Best Sleeping Pad for Car Camping in 2023 [Top 8 Reviewed]

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Camping with a car is the most preferred camping type, especially for couples and families. People get a tent when camping with family but often don’t have enough space to sleep inside the small tent. Again, couples and solo campers need comfortable sleep time inside their car. For that, the best sleeping pad for car camping can be the perfect solution.

To choose the best sleeping pad for car camping, you need to check the size twice. Besides, it has to be smaller folding size, lightweight, and easy to inflate. Besides, you should pick a thicker one for a comfortable sleep time.

Well, many of you don’t have enough idea about the best sleeping pad to set inside a car. If you are one of them, you are on the right track. It’s because today, we are going to discuss the best sleeping pads for car camping.

Stay with us till the end to learn about the most affordable and comfortable sleeping pad you can buy for car camping. Before we depart, I will share my suggestions to choose the appropriate sleeping pad for any car camper.


8 Best Sleeping Pads for Car Camping

Check out the best sleeping pad to camp with your car right below. Don’t forget to check the brief details of each product to make sure that you are buying the appropriate one that meets all your needs.

1. KingCamp Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mat

KingCamp Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mat
  • 【Design】this inflatable pad in the design of a unique anti-flanging design concept

Let’s start with an outstanding sleeping pad that will be perfect to camp with your car. And it is a KingCamp Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mat. For me, the best part of this sleeping pad is its royal blue color and high-quality material. It is super durable and quite affordable at the same time. Let’s see what more it will provide.


You will find this car camping sleeping pad 74 inches in length, 24.8 inches in width in an inflated state. And the thickness is approximately 3.9 inches. However, after wrapping it up it becomes 11 inches in length and 5.9 inches in width.


Here, the upper part of the pad is made of 100 percent polyester fiber 30 D Elastic cloth adhesive TPU coating. And the bottom fabric is constructed with 100 percent polyester fiber 190 T polyester adhesive TPU coating.


The sleeping pad has actually come from 3.9 inches to 5.1 inches in thickness. So, there’s no possibility that you’ll get hit on the ground and you’ll be safe from the cold as well. Plus, the internal structure will provide enough comfort and warmth while sleeping.

I-Beam Technology

The product is packed with the latest I-Beam technology and it will definitely give enough support to your body. In addition, the curvature design will help to hold your body right on the center of the pad.

Easy to Carry and Inflation

Inflation and deflation are super easy here and it has a premium TPU safety nozzle. So, you can do rapid inflation with a regular battery pump or blowing it with your mouth. However, the pad weighs only 2lbs so it is definitely easy to carry anywhere.


  • The TPU coating ensures the product is waterproof, tear-resistant, and moisture-proof.
  • You will get one mat and one carry bag and It’s built with 150D Oxford.
  • While deflating, just open the valve and free the air and that’s it.
  • The unique printing design gives the pad an amazing look.


  • We actually didn’t find anything serious about this excellent sleeping pad.

Our Thought on KingCamp Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mat

Yes, we didn’t have anything to mention about its dark side. So, if you already fix it as your next camping gear, I am sure that you will thank me for this recommendation and it will never disappoint you.


2. ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad

ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad
  • 4" THICK FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT in this premium self inflating sleeping pad. You get a very comfy extra thick 4...

The second one we have picked from Zobon Inc. No doubt that it is one of the leading sports and outdoors accessories manufacturers. And this sleeping pad is their best-selling one. However, it is especially recommended to use in the car as its size fits a car perfectly.


Usually, you’ll get this sleeping pad 74.8 inches in length, 24.41 inches in width, and thickness is around 3.94 inches. Plus, it is easy to carry and weighs only 3 pounds. So, if you have to carry it on your long way, it won’t be a problem.


The sleeping pad is made of 75D polyester pongee fabric and with extruded PVC lamination. Certainly, the polyvinyl and other material provides enough warmth and is waterproof and durable too. So, don’t ever think about the durability issue of this exclusive sleeping pad.

Built-in Air Pump

The pad is packed with a fast inflatable design and you can blow this up with breath or pump. Besides, it doesn’t need any batteries either. Here, the outtake valve has a double-decked design and the first one will help for inflating or slow release of air. Meanwhile, the second one will help for quick deflation.

Weather Proof

The 4-inch thick lair will protect you from the ground. However, it has actually come with an R-value of 4. So, you can use it in 3-4 seasons conveniently in any remote place.

