The 7 Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys in 2023 (Reviews)

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While hikers and backpackers love the thrill of a great adventure, nothing beats cozying up in a sleeping bag at the end of the day.

Campers and backpackers from early years used to dread all the packing. Moreover, it was challenging to come across all the right gear and travel essentials. One of the worst nightmares was finding the right sleeping bag.

Struggling to find the right sleeping bag for your size and weight? Don’t worry because brands these days are more cautious and offer a wide variety of sizes between XL to XXXL. And we’ll hook you up with some of the best sleeping bags for big guys.

Best Sleeping Bags for Tall and Big Guys

The market is saturated with too many options now, which can be a newfound nightmare. That is why we’re here today to share a list of great sleeping bags and how to choose the perfect one for you!


1. Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B005EPRFF4” title= “Teton Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag”]

Can you imagine being as tall as 6 feet or more and still get a spacious sleeping bag to curl up comfortably in? We surely couldn’t until this sleeping bag from Teton Sports surprised us with its size, comfort, and insulation.


This particular piece from Teton is a whole 90” by 39”, with two zip options – one on the left and the other on the right. It is a sleeping bag so large that it can easily fit somebody who might be as tall as 6’5”.

Great Quality Fabric

The outer layer is made of excellent quality taffeta, with double-layer stitching and a soft lining of fine poly-flannel. Its zip-type closure allows enough airflow.

Machine Washable

Since it is built of premium quality materials, it will not drench in your stench, but at the same time, will retain its texture and comfort after every machine wash.

Things we like:

  • Warm: The sleeping bag is perfect for outdoors, frigid weather as it is made of premium quality fabric
  • Versatile: Although the bag is spacious for tall and big guys, a small person can comfortably sleep in it as well. It’s great for backyard camping if you’re planning to share a bed with your child.
  • Easy to pack: The bag doesn’t require rolling as you can pack it easily using the durable straps,
  • Machine-washable: You can wash the bag without compromised quality, as the fabric dries up quickly. It’s great for rainy days as well!
  • Well-designed: Added padding and an extra pocket for small items like mobile phone

Thing we don’t like:

  • Not waterproof: You can’t go camping with it during the rainy seasons.
  • Unconventional: The bag doesn’t unzip to the bottom

Our Thoughts

This one has all the qualities of durability, additional compartments, and features for excellent usability and has the room to help you cozy up whenever you want.


2. Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B004J2FB5Y” title= “Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag”]

Our pick for the colder weather in this list of the best sleeping bags for big guys is Coleman’s Big & Tall product. Priced at a reasonable margin, it is an all-rounder sleeping bag that packs a punch with high-end quality features.


When you’re planning to get a sleeping bag, all the added features such as cords, extensions, zippers, and compartments – will matter. In terms of all these added benefits, the Big & Tall is like a tiny innovative mattress.

Warmth in a Nutshell

Who doesn’t love camping out in the winter when the wind is chilly? And to compensate for a rough night, this product is rated at 10 degrees Fahrenheit and locks in the warmth for an entire night out.


No matter how many times you’ve used it, rest assured this sleeping bag does not hold down the stench of your body.

Things we like:

  • Durable: With its great zipper and fabric, the bag won’t budge in the long run
  • Branded: The brand is reliable, and it provides a 5-Year warranty
  • Easy Maintenance: Wash-friendly as the material does not shrink or tear easily
  • Warm: Its high-quality materials lock in the warmth to give you comfort
  • Easy Usage: It is both easy to assemble and pack

Things we don’t like:

  • Fabric: The bag is not cotton-lined, can be uncomfortable to some
  • Heavy: Due to its heavyweight, its best for backyard camping

Our Thoughts on the Big & Tall

Packed with dimensions and body warmth supporting elements, the Coleman will not disappoint its price point.


3. TETON Sports Deer Hunter

[amazon box= “B00A4VLNEM” title= “TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag”]

Teton never fails to amaze the hikers and campers who love spending so much time outdoors. Once again, the Deer Hunter sleeping bag is a twin bed-like mattress for the big guys out there. Let’s go through its fantastic features, shall we?

Added Pockets

The internal pocket is well-sewn and stores everything easily. You can always store your valuables securely near to you while you’re resting inside.

Storage Friendly

Along with the pockets, it comes with an added duffel bag to pack and carry around your sleeping bag with ease. It is quite the dapper look any big guy could pull off on an adventurous hike.

Highly Durable

The sleeping bag may be sewn with soft lines, but it is built through rough weather. While it is built to keep you warm during the cold, it is also made water-resistant due to the premium quality outer canvas layer.

