The 7 Best Tents for Long Term Camping in 2023

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Camping is one of the greatest pleasures of life. When things get tough, and you need a breather, you can go camping in a place far from city life. It allows us to feel closer to nature and refresh our minds and soul.

However, if you need a longer break and want to go camping for more than the usual 1-2 days, you would need a durable tent. All tents have their purposes, and some tents are designed for long-term living.

So, how would you find the best tents for long-term camping? We have picked the best ones available on the market and compiled them for your consideration. So, go through the list and find your dream tent.


Best Tents for Long Term Camping 

If you’re looking for the best tents for extended camping, we have got you covered. These are the best tents for the job, and we have listed them with pros and cons. Let’s read ahead to know more about long-term camping.

1. Luxe Tempo Tent

[amazon box= “B01MG2HJVB” title= “Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tents”]

Our first choice for the best tents for year-round camping list is a 2-person tent that can be used all year round. The top-notch insulation system, weather protection, and sturdy frame put this tent on the top of our list.


This is a good choice for solo campers as the tent floor size is 55 inches, and it weighs only 5.7 lbs. It is easy to carry if you’re a solo traveler. When you camp for a long time, you need to have an easily portable tent, and this tent offers just that.

Good Airflow 

The tent material is superb as it is made of 210T polyester that can provide good ventilation. It has a mesh roof, and the door has dual layers. You get a condensation-free tent as the tent fabric, and the mesh prevents heat buildup.


Another great feature of this tent is its freestanding nature. Freestanding tents don’t require to be staked out to keep their shape. This tent depends on the tent pole to stand firm. But that doesn’t mean that it is flimsy because freestanding tents are more robust and less likely to fall apart in windy weather.

4-Season Tent 

When you camp for the long-term, it’s usual that seasons may change. Some tents only support one type of weather but not this one. The robust tent construction makes it perfect for every weather you can encounter. This tent has been tested and approved under extreme rainfall, snow, and wind.

Additional Perks 

The two vestibules offer camping gear storage space. The doors can be partially opened and have a mesh covering to keep out bugs and mosquitos. If you open the pole in the front, you can get a shadowy place to do your work.


  • Can endure all sorts of bad weather
  • Freestanding and firm
  • Cozy interior space
  • Good breathability
  • Great material


  • It only comes in one size
  • The tent height is short

Our Thoughts on Luxe Tempo Tent

If you want to camp with a friend or with a pet, this is a fine choice. You can use it for long-term solo camping as well. It is perfect for long-term camping because it can survive all types of extreme weather.


2. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Tent

[amazon box= “B0842S9MXJ” title= “ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent FG, Gray/Red”]

Next up, we have a 4-person waterproof tent that is perfect for warm weather. It has excellent ventilation for summer days and an extra storage area. This is the ideal tent for small families or friend group camping trips.

Material and Storage 

This polyester tent is UV damage and water-resistant. There are two vestibules or inner storage pockets for storing gears. These storage pockets and the roof is made of mesh. The stakes are strong and made of aluminium.

Good Ventilation 

The feature that puts this tent on the best tents for year-round living list is its ventilation system. There is a mesh roof, two doors, and windows with zips to provide good airflow within the tent. Since it is a tent for warm weather, you can expect the interior to be chill. Moreover, the fly comes with extra vents for continuous airflow.


It is another freestanding tent on this list. Tents take time to assemble, but this tent saves you from that frustration. This tent comes with two fiberglass poles that firmly hold its shape without the help of skating. During windy weather, freestanding tents are more robust than usual ones.

Weather Protection 

This tent offers excellent defense against bad weather. It is the sort of tent you need for summer camping because it can protect you against unpredictable summer weather. As it comes with a sealed fly, there is no chance of rain entering the tent and ruining your gear.

Great Zippers 

One of the best perks of this tent is its zippers. Often we’ve all come across tents that are fantastic to use, but they have terrible feeble zippers. The zippers are extra-large and quite sturdy to make your getaway more convenient.


