The 8 Best Tents for Tall Person to Stand Up In (Review 2022)

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Having a height taller than average doesn’t always work in your favor; in fact, it frequently puts you in tight spots, isn’t it? The lists of such plights are endless, if truth be told such struggle doesn’t leave you even when you leave for a camping escapade! Camping involves staying in a tent, but for a taller person, fitting inside a regular tent is more of a suffocating experience than a restful one.

Luckily, some genius thought about the tall person and made tents that are specialized for them. If you’re on the look for one, Kudos, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve come up with a handpicked list of the best tents for tall person along with a pertinent guideline for your benefit. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right to it.


Best Tents for Tall Person: Top 8 Reviewed

1. Core Straight Wall Cabin Tent

[amazon box=”B06X9G7Q5V” title=”Core Straight Wall Cabin Tent”]

According to our intensive research, the model that takes the cake for being the best in all respect is none other than – Straight Wall Cabin Tent from Core. Aside from just owning peak height, it ticks all the boxes that you may expect to have in a tent. The model is made with tear-resistant 68D polyester with perfect finishing. Its weather protection quality is so over the top and has already been proven to lend you perfect homely shelter even during the most drastic calamities. The incorporation of CORE H20 block technology is just the cherry on top. For space, this model imparts an area of 14 feet x 10 feet when installed entirely with a height of 7.2 in the center.

You’d be lured to know that, for ventilation concern, this model includes not one or two, but a total of five large windows altogether. Then again, we must admit that its wall arrangement is another feature that absolutely captivated us. Unlike most other brands’ r sloping walls, this model is designed with steep walls that apparently maximize its livable space. For bringing a sense of privacy inside the tent this model includes a convenient room divider that can be easily pulled out or folded up according to your need. That’s not all, there’s more to this model! To ensure that the campers’ are comfortable and having their best experience, it packs an electrical charging outlet, a lantern/fan hook, a gear loft, and several storage pockets as well. What a package! We can vouch that the combo this model provides is totally worth the money.


  • 2 feet center height
  • Packs 5 windows for optimum air circulation
  • 2 large D-style doors ensure hassle-free moving in and out
  • Core H20-block technology extends its waterproof quality
  • Straight sidewalls impressively maximize the livable space
  • Added room divider brings a sense of privacy into the tent
  • A completely closable e-port for device charging amenity
  • Includes gear loft, light/fan hanging hook, and several storage pockets
  • To top it all, it offers one year of satisfaction guarantee


  • Not found


2. Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B083T6WJKD” title=”Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent”]

Next up, we have another winning model that has us on the fence as it occupies nothing less than our number one model. From head to toe, the features of this tent are pretty similar to our list topper; yet again, because it is a little heavier and more expensive, we have placed it in second place. Nevertheless, the extra weight brings you some extra gain; and that is some extra space. Yes, this model is larger than our previous pitch and stretches to an area of 14 feet x 12 feet.

Like the list topper, this model also features straight walls that maximize the internal capacity. If you have installation anxiety, then let us tell you, this model features a unique hub design that takes only a few minutes to open up with two people involved. Then, again each of the walls of this model includes a screen window for ventilation while letting you admire the surrounding scenic views from inside. Not to mention, an extended mesh layer is also cleverly incorporated in all windows to keep the bugs out. Two massive doorway is also attached, one in front, one in the back for easy moving in and out while elevating the ventilation facility.


  • 1 feet center height
  • Boasts easy 2 person setup
  • Features extremely sturdy steel and fiberglass frame
  • 4 large mesh windows ensure superior ventilation
  • Two extra-large doors for easy access in and out
  • Adroit steep sidewalls extend livable space capacity
  • Removable flysheet coverage over doorways for extra shade
  • Equips overhead storage pocket and a power access port


  • The pricing is comparatively exorbitant
  • Slightly heavier compares to other options


3. ALPS Mountaineering Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B01M32S47B” title=”ALPS Mountaineering Camping Tent”]

Here comes another prestigious model that is reigning the market for years, and even the most ardent campers acknowledge its efficiency. From, its features to quality, everything is spot on. Reinforced polyester made this tent comes with factory sealed seams and 1500mm rainproof coating to keep you dry and well-breathed in all weather. Imparting you ample space, the model occupies a dimension of 10 feet x 10 feet with a ceiling height of 7 feet on all sides. To your delight, this model is also designed with straight walls to free as much standing room as possible.

Not to mention, the model is made using the most advanced manufacturing technology and features a distinctive hub design. This design makes tent installation a breeze with its quickly bendable fiberglass poles and pole clips. Another impressive perk is that, sturdy alloy steel is used in its construction to hand you stability and security while assuring long-term service. Then, again the clever incorporation of front door and back window awnings extends the efficiency of this model to another extent.


