The 8 Best Tents with Screen Room and Porch in 2023

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Imagine, sitting amidst the wilderness while enjoying the natural view from inside the protection of your tent. This can be turned into reality all thanks to the tents with separated screen room!

Not only does it saves you from bugs but also provides more livability, and of course more sleeping space. To save you from the stress of selecting one for your next camp, we have listed down the best tents with screen room for you! So, keep on reading campers!


Best Tents with Screened Porch: Top 8 Reviewed

1. Coleman Tent with Screen Room-In Porch

[amazon box=”B004E4AW1K” title=”Coleman Tent with Screen Room-In Porch”]

It’s not a surprise to find the brand Coleman conquering the top of our list with its absolutely detailed Evanston Screened Tent. This dome-shaped tent is a 4 season tent which is not seen in most tents with screen rooms. The dome-shaped has an interior size of 10 × 9 feet with a center height of about 5 feet 8 inches. This doesn’t only allow you to fit 2 queen-size airbeds but also stand up without hitting the top surface.

The weight of this masterpiece is about 26.68 pounds which is really reasonable when it comes to such a high-quality tent with a screen room. Now, when it comes to the water-proof quality of this tent, it consists of a lot of features to support you in this case. The polyester taffeta 75D tent consists of waterproof floors that strengthen the tent floor with its welding-inspired technology.

The list carries on with the protected seams that provide you with the best weather resistance. How? Well, it hides the needles holes inside the tent to prevent the water from leaking in. When it comes to leaks, the zipper cuff which is made up of weather-resistant fabric to protect from different elements of nature does a great job of preventing the outside snow or rain from pouring in.

After getting the water, and snow-covered, it’s time to deal with the wind. Coleman got your back again with the wind-strong frame that contains redesigned poles and guy-out triangles which helps it stay sturdy when strong winds try to destroy the peaceful sleep. In addition, the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves and Insta-Clip pole attachments enable you to set up the tent within 15 minutes.

Not to forget, the window awnings will let you get more fresh air into the tent to give it a totally honest feel. Let’s jump to the most excited, and luxurious part of this green-colored tent, the screen-room. There’s a separate screened-in room that has a full floor. This special room has an airfly that always the circulation of flow air in and out of the tent.



  • Separated screened-in room
  • Lengthy center height
  • Waterproof floors
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Perfect for all season
  • Wind-Strong Frame
  • Window awnings
  • Water-proof zipper
  • Removable airfly
  • Protected Seams
  • Sewn storage pockets
  • Insta-Clip attachments



  • Doesn’t come with any electrical port for charging devices.


2. Wenzel Klondike Convertible Screen Room Tent

[amazon box=”B017NFRQV0″ title=”Wenzel Klondike Convertible Screen Room Tent”]

The next favorite on our list is this tent manufactured by the well-known company Wenzel. This round-shaped tent weighs about 27.3 pounds which is a little more than the previous Coleman tent. With dimensions of about 28 ×11.5× 11.2 inches, this tent will allow you to fit 2 queen-size airbeds in its 98 square feet of interior space and 6.5 feet of headroom for your easy mobility.

When it comes to the manufacturing of the product, it is made up of weather armor polyester fabric that has been coated with a layer of polyurethane water-resistant coating all over. This extra layer of protection will keep you dry when the raindrop strikes. In addition to this, the double-stitched and lap-felled seams assist the tent to provide resistance against water.

If you are still worried about the water leaking in through the seams, then you shouldn’t as the elements of this tent-like the threads, zippers, and webbing are all prepared beforehand. The incorporation of water repellency applications gives this strong tent the strength to withstand rough rainy weather. This tent won’t even let you feel the strong wind due to its great ability to stay stable with the aid of a fiberglass frame and power corners.

Moving on to the main attraction of this tent is the screened second room. This attached screen room can come of many uses to campers as it is very spacious with its area of 60 square feet. You can use it as additional sleeping space while also storing camping gear on the sides. Furthermore, if you’re in the mood to party, this space is more than perfect in that wilderness of your campsite.

This attached screen room consists of zip-up walls. The full mesh room and two mesh windows help prevent the bugs from disturbing your relaxation time and also allows the ventilation of air in and out of the room which keeps the atmosphere breathable when things get warmer.



