Best Tents for Stargazing in 2023: Top 8 Reviewed

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We don’t know about you, but we hear far too many urbanites complain about the lack of open skies in the cities. Because of so many high-rise buildings and flickering neon lights everywhere, you’re probably also missing out on the most galactic scenes of the night skies. And what is life without a little bit of stargazing every now and then with your favorite person being cozy beside you?

It’s time to shift your gaze from the horizon to up above the world so high, wouldn’t you agree? First things first, let’s find you some of the best tents for stargazing because you’re planning a night out under the stars very soon!


Best Tents for Stargazing

As you might have already guessed by now, tents for stargazing have a roof or a spacious opening. The best part about owning this kind of tent is that you can set it up in any space of your choice – whether it’s over a fresh bed of grandma’s garden or you’re at a high school reunion by a delightful bonfire.


1. MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent

[amazon box=”B00G7H9CAY” title=” MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent”]

If you’re the kind of outdoorsy person who camps all around the year, this MSR backpacking tent is the ultimate all-season stargazing tent! And we love it for its ability to endure through the harshest of rainy seasons to the most scorching heat of summertime.


This is a 2-person tent that accommodates space for all your twin sleeping bags, camping gear and room to sit up and move around without trouble. The flooring is absolutely comfortable, so you won’t be distracted on any grounds while you admire the constellations.


After a night of stargazing, when you finally tuck yourself away for a goodnight’s rest, and it starts pouring – don’t be alarmed! The MSR prides itself on its revolutionary Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating that protects you from harsh storms.

Easy to Set Up

One of the most underrated key features of this Hubba Bubba is the ease it provides when you’re trying to assemble it. They say it only takes 5 minutes tops to set this whole tent up and even fewer to disassemble.


Besides packing super light, this tent is wonderfully sturdy through the worst weather and travels. You could say this NX backpacking tent puts those to shame that can’t offer both features in one package.


Stargazing has never been more comfortable. For a first-timer, this tent is worth every dime as it keeps the interior environment fresh. You wouldn’t feel a hint of humidity during the rainy season.


  • Great organization – It comes with two vestibules for safekeeping.
  • Weather-proof – Protects even from the coldest Iceland winds
  • Extremely Spacious – Absolutely comfortable for two people
  • Lightweight fabric – Helps to pack easy and enhance breathability
  • Rainfly – Easy assembling with the color-coded rainfly


  • Expensive – The price point is comparatively higher for a first-time purchase.
  • No footprint – You have to purchase it separately for extra protection.

Our Thoughts on the MSR Hubba Hubba NX Backpacking Tent

Although the price is hefty on this product, this would last you ages all through hot summers, cold winters and through the pouring nights. If you want a comfortable night of gazing away at the stars, this is the best deal.


2. LIVIQILY Stargaze Outdoor Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B07RFHL95Y” title=”LIVIQILY Stargaze Outdoor Tent”]

Planning to surf astronomy with the kids in winter? You’ll be the favorite uncle for setting up the ultimate fun-looking bubble camping tent! The LIVIQILY is known for its tunnel tents that make stargazing with the family an exciting experience.

Transparent Look

This bubble camping tent is one of a kind. We can’t think of a more perfectly designed tent just for the stargazers out there! As long as you’re camping on your property, there’s no issue with privacy.

Interesting Set-up

Gather around the family and engage in setting this tent up together – it’s quite a fun outdoor activity! It comes with necessary accessories such as an air blower to pump it up to a perfect tunnel leading to a huge bubble.

Warm for Winter

You don’t need to wait for summertime if you’ve got this tent in your store-room. Just take the time to assemble, throw in a sleeping bag, some cushions, and enjoy the coziness while it’s chilly outside.

High-quality Material

Built from PVC, this keeps your family protected from chilly winds. It also helps to capture and retain the indoor heat during a cold night of stargazing. So you can get intimate with the skies in absolute comfort.


The best feature about this bubble tent is you can sit in a circle and have family bonding time. Due to its tunnel shape, you have extra room to fit in a telescope and even a gigantic astronomy encyclopedia to look up the constellations.