  • Good breathability
  • Strong and large zippers
  • Protection against terrible weather
  • Easy set-up
  • Extra storage space


  • The rain fly can become condensed overnight
  • Not long-lasting

Our Thoughts on ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Tent FG

Overall, this is an excellent tent for a small family. It boasts many great features, but the zipper stands out. Once a zipper gets ruined, you can no longer use tents, but you don’t have to worry about that happening with this one.


3. Kodiak Canvas Tent

[amazon box= “B001NZWQ1C” title= “Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe”]

If you want a quite spacious tent that can comfortably fit many people, this is the tent for you. This tent has been designed for group hunting and long-term camping.


This is a large tent as it can fit eight people easily. When you camp for a long time in one tent, it can feel a bit claustrophobic due to the enclosed space. But this tent has an average floor width of 46 inches, and the peak height is 6 foot 6 inches. There’s a slight chance of feeling caged even if you’re with seven other people.

Durable Material

Not only is it quite large, but this tent is also made of durable and protective material. The exterior is made of full cotton duck canvas Hydra-Shield. It is a double-fill design that is perfect for tents as it is water-resistant and creates good insulation. Even on the warmest days, there will be minimum condensation.

Fantastic Airflow

If that wasn’t enough, the tent canvas material is highly breathable. On top of the canvas breathability, two funnel flow vents help with air circulation and manage the interior temperature.

Strong Frame

This feature is the reason why this tent is considered to be one of the best canvas tents for long-term camping. The Flex-Bow frame is known for its unbreakable toughness. Flex-Bow rods are a 3/8 inches solid steel frame that keeps the tent secured. But they are easy to assemble as one person can do it by themselves.

Extra Benefits

There are four large windows and two doors that are D-shaped. These doors have number 10 YKK zippers.  All of them are shielded with no-see-um-mesh. The floor is polyester-reinforced vinyl. You can use this tent throughout the year.


  • Sturdy frame
  • A large amount of space
  • Material is long-lasting
  • The ventilation system is fantastic
  • Large zipper


Our Thoughts on Kodiak Canvas Tent

This is an excellent tent for group camping. If you want to explore the wilderness with your buddies for a while, you should consider this one. Despite its heavyweight, it provides all the protection you need.


4. Vidalido Dome Camping Tent

[amazon box= “B07T34HT7Z” title= ” Vidalido Dome Camping Tent for 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Anti-UV Windproof “]

Next, we have a unique-looking tent. It is triangular and yellow-colored, and it looks like it came out of a camping fantasy. This tent quite spacious as it can fit 5-6 people easily. But it has its valuable functionalities as well.

Shape and Functionalities

The conical shape gives this tent an unbelievable look, but it has ample interior space, and the cone shape allows standing height. This shape has its conveniences as well as you can take off the external account and use the outside account as a brief changing room and bathroom.


This tent is made of 190T polyester that is patterned and anti-year, and 150D Oxford fabric makes it durable. It is strong enough to endure both wind and rain while keeping the inside dry. The tent poles are of premium anti-rust material that gives the tent a strong foundation.

Large yet Portable

Since it is a 6-person tent, it is pretty significant. However, it is easy to carry as it is pretty lightweight. For long-term camping, you would need a tent that is travel-friendly. Sometimes we change our destinations after a few days and having such lightweight tents can help the traveling process.

Good Ventilation

The doors and windows are covered with a 2000D polyester 3000MM high-density mesh shield. This nylon polyester mesh lets you see the outside scenery while inside the tent and keeps the airflow going. You can use this tent in beautiful sights to relax and enjoy the outside at the same time.

Easy Set-up

Despite its great looks, you’ll be happy to know that this tent is relatively easy to set up. You can do it in under five minutes as the central tent pole creates a simple assembly process.


  • Fantastic visual
  • Tall in height
  • Allows good airflow
  • Simple assembly
  • Travel friendly


  • The instruction manual isn’t clear
  • It can get cold easily

Our Thoughts on Vidalido Dome Camping Tent

This is a perfect tent for a friend getaway. If you ever wanted to live the dream camping trip with your friends, then this tent is a fine choice. It provides excellent insulation and is relatively easy to set up.


