The 7 Best Tents for Kayak Camping in 2022

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In the time of recent years, kayak camping has been very popular. Basically, the kayak is a particular type of boat for personal or 2 people use. And the concept of kayak camping is about camping in different places when the transport is your kayak only. So, it will be very exciting as you can try the water journey while camping in nature.

However, if you are planning kayak camping, you should have all the essential kayak gears. Your tent matters here a lot. Your regular tent won’t perform well when it is kayak camping. So, here we will discuss the best tents for kayak camping today.

There are many more features to learn about the best tents for kayak camping. And you will learn about all of them before we leave for today. Just make sure that you have checked out the details of the tents, mentioned below. You will definitely find the appropriate kayak tent for your next kayak trip.


Best Tents for Kayak Camping: Top 7 Reviewed

Generally, a kayak tent is more durable and waterproof. Remember that you will have a long journey on the water. Besides, it should have a lot of storage and it will be very easy to carry. We have checked a lot of tents that are suggested for kayak camping. Among them, we have found these 7 tents to be the best. You can check their details right below.


1. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent
  • Lightweight camping tent designed for backpacking

How can we complete a list of the best tents for Kayak camping without a product from Coleman? We cannot but keep the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking tent in the first place. The reasons are mainly its features that aren’t compatible with most others.

Size and Capacity

You will find this tent 24 inches in length, 7 inches in both width and height.

Additionally, if you are on your way to camping or hiking, 3 people can adjust themselves comfortably.

Material and Weight

Basically, The tent is made of water-resistant polyester with anti-wicking thread and you will get 75-denier polyester taffeta fly. And the inner part of this tent is constructed with 68-denier polyester mesh. Additionally, the pole is manufactured with 11-millimeter fiberglass. The overall weight of this item is only 12 pounds.

Easy Setup

This light-weighted tent is super easy to set up and within a couple of minutes you can set it up thoroughly. You will only need 10 minutes to set up the pole sleeves and with the help of three people. Overall, a simple two-pole dome design, color-coded and shock-corded poles, pin, and ring design make the setup easier.


You will get an 8- by 7- foot interior with a fully covered vestibule and it helps to keep your entrance dry and keeps the inside clean. However, it provides extra storage space, especially for your gear.

Pin-and Ring-System

There will be a pin-and-ring- system that keeps the pole Connections so it actually prevents slipping. And you won’t face any trouble in stormy or rainy weather.

Weather Protection

The WeatherTec system and fully rainfly helps to keep the interior dry. And the full mesh interior allows for better airflow. The webbing and zippers are constructed with water-resistant material.

Furthermore, the welding technology eliminates the needle hole inside the tent. Thus it actually strengthens the tent floor. Additionally, the rainfly gives protection in rainy weather. It will eventually cover the doors and windows and is constructed with a more wind-responsive frame.


  • There will be mesh pockets sewed in the side of the wall so that you can easily reach your necessities.
  • The tent is extremely lightweight and has a protective rainfly.
  • Inverted wear helps to increase the weather resistance and hide interior needle holes.
  • It’s a very affordable tent with a nice outlook.


  • Nothing serious about this Kayak tent has been found yet.

Our Thought on Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Just check out if your needs match the tent’s facilities. If they are okay, I think you can go to this tent without any doubt. Besides, you must be aware of the popularity of the Coleman tent if you are a true Camping lover.


2. KingCamp Quick up 2-3 Person Camping Mesh Beach Tent

KingCamp Quick up 2-3 Person Camping Mesh Beach Tent
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: There are three ways of using. ** It has three detachable side walls, pull down all the...

The next suggestion is about a tent from KingCamp. If you want to have a 2 or 3 person tent, then it’s a must-try for you. However, we are talking about the KingCamp Quick Camping Mesh Beach Tent. The best part of this tent is its weather support and the other functions are given right below.

Size and Capacity

The size of this tent is quite spacious and It’s 83 inches in both length and width and 51 inches in height. So, it is big enough for 3 to 4 people and they can adjust easily.


Initially, the tent is made of 100 percent polyester and you will get a total of 8 ropes, 12 steel nails along 4 sandbags for each corner. Moreover, the flysheet is constructed with 190T Polyester with a 2000mm PU coating. Thus you can avoid being wet in the rainy season. Additionally, its quality material is UPF50+, so it will protect you from heavy sunshine.


The size and weight of this tent are quite serviceable for a family camping and It’s not heavy too. Overall, this 83 inches in length and width and only 7.7 pounds can easily be your part of your journey hassle-free

Easy to Set Up

The tent is constructed with pre-assembled free-standing fiberglass for a quick setup. Likewise, you can put this down only in a few seconds.