Suitable for Any Camping Trips

You can fold this up only 6 inches in both length and width. And the snaps will help you to connect several pads together. Surely, it is the best for car camping but you can take it to motorcycle camping or hiking as well.


  • You will get a bag to carry the sleeping pad in it.
  • This inflatable sleeping pad guarantees to last two or more two years.
  • It is one of the best for family camping adventures.
  • The pad will give enough support in any rough journey and it will hold on to its steadiness.


  • Some users complained their products had insulation issues.

Our Thought on ZOOOBELIVES Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Some products come with manufacturer issues by birth. This is rare and so, you don’t have to think about it. If you get this sleeping pad perfectly, it will provide you with long-lasting performance. So, think twice before heading towards the next options.


3. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress
  • The standard for ultralight backpacking, the XLite backpacking mattress delivers unrivaled comfort and warmth...

The next recommendation is Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight sleeping pad. The best part of this sleeping pad is its winter support and thermal protection. In winter, it will definitely keep you warm and cozy inside your car. Besides, this exclusive sleeping bag is easy to carry and inflate. Let’s see what more it will provide.


You will get this sleeping pad in four different sizes including small, regular, regular wide, and large. However, the regular one has come with 47 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in thickness.


Here, the patented triangular core matrix will give you enough warmth and ensure sound sleep. In addition, the layer of thermal foam between the ridges of air and foam will surely keep you safe from the ground.

Easy to carry

The product weighs only 8 ounces and is packed with a pump sack, stuff sack, and repair kit. Surely, It is quite convenient to carry in car camping adventures.

Inflation and Deflation

It has come with a dependable Winglock valve and it helps to inflate the pad 3 times faster than any standard valve. Moreover, it will help with lightning deflation as well.

Weather Protection

This sleeping pad will give you a 4.2 R-value and it will keep you warm and comfortable in any condition. Additionally, it is specially designed to help the campers to enjoy winter camping trips.


  • The product is very lightweight and durable.
  • It becomes only 9 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide after rolling it up.
  • The materials here guarantee the product to be waterproof.
  • It is packed with all the things so you can carry this to any remote places as well.


  • Some users complained that it makes noise very often.

Our Thought on Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress

If you wear clothes with polyester fabric, then it’s normal to make some noise because of the Confrontation. So, I think you can try this product confidently.


4. INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad

INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad
  • Features a comfortable, flat design and memory foam material for a relaxing bed that travels anywhere

We have another super flexible sleeping pad that you can almost fit anyway. And it is from Invoker. It is another popular camping gear manufacturer that gains people’s trust within a very short period. However, this flexible sleeping pad is suggested to use inside a car.


This sleeping pad appeared to be 77 inches in length, 28 inches in width. And the thickness is around 3 inch so it’s definitely gonna keep you high from the ground.


It is made with 40D nylon and elastic foam and is wholly covered with TPU plastic. No wonder, this product will give support in any weather conditions. The thickness of this FlexFoam and tear-resistant fabric will make you comfortable and it is noise-free too.


This sleeping pad is specially designed for car camping adventures. However, it is suitable for any trip and is made of giant plastic foam. Besides, the plain design will certainly give a homely environment while sleeping.

Inflation Technology

The product has come with the most advanced self-inflating technology and it only takes 20-25 seconds. This is actually one-click inflation and you don’t need to blow it up or use any pump. Plus, it doesn’t require any battery as well.

Suitable for All Terrain

The steadiness and the design prove that you can carry it anywhere in rocky terrain and sleeping there will be hassle-free. Surely, it doesn’t matter if you’re a back sleeper or side sleeper, it won’t push you off the ground in any terrain.


  • The sleeping pad has an R-value of 9.4 so it is basically for 3-4 season usage.
  • The materials will help to withstand all weather conditions.
  • The space frame baffles will support your body and distribute the weight equally.
  • There will be a soft pillow that will let you enjoy a restful sleep.


  • Deflating this camping pad takes a few more times than the usual time.

Our Thought on INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad

You don’t usually need a pumping machine to inflate this mattress. Your breath is enough to inflate it. So, you have to spend a few minutes on that. And if you consider all the factors again, I am sure you will love it anyway.


5. Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping pad designed with pressure mapping technology for comfort in all the right places

If you are looking for a sleeping pad that can be used in all weather conditions, then this option is especially for you. Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Sleeping Pad comes with excellent features and quality materials. Let’s see what’s more it will provide.


