Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping in 2022: Top 7 Reviewed

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When you are about to go on a camping trip, a tent is not everything you have to take for a shelter. You have to make sure all the things for comfortable night sleep and relax time. For that, a sleeping bag is a must. But those who love hammock camping, there’s no better option rather than using a hammock sleeping pad. But you cannot just adjust any sleeping bag on your hammock. So today, we will introduce you to 7 different sleeping pads you can use on your hammock camping. Let’s get started.


Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Reviews

1. KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B07YP8VXZ3” title = “KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad”]

If you want a lightweight but durable hammock sleeping pad then I have an option from KLYMIT, a leading manufacturer of sport and camping accessories. However, this tent is packed with a bucket full of rich features. The high technology and ultra-lightweight of this tent will definitely make your camping trip great. Well, I am talking about KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad. Let’s see more details of this sleeping pad.


When you will flat it down it will be 72 inches in length, 23 inches in width, and 2. 5 inches in thickness. But you can pack it up while carrying it to the camp and then in the bag, it will be no more than 3 x 8 inches.

Weight and Materials

This pad is super famous for being extra lightweight. It is only 16.3 oz which means it’s around one lb. Waterproof and high-quality fabric is used to craft this sleeping pad that ensures unbelievable durability.


Unlike an average quality one, this sleeping pad is designed with a deep weld pattern. This kind of pattern creates an expansion zone and it allows the bag to be completely loft beneath your body. Again, it will improve the thermal comfort zone.

Body Mapping Technology

A very useful body mapping technology is used to ensure a better comfort zone. It helps you sleep comfortably forgetting your sleep habits. You can just sleep any way you love.

V Chamber Design

This amazing sleeping bag is crafted with V chamber design. This type of design ensures proper air movement and extra support. Besides, it is good to make the pad more comfortable to sleep on.


You can use this versatile sleeping anywhere while camping. You can just keep it inflated inside your tent, on the ground, cot, or set in on a hammock. It is nearly to be the ideal one for any place.

Easy to carry

You will get a mini-sized bag with this sleeping pad. You can pack the pad inside the bag. You have already learned that this pad weights only a pound as high technology is used to make it 12% less heavy. So, you can just keep it inside your backpack and carry it anywhere.

Side Rails

Besides the V chamber designed, there are side rails around the pad. These rails help in proper air movement when you will toss or turn around over the pad. Also, it provides extra security and comfortability.


  • Static V2 design ensures durability and comfort.
  • V chambers and side rails for the better sleeping experience.
  • Up to 255 lbs weight limit.
  • Only 1 pound in weight.
  • You can use it anywhere.
  • Very compact size packaging.


  • If it is winter, you will need extra support under the pad to resist cold.

Our Thought on KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad

To keep extra support in winter is always suggested even if it is a winter sleeping bag. In that sense, this disadvantage shouldn’t be counted. Apart from that, the other specifications are good to make it a good pick. Besides, it is green in color and it looks quite appealing.

Another advantage comes with its pocket-friendly price. So, if your budget is not too much and you demand a sleeping pad with too many advantages, I can recommend you this sleeping pad for sure.


2. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B07FP4Z3RZ” title = “Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad”]

A lightweight sleeping pad is essential for camping or any long journey to the wild. They are very useful for any occasion whether hiking, camping, or a summer day beach party. Let’s meet one of the most compact and durable sleeping mattresses called Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad. It is well known for versatility and easy maintenance.

Weight and Materials

The package weights around 0.9 lbs. That’s is very light and you can carry it in any backpack with ease. The sleeping pad is made of quality materials and it offers a lifetime warranty. It is made with 20D Ripstop high-quality tear-resistant nylon. It is one of the most heavy-duty nylon fabrics with top quality waterproofing.


Though it comes in a small package it is quite spacious and comfortable for a single individual. The size is around 75X25 inches while in use. The thickness of the mattress is around 2.2 inches. The packed bag size is approximately 9.5X2.5 inches. You will be amazed at its usefulness.


This sleeping pad is made with durable materials which also comes with the industry’s standard waterproofing and tear-resistant capabilities. The company offers a lifetime warranty. The used fabrics feature 20 denier thickness which is suitable to use even in the extreme weather conditions. 

Flexible Usage

It can be used for multiple purposes not just for sleeping at night. Its strong but flexible outer surface makes it suitable for all weather conditions in all kinds of terrain. You don’t need to worry about getting punctured as it is torn and rip-resistant even on twigs or rocks. Use it anywhere without worrying about anything.