  • Well-equipped: The added accessories help easy assembling
  • Attractive outlook: Its transparent bubbly look gives a unique vibe
  • Long tunnel: The shape allows accommodation of 3-4 people
  • Cozy: The best place to be during winter
  • Transparent: The transparency allows you to enjoy stargazing


  • Not for rough grounds: This would be ideal for backyard camping
  • High maintenance: Cleaning and retaining its shape can be quite a chore

Our Thoughts on the LIVIQILY Stargaze Outdoor Camping Tent

Why go the extra mile when you can set up camp and stargaze from your own place? Due to its uniquely tunnel-shape, it makes for the perfect family tent. Besides that, it looks absolutely beautiful after assembling, so we think it’s worth the high maintenance.


3. Kelty TN 2-Person Tent

[amazon box=”B00G6KURDI” title=”Kelty TN 2 Person Tent”]

Are you looking forward to watching the skies during a risky rainy season? You must pack yourself a waterproof tent that won’t budge all night while you dream of stars with your spouse.

Excellent Waterproof

If your tent survived a night of heavy rainfall without leaking through its layers, wouldn’t you call it excellently built? This Kelty tent is a miraculous companion for a night of survival.


Great news for our 6-feet tall stargazers! With plenty of room for two people to move around, sit and watch the stars and store their things around them, this tent promises a comfortable space.

Gazing Feature

A phenomenal addition to a 2-person camping tent. What sets this silhouette apart from its fellow ones is its mesh lining is significantly see-through for a clearer view of the stars. If you’re taking in the experience where the air is clearer than that of in the city, you’ll love the gazing feature!


That being said, if you’re traveling outside the city for a night sky-watching adventure, you’ll want the tent to pack super light. The Kelty does justice without burdening your vehicle or straining your back while carrying it.


This tent holds up horrible winds with shielded water resistance and won’t budge on you all night. If you add a footprint to this wonderful tent, you are set for your backpacking trips.


  • Rainfly: Multiple features assure ventilation and keeps the interior dry
  • Innovative set-up technology: This freestanding camping tent with a hug-clip makes installation super easy
  • Added organization: Comes with a vestibule for storing shoes
  • All-season: Lives through all seasons without question
  • Durable: Made of high-quality mesh and layers to last long
  • Award-winner: Awarded twice as a specialized tent for backpacking


  • No footprint: The only thing missing on this wonderful tent
  • Not for long trips: It’s best for a few days of camping out.

Our Thoughts on the Kelty TN 2-Person Tent

The Kelty 2-person tent is one of the best tents for stargazing, especially because of its light-layered mesh. If you’re planning to escape the city with your star-crossed lover, this tent will be the best third-wheel for your 3-day trip.


4. Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent

[amazon box=”B01IO5Y0KS” title=”Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent”]

If the Three Musketeers could stargaze right now, they would be choosing the Marmot Tungsten tent without a doubt! It has the most all-rounder features, placing it alongside other best tents for stargazing. Let’s explore what makes it so outstanding.

High-quality build

The blaze-steel-colored fabric makes the protective cover unique. The Marmot Tungsten was built for those who enjoy crescents during distant travels and have no time to worry about the downpour.

Sturdy accessories

While it is no ultra-lightweight tent, this product is designed with sealed edges to prevent any leak, with reinforced straps to keep it in place.

Winter Wonder

Why miss the joy of marveling at the constellations during the winter? If you purchase the Marmot Tungsten, you’ll need no heater while you’re miles away from home. It creates a perfectly cozy environment by trapping heat inside.

Added Footprint

If you’ve been camping on rocky and earthy surfaces, you know how crucial a footprint is. Marmot was mindful of the necessity and added this extra feature to keep you stargazing at any location of choice.

Easy to Set Up

For three people, it’s the easiest job to unpack and assemble this wonderful cabin. And if the weather is pleasant, you can let the rain fly off and watch the distant stars and planets without an ounce of interruption.