5. ALPS Mountaineering 5422607 Taurus Tent

[amazon box= “B00AU6JUXM” title= “ALPS Mountaineering 5422607 Taurus 4 Person Tent, Sage/Rust”]

For those looking for cozy tents with good insulation, this tent is an option you must consider. This tent can fit four people and provides additional storage space. It is a freestanding tent as well.

Size and Space

This tent can fit four people comfortably. It had a peak height of 52 inches, and the floor area is 64 square inches. The roof, two doors, and the windows have mesh panels and zippers. You don’t have to worry about the zippers breaking as they are size 8.


Freestanding tents are always a treat for long-term camping. Almost all the best tents for extended camping are freestanding as they are much easier to assemble. For this tent, you have only to connect the pole clips and the fiberglass poles. Such tents are more robust against the extreme wind as well.

Protection against Bad Weather

The tent material is designed to keep you protected from extreme weather. This tent’s seams are factory sealed, and the fabric is 75D 185T polyester, and the coating is 1500mm For the floor material, you get similar poly taffeta with a 2000mm coating. This keeps you dry in the wettest weather.


As we said above, this tent has two doors and two windows covered with mesh panels. This increases the ventilation within the tent. For dry summer nights, they offer good airflow and a chance to see the outside scenery within the tent.


There is a gear loft for storing your camping necessities. Since it is a four-person tent that can fit four single tents, it may be hard to find space to keep your things. But the gear loft has you covered in this area.


  • Freestanding tent
  • It can fit four people
  • Endurance against bad weather
  • Good ventilation
  • Extra storage pocket


  • The frame is heavy
  • The windows are narrow.

Our thoughts on ALPS Mountaineering 5422607 Taurus Tent 

This is a good choice for people looking to camp with friends or small families. You can use it for solo travel as well if you like the extra space. Overall, it is a good tent that offers everything you want in a long-term tent.


6. NTK Colorado Dome Tent

[amazon box= “B01M1KGD2N” title= “NTK Colorado GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 12 Foot Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent”]

If you’re looking for a lightweight tent that can fit several people inside, then this tent is for you. It can fit 8-people but weighs only 20 pounds. It is one of the best tents for long-term living.

Easy Set-up

Even though this tent is huge and can fit eight people, it is pretty easy to assemble. It has a floor size of 120 square feet, and the peak height is 6 feet. But the assembly process takes only a few minutes. You can save the set-up time and spend more time enjoying yourself with your family.

Floor Material 

The floor is made of polyethene, and there is a silver coating on the inside to stop leaks. This tent has a bathtub-style flooring design, which means that water won’t pile up on the inside no matter the rainfall. It will keep you protected from wetter weather and maintain dryness.

Accessory Materials 

This tent has accessories of excellent quality. The rainfly has dual layers and is fireproof. It is made of 190T polyester, and the polyurethane lamination makes it waterproof. The thermoplastic coating provides UV damage protection while the doors and windows have mesh panels.

Sturdy Frame 

Undoubtedly, this tent’s thick nano-flex technology frame is one of its best features. The nano-flex technology fiberglass poles are attached to the double gold chrome-plated hardware to provide a sturdy tent. Moreover, the pin-and-ring system helps to assemble this tent more easily.

Breathable Mesh Panels

The micro-mesh panels offer extra airflow. It is made of super-thin polyester so that ventilation is never restricted. This tent will keep you protected in extreme heat, rainfall, and wind, as you can use the panel zippers to your convenience.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great ventilation
  • Made of excellent material
  • Top-quality rainfly
  • Tough tent frame


  • The manual instructions aren’t the best.
  • Not very long-lasting

Our Thoughts on NTK Colorado Dome Tent

This is an excellent tent for larger groups as it can fit eight people. It is pretty roomy while providing good air circulation—a fantastic choice for long-term camping as it is pretty wide and has strong frames.


7. High Peak South Col Tent 

[amazon box= “B000TMK2IY” title= “High Peak South Col 4 Season Backpacking Tent”]

If you feel that most tents are too small or too big to your liking, consider this tent designed for three people. It is one of the lightest tents on the market as well. You can use it for solo travel if you like having extra space.