Sleeping Aid

It is designed to provide an optimal sleeping experience no matter the condition of the terrain. One can sleep or sit any way they want, such as sides and back sleeping position. It’s smooth and efficient air cells are capable of holding you all day long. It also keeps you warm on cold nights.

Unparalleled Warranty Policy

The company provides lifetime replacement warranty without any hassles. It offers one of the best return policies with money-back guarantee support. You will be happy to be one of their consumers. One of my colleagues is currently using their air mattress and he is very happy about it.

Carrying Convenience

It is compact in size and weights less than a pound. It is like a water bottle and doesn’t even need a backpack as it comes with its own pouch. After assembly, it forms into the perfect size. You will love to use it and feel like home in the wilderness. 


  • Offers a very lightweight and compact package.
  • The manufacturers provide a hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty.
  • It is very easy to set up and offers unmatched durability.
  • Suitable for all seasons and capable of withstanding any weather conditions.
  • It does not have any weight limit but suggested to keep the load under 350lbs. 


  • A bit pricey for a single person sleeping pad.

Our Thoughts on Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

This air mattress for camping by Sleepingo is very durable in quality and offers unbeatable value for a single person. It suits all the seasons of a year. You will be also backed up by a lifetime warranty. So the investment won’t be risky at all.

We would surely suggest it without any doubt about its wide accessibility and unparalleled built quality. If you are looking for a more spacious sleeping pad then you should look for another option.


3. POWERLIX Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B00CBOFS8M” title = “POWERLIX Sleeping Pad”]

Another familiar sports and camping accessories manufacturing brand is POWERLIX. And it brought one of the best sleeping mats for a hammock, POWERLIX Sleeping Pad. This sleeping pad is the best selling of this company and it comes with tons of benefits though it is not that much costly. If you are interested then my suggestion asks you to have a glance over this product in detail.

Size and Weight

The inflated size of this sleeping pad is about 74.8 inches in length, 22.8 inches in width, and 2 inches in thickness. And it is only 1.32 lbs in weight. So, it will be super easy to carry.

Color and Material

This appealing sleeping pad comes with four different color variations that include blue and black, green and black, orange and black, and navy blue. The durability and long-lasting performance of this pad will be ensured by its material, 75D nylon.

Hexagon Design

This pad is made with a very unique hexagon design. It is good to hit all your pressure points and thus it will deliver comfortable support. Moreover, this type of design ensures a foam-like feeling.


I have already said, this sleeping pad is made of a very durable outdoor material, 75D nylon. So, it will last longer and you will definitely be happy with its performance.

Air Valve

To form this sleeping bag, a dual-action air valve is used. This type of technology is used to make it easy to inflate and deflate. So, just a minute will be okay to inflate the pad easily.


This sleeping pad comes with a 100% waterproof technology. Even you can inflate it in a place not completely dry. So, don’t think about getting wet with this sleeping pad.

Thermal Insulation

If the environment is cold, an average quality sleeping pad won’t be sufficient to escape cold from the ground. But this pad is crafted with thermal insulation technology that will keep your body warm even if the ground is too cold.

All in One Package

Well, this sleep pad package is not about just the pad. But there are some essential items packed with it too. You will get 2 repairing kits, a vacuum carry bag, and an inflated bag. So, it looks like a total package.


  • Durable material and hexagon design.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Body Mapping technology to relieve you from discomfort feelings like sore back.
  • Versatile sleeping pad
  • Pack size is no more than 600ml water bottle.


  • No serious complaints have been found yet.

Our Thought on POWERLIX Sleeping Pad

So, check the features again and give a think on this product for the final selection. It’s quite hard to find out the deficiency of any useful feature in it. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly and the best sleeping pad for hammock usage. Even, this versatile pad is ready to support you anywhere and everywhere.

None of its users even comes with a serious complaining of this sleeping pad. Again, the technologies used are quite rare and supportive. So, I don’t think you will have an opportunity to be regretful of buying this awesome sleeping pad.


4. WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

[amazon box = “B076PHYVD8” title = “WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad”]

Wellax comes with another super comfortable sleeping pad for campers. And this time, I am talking about Wellax Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad. This product has got a good impression from almost all of its users and that’s why it has a good rating and often considered as the best sleeping pad for hammock. However, this versatile sleeping pad is packed with a bucket full of exciting features. You can have a look over them to have a more specific idea of this sleeping pad.


It comes in a compact and convenient package. The packet size is like a mini bottle. Its diameter is approximately 10X3.5 inches. Its inflated size is quite spacious for a single person which is around 78X24X2.5 inches in diameter.