Things we like:

  • Sound design: The bag is very comfortable in all seasons due to its inclusive insulation
  • Well-built: Extremely durable with well-sewn lines, the bag will last a long time.
  • Duffel-bag: Easy to pack and store in a duffel bag
  • Rain-resistant: Water resistant to keep you comfy on rough rainy nights
  • Innovative: The outstanding quality and innovative material makes it a stylish bag

Things we don’t like:

  • Limited options: Although the bag looks great, it has limited color options
  • Expensive: As opposed to other options in this range, this bag is a bit pricy.

Our Thoughts on Teton Sports Deer Hunter

Incredibly stylish name and adds a sporty vibe to your body after every use – That’s the Teton Sports Deer Hunter for you big folks out there! As a brand, it continues to promise great support, features, and comfort.


4. Coleman Big Basin Adult Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B00363V3M2” title= “Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag”]

The dimensions of a family-sized adult mattress are an easy win for the best sleeping bag for big guys! This can fit a person of up to 6’6”. Once you check out its features, you’ll know why it’s made it to our list of the top recommendations.


We know you’re still lurking around for that pocket-friendly option that won’t break you the bank but still promises a sturdy sleeping bag. For cold-weather camping in this mummy hood sleeping bag, this is a big win.


Imagine slipping into this sleeping bag quickly without feeling claustrophobic while staying perfectly warm. It might sound too good to be true for an affordable option, but it’s been tried and tested by real hikers of frigid weather.


We’ve heard tall people as big as 6’6″ talk about having accessible space within this sleeping bag. You can use this as many times as you want; it won’t shrink on you or alter its comfort in any shape or form.

Things we like:

  • Space: The bag is large enough to accommodate big and tall sizes.
  • Ideal for cold: Its material is perfect for cold weather.
  • Good shape: The bag is mummy-shaped and packs a lighter weight.
  • Breathing space: The bag can be used sparingly without feeling congested in the area.
  • Well-built: You can unzip without much friction due to the high-quality zippers.

Things we don’t like:

  • Heavy: It isn’t easy to carry by hand due to its heavyweight
  • Maintenance: You can only wash it at the laundry as it’s large

Our Thoughts on the Coleman Big Basin

This product stands true to its name, as it fits every ounce and inch of you while toasting you with its warmth. Its material is soft to touch due to the polyester; the color matches well with rough camp night outs.


5. Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B00363PRK6” title= “Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag”]

Are you interested in another polyester option? We have yet another Coleman sleeping bag that is ranged at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and comes well-equipped with all its classic added features.

Great for Hot Weather

As spacious as it is, its strong zipper cord allows you to unzip and easily slide in and out. The material is breathable, allowing you to feel at ease.

Machine Washable

Not only is this machine wash friendly, but it also retains its silky smooth fabric. We promise every time you get inside, you’ll feel like falling asleep immediately.

Plushy Comforts

Coleman understands the dire need for ultimate comfort and relaxation. This is why they have built this sleeping bag to have a one-of-a-kind comfort cuff. Throw an extra inflatable pillow on top to enhance the experience.

Things we like:

  • Spacious: The bag has plenty of room for big guys
  • Affordable: The price range is reasonable for everyone compared to many other sleeping bags
  • Comfortable: Its comfortable lining and inner fabric gives a smooth feel against the skin
  • Easy to carry: The bag is lightweight compared to other sleeping bags; you can take it anywhere!

Things we don’t like:

  • Not for winter: It’s built for warm weather, so not eligible for all-season use
  • No duffel bag: Although the bag is lightweight, it isn’t easy to carry because there is no added storage bag

Our Thoughts

If you don’t mind the extra room for packing, we’re sure you’ll be highly pleased with its highly spacious internal space. The material on both the outside and the inside is so promising that you’ll be glad you purchased this number.


6. Wakeman Outdoors Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B07QM246JX” title= “Wakeman Outdoors Sleeping Bag”]

The Wakeman Outdoors sleeping bag is as unique as it looks – refined with excellent quality materials, well-tempered, and is a classic staple for the big dudes. Find out more about features!


While you can’t always win the best in all grounds with a sleeping bag, the Wakeman is waterproof. It prides itself to be weather resistant, keeping you both dry and insulated from any extreme coldness.


You’re probably wondering, how can a sleeping bag for the XXL guys be lightweight? Although it widens to a whopping 90 by 36 inches, it is built-in polyester and comes with straps that make packing ten times hassle-free. This makes the bag compress down, giving it an overall versatility.