Complete Package

This tent covers all the necessary things that you’ll need for camping. It is weatherproof and the flysheet and the pre-assembled fiberglass pole helps to stand up the tent even in heavy wind.

Lamp Cord and Pockets

There, you will find pockets on the wall. And you can put your watch, cell phone, and other necessities to get quickly. Besides, the tent has a hook on the top where you can hang a flashlight or camp light for your comfort.


  • The tent is super light-weighted and a hundred percent risk-free.
  • It will also serve you as a versatile foldable tent.
  • The floor is made of 150D oxford and waterproof up to 3000mm.
  • You will get a zippered handbag made with 190T polyester.


  • Some users think that this tent is not very good to use on the beach.

Our Thought on KingCamp Quick up 2-3 Person Camping Mesh Beach Tent

If you don’t need to camp on the beach, what’s more, you need to check about this tent? It looks great and you can use it on the mountain. Besides, it provides support in different seasons. So, I can say that it’s a good choice for sure.


3. The North Face Stormbreak 2 Two-Person Camping Tent

The North Face Stormbreak 2 Two-Person Camping Tent
  • EASY PITCH. Our easy-to-pitch, two-person camping tent is refreshed for spring with a new vestibule design...

North Face Stormbreak has a very good name when it is about the best tents for kayak camping. And they have a unique and durable tent that you shouldn’t miss either. So, this time, we are reviewing the North Face Stormbreak 2 Two-person Camping tent.

Size and Materials

The dimension of this tent is 20.55 inches in length, 7.25 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. So, two people can adjust themselves easily here. However, the canopy of this tent is made of 75D Polyester and the wall is constructed with 40D Polyester Mesh.


The item weighs only 5 pounds so you can take this tent anywhere in your backpack. And It’s convenient to travel in a lightweight tent.

Comfortable Structure

The two-person tent is just too comfortable and it has arrived with a new vestibule design. Thus it will be easy to adjust even in rough weather. Additionally, the tent has two doors and twin zippers. The larger doors will help you with easy access and you can enjoy an excellent outdoor view.

Easy to set up

You will be happy to know that setting up this tent is quite hassle-free and it only needs several minutes. As it is a two-person tent, 4 hands can easily handle this tent.


The tent is constructed with a fully seam-taped canopy. Likewise, the floor enhances durability and prevents any water leakage. Overall, the tent ensures great service in heavy rainfall and It’s thoroughly waterproof.


The design of this tent is quite advanced and made with high-quality materials. So, It’s easy to go in a tent in any weather, even on risky routes. And if the weather is stormy or rainy, the polyester canopy and mesh walls will easily handle this.


  • The tent has multi-configuration vestibules.
  • You can keep higher or lower ventilation for optimal airflow.
  • There will be mesh pockets and you don’t need to roll them up while setting up the tent.
  • You cannot say no to this tent if you consider its outlook and appearance.
  • It’s an affordable and durable tent.


  • The tent is not waterproof if you don’t use the rainfly.

Our Thought on The North Face Stormbreak 2 Two-Person Camping Tent

You cannot say no to this tent if you consider its outlook and appearance. The color combination is smart and noticeable. Besides, you will feel very nice under a sky full of stars because of its mesh shell design.


4. Alvantor Camping Outdoor Travelite Backpacking Light-Weight Family Dome Tent

Alvantor Camping Outdoor Travelite Backpacking Light-Weight Family Dome Tent
  • DIMENSIONS Length- 6ft 6in /79” Width- 4ft /48” Height- 3ft 3in /40” DIMENSIONS ROLLED UP: L- 4in / W-...

You can also check out a heavy-duty tent from Alvantor. First, let me inform you that it’s a single-family tent where you can sleep 2 people together. However, it’s all about Alvantor Camping Outdoor Travelite Backpacking Light-Weight Family Dome Tent that I am talking about. If you are interested, please check out the following details of this tent.

Size and Materials

Well, this tent is quite spacious and the dimension here is 86 inches in length, 59 inches in width, and 46 inches in height. Additionally, it is made of 100 percent polyester walls, 100 percent polyethylene bathtub style floor, and strong materials. Besides, a sturdy fiberglass pole frame holds its stability.


People of any age can easily make themselves adjusted to this camp and it is great for family camping. However, the capacity of this tent allows two people to live and sleep comfortably.


The tent is surely light-weighted and it only weighs 3.53 pounds. Thus It’s easier to carry to campsites, parks, beaches, mountains or anywhere.


Surely, The tent is very light-weighted and it won’t cause any burden to you especially in the summer season. However, it will be total stupidity if you intend to take this tent in rainy or stormy weather as it doesn’t guarantee waterproof.

