Best Tent for Couples Camping in 2023: Top 8 Reviewed

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Finally going on your first camping trip as a couple, but tensed about which tent to get your hands on? Well, it can be a stressful experience if your tent isn’t friendly and doesn’t let you have your must-needed rest after an exhausting day of activities. Sweat no more love birds as we have jotted down some of the best tents for couples to ensure your blissful memories.

8 Best Couple Tents for Camping in Comfort

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

[amazon box=”B004J2KDH0″ title=”Coleman Sundome Tent”]

Toppling all the other tents on our list is this tent, manufactured by the most trustworthy brand Coleman. This 2 person tent is ideal for enjoying your leisure time on any camping trip. All its luxury features mark its place at the very top. The dome-shaped tent is super easy to set up on the camping sites which allows you to spend more time doing interesting activities.

The tent is designed to assist you during all seasons efficiently. Starting off with summer, it includes enormous vents and doors which allow the air to flow freely to keep you cool. It has welded floors and inverted seams which refrains you from drenching in the rain. As a plus point, the rainfly with an integrated door provides protection from the huge drops of rain. The addition of the Insta-Clip pole allows it to withstand the huge pressure of the wind. Furthermore, the walls are made up of double-thick fabric which aids in the strength of the tent-making it reliable for extreme usage. Not only that, due to the snag-free continuous pole sleeves the tent can be set up in just a matter of 10 minutes.

You can’t forget the fact that this 4 feet in height tent can be packed up tightly which saves up a lot of space when you are on the road and the addition of an expandable carry bag eases your task. The peak height of this tent allows you to move freely in the tent without having to feel clustered. The inside of the tent will provide you with the space of placing one queen-sized mattress inside the tent. For better storage facilities there are built-in pockets that can be used to stare the gears in an organized way. There’s even the facility of using electricity in the tent! Even amidst the wilderness, you will be able to enjoy your regular homely facility like electricity to keep you connected to the world. Connecting the E-port can easily supply you with electricity which is not typical in all tents.


  • Comes with impressive WeatherTec System
  • The hidden port providing access to electricity
  • Vented Cool-Air port for the better ventilation system
  • The attached ground vent improves airflow
  • Durable construction with tear-resistant material
  • Built-in pockets to store gear
  • InstaClip attachments
  • Adjustable Variflo ventilation


  • Takes around 10 minutes to set up.


2. Carbana Pop Up Tent Instant Portable

[amazon box=”B072PQDJP4″ title=”Carbana Pop Up Tent Instant Portable”]

Taking up the second position in this list is the Portable Cabana Beach Tent. It has been produced by the well-known company Abco Tech. This tent is designed to provide you with effortless camping. Setting up the tents can engulf a significant portion of your camping times. To prevail that from happening this instant tent pops into a ready-to-use form in just a split second. This camp can easily be folded into a compressed form which is great for coping up with less storage capacity. Talking of storage, this tent can comfortably let two people sleep in it without feeling suffocated. Moreover, the breathability of the tent is something much in demand. The provided two mesh windows on the front and back part of the tent provide better air circulation. Along with providing comfort, it also provides privacy for spending your quality time. The inner zippered screen in addition to the outer zippered nylon layer provides you with the option to choose between breathability and privacy. Whenever you want privacy you can simply turn down the solid nylon flaps over the windows. On a plus point, you can open them up to let the air and to cool up the inside of your tent. Sounds like a treat, doesn’t it?

Apart from, privacy and breathability, this text provides you with two doors! One on the left side and on the right side. This enables the campers to move smoothly into and out of the camp without facing any difficulties.

Moreover, for your further safety, the tent is coated with a layer that prevents UV rays from causing any harm to you. You will be happy that this smart bag comes in an additional bag so that you can carry it around easily. We can’t forget the bag of accessories that comes along with it which you can utilize to keep your text perfectly organized. This is something that is not often offered to campers. One of the most significant ones is that the manufacturing company itself has guaranteed that with this instant tent you will be able to enjoy risk-free camping.


