The 7 Best Waterproof Family Tents of 2022

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When it is about a camping trip, the first accessory that comes to our mind is a tent. But when you are camping in the rain, your regular tent won’t work at all. You don’t have to worry about the fact as today we will be reviewing the best waterproof family tents in 2021.

To buy the perfect tent for a family camping trip, you have to check out a few features. You will find all of them in the buying guide right after the waterproof tent reviews. So, let’s get started.


Top 7 Best Waterproof Family Tents

1. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent 

[amazon box = “B01J7SR7YM” title= “Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent”]

The first one I am going to suggest is from Night Cat. When talking about camping and hiking equipment, one cannot easily avoid the name of Night Cat. Because it’s a very renowned camping equipment manufacturer and people mostly get familiar with this name because of their tent. However, here I suggest Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent. Due to the variations in size and capacity, this tent has become very popular in the market.

By the variations in size and capacity, I mean 2 different sizes of this tent. If you have a tiny family with 2 people, you can just buy the little one which is about 200 x 180 x 140 cm in size. And you can also go for the big one in case you have 3 more family members. In this case, the size will be 240 x 200 x 140 cm. So, a small family with 2 to 4 people can easily use this tent to have a great camping experience.

You will get 4 different colors of this tent which include blue and green with their light and dark color variation. High-quality polyester 210D Oxford Fabric PU 3000 rainproof cloth is used to form the tent fabric and rain fly. The poles are also made of glass fiber sticks. They use a very thin but stable mosquito and fly net to cover up the door and other sides so that you can stay calm inside the tent without getting interrupted by those tiny but perished insects.

The rain fly you will get with this tent can also be used separately to relax in the afternoon or morning. There are 2 doors on both sides too. A mesh window is also there that you can open or close completely. Besides, there are 4 pockets that you can use to store your little things like cell phones, laptops, wallets, etc. And this tent is very easy to set up or to fold up. The weight of the folded tent is around 7 pounds. So, you can carry it very easily.


  • Very comfortable for a family with up to 4 members.
  • A lantern hook is available inside the tent.
  • To set the tent up or to fold it up is a fact of not more than 2 minutes.
  • Strong fiber pole and waterproof tent fabric make it very durable.
  • Convenient to carry for its lightweight package.


  • Some users complain about its design and pole durability.

Our Thought on Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

In the end, if we just have a glance at the facts again, what comes to impress us first is its variations in size and color that you may not find in other tents. Also, the materials are as good as their design. Additional benefits are the rain fly that you can use separately too. This is definitely one of the best waterproof tents for family camping and we highly recommend it.


2. Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

[amazon box = “B001TS8Q94″ title =”Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent”]

Coleman brings us WeatherMaster Outdoor tent for your camping trip with family and friends. Coleman is one of the most familiar outdoor product accessories manufacturers and ruling the business over 100 years with demand. From the very beginning, their best quality is promised for durable tents. However, because of its high functions and advantageous specifications, this tent always gets a recommendation from the users. Let’s see the why in detail.

This dynamic outdoor tent is designed for 10 persons to easily fit in. This tent contains two rooms within the space of 17×9 inch floor area and 6-foot 4-inch height at the center. So, the whole space can be enough for all your family members or a group of friends. Besides, the room compartment facility will let you maintain your privacy. For emergencies, you can even share the space with 11-12 persons. But it’s better not to exceed personal limitations as it can make you a little uncomfortable.

This heavy-duty product is made with denier polyester. The floor is made of denier polyurethane. As these materials are fully waterproof, they will help you to stay dry when it’s raining outside. Fiberglass poles will help you to stay firm during heavy wind flow. So, you can be prepared for any weather changes while using this tent. You can instantly set up this tent because they have InstaClip attachments, pins, and rings. Also, this tent is easy to carry and it is only 31 pounds. So, it can be simply carried in your backpack.

Moreover, this tent has a lot more facilities to mention. One of them is the angled window. It lets you keep the windows open while raining. So, you can enjoy the rain without worrying about getting wet. Also, the open window will create more air circulation. There are mesh pockets in tent walls so that you can keep your necessary equipment safely near you. Besides, you can adjust the air ventilation according to your cooling comfort. There’s also an electrical port for charging your devices. For these reasons, Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tents ranks at #2 in our list of best family tents for camping in the rain.


  • This tent can be set up within a few minutes.
  • The access to the tent is very easy because of one hinged door at the front and a zippered door at the back.
  • You can set up 3 queen size air beds inside the tent.
  • Zipper cuffs will not let you get hurt from door elements.
  • Uses durable materials.


  • Some customers complain about its rainfly.