  • Spacious screen room
  • Exclusive zip-up walls
  • 5 feet center height
  • Full meshed roof
  • A rear mesh vent
  • Suitable for 3-season usage
  • Removable seam-sealed fly
  • 2 hanging pockets and a storing duffel
  • Shock-corded fiberglass roof frame
  • 10 years of warranty against all defects



  • Not suitable for extreme cold
  • No electrical outlet


3. Coleman Steel Fast Pitch with Screen Room Tent

[amazon box=”B00S57UU7S” title=”Coleman Steel Fast Pitch with Screen Room Tent”]

Coleman steals the spotlight again with this six-person screen room tent. We believe that there’s nothing more to left to say about how excellent this brand is at making tents. However, unlike their previous tent on our list, this one is not built for four seasons and is only suitable for three. In addition to that, it comes in only for 6 people, unlike the first one which was made for 8-person.

But this round-shaped tent has features, unlike any other tent. To start with, this tent weighs about 19.01 pounds which is comparatively less than the previous ones. Occupying the dimensions of 26 ×10 inches this tent can also fit in 2 queen size airbeds. When it comes to its weather resistance then it is of course waterproof. The floors are welding-inspired technology that makes the tent waterproof.

The protected seam also acts in support, with its inverted from that hides the needle holes inside the tent that prevents the entry of water through the opened holes. Not only are that but the zippers are also protected with water-resistant fabric. If that isn’t enough for you, then the tent also offers a strong framework that enables you to stay sturdy even during windy weather that can even range up to 35+ MPH winds!

Furthermore, this tent unlike any other in this list is equipped with E-Port. Yes! It allows you to use an extension cord to use the electrical facilities inside the comfort of this luxurious tent. Coming the essential part, this tent has a separate screened-in room. This spacious comfortable room allows you to rest without being interrupted by bugs or other types of dirt materials.

The airfly is surely the star of this tent. Due to the color-coding setup method, setting up this tent is easier than ever as it takes only about 7 minutes to be hazardously ready. To end this up, there’s a special feature included in this one which is the illumined reflective guy lines that assist your visibility in the dark which prevents any injuries from occurring.



  • Electrical power port
  • WeatherTec system
  • Wind-proof Frame
  • Fast installation guarantee
  • Stretched window awnings
  • Color code setup
  • Sewn storage pockets
  • weather-proof zipper protection
  • Durable fabric



  • Not winter-friendly
  • No bottom ventilation


4.  Core 11 Person with Screen Room Tent

[amazon box=”B06WVZVQW6″ title=”Core 11 Person with Screen Room Tent”]

This orange-colored tent has been produced by the famous company Core Store. Unlike the previous tents, this one is a family one that sleeps 11 people in it! With a weight of about 14.79 kilograms, this gigantic tent has the size of 29 ×14.2 ×14.4 inches. This is much heavy than the previous ones mentioned.

However, this tent is able to win over many camper’s hearts with its beautiful front screen room. The large front screen room can be used to provide sleeping space to campers. In addition to that, there are front windows in front of the screen room. This can be unzipped by the campers which will allow them to see a natural view from inside their tent.

The large multi-room tent is certain to make you feel at home due to its enormous space. Apart from the space, this also comes with E-ports like the previous one. Again, the incorporation of a feature like the Core H2O block technology allows you to enjoy the luxury of a peaceful sleep inside the tent. Its fabrics and seams are sealed with thermal heating to prevent rain from entering your tent.

Extra protection is also included in the form of seals around the door and window. The tent consists of fiberglass poles that are great at resisting windy weather. Your free breathing is also looked after by the advanced ventilation system that allows the flow of air in and out of the tent freely.

When mentioning freely, the high panoramic mesh ceilings come into the mind which allows even taller people to stand up without hitting the ceiling. Sometimes, these types of large tents can be hard to carry but not anymore due to the 210D polyester carry bag that has an extra zipper which enables you to carry the entire tent without making a big hassle.



  • Highly spacious, fits 11 people
  • High ceiling, 7.1 feet
  • Closable front windows
  • Full coverage groundsheet
  • CORE H20-Block technology
  • Adjustable ground vents
  • Fully closable E-port
  • 1 year of warranty




5. Coleman Cabin Tent with Screen Room

[amazon box=”B07XF2C1SX” title=”Coleman Cabin Tent with Screen Room”]

Look who is back on the list again! Yes, the Coleman brand returns with its 4-person all-weather tent. This tent has dimensions of about 11 × 8 feet which will easily allow you to fit a queen-size airbed into the tent, unlike the previous ones which equipped 2 airbeds. It is also heavy-weighted which might be difficult for some people to carry while going camping.

