Best Tents for Camping with Dogs: Top 8 Reviewed in 2022

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Our pet dogs love to be around us, so taking them camping with us would be the biggest sport for them. But taking your dog for camping comes with the extra hassle, too, especially when it comes to finding a tent that can provide security, offer proper ventilation and space, and can survive their destructive paws.

Therefore before you want to go out camping with your little champ, you have to find the best tents for camping with dogs. There are various sorts of tents available, each specialized for specific uses. Upon searching enough, it is not hard to find a tent that can properly fit you and your dog in it, giving the proper security.


Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

While searching for the best tents for camping with dogs, you have to be clear about the points you want to focus on. It has to have wide space, sufficiently ventilated, enough protective, and strong enough to survive the paw scratches. To help you with this search, we have listed eight suitable tents that can fit all these criteria.


1. Pettom Dog Cat Camping Tents

[amazon box=”B071RYLD4N” title=”Pettom Dog Cat Camping Tents”]

If you are looking for a tent that you can set up anytime, this is your choice. The multitude of features of its use has made it popular among all. The advanced material, durable base, adjustment to any surface has impressed all. Most importantly, the tent is waterproof, so it can single-handedly tackle any adverse situation you may face.

Smart designed pet camping tents: This product comes with an intelligent design that makes it perfect for keeping pets inside the tent safe. The zippered doors make it easy to in and out. The windows are made with a breathable mesh which ensures efficient flow of air while preventing mosquitos.

Durable and water-resistant: the advanced material used in the tent makes it water-resistant so that you won’t face any problems in the wilderness. The base of the tent is made of metal which makes it highly durable too.

Quick assemble: the tent is very easy to set up and takedown. It also comes with a convenient carrying bag, making it easier to carry the tent wherever you need. This is a hassle-free solution to your camping problems.

Lightweight and portable: the tent is extremely lightweight and portable, even with the considerable space it offers. The size of the tent is 45.3″ L x 34.6″ W x 28.3″ H with 2.8 lbs weight. These are perfect for dogs, cats, and other animals.

Multi-use: this product is perfect for camping, but it has a feature of multi-use. You can carry this tent anywhere and set it for any need. You can set it on camping grounds and on any patio, lawn, balcony, deck, and more.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Zipper doors
  • It can be used on any surface


  • Rectangular shape
  • Comparatively congested

Our thoughts: best for those who want to set the tent anytime, on any surface, and make multi-use out of it.


2. UNP Tents

[amazon box=”B0865GHLNT” title=”UNP Tents”]

If you are the sort, who goes out with many companies, this might be the tent you need. This six-person capacity tent is windproof and waterproof with advanced visibility features. The double-layer will keep your dog protected from within. Overall, the stylish look and huge space have made it a favorite to all.

Weatherproof and high-quality material: this 100% waterproof tent is made with 185T polyester and the 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating high-tech. It has four leg poles and a rectangular roof making it more stable.

Roomy interior: the tent is specially designed for family use. It comes with 10ft x 9ft with 78in Center Height, fit six sleeping bags. It has room for six campers and even lets you stand up changing.

Multiple interior storage: you can have a power connection in the tent while camping. It includes Electrical Access Port that lets you have a power connection from an outside source. Gear loft, mesh storage pockets help you keep things organized.

Visibility and ventilation: the tent offers chimney effect ventilation with two roof vents and low side vents. It also helps to control condensation. It is bug-proof and comes with zipper doors.

Easy set-up: the tent offers accessible set-up features. 2 people can set up the tent in only 3 minutes. There are two-way zippers and poles in the tent, and it includes a carry bag that is 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26 inches.


  1. Waterproof and windproof
  2. Fit for family use
  3. It comes with multiple interior storage systems
  4. Easy set-up and takedown
  5. Chimney ventilation


  1. Not suitable for small groups
  2. Made of polyester

Our thoughts: fir for prominent families who wants a spacious tent with a bulk of features.


3. MOSEIKO 3-4 Person Automatic Tent 

[amazon box=”B0924932JW” title=”MOSEIKO 3-4 Person Automatic Tent”]

The lightweight waterproof portable tent is especially recommended for family use. It has advanced features like anti UV and includes equipment for outdoor camping. It is fit for hiking, backpacking, or even traveling purposes. These are the best tents for camping with dogs and your family.

Spacious size: this tent s highly recommended for family use. It is big enough to accommodate 3-4 persons. It comes in the size of 85x 85 x 56 inches. You can carry it anywhere you like, a car trip or a weekend camping trip.

Durable material: the tent is waterproof because it uses wear-resistant 210D Oxford cloth as the canvas material. The layer of sunscreen in the tent protects you from harmful UV rays. It has a protective cover to prevent wind and rain.

