteries and assurance at any rate 90 hours of hand free brilliant lighting to enable you to deal with your outdoor gear.

Adequate Storage Space

This single entryway, one individual tent is a standout amongst the roomiest tents with an inside dozing territory of 23 square feet for agreeable rest and rest.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t about your rest and solace yet additionally the comfort and wellbeing of your outdoors gear just as your stimulation.

It has a one 9 square feet vestibule that will give enough stockpiling to your outdoor gear.

 Two media pockets to advantageously course headphones from telephones or different gadgets and 3 work pockets.

There you can keep all the little exploring stuff off the ground and sort out.

Would you be able to request more?


  • Pressed Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz
  • Measurements: 90 crawls by 43 inches
  • Pinnacle Height: 30 inches
  • Floor zone: 23 square feet
  • Number of posts: 2
  • Post Material: aluminum DAC


  • Easy to set up.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Spacious and agreeable.
  • Weatherproof ripstop nylon texture.


  • AAA batteries are purchased independently.
  • Not the most lightweight one individual tent.

Primary concern

The Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL1 mtnGLO Tent is one individual 3 season tent that is mainstream among backwoods explorers.

It helpfully furnishes you with a roomy dozing territory, enough extra room for your outdoor gear and a tough safe house.

That you will appreciate utilizing for a considerable length of time.

Besides, the tent highlights the licensed mtnGLO Led Lighting System that proves to be useful.

 When you set base in obscurity and you have to sort out your exploring gear or set up a dinner.

7. The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 3 Tent

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 3 Tent

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It is difficult to talk about any class of open-air gear without referencing, at any rate, a solitary model from Big Agnes Company.

They are a valid maker of outdoors rigging and they demonstrate that with the improved honor winning plan of the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent!

Without pointless weight, you have a top-notch exploring tent that is dependably reasonable for a wide range of climate conditions.

The tent isn’t just about the name yet additionally about the expanded volume for your solace, enough stockpiling zone for your outdoor gear and a weatherproof material to shield you from a wide range of climate.

Unrivaled Weight to Volume Ratio

At only 2 lbs. what’s more, 1 oz. whenever pressed, this is a standout amongst the ultra-light tents you have available to you.

The tent is unimaginably light and perfect for quick solo campers who need to have it light as they experience in nature.

Be that as it may, lightweight does not really mean little volume as shown by the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent.

The structure highlights soak dividers and an SF center post framework permitting expanded inside space without including any weight.

This makes a usable floor territory of 20 square feet, which is adequate for single individual use.

Weatherproof Materials for 3 Seasons Use

There is no monetary sense in putting resources into a tent that you will use for a solitary season.

Indeed, even if you are ordinarily a late spring explorer or camper, acquiring a tent that goes past summer climbing is an or more as, after some time, certain things may come up startlingly or change.

The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent pads you from the obscure by the utilization of materials appropriate for a wide scope of climate conditions.

The unattached tent has a get passage vestibule that keeps dry snow and downpour when you move out.

Once more, both the floor and the fly have a polyurethane covering and taped creases that are weatherproof.


  • Pressed Weight: 2 lbs 1 oz
  • Measurements: 86 crawls by 28 inches
  • Pinnacle Height: 38 inches
  • Floor zone: 20 square feet
  • Number of posts: 1
  • Post Material: aluminum DAC Featherlite


  • Easy to amass.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 2 media pockets, inside work pockets and a vestibule to keep your rigging set up.


  • The footprint is acquired independently.

Primary concern

The detached The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1 Tent is an item quick explorers who might not be content with an additional ounce of weight in their rigging will be pleased to possess.

A greater bit of leeway is the way that notwithstanding its lightweight plan.

 You have adequate space for capacity and agreeable rest.

While it may not be exceptionally helpful for use in zones with solid breezes.

This is a performance individual tent worth putting resources into.

8.  The Hewolf Dome Lightweight Camping Tent

Hewolf Dome Lightweight Camping Tent

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The Hewolf Outdoor 1 man Tent for trekking/riding/climbing/outdoors, the waterproof tent is all you require for an entire year outdoors even in cold conditions.

The Hewolf Outdoor 1 man Tent for trekking/riding/climbing/outdoors, the waterproof tent is all you require for an entire year outdoors even in cold conditions.

Regardless of whether you have a performance outdoors experience or not.

There are not all that a large number that will place you into the spotlight as the Hewolf item will.

The two-entryway one individual tent is anything but difficult to utilize, versatile, solid and exceedingly flexible.

Be that as it may, being marginally substantial, this tent is appropriate for those utilizing cars.

4 Seasons Tent

A large portion of the tents accessible in the market and those checked on here are 3 man tents.

The Hewolf Outdoor 1 man Tent for trekking/riding/climbing/outdoors, waterproof emerges as a reasonable tent for 4 seasons henceforth perfect for campers lasting through the year.

To begin with, the tent highlights two entryways for a simple section and exit.

Besides, it includes a twofold layer of texture that you can helpfully utilize freely.

In other words that you can utilize the inward tent or the external tent independently or together.