  • Features auto-setup system
  • Provides privacy by the tent flaps
  • Allows high breathability
  • Zippered on both inside and out
  • Comes with an additional carry bag
  • Contains a bag of accessories to keep the tent organized
  • Comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer


  • Contains no electrical ports for charging devices


3. MOON LENCE Camping Tent Waterproof

[amazon box=”B07YTNW9KP” title=”MOON LENCE Camping Tent”]

Standing at the third position in our list for the best tent for couples is the tent manufactured by the trusty company MOON LENCE. This tent rules over the rest of the others because of the material it is made out of. It is 100% made from polyester. Polyester is comparatively less heavy than the other materials. This makes the tent lightweight which in turn makes it easily carryable during any camping trip. The type of fabric also enables this double-layer outdoor camping tent to be waterproof. What can be better than not having to worry about being drained in sudden rainfall making the inside of your tent wet and not appropriate to sleep in after a tiring day?  But it gets even better as this fabric choice makes me resistant to any type of damage. Moreover, the stitch on each of the seams is secured properly to provide you with extra protection.

The list of its praises doesn’t halt there! It provides you the much necessary benefit of being able to be breathable. This tent contains a big section of mesh and 1D- shaped doors with dual zippers. In addition to this the tent also has a ground vent and two windows, all these add up to providing a much better ventilation pathway for the air. This allows the inside of your tent to stay cooled and comfortable. What else can you ask to spend some peaceful time as a couple together, right! The rainfly that comes with the tent can be removed whenever you want to. Now, let’s talk about storage space. This tent has mesh pockets sewn into the tent walls which can be used to store essential things. Now, what if you want to read a horror book together in the silence of the camping site? This windproof tent has it sorted for you. It comes with a hanging battery lantern which is suspended upon a hook that can be used whenever you want. Talking about windproof, you will be shocked to know that this tent is equipped with nine lightweight Iron Pegs and four Guy Ropes. This secures your tent from any heavy wind that might interfere with your peace. You will not only be saved from the wind and water but also from the UV rays due to its double layers. Finally, let’s jump to the main part of this tent. Like the previous participants in our list, this tent perfectly enables two average adult individuals to sleep without their legs hitting on the walls of the tent.


  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Features 1000mm water resistance
  • Impressive UV resistance quality
  • Protected from the heavy wind
  • D-shape door with dual zipper
  • Stable in rough weathers
  • Comes with a rainfly attached to it
  • 2 Shock Cord Connecting Poles with the clips make the set-up of this tent really efficient


  • Contains no storage pockets
  • Takes a long time to set up


4. Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent for 3-Season

[amazon box=”B07NZ3WXCL” title=”Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent”]

This tent is produced by the quality company Featherstone. Like most of the tents included in this list of best couples tents, this tent provides enough space for comfortably allowing two people to reside in it, therefore, it’s a good choice for couples. Now, let’s discuss some of the features that aid it in securing the fourth position. Firstly, this tent can be used for almost 3 seasons. Yes! It is a three-season tent. Not only on camping trips, but you can also use it while going on a hike, to fish, car camping, backpacking, and also fishing. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it campers?

The tent is quite lightweight which means that you can take as much stuff as you want with you without having to sacrifice your comforts. Not only is it only lightweight, but it also has the unique trait of having a freestanding structure. This allows the campers to move and replace the position of the tent without having to fold it. The one-piece aluminum pole enables you to set up this tent without any hazards. Much like the previous tents, this tent is also weather protected which means that it is resistant to heavy wind and water. The coating on its surface will resist any water from getting into the tent and making it soggy. Furthermore, due to the strong aluminum pole, the tent will be able to handle the high speed of wind without causing any disturbance to your peace. Lastly, the tent also comes with a bag of accessories which you can use to organize the tent in a proper state.