Ventilation characteristics: the tent ensures good air circulation with five windows on the top and sides and two doors. They are flexible enough to be closed in terms of the winter season. In summer, they can be opened to enjoy the cool breeze.

Easy set-up: the tent is easy and quick to set up and take it down. It takes one man only one minute to do it all. You just have to lift the top of the tent and set the tent pile. Each tent also provides a pair of hall poles, allowing you to enjoy a broader view.

Packaging: the tent helps you through a multitude of outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor barbecue, adventure, family gatherings, garden gatherings, and field trips. The packaging size is 76 x 18 cm making it portable anywhere you need.


  • It comes with UV protection
  • Fit for 3-4 people
  • Includes five windows and two doors
  • Easy set-up and take it down
  • Made of canvas material


  • It cannot accommodate more than four people
  • It cannot be set up on any surface

Our thoughts: the sort of campers who want complete sun protection with an abundance of breeze should try this one.


4. Coleman Sundome Tent 

[amazon box=”B014LSDUA8″ title=”Coleman Sundome Tent’]

The small yet classy looking tent can be fit for you to look good amongst the camping nature. The tent will keep you cozy in any given situation. The imported quality of the tent makes it preferable to all. The weatherproof feature of the tent makes it more durable.

Imported quality: it is always considered that the imported good are better in quality. The product is no different than that. The imported quality of the tent has made it a favorite to all.

Weatherproof: campers are always concerned about the weather, especially when it comes to camping with the dog. It is preferred to go camping with a weatherproof tent, ensuring that the campers and their pets are safe and sound inside the tent.

Wind and rain tested: the best feature of the tent is that it would not leave you helpless no matter how strong the wind blows. It can take up to 35+ mph winds and keep in place as it was put. Your camping days could not have been more secure with this feature available.

Excellent ventilation: the tent includes large windows. It has ground vents for enhanced airflow. This ensures that the tent is properly ventilated. A tent small in size may be thought of lacking ventilation. But this tent has made sure that event the little place in the tent is evenly ventilated.

Power supply: unlike many tents, this product is fit for advanced uses. The best tents for camping with dogs should have a proper power supply. E-port is included in the tent for the power supply, even during camping outdoors. You can just connect the E-port with an outdoor power supply and get ready to power inside the tent.


  • Imported quality material
  • Evenly ventilated space
  • E-port for power supply
  • Weatherproof features
  • Can take up to 35+ mph winds


  • Smaller in size
  • Time-consuming set-up

Our thoughts: fit for the ones who look for stylish tents in a smaller size.


5. Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

[amazon box=”B07D4V2WNH” title=”Petego Umbra Portable Pet House”]

When you go camping, your little pet wants special treatment too. This pet house can make your pet dog happy and for you camping more hassle-free. This easy-to-carry portable pet house is all you need when you are out with your dog. The outstanding features of this tent have made camping for dog parents a lot easier.

Portable pet house: when going out camping you already have to carry a lot of things. Bringing a pet house for the pet only adds trouble to it. This portable pet house is a tent that is very easy to carry. You can take it anywhere, and the pet would be safe and secure in it.

Umbrella mechanism: this feature in the tent ensures that the tent is very easy to set up and break down. While carrying a tent for the pet, you have to ensure that it causes you less trouble. This feature in this tent has made it easier for the users to set the tent.

It can be used in cars: if you want to mess in your vehicle, you can use this tent in your car too. The portable size of the tent makes it easy to set up in a car and take your pet in it for long rides.

Mesh vent and claw proof: it is vital for the tents for the dogs to be adequately ventilated. This tent is fit for such ventilation and has been made keeping in mind its uses. You don’t have to worry about its durability because the whole pet house is claw-proof.

Lightweight: the tent Measures 23 5/8 inches by 23 5/8 inches by 26 3/8 inches. This makes it clear that the tent was intended for more minor uses. It also weighs 5.6 lbs which makes it easy to carry wherever it is needed.


  • Fit as a pet house
  • Lights weight makes it easy to carry
  • It can be used in cars
  • Mesh vent for ventilation
  • Claw proof


  • It cannot be multi used
  • Non-durable material used

Our thoughts: accommodative solution to your pet and hassle-free camping for you.


6. Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent 

[amazon box=”B07NZ3WXCL” title=”Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent”]

This small yet cozy tent fits the following three seasons, summer, fall, and spring. It is waterproof, lightweight, and rainfly, which makes it perfect for outdoor camping. If you want a comfortable camping experience with only one company and your pet dog, this tent is the right choice for you.