Maximum Comfort

The Wakeman is finely lined with cotton, packing it in extreme comfort. So as you roll around in between sleep, the edges will feel smooth and barely make you feel congested in your own space.

Great Storage Option

Its added compressibility also includes a carrying bag that makes it all the easier to store and carry around. You could even toss away the bag at the back of your trunk for a long journey back and forth.

Things we like:

  • Easy to store: The high compressibility allows easy storage of these bags on long trips.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant: You can travel all season with these bags!
  • Lightweight: The bags are easy to pack and carry around due to their lightweight
  • Comfortable: Its comfortable material and cotton liner that allows you to sleep peacefully
  • Spacious: The bag is large enough to accommodate any tall person

Things we don’t like:

  • Not Machine-Washable: Due to its large size, it does not fit standard washing machine
  • Not for cold: It cannot provide enough insulation for freezing temperatures

Our Thoughts

Unless you’re going to be in bone-chilling weather, this is a unique choice. Don’t worry too much about the not-so-standard for regular-sized washing machines; you could always rely on a laundry that does a great job on comforters.


7. oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

[amazon box= “B082CZLZBY” title= “oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag”]

Last but not least, the oaskys sleeping bags are popular among campers for their vibrant colors and easy usability. Their features are explained in the following.

Weather-resistant design

You can use these bags all season with their weather-resistant cover. The sleeping bags are specifically designed for three seasons: summer, winter, and rainy season. If you’re a travel vlogger or a tourist, this is perfect for you.


The sleeping bag is not only made for big buys but also avid travelers. Its lining is non-tearable, and the premium 210T outer cover makes it long-lasting.

Head-warming hood

For extreme cold, the sleeping bag comes with a half-circle hood you can wrap around your head using drawstrings. If you’re into trekking, this hood is excellent to keep you safe from catching a cold.

Things we like:

  • Double-filled technology: The bag is highly water-resistant with its premium-quality lining and double-filled technology. You can sleep in peace even in the rain.
  • Zipper on two sides: It has a zipper on the feet’ side so that you can keep your leg out for ultimate comfort.
  • Wipe-clean: You can use a wet towel to clean the polyester after walking through sandy mountains all day.
  • 16 inch carry bag: The carry bag is small and lightweight, making it easily portable
  • Anti-tearing: The 210T cover is not easy to tear.

Things we don’t like:

  • Small: The bag doesn’t have much room.
  • Flimsy zippers: The zippers are not well-made and often break.

Our Thoughts

Although the bag is a bit small for big guys, it’s ideal for extreme weather. If you can tough it out, the sleeping bag is definitely for you!


How to Store and Manage Large Sleeping Bags While Camping

Sleeping bags only come with warranties, not expiration dates. While brands will promise you a refined, built silhouette, how much you take care of in the long run matters a lot.

1. Hang in the sack

Use the sack or carrier bag your sleeping bag comes with and stuff it up nicely. Instead of tossing it randomly on the floor or in between large boxes, hang it up on the wall. This will prevent the insides of the sleeping bag from being smushed. You will continue to feel the bouncy effect if you try this hack.

2. Always Keep Dry

Do not keep your sleeping bag soaked, even if it is built for water resistance. Make sure to keep the inners dry, and always use a fresh and dry duffel/stuffing bag to pack it up. When you’re outdoors, avoid having drinks to prevent spillage on the mattress. You don’t want mold or something yucky to develop over time and ruin the precious thing.

3. Use a Tent

Sleeping bags are indeed built to endure the outdoor environment. However, it’s safest to place it inside a tent if you’re using one. It will add protection from rain, snowfall, etc.

4. Better Storage Methods

Apart from the hanging method, by now, you know that a sleeping bag should always stay dry. To maximize the quality of its storage, make sure to store it in a breathable bag. Never keep it inside a plastic bag as people do with blankets.

A sleeping bag should also have a designated dry space in your closet, which you will also open now and then circulate airflow.

5. How to Stuff?

Instead of keeping the sleeping bag compressed for a long time, allow it to stuff comfortably in its carrier. So while you’re camping, try not to keep the sleeping bag compressed for longer than a few hours. For long-term storage, rolling is the least recommended way as it invites more mold or dust to accumulate. You don’t want your mattress to end up looking crusty. Instead, try the hanging method and let it breathe easily.


Buying Guide for the Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys

If you’ve thought of camping or backpacking across the U.S. or anywhere else in the world but have no idea how to buy the best sleeping bags for big guys, here is a detailed buying guide on it. Hikers or campers may often neglect the idea of a good night’s rest, thinking; they’ll only be away from home temporarily. Instead, they invest the time to pack on other travel essentials. But let’s get you hooked on the ultimate buyer’s guide because preference shouldn’t be compromised!