Easy to Setup

Setting up this tent is super easy and it will take only fewer minutes to finish completely. Likewise, it has a very unique folding capability. Thus It’s easier to be taken down and you can store it anywhere as it’s very light-weighted.


The tent is designed with two mesh sunroof windows and mesh-D doors are simply great for airflow. Basically, it will help to cool down the inner temperature. Additionally, you can get rid of insects too with this tent.


  • There will be one storage pocket where you can put your necessities.
  • Smooth material will assist to clean all the dirt.
  • The top of the tent allows excellent ventilation.
  • It’s very much affordable and you can carry it easily.


  • The material of this tent isn’t waterproof.

Our Thought on Alvantor Camping Outdoor Travelite Backpacking Light-Weight Family Dome Tent

The design of this tent is very unique. If you manage to use a rainfly, I think the waterproof material issue won’t bother you. Additionally, this tent is very handy and easy to carry. So, you should think twice before you head towards the next suggestion.


5. DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent
  • Easy Set Up: Set up and take down in minutes with aluminum poles. The use of hook reduces the time of setting...

DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent is also known as one of the best tents for Kayak camping. You must be familiar with the tent and camping gear manufacturer, Desert and Fox. Their tents are also durable and flexible. It will provide you long-lasting support with some extraordinary facilities.

Size and Weight

The size of this tent is 6 inches in length and width and 17 inches in height. However, the tent is a perfect choice for hill tracking or in rough weather as it weighs only 4.6 pounds.

Capacity and Materials

The tent is not that much spacious but one person can easily fit himself. Also, it has options to choose from and you can take sizes for one, two, or three people.

Besides, the outer material of this tent is made of 210T polyester PU 3000MM polyester. And the bottom is made of 210D oxford cloth PU 3000 MM. Along with the frame are 9.5 mm diameter aluminum poles.


On the top of this tent, you’ll find a light hook and there you can set up the lantern at night. Furthermore, there are two storage pockets where you can put your belongings. Additionally, The zippers here are made of high quality and the bundle belt helps for tent packing.

Easy to Carry

Notably, the tent is extremely lightweight and you can carry this even in stormy seasons. Besides, it is very small in size so you can put this on your backpack while tracking. Overall, it is just a perfect choice if you’re going climbing, hiking, fishing, and so on.


Although the size of this tent is very small, it will give you the right protection. The tent is double layered and made of 210T PU 3000 MM waterproof polyester. Along with it is double stitched and the seam-taped at the bottom helps to prevent leakage.

Season to Use

This tent is specially made for stormy weather and it gives all the advantages so it doesn’t become a burden of yours. Moreover, you can instantly set up or off the Aluminum pole. And if you’re in an emergency then you can set up the tent using a hook.


  • There are two doors and two windows for this tent.
  • Inner mesh wall helps to circulate wind.
  • The tent has an extension space between the flysheet and the inner tent.
  • The buckle connects the inner and outer tent and you can set tent poles in the hole.


  • According to some users’ reviews, it’s quite small for two if they have a lot of camping gear to keep inside the tent.

Our Thought on DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

For the solo campers, it can be the best choice as I think. If you check out the appearance of this tent, I am sure you will love it. The color is light and it is very comfortable too. So, think twice before you check out the next option.


6. ALPS Mountaineering Backpacking Tents Acropolis

If you are a fan of ALPS camping products, I have good news for you. This tent manufacturer has a unique mountaineering tent that you shouldn’t miss anyway. It’s ALPS Mountaineering Backpacking Tents Acropolis. This heavy-duty tent comes with a bucket full of exciting features and you will learn about them from right below.

Size and Capacity

The size of this tent is quite spacious for 4 people. It is 102 inches in length, 90 inches in width, and 60 inches in height. That means a person up to 5 feet can easily stand and move comfortably.


The upper material of this tent is made of Nylon. And the free-standing poles system is constructed with 7000 series aluminum poles.


Surely, the tent will make your camping experience a lot better. Along with 4 people can easily fit in. However, the top cross poles and pre-bend poles give more headroom and interior space.

Easy to Install

You can set up this tent without any hassles. And all you need to do is assemble the tent clips so that it snaps over the tent pole.


Overall, the tent weighs 10.25 pounds. In addition, The tent has a mesh roof along with a storage pocket. And if you are a regular camping person, you should know that mesh walls are great for ventilation. Moreover, the tent has spare 8 zippers on doors and vestibules.


The tent has two vestibules to give you extra protection in rough weather. Along with it will give you gear storage when you need it.


  • The tent is quite big and people can easily move around.
  • Mesh walls will deliver great ventilation.
  • It is great for camping and hiking in any season.


  • Nothing serious has come up to explain negatively.