Imported quality: there is no doubt in a product made of imported material. The tent is designed in California. Therefore it is ensured of good quality from its very core. The material is imported, making the product more durable and sustainable.

Durable, lightweight, and breathable: the tent is made of rugged, lightweight tear-resistant fabrics which are also waterproof. It will keep you dry from the inside. Micro-mesh fabric enhances breathability and comfort, reducing condensation.

Two persons camping: the tent is a perfect fit for the couple camper with their pets. This is a backpacking tent that easily accommodates two persons. The tent is conveniently built with two doors and two vestibules that provide a significant amount of storage space for your camping gear.

Freestanding: the tent comes with an aluminum pole standing which makes it convertible to a backpack. It is easy to set up and pack. The freestanding feature of the tent makes it easy to be replaced whenever needed.

Weather protected: Seam Taped Construction makes an impenetrable barrier against rain and prevents leakage. It is fit for three seasons of use. You can use it for hiking, expeditions, fishing, kayaking, car camping, backpacking, bikepacking, etc.


  • Durable, lightweight, and breathable
  • Suitable for backpacking
  • Freestanding feature for easy movement
  • Weather protected for all sports
  • Imported quality


  • Not spacious enough
  • Non-durable materials

Our thoughts: This tent is good for backpacking with your dog.


7. Big Agnes Dog House Tent 

[amazon box=”B08175NR3L” title=”Big Agnes Dog House Tent”]

Give your dog special affection by arranging a cute little tent only for itself. The product comes in with proper space for a pet dog, versatile and roomy features, and a simple design. This is the tent that will keep your dog protected, and you can stay relaxed about the pet during the fun camping days.

Simple design: the door is a smooth opening; it requires just one hand. The oversized back window can be toggled down for venting and vista viewing or zipped shut during inclement weather.

Versatile and roomy: the dog house is roomy and adequately ventilated. It is versatile and value-oriented with a dry-entry front door and large back window for increased ventilation and weather forecasting.

Storage: the tent comes with two interior mesh pockets, which include two interior mesh pockets. Multiple interior loops are included for attaching gear lofts, accessories, and mtnGLO Tent & Camp Lights.

Fabric shield: the tent is made of top-quality fabric. The seams are sealed with waterproof tapes. It comes with DAC lightweight aluminum pole set. The dog house is packed with is 8 lb. 10 oz—weight and packs down to 23.5 x 8.5 inches.

Ready to pitch: the tent is made with advanced features that make it visible at night. The set-up is super easy with color-coded webbing and buckles. There are Pre-cut guy lines and tensioners attached to the tent.


  • Elegantly simple design
  • Roomy space for the pet
  • Two interior mesh pockets
  • Ready to pitch
  • Color-coded webbing


  • Non-durable fabric tent
  • Aluminum pole set

Our thoughts: This tent is fit for the campers who are not seeking durable and elegant dog houses.


8. Sierra Designs Convert Tent

[amazon box=”B07XZHRNMF” title=”Sierra Designs Convert Tent”]

This tent is an all-weather solution to camping needs. It is fit for the couples’ use and their lovely pets. It is lightweight for easy backpacking. The freestanding feature makes it more convenient for the camper to install. Breathable material makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor camping.

Innovative Design: the tent is an advanced version of its predecessors. It is more versatile while remaining lightweight and fit for all four seasons. It comes with the feature of fully sealed up, and it can make a good desert tent.

Advanced features: 20d poly body fabric makes the tent immune to both dust and snow. Its oversized vestibules make space and make it lightweight to carry easily. A 20d nylon fly fabric gives you one of the lightest 4 season tents on the market.

Specs: the tent weighs 5lbs. its packed size is 15.75”x7” with a floor of 84” x 55” (head) x 49” (foot). The size of the floor is 30.3 SQ FT. the tent comes with one door and one vestibule.

Material: the floor is made of 68D Poly Ripstop, and the fly is a 20D Nylon Ripstop. The body is made of 20D Poly Ripstop. The tent’s poles are made of Yunan UL Aluminum, giving it the sufficient strength it needs.

Warranty: the tent also comes with a warranty due to the brand heritage. When purchased from an authorized retailer, the product is warranted to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.


  • Advanced features than the predecessors
  • Top-quality material
  • Spacious tents
  • Sufficient vestibule
  • Comes with warranty


  • Aluminum poles
  • Lack of ventilation

Our thoughts: fit for a couple’s camping with warranty for trusted sources.


Buying guide for the best tents for camping with dogs:

Going camping with your dog can become daunting if the proper measures are not followed to take good care of the pet. There are already lots of choices for tents that you can choose from. But to ensure that your dog is getting the proper treatment it deserves, you have to specific about their needs.