Our thoughts on Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

The pros of these tents are quite unique for your consideration. If you are looking for a family tent that can help you with camping without the tension of rough weather and difficulties, then this one will definitely come handy.


3. Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent

[amazon box = “B00A8E2BXM” title = “Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent”]

Wenzel comes with a very flexible and good looking family tent for the camping lovers. In the field of camping and hiking equipment manufacturers, Wenzel is not an uncommon name. But their tents have always made a very satisfying impression on the users. And now, Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent has come to provide shelter to 7 people of your family or camping fellows. So, let’s see why this one is getting a strong recommendation.

First, let me be clear about the size and capacity. When you set this tent up, you will get a floor of 14 feet in length and 9 feet in width. In total, the floor area will be around 117 square feet. The pick height of the tent is about 72 inch and so a man with 6 feet height can easily stand Inside the camp. With the measurement of the floor, 7 people are recommended to use the tent at once. But some of its users even use it for 8 or 9 people though it can be a little uncomfortable.

This durable tent is made with polyester curtain cloth that is completely waterproof. Again, the design of the tent won’t let raindrops come inside it unless you don’t keep the door and window open while raining. Besides, this kind of material doesn’t get destroyed or make the color fade so easily even if the sunlight is straight. Also, this tent will definitely be a long-lasting companion for your family camping trips.

Let’s talk about other specifications. Tent with a window is pretty cool and this one has a moderate size window and a ‘D’ shape door. You can keep the door close very easily as there is a smooth zipper to make it closed. There are also 4 pockets of different sizes that you can use to store your essentials. And the complete tent is about 18 pounds and so, you can fold it and carry it in your backpack very easily.


  • Curtain Divider creates 2 rooms like a separated sleeping area.
  • An E port is there to get access to electric cords.
  • Smart design and very easy to fold and set it up.
  • Mosquito and flyproof net curtain for window and door.
  • The core materials are durable and easily maintainable.


  • This type of polyester material can cause different reproductive harm if one used it for a long time.

Our Thoughts on Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent

The specifications and pros of this tent must make it clear that it is like a temporary home for a family. It has all the required features to let you camp happily in the rainy season. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option with all the important features then this is the right tent for you.


4. Core Extended Dome Tent

[amazon box = “B016N7DFMI” title = “Core Extended Dome Tent”]

Let’s meet Core Extended Dome Tent, one of the best waterproof, versatile, extended family tents for camping or recreational tours. It is made by popular brand Core and they are known for their quality equipment at affordable rates. The best part of this particular tent is its size and accommodation support up to 9 individuals. Let’s dig into the appealing features that might motivate you to buy it.

Firstly, I will talk about its size and specifications. The package is around 27inch X 10inch X 10inch diameter weighing approximately 8.28kgs. You can easily carry it in a private car or even in a standard size backpack. The floor plan is around 16′ X 9′ with center height about 72inch tall. That is quite enough for 9 people to sleep comfortably. If someone is bigger in posture then go for 8 individuals consisting of young ones. It’s not like a group of giants going camping in a pack.

Its quality is one par with the industry’s top grade. The tent is made of 68D Polyester with high-quality waterproofing and heat sealing facilities. This tent will be able to fulfill all your needs. The roof of the tent mesh with transparent views. Whether it’s rain or a sunny day you will be able to enjoy the greens and scenic views of the sky. The fabric is flexible, wide, and relatively thick. No matter how the weather is your team will be safe from heat and rain.

You will not feel conjugated and will be able to enjoy camping in a tent. It is capable of accomodating 3 queen-sized air beds. The package includes tent poles, rain fly, stakes, bag, and the main tent. It features wide windows and a big ‘D’ shaped door for easy access to inside and outside. This tent also features an advanced ventilation system that allows the hot air to pass away and brings fresh air perfectly. You will be happy to see convenient electric cord access with it. That makes it safe and offers a clean ecosystem.


  • Made with durable materials and offers high-quality protection against weather conditions.
  • This tent comes with an advanced ventilation system and easy electrical cord management.
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Strong waterproofing and modern spacious design.
  • Offers hassle-free handling.


  • Does not come with the mosquito and fly proof windows and door design.

Our thoughts on Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

The package is of quality materials and you can be assured that it will last for a very long time. The pros of these tents are quite convincing and if you can find it on offers you must not miss it. It is more like a family home that you can set up in the wild. From our point of view, it can easily accommodate 7-8 adults comfortably. With kids in the group, you can even give room to 9-10 individuals. At an affordable price, it will always get priority over other tents.


5. Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent

[amazon box = “B07HJHH9C8” title = “Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent”]

If you are looking for a long-lasting tent for 3-5 people, then take a look at Kusport ZP05. It is a highly durable, waterproof, and ultraviolet ray-proof tent for a standard family. It’s in the midrange category and provides unparalleled convenience which allows a single person to set it up within minutes. It’s best for a family with parents and 2 or 3 kids. You will love it for its easy carrying facilities and size that fits in any standard-sized backpack.

Let’s talk about its dimensions first. It consists of two layers, the outer layer is (102.4 X 86.6 X 57.1) inches. The inner layer is approximately 94.5 inches X 82.7 inches X 51.2 inches in diameter. The whole package weighs around 14.3 lbs and is quite easy to carry in its backpack. It comes with a complete package and you won’t need any extra tools to set it up. The inside environment is quite spacious and comforting.

The tent is made of top-notch waterproof fabric. It features 210D Oxford PU 300mm water-resistant technology and also offers high-quality protection against ultraviolet lights. That makes it one of the best family tents for camping in the rain. It is capable of withstanding heavy rain and the wind blows. It provides 3 windows with zipper closure facilities and B3 mesh cover which offers superior ventilation and protection against bugs and mosquitoes. The door size is big and offers easy access.

It’s like a small home on the go. You can fit two medium-sized air beds inside it. It is very easy to maintain and most of the processes are automatic. It uses hydraulic pressure technology and the lift opens automatically. You don’t need to follow any complex instructions and are free of poles related difficulties. It offers an excellent ventilation system and perfect outside views through wide windows.


  • Offers wide windows with dense mesh protection against insects, mosquitoes, and bugs.
  • Easy maintenance and user-friendly setups procedures.
  • It offers storage pockets and a light holding-hook in the center.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Includes all the necessary tools for the tent.


  • Provides relatively small space and limited accommodation support.

Our thoughts on Kusport ZP05 Rainproof Automatic Hydraulic Backpack Tent

From my perspective, it is a great tent for a family consisting of 4/5 members. It suits all seasons and will be a perfect companion in camping, hiking, picnic, traveling, beach visits, and so on. If you can get it under $$, its unbeatable value overall but at the retail price, it may seem a bit pricey as more spacious ones are around a similar price range. The built materials are of high quality and provide near-automatic setup processes. We highly recommend it for small families, couples, and groups consisting of 3/4 individuals.


6. MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent

[amazon box= “B083HR4GMM” title = “MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent”]

Another tent for a family with 4 personal is offered by Moon Lance. As soon as you learn about the specifications of this tent, there will be a way not to love it. Moon Lence is a very renowned and familiar camping equipment manufacturer. And the MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent for 4 people is their one of the best selling products. Let’s see why this one is recommended with great importance.

First of all, I would like to talk about its outlook. Grey, white, and sky blue color combination has made the most appealing outlook of this tent. It is suggested for 4 adults but if you have some children in your family, 5 of you will definitely stay there comfortably. Well, this tent is 94.5 x 82.6 x 49.2-inch dimension which is pretty large for a small family.

This durable tent is crafted with 190T PU material. This kind of material is again formed with 210D Oxford Ground Sheet that provides 2000mm water resistance and excellent UV resistance. Besides, the poles of this tent are quite strong as they are made of glass fiber sticks. So, all the materials are quite strong to provide you with long-lasting service.

There are two doors on two opposite sides of the tent. These doors are equipped with a very high-quality SBS zipper. It let you open and close the door tightly. This type of door protection works very well as a stronger resistance to harsh weather. After folding the tent, you can carry it very easily because it is only 4.6 kilograms.


  • 1-minute folding and setting time.
  • Works well on rough weather.
  • Additional pockets to store things.
  • 2000mm water-resistant fabric and iron pegs ensure great durability.
  • Its compact feature makes it easy to carry.


  • There is no mesh window.

Our Thought on MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent

To be specific, this one is the simplest of all the tents suggested here. It is very light in weight and handy. As we generally don’t need to stand inside the tent, the height doesn’t matter a lot. Besides, it is very budget-friendly and the design is pretty good on this budget. 


7. Eureka Desert Canyon Three Season Camping Tent

[amazon box = “B078YDR662” title = “Eureka Desert Canyon Three Season Camping Tent”]

Eureka is another unbeatable brand in the world of camping accessories manufacturers. And now, I am talking about Eureka Desert Canyon Three Season Camping Tent. This one is quite popular as the best waterproof family cabin tent. Let’s learn more details about it.

We know that 4 is the most common number of members for a family and this one is a 4 person family tent. But you can use it for 6 people too. It has a floor of 8 by 8 feet in size. And height is above 7 feet. So, you can just stand and even jump inside the tent. When you will fold and pack it up, it will be no more than 9.5 inches in width and 28.5 inches in length. So, it will be very easy to carry it inside your backpack.