One of the most critical factors you should keep in mind while buying yourself a sleeping bag is temperature. Consider how cold it might get during the night, and also for how many nights in a row you’ll be staying outdoors for your hike.

Temperatures will vary depending on your adventure location and also which season you’re hiking. For warm-weather camping, opt for a sleeping bag that ensures 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Choose a much lower temperature for comfortable times, such as when the autumn leaves fall or when spring is right around the corner. If you’re camping in winter, you’ll need a bag rated at 10 degrees or less to keep you comfortable.

Did you know that our sleeping habits are also tied to temperature? There are cold sleepers and warm sleepers, and usually, the former are women while the latter are men. Considering this, you’ll see that sleeping bags have two temperature ratings, between an absolute minimum and a maximum. If you’re a big guy, the maximum is for you.


When you’re backpacking, every ounce counts. We’re always tempted to get the most comfortable fabric and get the roomiest of all sleeping bags. But if you’re a big guy, your sleeping bag isn’t the only thing weighing you down. We also have to keep in mind your bag being full and heavy due to all the clothes, gear, and other traveling essentials.

The more comfort you seek, sometimes end up adding more ounces to your carryable. This can be a bit tricky. However, finding the balance between a not too heavy sleeping bag and your enjoyment is the key to getting the best sleeping bag for big guys.

Type of Insulation

Perhaps the least amount of weight available on sleeping bags for big guys has feathers filled inside. These are called the down sleeping bag, providing moderate insulation. They are usually not as water-repellent. Using them during the rainy season isn’t ideal, but they pack less weight and easily compress.

You might have come across polyester-made sleeping bags. These are insulated using synthetic, comfortable for sure, and easy to store. Synthetics provide insulation when you are in wet regions. These also dry up quickly.


We all know that you get what you pay for. So it is never wise to opt for the cheapest option in the market. However, you can always find ways to make the most of the value. Choose sleeping bags that are made for all or three seasons. Apart from that, the shape, insulation, material, weight, lining – are all the factors that matter in determining the proper budget.

Know Your Shape

Not many people know that sleeping bags come in several different shapes. Rectangular-shaped bags and mummy-shaped ones are more common and opposite of each other in terms of features. If you want more insulation, pick the mummy shaped. An added benefit is, it’s much more lightweight. As a big guy, you might already have the advantage of ensuring that enough insulation is packed. Your sleeping mattress won’t compress and therefore won’t lose its insulation. If you want the best of both worlds, get a semi-rectangular one.


It’s always beneficial to look for added features such as extra padding, extra comforter, drawstrings, anti-snag zippers, pillow pockets, etc. These increase the functionality of a sleeping bag, enhancing the satisfaction from using them over a long period across all times possible. An extra feature like a pillow pocket can secure your pillow and help you sleep uninterrupted. Another attractive feature is internal sewn pockets, which help to keep valuables nearby. Similarly, as trivial as zippers may be, they are the components constantly tugging on your sleeping bag to open and close up. If they’re not efficient enough, they may tear and disturb the fabric or require expensive fixes.



1. How can I choose the right size for my sleeping bag?

The right size for a personal sleeping bag should be the same as your height. It is the easiest way to decide on the size. Apart from the height, if you’re concerned about the width, it will depend on how much room you want and how much space you have to carry and travel with it.

2. Why are sleeping bags necessary?

Sleeping bags are a must-have when you are camping or out on an adventure. These give our body insulation in extreme temperatures as well as warmth and comfort. There are sleeping bags specifically designed to deal with the weather and to protect you from the ground you’re sleeping on.

3. Do I need a pillow with my sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags generally don’t come with pillows, but they are designed to hold one if you decide to pack a small and comfortable pillow on your trip. If you don’t want the extra weight, you can always stuff clothing inside the sleeping bag’s case.

4. How many types of sleeping bags are there?

There are sleeping bags for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on your use, you can choose from the following list of the common types of sleeping bags:

  1. Barrel-shaped
  2. Double sleeping bag
  3. Rectangular shape
  4. Mummy sleeping bag
  5. Elephant’s foot
  6. Quilt


Final Words

Now that you have a vivid imagination of the best sleeping bags for big guys, we hope you can narrow down your preference. Just remember to take a peek at our buying guide before finalizing your choice. Let us know which sleeping bag you will be enjoying in the upcoming season.