  • Sturdy: The straps on this hold tight
  • Waterproof: You wake up dry every morning
  • Ventilation: The layers allow no room for condensation
  • Footprint: Great for two-day hiking trips
  • Easy to pack: Easy to disassemble and plenty of storage


Our Thoughts on the Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent

In our opinion, this accommodates two people on a night of stargazing the most out of all the recommendations. Because it comes with its footprint, we think it’s the most decently weather-proof camping companion there is out there.


5. Big Agnes HV UL Backpacking Tent

[amazon box=”B01IOXB7QA” title=”Big Agnes HV UL Backpacking Tent”]

Big Agnes designed this backpacking piece from durable and waterproof nylon and polyurethane in the most dapper orange and grey hues. They have fashioned minimalism and week-long backpacking into this revolutionary product while assuring the quality of all specs.


The brand took its time to turn sleeping in the grounds into a comfort zone that doesn’t budge from its place during rustling winds, has walls to protect but doesn’t make one feel trapped inside.

Ultra Lightweight

You no longer have to feel that an anchor is weighing down on your backpack with this tent. Its super thin material plays an advantage here, so you can unpack and assemble easily and slip in for a well-deserved relaxation.

Expanded Room

The Big Agnes shelter gives room to two people and all their hiking essentials. The almost vertical walls make room for a tad more stretching in between observing stars and planets, so you never feel cramped up in a small space.


Even after all that added boxy space, this two-person tent is a compact room with two doors, a vestibule for safekeeping and a rainfly with sturdy stakes to withhold strong winds.


The perfect shelter during a heavy downpour! As mentioned earlier, this features a rainfly option to hold out the showers and keep the interior ventilated. On the other hand, although its walls are incredibly slim, it won’t let a single drop leak in.


  • Warranty: Enables high priority for great quality materials
  • Weather-proof: Features a rainfly for an assuring time
  • Compact: Designed for a great organization and easy to pack
  • Anti-claustrophobic shelter: The layers are incredibly thin
  • Boxy space: Makes room to store more belongings with ease


  • Lack of footprint: You need to buy an extra, which is also lightweight
  • Not for winter: It is better suited for the rainy season and summer

Our Thoughts on the Big Agnes HV UL Backpacking Tent

We appreciate a brand that thinks about its minimalistic wanderers. For the price point, you can’t go wrong with this option. Be sure to order a different footprint and check for the size variables when you place an order for this one.


6. Bubble U24 Mobile Family Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B01HNTMXSW” title=”Bubble U24 Mobile Family Camping Tent”]

Admiring a gorgeous constellation with friends across the same room is a beautiful experience. The Bubble U24 is an inflatable tunnel tent that makes you want to have such moments from first sight.

Durable Material

The PVC material is a key feature that gives a real effect to this massive bubble tent. It is built to undergo heavy rainfall, extreme winds and trap in the heat for colder nights.

Inflatable Shape

The biggest advantage of inflatable tents is that they come with the necessary equipment so you can set up a shelter in less than 15 minutes. It is also lighter and easier to carry along without the hassle of poles and stakes.


If you’re a group of friends that share the same passion for the galaxies, this bubble is the perfect cozy hub to gather around in. So enjoy the space around you and catch the sight of a shooting star through the transparent PVC.

Repair Kit

The tent might pack in one bag, but it surprises you with an added repair kit. Within a matter of minutes, you can repair any unfortunate damages to the inflatable.

Luxurious Look

Not only does it look like a realistic bubble, but it has a homely look and feel. Traditional tents don’t have the same luxurious impression that a tunnel passageway would make you feel.


  • Big room: It can fit a family of four or five
  • High-quality material: Weather-proof and budge-proof for outdoor camping
  • Added repair kit: For quick and easy damage repairs
  • Gift item: It’s a compact gift for kids or a friend


  • Traps heat: Not appropriate for summer
  • No ventilation: There are no windows or rainfly

Our Thoughts on the Bubble U24 Mobile Family Camping Tent

Ditch camping in the traditional way and get an inflated bubble. If you make this purchase, not only do you get to have a great time with your loved ones, but you can also watch the skies without any interruption.