Like it’s packet size it comes in a very lightweight package. It weights around 14.5 Oz. Even in an inflated state, it doesn’t weight much. You can use it smoothly anywhere anytime.


It is made of quality Nylon with TPU coating. The 20D Rip-stop Nylon and TPU layers are wear resistance, tear-resistant, and completely waterproof. It can withstand any kind of surface and is capable of reflecting back radiant heat to the sleeping setup.


The design of the sleeping pad is very modern and offers home-like comfort while sleeping. Its smart design made it noise proof and helps to keep your natural body posture at any sleeping position.


It is known for its unparalleled durability and flexible design. The laminated 20D Rip-stop Nylon is wear and tear-proof with superior waterproofing in a lightweight package. It can bear heavyweight and includes an extra layer of fabrics on the bottom surface.

Advanced Inflation Technology

It uses advanced inflation technology for quick and easy setup within minutes. It takes only 7-9 breaths to prepare it. This sleeping pad also includes dual flat valves for instant inflation and deflation. Anyone can use it with pleasure.

Silent Mode

Forgot the days of the crinkly and squeezing noise of the portable camping mattresses. WELLAX sleeping pad is free of any irritating noises even with countless shiftings while sleeping. Its silent mode gives it more credibility among its competitors.


Sleeping on this pad is like sleeping at home even in the wild and uneven terrains. It offers unmatched comfort while coming in a very lightweight package. It’s 2.5 inches of thickness offers more comfort and protection against cold weather.


  • It comes in a convenient package and can be carried in any condition.
  • The product is made with high-quality materials and offers customer-friendly after-sales services.
  • Easy to set up and saves you from worrying about inflation complications.
  • Compatible to all kinds of sleeping positions.
  • You won’t be having any back or body pains.


  • You should be careful about putting too much weight on it.

Our Thought on WELLAX Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad

Did you notice the pros of this awesome sleeping pad? All of them are quite satisfying and the features are unavoidable. It is not too costly and it won’t let you have a night’s sleep with discomfort. Also, it is noiseless and other technologies make it durable and flexible.

So, if you wish to have a sleeping pad to use over a hammock such qualities are mandatory. So, check the details properly and have a clear decision. What I can do here is to ensure that this product won’t disappoint you ever.


5. ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B07QGGQD78” title = “ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad”]

Let’s get introduced to a versatile hammock-suited camping sleeping pad for campers. It is called ECOTEC Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad. This comfortable air mattress is made to survive in extreme weather conditions. We will inform you about its amazing features that might help you choose your next go-to sleeping pad.

Size and Weight

It is very easy to carry as it weights around 510gm. Its compact size makes it a goto gear for any regular campers. The pack size is approximately 10X3 inches which are definitely pocket and backpack friendly. The size of the inflated state is around 74 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in thickness. It is quite spacious for a single person. 


It is mainly built with 75D Woven Polyester which is well-known as the long-lasting outdoor material for durability and comfort. This sleeping pad utilizes FlexCell technology which traps air inside to secure an ideal temperature. It also features a slip-resistant bottom surface. 


The air spring cells are designed to offer comfort and withstand heavyweight. It is made to maintain your body’s natural posture which also triggers sound sleep. Also features a flexible cellular design that protects you from unfriendly weather conditions.

Easy Setup

You will be able to inflate and deflate it within a couple of minutes. It uses the easiest procedure to set-up. You will only need 10 breaths to fill the air with its rapid one-way valve design for instant inflation. Its wide accessibility makes it stand out among other air mattresses.

Comfort Factors

Hybern8 features 2.5inches of loft which has the R-Value of 2.2 and supports 3 seasons of a year. With it, you don’t need to worry about keeping yourself warm. It is designed to keep you warm and help you sleep comfortably even in the coldest nights.

Highly Durable

Hybern8 is made with a custom blend of 75D woven polyester and premium waterproof fabrics. It is built to last long. It suits all kinds of terrains without any hassles. You will love its heavy-duty wear and tear-resistant sleeping pad. With topmost durability, it doesn’t forget about comfort and sleeping aid. 

Hammock Supported Design

It fits perfectly in a hammock, sleeping bag, and any kind of tent. You can also use it on the plain ground or any place. It suits all kinds of weather conditions. The honeycomb design helps to have quality sleep in any sleeping position. 


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and customer-friendly after-sales policies.
  • It offers a very compact package and weights under 18 ounces which makes it easy to carry.
  • Designed to adjust to your body posture.
  • Easy to set up, inflates in minutes and deflates instantly.
  • It is great for cold nights and helps to maintain body temperature. 