  • 7 feet center height
  • Exclusive hub design ensures easy setup
  • 4 large windows take good care of the ventilation
  • Mesh roof is also incorporated for added peace of mind
  • Has impressive front door and back window awnings
  • Straight sidewalls maximize livable space impressively
  • Hoards maximum durability, edges are factory sealed
  • Includes sidewall pockets for easy storage


  • Contains only one doorway to go in and out


4. Coleman Octagon 98 Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B00HN987K6″ title=”Coleman Octagon 98 Camping Tent”]

Are you browsing for a tent with the four-season solution with maximum ceiling height? Then, this model is here to put your mind at ease! Its incorporation of WeatherTec system and its 35+ MPH wind resistance flair separates it from its competitors. So, be it severe downpour, heavy snowfall, or the fiery sun glaring outside, this tent will keep you dry and well-breathed while confirming a homespun ambiance inside. If you’re concern about its height then let us tell you, its ceiling height is whopping 6.10 feet. Which is pretty adequate for any towering individual to move easily without the worry of bumping head against the roof.

For space, it provides you an area of 13 feet x 13 feet when installed entirely. Furthermore, the model comes stitches with mesh windows for providing optimal ventilation while keeping even the tiniest bugs out. On top, its fat U-styled mesh door also is thoughtfully placed to allow the sweet breeze to come in easily. Nevertheless, its ventilation route doesn’t end here, as the slightly inclined eave areas are also here to do the job. Another criterion that rapt us is its color-coded poles, which excellently reduce the complication of setting up. For your further efficiency, it also includes two side walls storage pockets.


  • 7 feet center height
  • Features a wind-responsive frame
  • WeatherTec technology makes it a perfect 4-season option
  • Included door awning fetches additional weather protection
  • Included removable rainfly also works as UV ray protector
  • Extended mesh windows assure superior ventilation
  • Comes with a welded floor with a seamed groundsheet


  • Not the quickest option to set up or taken down
  • Features only one doorway to go in and out
  • Carries no electrical ports for charging devices


5. UNP Beach Camping Shelter

[amazon box=”B08JQ6CP36″ title=”UNP Beach Camping Shelter”]

Our next recommendation from the Cambodian brand UNP offers the highest height you can ever get, which is whooping 7.5 feet all around. The model is specialized for beach surfaces to assure that you get the most of your beach camping. To this end, it equips only two walls to let you spectacle the serene beach area 24/7 while resting under the tent shade. As you know beach areas are most prone to rough weather and unforeseen calamity, keeping these in mind, this model is designed with absolute weather-resistance components to combat any odds.

To make you feel at home under scorching sunshine it comes with a unique silver coating with SPF 50+ protection. Its 1000mm watertight fabric ensures no raindrop drips on you. Moreover, its four FRP solid corded poles along with two same roof poles assure that your tent stands still even during gusty winds. For the sleeping purpose, simply lay a mat that you brought along, and for extra privacy, you can hang curtains in those two open wall hooks. So, this may make you do a bit more work, but then again you get to use it more flexibly. So, this model is surely one of the best options you can get hands on, when you’re looking for a beach camping tent for tall person.


  • 5 feet center height
  • Specialized for the beach camping
  • Hoards SPF 50+ UV protection
  • Features the free-standing design
  • Boasts a break-proof construction
  • Carries two organizer mesh pockets
  • Offers 1-year of quality guarantee


  • Doesn’t come with an infixed tent floor
  • Isn’t the ideal option for anywhere else other than the beach


6. Coleman Cabin Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B07GX54QFL” title=”Coleman Cabin Camping Tent”]

If you’re heading for a long camping trip, then this model is a perfect fit for you. Long trips require a comfy space for your must needed lie-down and this model is precisely designed with that. Its cutting-edge dark-room technology blocks more than 90% of sunlight and allows you to sleep even in past sunrise to have your must needed shut-eye. Other than that, this model also packs ample space which is 14 feet x 10 feet along with a central height of 6.7 feet. Apart from the center, the eave areas retain a height of 6.5 feet to allow taller hoomans to stroll around comfortably within the tent.

Moreover, it comes with four convenient windows and a square hinged door, which all together maintains impressive ventilation during all weather. On top, the incorporation of WeatherTec system promises additional assurance to support you all year round. Furthermore, with this model installing becomes a piece of cake, as it is designed to do that effortlessly in less than a minute. No exception for dismantling as well! Isn’t it amazing? However, for further convenience, this model also includes a room divider that in a jiffy splits the entire room into two halves, if you need that privacy.