Simple Assembly Process 

The set-up process is relatively easy as all you have to do is attach the clip poles to the poles. This tent has a ring and pin pole connection system. It is freestanding as well, so you can assemble it within minutes. The guy ropes give the tent further stability.


As we mentioned before, the size of this tent is unique as it can fit three people. For some people, 2-person tents are too narrow when there are two campers. But this 9.7 lbs. tent is the perfect solution for that. It is easy to carry and simple to assemble.


The tent floor is made of polyester and has a polyurethane coating to keep you dry during sudden rainfalls. It can endure 5000mm of the water column. Even the rainfly is made of polyester with the same layer. The rainfly can survive a water column of 3000mm.

Additional Features  

There are some extra perks to this tent, such as the two doors come with storm flaps. The mesh panels are of no-see-um mesh material. You get to have two vestibules to store your camping gear securely. Furthermore, there are four gear pockets for safekeeping smaller products.

Weather Protection

This tent is double-stitched to avoid any type of leakage. The guy ropes allow more stability in windy weather, and it comes with a manual on how to use them. With the excellent rainfly, you can be sure of a dry camping experience no matter the weather.


  • The size is beneficial.
  • The material quality is good.
  • Nice rainfly
  • Good storage space
  • Durable


  • It comes in only one size.
  • Not great for standing up

Our Thoughts on High Peak South Col Tent 

This tent is very durable, especially against bad weather. If you want to travel on your own or with another person or a pet, then this tent will give you enough space to not feel caged.


How to Sustainably Camp for A Long Time

While long-term camping sounds like the ultimate getaway, it comes with specific responsibilities. Camping for a long time is tricky but manageable.

Step 1: Choose Location and Tent 

Most people who camp for the long term don’t go to a camping ground but a place in the wilderness. If you plan on going the same route, try to choose a location with very little wildlife, especially predatory animals.

When it comes to choosing a tent, think about camper numbers, personal preferences, and weather. Pick a tent that fits you best. Practice using it for a few days in your home if it is possible.

Step 2: Sort Out Food and Cooking 

Food is the essential component in long-term camping. Some people may think that they will hunt or go fishing to sustain themselves. If you have the skills and equipment, make sure to be informed beforehand if they allow hunting or not.

Try to stock up on canned food like rice, pasta, beans, tomatoes, soup, and more. You can also plant seeds nearby if you plan on staying there for months. For cooking, using a camp stove is the best idea. You can cook over the campfire as well but always take precautions.

Step 3: Maintain Hygiene 

Some camping sites have showers and toilets to maintain personal hygiene. But if you’re out on your own, you need to stock up on toiletries. Always take a significant number of wet wipes with you.

You won’t get to shower every day, so you can use the wipes for cleaning your face and hands. Carry paper towels and easy to wash clothes.

Step 4: Regulate Temperature 

Temperatures can change unexpectedly. So, it’s essential to know how to manage your tent temperature when that happens. In instances of heat, you can open up the windows and doors for better circulation.

For colder weather, use a tarp over the tent or a camp stove to burn wood. Taking some heat packs and using sleeping pads with good insulation can help a lot. You can take a fan for summer days.


What to Consider Before Buying a Tent for Year Round Living


Camper Number 

You need to consider how many people are in the camping group before purchasing a tent. Look for tents that can hold your total campers while providing a bit of extra space. When you camp for a while, living in a tent becomes monotonous and caged. It’s even harder when you’re camping with others because space becomes limited.

It’s better to look for tents that can carry an extra person than your camping group. For example, if you have four people, look for tents that accommodate 5-6 people. This way, all of you get a bit more personal space. For solo travel, you can use 2-person or 3-person tents.


It is such an essential point to consider. Do not neglect the expected weather of your camping days. Tents differ based on seasons. Some tents with more mesh panels are suited for warm seasons, while winter tents come with stove jacks for warmth.