  • Doesn’t have any serious defects, for some may seem a bit less spacious.

Our Thoughts on ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad 

This is one of the most convenient sleeping pads for any kind of outdoor activity. It is designed to hold body temperature in the cold weather. You can look over the pros for a second time. Because all of its features are quite user-friendly and it is not too much costly at all.

Again, it provides high-quality materials and top-notch weather resistance facilities. You can enjoy your camping days without worrying about sleep quality. We will suggest anyone to take this sleeping pad in the backpack whenever planning for outdoor trips. 


6. Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B01N28PUYX” title = “Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad”]

If you are looking for a hammock sleeping pad for 2 persons, then I have an option for you. This time, it is from Klymit. Hopefully, this sports and camping accessories manufacturing Brand’s name is not unfamiliar to you. However, their double sleeping pad has gained a good name among the users for different reasons. Among all those tents, I choose Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad. 


The width of this sleeping pad is 47 inches, which is good enough for two persons to easily fit in. The length is 74 inches, with a precise thickness of 3 inches. When packed, the package dimension will not exceed 12 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 5 inches in height.


The weight of this sleeping pad is surprisingly minimal. It is only 40.5 ounces, which is around 1.47 kgs. This lightweight is rare for this type of shape and design. The material of this pad makes it less heavy while maintaining the proper thickness and width at the same time. 

Material and Color

The pad is fabricated with 75D polyester. This type of material is best for backcountry camping, as it is durable. It can resist tear, abrasion, and puncture. Also, this sleeping pad comes in two colors – orange and char black. So you can choose according to your need. 


The double-wide pad is helpful for a comfortable and secure sleep. This pad keeps the cold air at the bottom and warm air on the upper side, close to your body. The expanded part gives you extra thermal comfort. 

Body Mapping Technology

The shape of this pad keeps you centered and fits with your body. It balances the air movement when you turn around. You can sleep in any position without feeling discomfort. 

Static V Design

This sleeping pad is specially designed in a double V-shape. The shape helps to keep the pad firmly in place so that it doesn’t move while you toss your body on it. Besides, this design protects you and your elements. 


The pattern includes side rails that will lock the warmth beneath. So you will have extra benefits during cold weather. 

Quick Inflate

It takes only 8-10 pumps to inflate this double-sized sleeping pad. So you don’t have to hassle pumping it. Anytime you need, you can quickly make your sleeping bed ready from the included stuff sack.


  • There is a patch kit included. 
  • Patented wield design makes it long-lasting.
  • Quick inflation system.
  • Cold-resistant technology will keep you warm in the winter.
  • Static V chamber for a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • The materials of this sleeping pad contain chemicals that can cause reproductive diseases when used for a long period.

Our Thoughts on Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad

When you wish to go camping during the winter seasons, this sleeping pad will come quite handy. You will not feel the freezing weather on it. If you think about the disadvantage then let me inform you that any polythene product contains such chemicals. And the issue is only to be informed to warn you about excessive use. And we all know that we don’t have to use a sleeping pad every day.

However, this double-size sleeping bag is suitable for couples or 2 friends or family members to sleep with comfort. Also, it is often considered as the best sleeping pad for hammocks. So if you are planning to go camping with another person you can definitely try this 4 season sleeping pad. 


7. Backpacking Air Mattress Sleeping Pad 

[amazon box = “B08BCTY8GG” title = “Backpacking Air Mattress Sleeping Pad”]

Are you in search of a sleeping pad that is light in weight and also long-lasting at a time? If the answer is yes, then I have a suggestion. Here, I am talking about the Serenelife SLCPB Backpacking Air Mattress Sleeping Pad. This product is full of all the heart-catching features and able to fulfill all your demands. Let’s check it out through the description below.


This air mattress sleeping pad comes in a large size to carry people of any height. When you unfold it fully and pump up, it becomes 75 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 2.7 inches in thickness. 


As it is suitable for camping and you can carry it with you anywhere, it offers a very much lightweight. You can pack down this item and it will weigh only 1.21 lbs. 


The portable lightweight mattress pad is manufactured using strong quality 20D ripstop ultralight nylon. The heavy-duty frame material makes it long-lasting and you can continue using it for several years without any damage.


This hiking sleeping pad has a sturdy outer liner that is waterproof. Thus, your camping can be enjoyable even in rainy weather. It can tolerate any severe situation of weather and keep you warm to provide a sound sleep.