But it won’t be much difficult to stand upright due to its really nice vertical walls which make the high ceiling. You have absolutely assured the freedom to stand without bumping into the ceiling. Furthermore, the brand claims that this tent is meant to be used for all seasons. To ensure that, it has been equipped with a detachable airfly that you will be able to remove whenever you feel the need of letting the sunlight enter your tent.

Not only that, like the other tents, this one also has a tub-like floor with welded corners and inverted seams that prevent the water from forcefully entering the tent. Besides that, this model is also designed with a strong frame which successfully assists in keeping the tent sturdy during windy weather.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t include enough warming systems for the cold weather. But the beautiful screen room or porch will make your inner camper fall in love with this tent. It amazingly adds 35% more space in the tent which in turn means more sleeping area. As usual, this room also lets you enjoy bug-free lounging and extra space in order to store gear.



  • 35% Screen room area
  • Exclusive vertical walls
  • High ceiling, 6.1 feet
  • Removable airfly
  • Welded groundsheet
  • 2 panoramic windows
  • Winds resistance 35mph
  • 1 year of warranty



  • Heavy-weight
  • No Insulation
  • Not the best option for winter
  • The screen room is not waterproof
  • Storage pouches far from hand’s reach


6. Outbound 8-person with Screen Porch Tent

[amazon box=”B07RF9QRJL” title=”Outbound 8-person with Screen Porch Tent”]

Our next suggestion is manufactured by the well-recognized company OUTBOUND for housing 8-people in it! The dimensions of this blue-colored tent are 14 × 8 × 6’4” feet.  Although being so spacious, this tent has a weight of about 18 lbs. which makes it easy to carry to the desired camping site.

Now, let’s discuss the important aspect of this tent which is the water-proof feature. The poly taffeta 185T 68D 600mm water-resistant coating allows the camper to stay dry during rainfall. Not only that the addition of the heavy-duty 600 mm coated airfly with the front canopy also aids in protecting your happiness from the weather. The seams on both sides are also welded which makes it leak-proof.

As a plus point, like the previous one, this consists of a bathtub floor that helps keep the water out. If that doesn’t satisfy your soul, then the fiberglass easy setup technology surely will. This doesn’t only allow you to set up the tent without any frustrations but also keeps the tent from moving during very windy weather. The D-shaped door enables you to access the tent easily.

Not only that, but the 2 built-in zip windows with built-in mesh roof panels will also allow ventilation that keeps you cool even in the most heat-stroking weather. Lastly, it’s better for you to know that the screen room doesn’t have any type of flooring, therefore, you might want to carry a cloth to prevent from sitting in the dirt.



  • Spacious yet ultra-lightweight
  • Features quick setups system
  • 600mm waterproof coating
  • Watertight leak-proof seams
  • 2 built-in zip windows
  • Fully meshed roof
  • Front canopy



  • No insulation system
  • Given rainfly doesn’t cover full tent
  • Carries no electrical port
  • Can’t resist heavy rainfalls
  • No floor in the screen room


7. Pacific Pass Dome Tent with Screen Room

[amazon box=”B07WFNKT7M” title=”Pacific Pass Dome Tent with Screen Room “]

This lightweight 6 person tent is manufactured by the trustworthy company Pacific Pass. Weighing about 16.5 lbs., this tent is surely one of the portable tents out there. This round tent stays true to its nature by being usable during three seasons. This tent is perfect for accommodating 6 people with its spacious interior space.

Let’s look at its construction, this tent is made up of durable fabric that is 1200 MM waterproof which happens to keep the campers inside as dry as the Sahara desert. The tent also ensures stability with 12 stakes and 6 ropes. These pieces of equipment also make it easy for people to set up the tent within minutes.

For the breathability of the tent, the doors are made in a D-shape that allows the circulation of air in and out. The added removable rainfly also supports the tent in staying waterproof. Now, moving on to the large screen room which has the dimensions of 120 x 47.2 inches, which is uniquely made up of black gauze.

This screen room is designed a bit differently than usual tents which greatly impresses the campers who root for privacy even in the screen room of the tent. Without stretching the suspense, let us tell you how it is designed, it basically features zippered door in the middle that is intended to isolate the outside space of the tent from the inside. This tent surely takes your privacy under concern!