  • 7 feet center height
  • Features dark-room technology for sleeping convenience
  • Added room divider confirms extra privacy if required
  • WeatherTec system fetches additional weather protection
  • Extended windows guarantee superior ventilation
  • Includes a seamed groundsheet with welded corner
  • Offers a warranty of 1-year


  • Heaviest option on our list
  • Includes no device charging port
  • Only one door to move in and out


7. UNP Double Layer Camping Tent

[amazon box=”B0865GHLNT” title=”UNP Double Layer Camping Tent”]

Another UNP model made our list with its high altitude and ergonomic features. For your concerned mind, it packs a ceiling height of 6.5 feet in the center. And, with a gradual slope, the eave areas maintain a height of 6.3 feet, which apparently appears to be enough for providing anyone with a decent moving around space. For space, it lends you a dimension of 10 feet x 9 feet which is spacious enough to fit 5/6 sleeping bags easily. Moreover, the model is made of 100% watertight 185T polyester material which is also proven to be tear-resistant.

Then, to bring you the most comfortable feeling inside it equips a total of five windows, just like our list topper! Also, the D-style door features a double-sided zipper system to let you use it from both sides. Nonetheless, to make the model super user-friendly, the UNP engineers added many clever features to it. An electric charging port, light/fan hanging hook, overhead gear loft, and sidewall mesh pockets are just some of them.


  • 5 feet center height
  • 100% waterproof and tear-resistant fabric
  • Firm, stable and windproof construction
  • Comes with a total of 5 screen windows
  • Added rainfly provides an extended coverage
  • Comes with a convenient electrical power port
  • Also includes a central hook for light/fan hanging
  • Packs an overhead gear loft and mesh storage pockets


  • Not the easiest to takedown alone
  • Includes only one door for moving in and out
  • The door size is problematic for a tall person


8. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

[amazon box=”B017NFRQV0″ title=”Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent”]

If you happen to be an ardent nature lover and fancies staying closest to nature at all times, then this model is sure to live up to your mind. It has a see-through screen room to put you on cloud nine as it will let you behold the surrounding nature 24/7 from inside. Its shock-corded fiberglass frame ensures optimum stability of the tent during any calamity. So, whether it is teeming rain outside or the wind is howling, with this model you can relish the wildness just by snuggling inside your tent while having a seamless shelter over your head.

However, if you are not comfortable staying under-screen area the entire time, then for your knowledge this model also has a covered room just a zipper door away. The covered room also has two bay windows to let you admire nature from there while enjoying your privacy. Not only does this model have a lot of imposing features, but it also packs enough height for taller persons. To be specific, its ceiling height is 6.5 feet in the center and its eave height is 6.1 feet.


  • 5 feet center height
  • Offers two rooms: screen room + privacy room
  • Features a shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Equips a mesh roof vent for optimal ventilation
  • Three bay windows improve the ventilation
  • Comes with some storage pockets as well


  • No device charging port
  • Takes longer to set up and take down
  • The quality isn’t the best


Buying Guide for Best Tents for Tall people

The task of purchasing a tent is in itself a difficult one and when you are over 6 ft. tall or taller than the average camper then your hunt for the perfect tent becomes more challenging. However, there’s no need for you to stress out as we have jotted down some of the important factors that you need to keep in your mind while going shopping for tents.


When talking about tents for tall person the first thing that comes to mind is the height of course. Tents that doesn’t let you stand straight is the not the one for you. The feeling of being clustered in a small tent in which you don’t have the space to get out of your sleeping bag without hitting your feet with the nylon walls is frustrating. In order to avoid this, you might want to buy a tent that is 7 ft. or 213 cm tall. Now, let’s come to the type of tent, car camping tents and backpacking tents. Car camping tents are taller than backpacking tents as their main focus is comfort. This depends upon the type of camping you are heading to but it’s better to know what to expect. As we know, that tents are a long time investment so it’s important to make sure that you are making the right move. How to do that? Well, take a measuring take and measure your height from your head to toe while standing straight; afterward measure the height of the tent or see the height of the tent from the label. This will make sure that you will be able to comfortably straight upright in the tent without hitting the walls.


No matter what height or type of camp you are buying, the one factor that always stays significant is the fabric from which the tent is made. The majority of tents are made up of polyester and nylon. These man-made fabrics are lightweight, easy to maintain and cheap which makes them the perfect material to carry on your back while camping. Another selection of fabric when it comes to tents is cotton or canvas tents. They are comparatively better than nylon in many ways. They provide better insulation, more breathable, and absorbs more water. But, they are more bulky and expensive than the typical nylon fabric which makes them a second choice for tent making. Confused? Well, if you ask us then we would suggest that you go with cotton fabric as its more health-friendly but if you are on a budget then why not go with the nylon ones! Moreover, the type of fabric you choose might also depend upon the weather in which you choose to camp. Observing the properties of the fabric and your weather requirements you will easily be able to make your choice. Always remember to place your comforts first if you have the chance.