7. Lightspeed Outdoors Stargazing Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B01H5YT0BS” title=”Lightspeed Outdoors Stargazing Camping Tent”]

The Lightspeed Outdoors shelter was made exclusively for the stargazers of this decade! If you were looking for more interior volume, with enough mesh spots all around you to have a clear sky view, this one should be the easiest to choose.


The Lightspeed camping tent is the type you’d love to lay down beside a barbecue, even if you forget to apply a bug repellant to your skin, the mesh windows across this cabin block out insects.

Large Room

You could fit up to four single sleeping bags inside this tent. Once you zip down the front layer, there is more capacity. It’s the easiest to slip in and out of.


They had to make it a rainproof stargazing tent to give you the best of both worlds. The rainfly is hassle-free to pull on and off according to your need.

Easy Installation

Apart from being one of the best tents for stargazing, this one’s standalone for the best car camping tent. To make sure it stands upright all night long on your treasured spot, there are tightly-sealed screws.

Durable Materials

Since this tent has a large front flap, it was given high-quality zippers that wouldn’t snap in a few uses. The mesh skylights and the rainfly are also designed for adequate air circulation throughout the tent no matter how many times you zip it up.


  • Expanded room: Large front flap for extra space
  • Lightweight: Thin layers for easy carrying and more airflow
  • Easy packing: Takes less time to stuff into the oversized bag
  • Easy installation: Simple assembling without poles
  • Thin material: Mesh skylights for an enhanced stargazing experience


  • Lacks a toolkit: Replacement parts like pins would be useful
  • Plastic poles: Lightweight but lack sturdiness

Our Thoughts on the Lightspeed Outdoors Stargazing Camping Tent

If they had an extra kit on this thing containing extra pins, it would have been the most convenient. However, the quality of this outdoors camping tent is truly top-notch so give it a go!


8. Bubble Stargaze Outdoor Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B00XV71WJ2″ title=”Bubble Stargaze Outdoor Camping Tent”]

Okay, one last bubble inflatable tent, and then we’ll move on to some great tips on finding the best tent for stargazing. When Qbubble designed this, they committed to creating the best quality for the kids.

Warm Bubble Hut

When the night is chilly and you’re far away from home, stargazing surrounded by nothing but fireflies, this bubble tent will keep you cozily tucked in its own warmth.

Extra space

The best thing about this bubble outdoors hut is a tunnel that isn’t just a passageway but also holds stargazing quintessential like binoculars, blankets, books, maybe even a coffee machine.


This tent features its repair kit and an air pump. You can pump in mechanical airflow as soon as the tent starts to deflate. Moreover, if the surface rips, you will instantly fix it using the repair kit.

360-degree View

There’s no missed opportunity when you’re taking in the panoramic view all around you. And when you’re on the flat ground watching the distant stars and planets, you’ll come across all sorts of scenic miracles.


The PVC poly material on this is built to resist any sudden rain showers that may dawn upon you. If there’s continuous heavy rain, the outer surface of the bubble will need a thorough cleaning, but then it’ll be as fresh as new.


  • Kid-friendly: Inflatable like a playground
  • Zipline closure: Ensures proper closure
  • Reasonable Price: For a family size, it’s a decent price point
  • 360-degree view: It is the best way to stargaze without intrusion
  • Repair kit: For instant fixes


  • Noisy air pump: It’s not ideal for nighttime usage
  • Frequent maintenance: Always only wash with water and soap

Our Thoughts on the Bubble Stargaze Outdoor Camping Tent

The bubble Stargaze Outdoor Camping tent is a unique cabin to have for when you want more people to join your galactic adventures and have a relaxed time. You won’t regret the purchase.


Buying Guide for the Best Tents for Stargazing

Our research has confirmed for us that the tent of your dreams will enhance your stargazing experience. From the price to the way it is designed – everything plays an important role in shaping the perfect silhouette.

While everybody has individual preferences, it’s good to know what factors make the best tents for stargazing. Only then can you make an informed and conscious decision. Check out this precisely detailed buyer’s guide for an in-depth idea:


The right kind of compartment will come with guaranteed durability and has the least complicated structure – and we cannot stress enough on the latter! This is because when your goal is to connect deeply with the mystery of the skies, you don’t want massive poles to interrupt the view or a complicated interior design to distract your gaze. A minimalist pole design built by a well-known brand – that’s all you should be looking for.