Compact carrying size

The amazing part about this pad is the carrying method. When you pack it up, it takes space as much of a thin water bottle. By this example, you can imagine how easy it is to carry the mattress sleeping pad. Moreover, it is built with tear-resistant material and can carry any weight up to 400 lbs. 

Fast Inflation

You might be thinking that blowing it up is quite tiresome. But you will be glad to know that the blowing up process is super easy. You just have to open the gas nozzle keeping the air pad flat on a surface and blow up with your mouth. It will take not more than 60 seconds.

Pillow Support

You will get a built-in super comfortable pillow with this backpacking air mattress. This pillow gives your head maximum relaxation and support while taking a nap. You will be safe from facing neck pain. Apart from the pillow, the remaining portion will support you to avoid back pain.


The super comfortable mattress pad offers a very elegant design that is eye soothing. Even if you use it without a sleeping bag, it will not look odd but classy. You will get a drawstring type storage bag to carry it. The bag also has a beautiful outlook.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Don’t need an air pump to blow it.
  • Affordable with great features.
  • Side bolsters help you to remain in the center and not to fall off.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.


  • You may find it a little thinner to resist the cold in winter.

Our Thought on Backpacking Air Mattress Sleeping Pad

There is only one factor that might give you doubt about the product. But this is not actually a disadvantage. This mattress can give you much warmth but yet you are suggested to put extra support below the mattress in the winter season for safety from the cold. So, you can see it is not a big issue at all. 

Well, all the features are quite mesmerizing. Now if we come to the topic of price, all I can say is that it is a product with high-quality features that will surely worth your money. So, without thinking much you can give it a try.


Buying Guide for the Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping

You cannot use any air-pumped sleeping pad on your hammock. To make it the best fit and to have the most comfortable hammock feeling, you have to check the following facts for sure.


  • Material: The first thing you should check on a sleeping pad is its material. You have to ensure the best quality and waterproof material like 70D or 20D polytechnic nylon material. A sleeping pad is not for one-time use only. So, you should make sure that your product will last long with a great service.


  • Budget: You will get a sleeping bag with different price ranges. You can even get it from 25$ to a hundred or more. But you should ensure that you are not getting a good quality product just because you want to save a few Penny. So, try to make a good budget for it and hopefully, you will enjoy a year-long service with the product.


  • Brand: Yes, the brand of a product matters a lot. You will find tons of cheap and poor quality sleeping pad with no name and warranty. Never ever go for that. Believe me, there are records of non-brand sleeping pads that even didn’t last for a trip only. Again, most of the brands provide a life-time warranty. So, to save a few Penny you should never avoid a good brand.


  • Size: I don’t know your height and so, I cannot tell you about what size will seem to be the perfect one for you. So, you are the one to check the size. I am remembering you to check it before buying it.


  • Flexibility: If a sleeping pad is not flexible, it won’t fit on your hammock properly. You know that a hammock is not flat or properly sized. So, you have to buy a sleeping pad that can automatically set in it.


  • Inflation: Most of the sleeping pads don’t need an air pumping machine to inflate. You can just take a few long breaths and pump it using a mouthful of air. So, check the facts properly.


  • Carrying Size: You know that while going on a camping trip, we have to take lots of things for our daily use. So, the less space it is taking the better it will be. Some sleeping pad packing-size is not more than a half-liter water bottle. So, try to get the smaller one so that it can fit inside your backpack or even inside your pocket.


  • Versatility: You don’t need to buy a sleeping bag for the use of different places like one for the hammock, one for the tent, one for outside, and vice versa. Just buy a versatile one so that you can use it anywhere you want.


  • Body Mapping Technology: If you wish to have a comfortable sleeping experience on your sleeping pad, you should have one with body Mapping Technology. It helps to pass air inside the pad and so, it won’t make any uncomfortable feeling.


  • Others: You should also check the other functionalities as well. There must be other technologies and functions like air valves, thermal insulation, Static V chamber, etc. Besides, you should check what’s more come with the sleeping pad.


Final Verdict

While finding out the best sleeping pad for hammocks, we have to do a lot. We went to all of our friends and familiar campers to collect the honest and true reviews of the sleeping pad they used. Even we try some of them by ourselves. Again, we discuss with others and search internet reviews of those products. Most of the time, you couldn’t select the sleeping pads for their poor quality and bad reviews. But we ended up finding out the above items good and so they have got reviewed.

All our hard work will only come effective when you find it helpful. We just want to help you to make your camping trip enjoyable and hassle-free. This way we encourage people to go camping. So, here we say tata for today. Please inform us if you have anything in mind about today’s discussion. Also, share your experience of using other sleeping pads too. Thank you for your support in advance.