If you plan on camping through season change, then buying 4-season tents is a good idea. They are made of materials that can withstand both sides of extreme weather and have extra features that can be helpful. But for warmer or winter camping, it’s best to stick to tents designed for that weather.


You do not want to downplay this factor. Portability is vital when camping especially long-term camping. First of all, you need to think about how you plan on traveling. If you’re using a car or other motor vehicles, then weight and portability aren’t an issue.

However, if you’re hiking or using a bike, you need to think about the tent weight and bag size. Some tents are lightweight but sturdy at the same time. It’s best to stick to those. If you’re traveling with a big group, it’s better if everyone carries their tents individually because larger tents tend to be heavier.


Buying Guide for The Best Tents for Long Term Camping 

Tent buying isn’t easy. There are so many options, so it’s hard to find something that will fit your purpose and need. But there are some features you need to consider while looking for the best long-term camping tent.


While this may seem like a no-brainer, a lot of people underestimate this feature while buying tents. Space doesn’t only mean measurements of a tent. It means choosing a tent based on camper number, personal preference, and storage space.

Firstly, tents always mention how many people can fit into them comfortably. It’s easy to feel caged when you’ve been camping for several weeks in one tent. Consider your personal needs as well because having extra space to walk and store things is always helpful.

Tent Frame 

Another critical feature of tents that you must look for is their frame. Some tents have feeble frames that they try to hide under with other fancy features. Remember that when you want to go on an extended camping trip, you need something durable and won’t break on your midtrip.

This is why always look for aluminium or steel poles with extra thickness. While they may be heavier to carry, you will benefit from their sturdiness greatly. Suitable frames protect you from bad weather like wind and rainfall.


Not only the tent material but also the material of the tent accessories is essential. The tent floor needs to have an excellent coating to prevent rainwater from entering the tent. When you camp for several days, it’s natural to encounter different weather, so look for tents with materials that can endure these sudden weather changes.

Moreover, the rainfly material is also essential. It is the accessory that protects the tent from the outside. So, try to find a water-resistant and fireproof rainfly with a good coating.


When you camp for the long-term, you are bound to encounter different weathers. But you should consider the number of days you want to camp and the climate of those days. Also, think about the place or places you want to camp in. Every tent has its weather specialty.

Some tents can endure four seasons, while some are made just for summer. You can’t use summer tents for winter camping because the tents differ in material, ventilation, and other features. For summer camping, look for tents with good circulation and water resistance because rainfalls are common during those days.


Another essential feature you need to think about is ventilation or air circulation. Most tents come with mesh panels. But some tents only have mesh windows. You should look for tents that have mesh windows and doors. If you’re planning on camping during warm weather, try to find tents with extra air vents.

Mesh panels are essential for winter camping as well. But, for winter days, you must find a tent with window and door zippers. The zipper will help you to regulate the air circulation to your liking.



1. Where can I camp for a long time? 

You can choose a camping ground or wilderness or any place. After you select a home, find out if that area allows campers because some places have restrictions. Some sites have banned catching animals from their ground, so you need to be fully informed before camping there.

2. Does my tent need to be big? 

No, it doesn’t need to be significant if there are not many campers. But try to choose a tent where you can envision yourself living for the long-term without feeling cramped. Small tents with extra storage space can let you have space and feel organized.

 3. Should I choose separate tents when camping in a group?  

You can choose separate tents if you want. It allows personal space and easy to carry as well. But, using a big tent with friends helps with bonding. In the end, it is up to your preference.

4. How should I maintain my tent when camping for a long time? 

You need to maintain tent hygiene. Since you’re out on your own, always pick up after yourself. Pick up the litter and make your bed. Try to keep the place insect-free and use wipes to clean the tent fabric.



Hopefully, now you know how to find the best tents for long-term camping. Camping is an enjoyable activity, and if you’re passionate about it to do it for a long time, you should choose a tent that will suit your needs. Consider where you want to go and what the temperature will be during that time.

Camping for a long time can create boredom as you would be living in a small space, so it’s better to buy tents that are a bit larger than you usually do. Since you will be using it for a month or more, try to be more careful with your choice.