Another layer of material is the tent footprint, providing added protection against rain welling up from underneath you. It also elongates the lifeline of the tent, as there will be fewer tears as you camp more on rougher grounds.

Fine Mesh

Some tents come with a tent at the roof; some have added mesh windows, while others have the entire wall lined with mesh. If you haven’t taken the hint already, tents made for stargazing have a mesh fabric.

Generally, they keep out bugs and mosquitoes so that you would be safe out in the wild zones. So these tents are not just for a magical night but also mainly to keep you safe. Imagine being out in an unknown town or near the woods, especially during the rainy season. You’d want to be protected from dangerous insects, especially flying ones. Apart from that, the mesh is a see-through material, allowing you to get the most of the Skyview from inside the comforts of your tent.

If you’re anxious about privacy, it’s best not to go for tents made of entire mesh walls. Also, invest in one with mesh tents with secured zip lining.

Rain Fly

You might drive away and get yourself to a less polluted region to get the best view of the Milky Way, but you can’t rule out extreme weather. But even if the weather is nice, the idea is to enhance air circulation within the tent. Perhaps you had to flip the coin and choose a three-layered tent over a lightweight one. That’s when tents require the most ventilation, as the inner part tends to get heavily condensed.

So when your chosen tent comes with its rainfly, you don’t need to worry about condensation. Some brands design it as a detachable outer layer. If you don’t mind the extra assembling step, you can go for it. But remember to check for a guaranteed waterproof rainfly to save you from a sudden shower of rain.


The lightweight tent material would be just the cherry on top to make it easy to carry anywhere. So whether you’re right outside in the backyard or are planning to take the set-up all the way to an open field miles away from home, a light-packing tent keeps it hassle-free.

The main material that makes a tent lightweight is the mesh fabric itself. Brands that specialize in designing tents for stargazers and the adventurous backpackers draft them with full insect-proof mesh.

Oh, and remember, the fewer people you have during your trip, the more lightweight the tent you get to pack. Usually, the lightest will weigh less than 2 pounds, but it can measure up to 4 pounds and still pack light at the back of your car.

Easy to Assemble

We understand that you want to spend more time trying to see the Milky Way rather than taking the time to set up your tent. When your tent is light to pack, you can assemble it easily, even if it’s your first time. It won’t strain your back or annoy you to the point where you’ll want to give up setting it up. So even if you’re an alone stargazer, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Remember the minimalist pole? Materials like a strong but lightweight pole and well-designed hooks and rings that are easy to attach and keep the tent up all night – make both assembling and disassembling the tent easy.



1. How to pick the best night for stargazing?

For the best nights for the most enhanced stargazing experience, avoid full moon nights. A full moon is too bright and would outshine the light of stars. So the darker the sky is the more chances of catching a shooting star across the night sky.

2. Is it mandatory for tents to come with a rainfly?

Rainfly is a protective layer. Tents may or may not already come with a rainfly. However, having it is a definite advantage during rainy weather.

3. What are the advantages of a meshed roof on tents?

Tents with mesh roofs bring advantages like providing more ventilation, keeping the air inside fresh and less humid. The mesh design also packs lesser weight on the overall tent and allows you to stargaze at night.

4. How can you stargaze from a tent through the side walls?

If your tent has meshed walls or windows other than a meshed roof, you can see through and stargaze. This is a big advantage as you can switch between and lay on your sides while gazing at the stars till you fall asleep.



Wishing to get intimate with the skies as you lay beside your star-crossed lover in your brand new tent might also come true this weekend.

Wanna be the coolest parent ever? Who knows, maybe this is the year you finally get to teach the kids how to do sky watching! Flap out the tent roof and tell them about the origins of stars and what happens to those that burst in the far galaxies.

By now, you have a list of the best tents for stargazing, a fool-proof buying guide on what to keep your eyes peeled for, and some FAQs answered!

So make the right tent purchase and take all the chances you can to marvel at the night sky. With all said and done, let us know which tent the winner was for you!