This sleeping pad has come in three different sizes including large, regular, and X-large. Additionally, the large one is 77 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 3 inches inflated.


The product is made with polyester and premium foam. As it is designed with Therm-a-Rest pressure mapping technology so it gives support in the key areas and enough comfort in your body.

Inflation and Deflation

The expandable foam core helps in self-inflation right after the valve opens.

And the convenient TwinLock valve will actually assist you to inflate or deflate the pad at lightning speed.

Easy to carry

The large one becomes 26 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width when you’ll roll it up. Besides, the weight is around 4.19 pounds. So, you can take this on your car camping trips or anywhere and it won’t be a burden.

Suitable for any season

It has come with an R-value of 6, which lets you survive in extremely cold places or even in the summer heat. Certainly, it is really safe to carry this on your trips and enjoy a sound sleep.


  • The product is packed with a stuff sack and you can fold it inside.
  • It is very comfortable and lightweight.
  • The sleeping pad is big enough to hold in for car camping trips.
  • It is quite steady and lasts longer.


  • We didn’t find anything serious about this product.

Our Thought on Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Sleeping Pad

Almost all the users of this exclusive sleeping pad are happy with its performance. It is durable and affordable at the same time. So, you can go for it without any doubt.


6. HETUAF Sleeping Pad

HETUAF Sleeping Pad
  • DESIGN: Ultralight camping sleep pad with easy carry and waterproof features, it's a perfect gift for Outdoor,...

You can also try the HETUAF sleeping pad if you are looking for a sleeping pad that weighs less than a kilogram. This affordable sleeping pad is suggested to use inside a car as it is quite flexible and perfectly sized for car camping.


You will find this product 75 inches in length and 26 inches in width. And when it comes to thickness, it is 2.5 inches inflated.


It is constructed with 40D polyester along with a special TUP material. Certainly, the material guarantees that It’s waterproof and stain resistant at the same time.


It weighs only 1.4lb and the folded size is 11 inches in length, 4.5 inches wide and the thickness is 4.5 as well. Undoubtedly, this ultralight pack will save your space and will fit perfectly in your car camping trips.

Inflating Pump

This best car camping sleeping pad has come with a built-in foot pump. Using this, you can inflate the pad within 1 and a half minutes. So, keep pushing the pump till it gets fully inflated.

A package for Side or Back sleepers

This sleeping pad won’t bottom out and you can enjoy sleeping in any position you want. Even if your weight is around 300lb, you won’t face any issues, just push the high-elastic built-in pump. And it will give full support to your body.


  • It is a perfect package for all-terrain types.
  • The materials ensure that the pad is noise-free.
  • The sleeping pad is quite durable and the rock or twigs won’t be able to puncture the pad.
  • You can inflate the pad by pressing only 30-35 times.


  • The sleeping pad gets deflated a little quickly.

Our Thought on HETUAF Sleeping Pad

Most of the inflated sleeping pads have this issue common among them. I prefer checking the duration of use in one inflation before you buy this one.


7. Fawyn Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

Fawyn Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad
  • 1.[ Size ] : 1)Packaging Size: 12.59'' length, 5.1'' diameter, 2.14lb; 2)Before inflated: 79.53'' length,...

If you prefer to have an extra pillow with a sleeping pad to use on your car, then this pad can be your best pick. And I am talking about Fawyn Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad. This product is especially recommended for car campers as it fits in the car perfectly.


This highly durable camping gear is made of 40D nylon material. Additionally, TPU airtight coating will ensure more durability and strength. And so, the weight capacity for this sleeping pad is around 750 pounds.


The sleeping pad comes with the perfect size for car campers as I said just a moment ago. And it is around 73.62 inches in length, 26.77 inches in width, and 3.93 inches in thickness. When you fold it up, it will be only 79.53 inches in length and 27.95 inches in width.

Extra Pillow

To ensure your comfortability, this product comes with an extra pillow. The pillow is made of the same material and is around 7 inches in length. You can either keep it on the sleeping pad or use it as a cushion as well.

Built-in Foot Pump

The best part of this exclusive sleeping pad is its fastest Inflation and deflation process. It takes only one minutes to be inflated completely with the built-in foot pump. To deflate the mat, you can simply open the cap and fold it pressing every side. And it will take only one minute as well to fold it completely.