Our Thought on ALPS Mountaineering Backpacking Tents Acropolis

Hopefully, you have understood the very reasons for recommending this heavy-duty tent. It is handy, flexible, and easy to carry. So, check the features again before you say no to this excellent tent for Kayak Camping.


7. Eureka! Family Tents

Eureka! Family Tent
  • The Eureka! Tetragon NX 2, two person, 3 season tent is an ideal choice for casual car campers. The durable...

Eureka! Family-Tents brings Tetragon NX for you. It is, without doubt, one of the best three seasons tents for two persons going camping or hiking.

Weight and Materials

This tent weighs around 5.31 pounds and is suitable for backpacking. You can carry it with ease and you surely don’t need to take your car.

The built materials are of top quality. The tent fabric is made of polyester taffeta which ensures optimal weather protection and waterproofing. Poles are made of fiberglass which makes this tent even more durable and user-friendly.

Easy to Assemble

This tent is known for its user-friendly setup process. Anyone can assemble this tent without any prior knowledge of tents and camping. Moreover, the user manual is also very comprehensive and shows step by step set up processes.

Design and Compatibility

You will like this tent for its familiar yet smart design. The dome-shaped structure makes it durable against harsh weather and suits perfectly for long-route car campers.

In your hectic long journey, you must need sound sleep and rest. This familiar shaped tent is so easy to assemble and does not conflict with your vehicle. You can just get out of your car and set it up for a quick nap.

Ventilation and Accessibility

You must choose this tent if you require space and a nice view from the inside. The mesh window gives you an enjoyable site-seeing facility from the inside and keeps good air circulation checked.

The hooded rain fly offers superior cooling in warm weather. You can rearrange the rain fly as you like whenever needed. It uses an advanced ventilation system and offers the perfect door and window size.


This tent is perfect for two adults and covers an area of 35 square feet. The approximate measurements are 7 x 5 feet floor and 4 feet in height. The package dimension is 5 X 34 inches which is very compact and backpack friendly.


  • This tent is very easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it perfect for car campers.
  • It includes lantern loops, gear lofts, and adequate storage pockets for your convenience.
  • You will love this tent for its high-quality built materials, strong base, and trouble-free installation processes.
  • It has sufficient headroom and two people can freely move inside the tent without any issues.
  • This tent comes in an affordable price range and does not compromise in quality.


  • Some users did not like the quality of the mesh fabric used in the sidewalls and windows.

Our Thoughts on Eureka! Family-Tents Tetragon NX

One of the best things about this tent is its smart storage facility and gear loops in strategic places. Finally, this tent is suitable for any kind of use, from car camping to wildlife camping alike.

So, these are the best tents for Kayak camping according to our inspections. I am sure that you will have a nice experience with any of these tents. They are all handy and lightweight. So, you don’t feel them as an extra hassle while carrying them from place to place.


Buying Guide for the Best Tents for Kayak Camping

We have considered a few issues that are very essential to check when you are planning to buy the appropriate kayak tent. I have listed them below to share with you so that you can select the best one for yourself with the help of this information.

Packet Size

As you have to move from place to place, the packet size will be a fact to consider fast. On the kayak, you won’t have a lot of places. So, you have to make sure that the tent packet size is small and you can carry it properly.

Weight of the Product

It is another issue besides the packet size. You may have to carry the tent from time to time. So, they should be lightweight and handy so that you can easily carry them. You will find a lot of lightweight tents on the list above.

Tent Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the tent should be considered too. And you have to think about your situation while checking the size of the tent space. If you are a solo camper, you can try the smallest one. But if you have a companion, you should go for a 2 or 3 person tent.

Material of the Shell

The tent cloth should be durable and waterproof. As you have to move on the water using your kayak, you can’t use a tent that’s not properly waterproof. It can make the cloth wet and soggy. Besides, the tent cloth should be breathable and windproof too.

Weather Protection

You don’t know when the weather will show its harsh face to you. So, you have to be prepared every time you are going for a kayak camping trip. So, you should make sure that the tent has come with proper weather protection for the users.

These are the basic issues you have to check before you are buying a tent for kayak camping. Additionally, you should also be aware of the price, season rating, and the place where you can find it. I have provided you the link to the online marketplace and you can buy the recommended tents from there.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have understood everything about the kayak camping tent issue. Kayak camping is very much exciting and I am sure this content will help you on your next camping. Just make sure to buy the appropriate tent anyway. Otherwise, your kayak camping will be ruin for the inappropriate tent only.

From the mentioned tents for kayak camping, which one you are planning to buy, please let us know. Also, share your experience using the tent as well. If you have any other recommendations other than these tents, please let us know as well. Thank you in advance.

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