  • 120MM waterproof fabric
  • Durable construction
  • Boasts easy 5mins setup
  • 2 D-shaped doors
  • Foldable to a smaller size
  • Features light hanging hook
  • Two mesh storage pockets
  • Rainfly included



  • Not suitable for winter
  • No lower ventilation
  • Not for heavy-duty
  • No electrical port
  • Risked minimum leaking


8. Timber Ridge Cabin Tent

[amazon box=”B06XFZX5KV” title=”Timber Ridge Cabin Tent”]

The last star of our list is this grey-colored tent that has been produced by the much-known brand TIMBER RIDGE. This is another pretty big tent option and the dimensions of this tent are about 13ft. x 12ft. x 7ft. which makes it spacious enough to fit 8 happy campers.

As a plus point, the center height of this tent is also quite high that will allow you to stand still and move freely without the fear of bumping your head into the ceiling. However, this tent is really heavy with a weight of about 45.5 pounds that makes it harder to carry without the aid of cars. The polyurethane material with 88 millimeters of waterproof coating makes it usable in rainy weather.

The benefits don’t limit to this only as it also provides extra sleeping space in you have extra campers joining you, storage space to store all your gears safely, and mosquito-free nights. Unlike other tents, in this one, the added rainfly comes with UV protection to shelter you from the scorching heat of sun rays.



  • UV protected rainfly
  • 800mm waterproof coatings
  • Perfectly sealed seams
  • Electrical cable port
  • Mesh pockets



  • Pretty heavy
  • No insulation
  • Not for heavy use
  • Not easy to set up
  • Unfitting for adverse weather



Buying Guide for the Best Tents with Screened Porch

After going through the list you might have gripped a good idea of what type of tents with screen room is actually meant for you. However, there are some factors that you need to encrypt in your mind before heading out to get that tent. This will make the decision-making process much easier, believe us! Without any further talking, let’s get straight to those points:


The size of the tent is always a key factor no matter what! As you might have acknowledged by now, that tents with screen rooms come in all types of sizes: from the large ones to the smaller ones. This actually depends upon the number of people who will be camping in the tent.

If you are intending to take your big family to camp then your choice should be 10-14 people tent. As you obviously, understand, the size decreases with the decrease in the number of members. However, keep comfort in mind, and choose a spacious tent that will allow you to move freely without constantly bumping into the walls of the tent.


The shape actually determines the amount of space that will be available to you in the tent. Normally, as you might have noticed in our list that the shape varies from being dome and cabin. This controls the center height of your tent along with the shape of the walls.


Another key factor is weight. Larger tents tend to weigh more than smaller tents as they are much bulkier and spacious in size. Yet, there are large tents out there that are also moderately light-weighted so you might want to look around before making the final purchase. Make sure you have a transport facility before buying a big and heavy weighted tent.

Weather type

It’s important to clear out at first, what type of weather are you willing to camp in and what types of weather, the tent will be able to bear. Tents with screen rooms have different types of weather usability. Some are intended for 3-season while others can be used for 4-seasons.

According to that requirement, protective features are added to the tent. If the tent is meant to be used in the summer then it will contain a good ventilation system while on the other hand, if the tent is meant for winter then it will be equipped with a great insulation system.

However, there’s always the chance of the features to protect you from any type of harsh weather to fail or you can say some are not intended to tolerate rough weather. In that case, if you are looking for a really weather-resistant tent then why not go for one that is made by a really trusted company?


The durability of the tents also varies as it basically depends upon the type of fabric that has been used to manufacture the tent. Some are good at surviving over many seasons of rough use while others can’t be used after 4 or 3 times.

Durability doesn’t only rely on the fabric but also on the zippers, poles, and seams of the tent. If any one of them is not secured properly then there’s a probability that the entire tent might be ripped or you might need to repair it.


It is obvious that a screen room in a tent comes with ventilation systems like mesh windows and the airfly. The more ventilation the better your experience with your tent will be. This is because it will help air circulate inside the tent that will make the tent breathable.

As a plus point, this will also help you enjoy the natural view from the safety of your screen room without the disturbance of any bugs. Doors also play a big role in controlling the ventilation in a tent. D-shaped doors are great at letting air in and out.


Last but not the least, is the price of your tent. It totally depends upon your requirements. If you are a frequent camper then you should think of investing in an expensive tent but if you are not a regular camper then why not try out a tent that will also support your pockets on rainy days!


Final words

This article answers all the queries of campers who are looking for tents with screen rooms. From singling out the best options, we have also added what to keep in mind when you run an errand for it. Now that you know all that’s required to get yourself a great deal on the best tents with screen room, what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up for the screen room luxury that will surely make your camping memorable campers!