Your tent is the place where you are going to spend most of your time. It has to be appropriately suitable for your dogs, and for that, you have to narrow down your needs. You can choose the best tents for camping with dogs following a list of criteria.

The fewer cords, the better

When finding a tent for you and your dog for camping, you should always choose the ones with the least tent cords. Tent cords are necessary to keep the tent erect and ensure durability to the tent. But it also should be kept in mind that these cords can bring more trouble than the good they do. The more cords you have in your tent, the risk of stumbling upon it increases.

Pets are habitually restless. When you are out there camping with your dog, there are many good chances that your pet can stumble onto the cords. In most cases, it can result in a collapsed tent which brings more trouble. Try to choose a tent with fewer cords so that you can avoid any unintentional occurrences. If you’re camping for a longer time, you can also bind the cords to the poles for avoiding accidents.

Easy in and out

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when searching for a tent for the dogs. Given the behavioral pattern of the dogs, it is necessary to find a tent that gives you easy access to in or out of the tent. It will help you to manage your dog out in the wilderness easily.

It is better to choose zipper-locked doors for the tent. It can be easily sealed and opened at the earliest emergency. Try to find a larger tent when you are accommodating your dog inside the tent. This ensures easy in and out for both you and the dog. Do make sure that the gate is not flimsy; otherwise, your buddy might get lost trying to chase a rabbit in the wilderness. It’s better to take precautions and be safe than risking your dogs safety. Bear attacks, intruders also very common so keep a sturdy gate.


It is one of the essential parts of finding the perfect fit tent for the dogs. Campers always keep in mind the weather forecast when they go out camping. But it is always better to be prepared. The best way to be ready in such a scene is to get a tent that is weatherproofed.

When you are out with your dog, try to find a waterproof tent. Check out for any point that can threaten leakage. It must be made of durable material to stand in all weathers. Always try to find a tent that has some kind of protection.


Always try to pick the lightweight tent while camping with a dog. The weight of the stuff you carry can severely affect your camping. Especially if you are hiking with a small dog, this might become your topmost priority. The best tents for camping with dogs are the lightweight ones.

The material of the tent must be lightweight. But make sure that the poles are correctly attached. The weight of the pole varies a lot. Try to check for the total weight of the tent along with the material and the bars. The total weight of the tent should be bearable by you after having all the stuff and a dog around you.

Ventilated and breathable

Any place where a dog resides needs to be cleaned appropriately; otherwise, the stink is going to be on your way to the scenic views. It is better to find an adequately ventilated tent made of breathable materials when camping with a dog.

While looking for an adequately ventilated tent, try to find one with as many windows as possible. It ensures proper airflow. The breathable material also helps a lot in such cases. Overall, try to find tents that are easy to clean. You can also try to find a tent with a screen room, making it easier for your dog to enjoy the fresh air while keeping the bugs away.

This is just a guide to show you the necessary measure you can take when finding a tent for your dog. But these criteria change depending on you and your dog’s needs. Be specific about the features you would like to have in your tent, and the rest would be an easy task.



1. How do you camp in a tent with a dog?

It is suggested to keep your dog on a leash when you are out camping with your dog. Try to use pick-up bags. If you are not camping alone, try co-sleeping. The best way to do this is to pack provisions. Only bring out food when it is time to eat. Just try to savor the time together.

2. Can dogs sleep in tents?

Dogs can sleep in tents. But it is totally up to you if you want your dogs to sleep with you or not. Some dogs are more comfortable sleeping outside of the tent with a blanket or something. Other dogs love to have their tents to sleep. You can also put them to sleep in your car for a more secure and quiet sleep.

3. Can you fit a dog in a two-person tent?

The tents that have the capacity of holding 2-3 people can accommodate you, another human camping companion, and a dog. But it might feel a bit congested. Every dog is different; some dogs are more suitable for backpack camping than others.

4. Will a dog ruin my tent?

If you are not careful, your dog can highly damage your tent. It doesn’t even have to dig; just a scratch of its paw is enough to rip off the floor of the tent. But you can always sturdy up the floor. For precaution, you can buy tents that are scratch-proof.



It is said that dogs are our best companions. There must not be any pleasure more incredible than having your best companion by you when you are up for an adventure and seeing the beauty of nature. Many of you would love to take your dogs out camping but can’t do it for the lack of proper resources. But if you want your dog to accompany you on camping, at least get the best tents for camping with dogs.

Following a few criteria while choosing the tent will help you a lot when you are finding a tent for your dog. It has to be breathable, durable, ventilated, and spacious. You can use the list of tents stated above to help you as a reference in this task. Above all, pets are your most precious companions, keep them in good health, and a good mood will eventually make you feel better.