Carrying Bag

If you are a bike camper or solo camper who needs to walk a long way, you will need a sleeping pad that is much easier to carry. A carrying bag comes in handy in this case. And this product won’t disappoint you in this case anyway.



  • Some users aren’t happy as there is no PU foam in this sleeping pad to make you warm.

Our Thought on Fawyn Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

You don’t necessarily need the PU foam part on the sleeping bag when you use it in the car. Besides, the foam part makes it heavier and bigger in space. So, you can buy this product with 100% confidence.


8. Teton Sports Universal Camp Pad

Teton Sports Universal Camp Pad
  • CAMP COMFORTABLY: Thick, comfortable camping pad feels just like your bed at home; Open-cell foam pad; With...

Who didn’t hear about Teton as the most popular camping and sports accessories manufacturer? I don’t think you are not familiar with the name. Well, it is the final recommendation for today and we choose the best seller of Teton for this part. For car camping, this sleeping pad comes with specific features and facilities. Let’s see what’s the best about this sleeping pad.


I think the versatile measurement of this sleeping pad is one of the best features of it. You will get it in two different sizes. For adults, you choose one with 80 inches in length and 30 inches in width. And for kids and thinner people, you can buy the other size variation that is around 72 inches in length and 24 inches in width. The thickness is the same for both and it is 2 inches in approximate.


It is not basically an air mattress but one with open-cell foam. So, you don’t need to inflate the sleeping pad and just unfold it to use. The cover of the foam is made of pure canvas. And it is light brown in color.


I have already told you that this is a foam-made sleeping pad. So, it is comparatively more comfortable than any other air mattress or inflated sleeping pad. The canvas layer is also very soft and so, it will ensure you a comfortable night’s sleep anyway.

Best Match with Camping Cot

Most of the regular campers like to use a sleeping pad on a sleeping cot. If you are one of them, I assume, it is the best option for you. This sleeping pad comes with a universal measurement that fits any camping cot perfectly. Eventually, the combination is just perfect if you like it set in the gap beside the backseat of your car.

Convenient Storage

Unlike most other sleeping pads, it comes with a convenient pocket right beside the space. In the pocket, you can simply store your key, purse, phone, or other small accessories.

Easy to Carry

As it is not an inflated sleeping pad, you cannot get a smaller pack size for this foam-made sleeping pad. But you can roll it up and use the roll-up straps that you will get with it. And the straps come with a handle that makes them easy to carry as well.


  • It is suitable for use in any season.
  • You can use it either with or without a camping cot.
  • You can wash the cover separately in a washing machine.
  • Different size options and affordable.


  • This sleeping pad is not completely waterproof.

Our Thought on Teton Sports Universal Camp Pad

It actually depends on you if the waterproof facility is compulsory for you. So, I will suggest thinking about it twice before you buy it. Aside from this issue, I have to say that it has everything just perfect for comfortable camping in a car.

These are the 8 best sleeping pads for car camping we have found on the marketplace. Hopefully, you have found your favorite one from the list. If you ask me to share my personal preference, I would recommend going for either number 1 or just try out number 8. For me, these two options come with more facilities for a car camper.


What to Check Before Buying the Best Sleeping Pads for Car Camping

If you are planning to buy the best sleeping pad for car camping, make sure to check the following issues before you pay for it.

  • It must be comfortable and flexible so that you can sleep peacefully floating it inside your car.
  • The sleeping pad must fit inside your car as you are planning to camp with your car.
  • As you have to carry many things with you, you may not have enough space for a large camping pad. So, make sure that the folding size of the sleeping pad is small and handy.
  • There are many sleeping pads that are easy to inflate. Try to buy one of them so that you can easily insulate it inside your car and sleep comfortably.
  • If you are planning to camp with your partner, then go for one with double the size.
  • Try to have one with durable material instead of going for the cheaper one.
  • A sleeping pad with a pump will perform better when you have a car to carry extra things. It will reduce your time and effort.
  • If you want to use a camping cot to fill the gap beside the car seat, make sure to buy the pad that fits the cot perfectly.

These are the basic things you need to check before buying the best sleeping pad for car camping. But one thing I must remind you once again is to check the size twice and make sure that it fits your car space perfectly.


Final Thought

Car camping is undoubtedly the best form of camping especially if you love to enjoy the trip with your partner or family. And you have already learned about the best sleeping pad for car camping. So, which one are you planning to buy for your next trip? Don’t forget to share your experience with it to help other viewers who are pretty much confused. Thank you for staying with us.


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