This tent likewise includes a couple of work windows and half work dividers for ventilation.

All things considered, the genuine article about this tent is the tent material.

The lower part is produced using 210D Oxford fabric with high thickness PU covering while the external area is produced using the superb enemy of tear polyester with a waterproof covering.

Exceedingly Versatile

The Hewolf Outdoor 1 man Tent for trekking/riding/climbing/outdoors, the waterproof tent is the most adaptable tent you can go over.

It is anything but difficult to set up and perfect for climbing, biking, and outdoors, trekking, angling, kayaking and riding among other open-air exercises.

This is additionally because of the way that it is a 4 season tent, its sturdiness, and flexibility.

Open the two entryways for additional ventilation and a decent perspective on the outside condition during a warm climate.

Then again, close them to keep yourself warm when outdoors in high conditions.

Once more, this tent accompanies a convey pack to enable you to move around with it helpfully.


  • Pressed Weight: 4 lbs 7 oz
  • Measurements: 6.9 feet by 4.3 feet
  • Pinnacle Height: 3.6 feet
  • Floor territory: 21 square feet
  • Number of posts: 2
  • Post Material: aluminum composite


  • Weatherproof and perfect for 4 seasons.
  • Adaptable and adaptable.
  • Enough ventilation.
  • It comes with a convey pack for simple transportation.
  • Two entryways for simple passage and exit.


  • Slightly heavier than most tents henceforth most perfect for explorers with cars.
  • The configuration does not look staggeringly in vogue and ought to be improved.

Primary concern

Aside from the weight and structure, Hewolf Outdoor 1 man waterproof tent is your optimal tent for all seasons.

It is very much ventilated and weatherproof which implies that it will give comfort in warm summer evenings.

And the merited warmth in the snowiest conditions separately.

On the off chance that you are an all year climber, at that point this decently evaluated tent is all you requirement for the eccentric climate conditions you will undoubtedly be daring.

9. The Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping & Backpacking Tent

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With regards to outdoors tents, space and solace go connected at the hip.

The Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping and hiking tent is the most extensive one individual tent and still gloats of a smooth plan.

This smaller hiking and outdoors tent is extensive, simple to pitch and gives unrivaled protection.

The tent costs substantially less than $100 and is the sort of tent every one of our editors concurred that is perfect for only everybody out there.

Enough Sleeping Space

Most outdoors tents either have enough inside length and an extremely restricted width or a shorter length and wide width.

Indeed, this can’t be said of the Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping and exploring tent.

At 210cm by 100cm by 110cm, this is seemingly the biggest and most relative solo individual tent you can go over.

Fundamentally, a greater resting space implies more solace and greater space to store your hiking gear.

It is a tent for any enormous individual out there as it gives a sensible length and width for everybody.

Strong and Built To Last

The Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping and Backpacking Tent is definitely not a tent that you will utilize two or multiple times and arrange.

The producers guarantee an incredible selection of materials just as extraordinary workmanship.

The external shell is fundamentally produced using sturdy 190T polyester while the base is made of a twofold layer of waterproof ripstop nylon.


  • Stuffed Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Measurements: 210 cm by 100 cm
  • Pinnacle height: 110 cm
  • Floor zone: 24 square feet
  • Number of shafts: 2
  • Shaft Material: DAC aluminum


  • Sturdy and sturdy.
  • Compact, lightweight and compact.
  • Affordable.

Weatherproof and perfect for a wide scope of climate conditions.


  • Great on the off chance that you would utilize an impression as the base is somewhat extreme

Primary concern

The Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping and Backpacking tent are ours toward the end in the audit of the best one-individual tents.

It makes it to the rundown on account of its lightweight and extensive highlights.

Without spending a fortune you get enough space, unrivaled security and a tent you will discover simple to convey and set up anyplace.

10. The Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 Tent

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Sierra Designs has nailed it again with its non-detached Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 Tent.

It is a very decent and agreeable single individual tent perfect for both hiking and outdoors.

The tent is extremely simple to pitch and highlights an astounding mix of the single divider and twofold divider structures basically counteracting the internal mass of getting doused during an overwhelming storm.

The tent is an improved plan from the past tents and gives an astounding wind stream and capacity to square virus winds.

Extremely advantageous, would it say it isn’t?

Basic and Easy To Pitch Design

The Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 Tent is a perfect tent for swashbucklers who worth straightforwardness without bargaining their solace.

It includes a half and half single and twofold divider structure which adequately diminishes weight and requires evaporate and simple set.

You can further lessen the heaviness of your bundle by setting up the portable shelter on a couple of trekking posts as opposed to utilizing the principle tent shafts.

You hence can utilize the trekking shafts during the day for climbing and around evening time as your asylum.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether you set up the portable shelter on trekking posts, despite everything you have to convey the little shafts that protected the finish of the downpour fly.

Hooded Single Door

Another significant component of the Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 Tent is its huge hooded entryway.

The entryway has an 8-inch overhang shade that ensures dry passage and exit.

The shade canopy additionally gives a decent shade from the sun and furthermore shields you from the downpour as you can simply leave the entryway open when it is sprinkling.