  • Boasts a freestanding frame
  • Comes with perfect weather protection
  • Features two separate doors and vestibules
  • Multipurpose, suitable for 3 season tent
  • Comes with ergonomic accessories
  • Comes with warranty


  • Contains no storage pocket
  • Durability isn’t the best


5. Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent with Double Layer Flysheet

[amazon box=”B07F5GDGHC” title=”Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent”]

This dome-shaped tent is manufactured by the well-off company Hewolf. Let’s take a look into what this tent has to offer. This 2 people tent contains an automatic hydraulic hexagon fast pitch outdoor cinch. Due to the tent’s fabric and the poles being joined together you can simply open it up like you would open an umbrella. Talking about umbrellas, the peak height of this instant is about 5 ft. 5 inches, all this height enables you to move freely within the tent without colliding your head with the top walls. Moreover, this tent also ensures that the air ventilation in your tent is going smoothly. How? Well, it has 2 large doors with mesh windows. During summer, the unwanted bugs try to get into the tents which is something that we can assure you that you don’t want to happen. By using the mesh you will be able to keep the bugs away and also enjoy the overwhelming weather outside.

Not only does it provide mesh layers, but it is also constructed of double layers of flysheet with the inner removed, a rainfly, and all the accessories that you might require while setting up the tent. Like most of the other tents mentioned below, this tent is also windproof. In rough weather where the speed of the wind is 15 mph, there’s a possibility of your tent being blown away, this one will stay in its place with its 8 guylines. This adds stability to the tent. As a side note, if you are planning to get your hands on this waterproof tent then you should keep in mind that this tendency will fit an air mattress with a thickness of fewer than 8 inches. Moreover, this tent is only recommended for beginners as it consists of new technical changes than typical tents so people who are willing to try new things at a less risky place are preferred more than professional campers who don’t want to risk anything. We would recommend it for occasional campers only who are trying to spend their first camping trip in a tent.


  • Boasts versatile Cinch Pop Up system
  • Comes with an excellent ventilation system
  • Both doors along with the window have inner net protection
  • The attached high-quality gauze net protects you from bugs
  • The UV resistance quality is also very impressive
  • The included lantern hook lets you hang portable light


  • Lacks storage pockets and E-cable port
  • The poles may break if pressed hardly


6. Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent with a footprint

[amazon box=”B07FP17KW3″ title=”Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Tent with a footprint”]

This tent is manufactured by the known brand Naturehike. It comes in few different colors. The specialty of this tent is that it’s ultra-lightweight. This Cloud up 20D has a weight of only 3.1 lbs. If you are a couple looking for a tent that will not be a burden on your shoulders then this is the one for you. Like many of the other tents listed above, it is a three-season tent that fits 2 people perfectly in it without congesting the tent. Alongside that, this tent is also waterproof due to the polyester rainfly with extremely secured seams which don’t allow water to get into it keeping you dry.

Furthermore, this tent might not be as advanced as the previous options yet it provides you with many features. Some of its detailed works include the reliable YKK dual zippers, pockets built-in the walls using mesh for storing essential things, extremely durable fabric material, and a full-coverage rainfly protecting you from drenching in the unwanted rain. The setup of this tent is also quite easy as it comes with a straightforward instruction manual. The company claims that the setting up of this tent will take up only 5 minutes of your camping time. For your reassurance, the manufacturer company has provided a 30-days- money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited guarantee for reasons like the quality of the tent. Now that is a great commitment coming from a tent company.


  • The ultra-light option of our list, weighs only 3.1 lbs.
  • Features extremely damage resistant fabric material
  • Comes with a removable full coverage rainfly
  • For easy set up includes a handy instruction manual
  • Offers 30-day money return guarantee


  • Internal space isn’t spacious for easy 2 person moving
  • Contains no accessory at all


7. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV

[amazon box=”B08175941C” title=”Big Agnes Copper Spur HV”]

This tent is manufactured by the brand Big Agnes as you can already guess by the title. Like the previous tent mentioned in our list, this tent also comes in different colors; 3 colors to be exact. The features of this tent include its design which enables the inside of the tent to have an extended livable space as the walls of the tent are steeper. This high volume angle of the tent increases its stability to resist the wind and at the same time increase, its strength too. Unlike the other tents in this list, this tent has only one door and one vestibule. There are storm flaps attached to the vestibule sippers. Finally, there is the two-tone mesh that provides you with the privacy that you might require while at the same time ensuring that you can see the stars clearly from even inside the tent.