The shape of a tent depends is quite important as it also affects the comfort rate while camping. Tents are either slanted or vertical in structure depending upon the construction of the walls. While buying a tent for a tall person vertical shape is the one that we will recommend. This provides more head space than slanted walls which prevents the bumping of your head to the walls frequently.

Sleeping space:

After a long day of fun camping activities, an uninterrupted night’s sleep is something all campers demand. For this, the sleeping space is really something to keep an eye on while purchasing the tent. You don’t want to select a tent that doesn’t let you stretch completely while sleeping. The camper with an average height can fit into any tent however, taller campers above the height of 6ft. Do not have that luxury. To avoid a shortage of free sleeping space you can check the length and dimensions of the tent before purchasing it and make sure that it is more than 6 ft. You also need to make sure that there is enough space for the other campers to sleep in. You might sleep in a horizontal and vertical position in order to use up most of the space.

Door size:

Doors can be quite rough when it comes to tall person. Some tents have doors that are not large enough for the entering and exiting of the tall person, you will have to bend down in order to move around the tent. So, to avoid this extra headache you should buy a tent whose height is more than your own height. This will ensure your ease while moving in and out.


Another one of the most significant things to look after while buying a tent is its durability. As you don’t buy tents often, it’s better to get one which lasts long. The durability of tents is directly proportional to the price of the tent. A more costly tent will certainly be made up of better fabric and care than a less costly one which will help it last longer. Expensive tents tend to make more weight as they are made up of cotton or canvas which are more durable than the typical nylon or polyester. If you are not a regular camper then we suggest that you go with the nylon ones but if you are frequently on camping trips then why not invest in an expensive one for the sake of your own safety.

Water and wind resistance:

Keeping dry is another priority of campers during a camping trip. Being drenched is the last thing you want. The water-resistant feature of a tent depends upon the type of fabric it’s made up of. Laminated polyester fabric is the best at providing resistance against water which is one of the main reasons why most tents are made of this made-made fabric. Cotton is a good option here as it absorbs the water and prevents it from entering the tent. To make sure that your tent is totally waterproof you might check that if the zippers are waterproof or not. Waterproof zippers ensure that no water pours from there. Strong stainless steel rigid poles are the best option for preventing the wind to uproot the tent. If you buy a tent with weak poles then there’s a probability for them to break off in windy situations.

Ground sheet:

The flooring is something that we always tend to overlook while buying tents. But keep in mind that flooring is essential. Some tents do come with flooring or groundsheet but some don’t. In that case, you might want to add up a layer of fabric on the ground in order to prevent the unwanted bugs from disturbing you. The ground sheet also provides better insulation making sure that heat doesn’t escape and prevents the soggy ground from making you feel uncomfortable.


This might seem like a small characteristic but it actually plays a critical role in ensuring your trouble-less camping experience. If you are not familiar with what a seam is then let us explain it to you. It is the stitch line between two pieces of fabric used to combine them into a single panel of fabric. While buying the tent keep the seams in mind and check them properly, making sure that they are sewn properly into the gaps. If there are gaps then the water might pour into the camp through those gaps causing the inside of your tent to get drenched. Not only this, a small gap might even cause your tent to rupture.


While buying something there always tends to be a mindset that the more the price the better the product. This is true in some cases but that doesn’t always mean that you need to pay high amounts for getting your desired products. One of the things that you can do is to make a list of things that are your main requirements while looking for a tent and focus on that only. If you keep your mindset on your main necessities then you won’t be easily distracted. Furthermore, if you are buying for rough use then you should buy an expensive one but if you are an amateur camper then we recommend that you don’t put any burden on your wallet.

In conclusion, if you keep all these features in mind and sort everything up you are on the way to catching up with a great purchase camper!


Final Words

We keenly prepared this article for our taller friends who are lately browsing for tents specifically suitable for them. To this aim, we’ve arranged this article with a list of best tents for tall person and also shed light on the features that would help you to find the one you need. We truly hope that our sincere efforts will help you select your pick and let you make the most of your next camping escapade.



1. What is the eave height of a tent?

Answer: The eave height of a tent is measured from the bottom line of the tent to where the walls and roof meet.

2. Is a tent for tall people expensive than a normal tent?

Answer: The price of tents varies with the height, dimension, and material of the tent. So if you are buying a higher than average tent then the cost might be more than average keeping the other factors in concern too.

3. Can campers of average height use tents meant for tall person?

Answer: Campers with average height can use tents meant for tall people.

4. What’s the highest height for a tent?

Answer: The highest height for tent can stretches over 7 feet.

5. Are tall person tent more vulnerable to wind?

Answer: Being taller than the average tent, tall person tent might be vulnerable to wind. So, when you opt for one, make sure to check its wind resistance.