Independent of the time and climate conditions, the enormous entryway gives a vaporous feel.


  • Stuffed Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz
  • Measurements: 90 creeps by 32 inches
  • Pinnacle Height: 46 inches
  • Floor zone: 18.8 square feet
  • Number of shafts: 3
  • Shaft Material: DAC aluminum


  • Easy to pitch.
  • Affordably valued.
  • Well ventilated.


  • Slightly heavier than most outdoor tents.
  • The guidance manual isn’t exceptionally clear.

Main concern

The non-unattached 1 individual 3 season’s tent is an amazing decision for individuals who need to have it basic.

While it is typically marked a starter camp, this camp can likewise be utilized by scouts and the individuals who have been on the trail for quite a long time or even decades.

At a reasonable value, the Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 Tent ensures adequate wind current, comfort, weatherproof capacity and all the more critically, it is anything but difficult to pitch.

Consider Before Buying the Best Single Person Tent

The three key highlights of any tent are regularity, weight, and whether it is unattached or non-detached.

The Seasonality

The most significant factor to take a gander at is the season you plan to utilize your tent in.

Most tents you purchase will have a rating on them, for example, one season, three-season or four seasons.

One Season

One season tents are planned uniquely for summer use.

They utilize lighter weight and less expensive materials intended for exceptionally mellow conditions.

These sorts of tents won’t stand up well to rain or wind.

One season tents should just be utilized during reasonable climate, low wind conditions at warm temperatures.

By and large, they will be less expensive and flimsier than different tents.

Three Season

Three season tents are the most adaptable and prevalent sort of tent available today.

They are worked for utilizing all through spring, summer and pre-winter conditions.

An all-around made three-season tent uses quality materials that furnish breathability in the mid-year alongside great insurance from the components.

A three-season tent is a thing that you should search for in the event that you need a decent, multirole tent you can use for the greater part of the year.

Four Season

Four season tents are worked out of innovative textures and utilize solid supporting components.

They are intended to confront genuinely substantial snowfall and high breezes.

They regularly incorporate highlights like twofold dividers and a rainfly that reaches out to the ground.

This sort of tent is otherwise called an endeavor or mountaineering tent.

They give bunches of insurance from the components however are frequently very stuffy and overwhelming.

Most four-season tents are just utilized during winter conditions


Weight is a tremendous piece of selecting one individual outdoors tent.

In case you’re intending to vehicle camp you can purchase a less expensive, heavier but the best single person tent.

In the event that you need to have the option to go hiking it’s smarter to put resources into an ultra-light one individual tent.

When in doubt, the heavier your tent is the less expensive it will be.

Heavier tents likewise used to be sturdier, however, progress in materials science have made some genuinely wonderful new textures and post materials for tents.

Take a gander at the stuffed size and least trail weight of any tent you’re thinking about.

This all boils down to how light and little it can get while as yet holding every one of its highlights.

The best individual tent for your cash will be both sturdy and lightweight.

Detached or Non-Freestanding

Regardless of whether a tent can remain alone truly changes how you can utilize it.

Unattached tents utilize an arrangement of posts and gear to hold a tent up with no outer guy lines.

Non-detached tents, for the most part, depend on staked lines to force tent material rigid against a focal shaft.

Unsupported tents are increasingly flexible while non-detached tents are generally lighter.

This all comes down to the number of shafts each tent style requires to be set up.

In case you’re searching for the best single individual tent, an unsupported tent is normally your most solid option.

When you have your tent, make a point to find a way to make your outdoor experience as agreeable as would be prudent.

Tent Livability

The present tent structures look to offer progressively inside space without including weight.

Different highlights to consider are the area and number of entryways, alternatives for protected outside spaces, and ventilation contemplations.

When you shop on the web, inspect the set-up of the portable shelter dividers.

Step points will, in general, demonstrate exchanging less inside space for lighter weight.

The length and width estimations can give you a thought of floor measure.

However, decreased plans will offer more width for shoulders and less width for feet so as to spare weight.

Floor zone will give you the area of the room, and pinnacle tallness can help decide conceivable inside room (it ought to be noticed that these estimations can just give an unpleasant gauge, as formats will differ among items and stature estimations are taken from a solitary point as a rule).

Divider edges are typically a greater factor for inside space, as increasingly vertical dividers can give more space.

Entryway plans are talked about in detail by numerous producers, yet on account of a one-man tent, anything past a solitary entryway isn’t basic.

Ventilation can help counteract the development of buildup and vestibules offer outside capacity security.

Tent Materials

Another thought is the materials that the tent is made of.

Tent shafts will come as aluminum (which are solid and light), carbon fiber (extremely light and solid, yet not as sturdy), and fiberglass (less expensive, heavier, and less tough).

Tent textures are generally nylons and polyesters and are evaluated with a denier (D) number.

This shows the material quality, with higher numbers demonstrating more grounded textures.

Denier may be essential to you if your determinations are indistinguishable in most different viewpoints, with occasional evaluations and shaft configuration being of more significance.


To sum up it can be said that the above discussion on the best single person tents will help you to find the best one for you.

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