Let’s come to the material and design. This finely finished tent is made of three layers of non-slip material which is enough to provide it the best category service. Besides, the poles are made with glass fiber that won’t get bent or broken because of strong wind. This cabin-like tent is designed to prevent rainwater from getting inside it. Also, it is very nice to look at the color combination of gray, white, and green perfectly.

Unlike most other tents, this one includes 4 non-vertical cabin walls that make the tent very specious. Your kids will have a good playtime inside the tent. Besides, the ‘D’ shape door is protected with a stable zipper and mosquito net. The shade on the door is pretty much extensive which provides you a dry gateway. There are also 2 mesh windows to have enough light and air inside it.


  • 25% more specious and the height is pretty big.
  • It is a 6 pole cabin tent and so it is very durable.
  • The rain fly can be used separately.
  • Good for 4 to 6 people.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.


  • You may need help from a second person to set this tent up as there are 6 poles.

Our Thought on Eureka Desert Canyon Three Season Camping Tent

Let’s think about this tent. It is pretty spacious, very good to look, nice design, extra rain fly, lightweight, and good height. All these advantageous sides should be good enough for a family with no more than 5 or 6 people. As it’s for a family camping trip, you must have a helping hand to set it up. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the cons. So, if you love the features, you can go for it.


Buying Guide for the Best Waterproof Family Tents

You cannot just buy a regular tent for a camping trip. You have to think about the required features before buying a waterproof tent for camping in the rain. The following facts you should pay attention to when you are buying it. 

  • Family Size

You can find family tents of different sizes and dimensions. But you have to buy the right size for your family. When you buy a tent, you can check the capacity there. If you have 4 family members, you can just buy a single tent. It won’t let you stay there comfortably. Besides, a tent for 10 people can’t be good either as it will be bigger than your need and you may face difficulties carrying it alone. So, you have to buy the right tent in accordance with the number of your family members.

  • Waterproofness

If you have to ensure the tent is waterproof enough to hold the rain. Otherwise, you will end up getting soaked in the rain with your family members.

  • Your Budget

You can get a family tent at a different price. Average family tent from 80 to 400 US Dollars is available in the market. So, think about your budget before going to buy a tent for your family.

  • Possible Campsite

Just give a think about where the campsite will be. You should know that tent design and materials often vary in accordance with the place it is potentially used. For example, tents are made with different designs and materials for rainforests, mountains, and deserts. You can also buy a universal tent that you can use anywhere.

  • Your Taste

Well, what type of tent you normally love to use also matters in this case. Because there are different types of tents with a variety of designs and colors are available in the market. So, think about what’s your type and the other facts related to that type before you buy it.

  • Ventilation

It’s the most important one to check. Make sure that the ventilation system is good there. Windows with mesh net would work better in this case. If you have mosquito nets with the doors, windows are not very necessary for ventilation.

  • Protection

You have to make sure that you can properly close the doors and windows of the tent for protection. Most of the tent includes zipper style doors. I must recommend this type. But it’s better not to go for a ribbon knot-style door cover as it can cause water draining inside your tent.

  • Durability

Once you buy a family tent, it must not be for one-time use. It is better to go for a low-quality tent with the minimum cost that you have to throw away after a few times of usage. Rather it is better to go for a durable one that may cost little. But once you buy a durable tent, it will provide you with years-long service if you manage to take good care of it.



1. What other things should I buy with a tent?

Ans: If you buy a tent from a renowned brand, you will get all the accessories that you need to set it up with them. This stuff includes poles, a cover bag, hook, etc. Besides, you can buy a sleeping bag, backpack stand for tent support, and other accessories though they are not mandatory.

2. How long can I use a tent?

Ans: It is completely dependent on the tent quality, how frequently you use it, and how you take care of it. If you use a tent with good material and UV light protection and keep it clear, then it may last for years.

3. How much space should I have in a tent?

Ans: It’s again depending on your family size. But it’s good to buy a pretty much specious one that is suggested in the tent capacity. All of your family members may not have the same weight or habit of sleep.

4. Should I need a rain fly for a family tent?

Ans: Rain fly works better when the weather is not good. It’s like extra support and it reduces the risk of getting wet. But you can avoid it if the roof of the tent is properly built and non-vertically placed.


Final Verdict

In the end, I would like to remember you again to be sincere when buying a family tent. The mentioned 7 tents are quite popular as the best waterproof family tents around the world and they have variations in size and specifications. So, the one that suits your requirement can be your best camping companion.