  • Features a freestanding frame
  • The inclusion of steeper walls extended livable space
  • Comes with excellent sun protection quality
  • The included angle hub ensures better stability and strength
  • Mesh coverage allows you a fascinating star-gazing opportunity


  • Lacks privacy as the entire tent is transparent
  • Contains no additional tent accessories


8. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent

[amazon box=”B00G7H9CAY” title=”MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent”]

Last but not the least, this final tent model has been manufactured by the brand MSR. This tent has quite a few features to offer to campers! Like the rest of our tents, this tent is also meant for two people and can be used for three seasons. Like one of the previously added tents in this list, this one also has a freestanding design which saves up on your camp setting time. It is made up of nylon and is somewhat lightweight. It weighs about 3.5 lbs. It has a maximum space of 29 square feet of floor area and has a center height of 39 inches, these characteristics ensure that the tent is comfortable for the campers habituating in it without hitting the ceiling or walls of the tent. Its setup options include footprint, poles, and rainfly. This tent will protect you from sudden rainfall with the aid of its waterproof coating.


  • Features a lightweight freestanding system
  • Its pole geometry design maximizes floor space
  • Comes with standard waterproof coating
  • Includes dual doors for better efficiency


  • Contains no additional tent accessories
  • Materials aren’t tear-resistant


Buying Guide for Best Tents for Couples

Finding what tent suits you the best is not easy for campers to get right especially if it is for their first time purchasing one. There are a few important factors that you will be needed to keep in mind before heading off to buy a tent. But there’s no need to panic as in this part of the article we are going to jot the points down for you the points to keep in mind!


Keep in mind that the inside of your tent needs to be spacious. Two people tent might seem fitted for two people but sometimes it can get congested. To avoid such an experience we suggest that you know the measurements of the tent well and also take a look inside the tent. You should probably go for a tent with steeper walls. Typically tents with steeper walls have higher volumes. A dome-shaped tent can be a great choice in that case.


Going on a camping trip with your soul mate should feel like a stress-relieving process but one thing can weigh your experience down. Yes! The weight of the tent. Heavy tents can increase the burden on your shoulders thus turning out to be a spoiler for your camping experience. To prevail this from occurring always look for a tent that is lightweight.

Easy set up:

Setting up the tent is always a tough job and might take up more than two people and a lot of quality time. So you might want to look for a tent that has easy setup options like a pop-up tent. Saving your time in setting up the tent will let you invest more quality time with your partner.


Your tent needs to be able to keep you from drenching in the rain. Most of the tents are not completely waterproof but they are good at keeping the inside of your tent from getting soggy. Tents made up of materials like polyester and nylon are much recommended. If you want more security then there’s the option of rainfly for you. Most of the tents in our list have rainfly with them but you might have to buy an additional one if the tent doesn’t come with it.


In windy weather, your peaceful times can be interrupted by the wind. We believe that you don’t want your tent to move madly. In order to avoid that choose a tent with poles. Aluminum poles are the strongest. The more poles you have, the more secure your tent will be while encountering heavy winds.


One of the most essential components of a tent is the fabric it is made up of. Tents are most of the time made up of nylon or polyester. These are the cheapest, lightweight and, durable choices. On the other hand, you have cotton which is heavier. However, it is good for breathability. But do keep in mind that cotton or canvas fabric tents tend to be more on the pricy side.

Mesh cover:

Having a mesh attached to your tent might not seem to be much of a deal but believe us; it’s a mandatory thing. During the summer, your tent will definitely be attacked by unwanted bugs. You won’t want that, right? So, the mesh in front of your tent will prevent the bugs from getting into your privacy.



1. How big should a couple camping tent be?

Answer: The dimensions of a tent do vary from model to model. However, a perfect two people tent is about 230 x 160 cm and 100 cm in the height.

2. Can a queen mattress fit in a couple tent?

Answer: A queen mattress can fit in a couple tent.

3. How to make a tent not see-through?

Answer: You can achieve this by using UV layers on top of the tent.


Final Thought:

We have dedicated this entire article to the lovers who are finally planning to embark on a romantic camping trip. If you are here for the same reason, then after thoroughly going through our list and buying guide for the best tent for couples you should now be able to find the one that suits you the most. Keep the important factors in your mind and you are good to go love birds!