The 9 Best Winter Camping Stoves in 2022

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A steamy cup of tea or coffee can certainly make your camping morning perfect, no doubt about that! Again, after a long stroll around the campsite our appetite desires to savor the freshly cooked meals, doesn’t it? But, these are impossible without a handy stove on the spot.

Thanks to those manufacturing companies who have been producing convenient camping stoves to ensure that campers get to relish the best flavors out there. If you’re lately looking to buy one, you’re exactly in the right place.

In the following, we have jotted down some handpicked best winter camping stoves to help you make up your mind. So, guys keep on scrolling down to find the one that fits right for you.


Best Winter Camping Stove: Top 9 Reviewed

1. Jetboil Flash Backpacking Stove

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Conquering the top of the list is this carbon-colored backpacking stove manufactured by the well-recognized company Jetboin. With its unbeatable features and ground-breaking qualities, it impresses us to the point that we ranked it at the top of our hand-picked list. It is mainly a Canister stove which means that they are well off for using in 3 season camping. This makes this stove the toughest of all competitors on this list.

Let’s get a little deeper into the details of the rapid boiling machine. Being a Canister stove this is really light and compact. Unlike many other stoves, this one doesn’t consist of many loose parts therefore there’s less mass on your packages while camping. Besides, the fastest working boiling system of this model heats up water in only a matter of 100 seconds!

Not only that, the convenience that comes along with this is totally undeniable, in fact, the boiling process can easily be commenced with the click of a pushbutton igniter. On top of that, the smart color-changing thermochromatic technology will make sure that you are informed whenever your water is ready.

Furthermore, this attractive Jetboil lets you cook anything you want in its 1-liter FluxRing which is again well-insulated. If that wasn’t enough, you can use some other additional accessories like the coffee press, skillet, and other varieties of compact size utensils. Lastly, this compact canister comes with a stabilizer so you can rest it on any sort of surface. What else can you ask in a camping stove!



  • Compact and pretty lightweight
  • Boasts the fastest boiling system
  • Guarantees efficient and risk-free service
  • Designed with Thermochromatic color-change indicator
  • Convenient pushbutton works in just one click
  • Comes with an insulated Flux-Ring cooking pot
  • Included stabilizer ensures it sits on any surface
  • Comes backed up with a 1-year warranty
  • Compatible accessories: supports coffee press, FluxRing cooking pot, skillet, and several other utensils



  • It doesn’t come with a fuel regulator


2. Ohuhu Camping Lightweight Wood Alcohol Stove

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Taking up the second place in this list is this duo-fuel stove from the popular manufacturing brand Ohuhu. This might not be as quick as our first pick yet its unique characteristics surely do make it stand out from the others. The most impressive trait about this stove is that it can function properly with both wood and alcohol. Also, it allows you to barbecue and comes with a convenient grill grid.

These flairs apparently give it an upper hand over the other stoves. After dealing with the fuel source when it comes to cooking, Ohoho’s stove provides you with the facility of cooking food, boiling water, and even just lighting up a warm fire amidst the cold.

Being an eco-friendly stove makes it safer for the campers to cook their cook. In this case, this stove weighs only about 1.9 lbs which makes it easily portable. Moving on to the second most important thing about this stove which is the durability. This stove is made from the best material available which is stainless steel. This enables it to be one of the high-quality stoves manufactured by Ohuhu. They have made it in such a way that it can support pans, pots, and even handle the hot temperature that is sure to rise when the cooking is going on.

Last but not the least, when it comes to the extra features that this multi-fuel stove comes with, the adjustable ash catcher is totally a win-win situation. This can be adjusted according to your preferred height which is either 2.8” or 3.8”; this, in turn, controls the amount of heat you provide while cooking. All these features make this camping stove highly user-friendly and effective in its functions.



  • Versatile and eco-friendly option
  • Functions with both wood and alcohol
  • Comes with a convenient grill grid
  • Packs a 3 arms pot support system
  • Handy space-saving design with superb stability
  • Features superior materials and Impressive durability
  • Flexible ash catcher let you adjust the stove height
  • Compatible accessories: supports any pan and pot variety



  • Creates a pretty small flame compares to other options.


3. Coleman Gas Camping 2 in 1 Grill and Burner

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Being an avid camper by now you must have heard about the Coleman brand. Well, they are offering you this amazing grill and stove for your next camping trip. As you might have guessed, this one is a liquid fuel stove. It is much bulkier than the other stoves mentioned previously as its weight is about 7.5 pounds.

However, its other qualities are so imposing that makes this extra weight totally worth it. The major specialty of this stove is that it works simultaneously as a burner and grill, fascinating right? You can easily use a 10-inch pan on this stove as the area is about 130 sq. inches.

After sorting out the dimension of this incredible stove, let’s get on to the cooking ability of this one. You can use electricity for running this stove. It functions properly on both AC and DC. It has a cooking power of up to 20,000 BTUs. The advanced technology allows the stove to function normally under very rough conditions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the stove uses an enormous amount of fuel. It actually specializes in cooking with less amount of fuel supply. The only downfall to this stove is the heavy size of this advanced beast. It gets quite difficult to carry such big appliances when going on camping trips on foot.



  • Features a one-of-a-kind two-in-one design
  • Lends a 10″ pan area and 130 sq. in. grilling space
  • Specialized in cooking with a minimal amount of fuel
  • Packs pressure-control technology for reliable performance
  • Includes two 2 adjustable burners for flexible usage
  • Comes with smart Wind-Block side panels
  • Also, packs removable grease drippings tray
  • Compatible accessories: supports any pan and pot of large to small size




4. MSR Pocket Rocket Cooking Equipment

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The well-known brand Msr is the manufacturer of this next-generation stove. Unlike the previous stoves, this one is a liquid fuel stove; to be more specific it is an isobutane-propane backpacking stove. Like other liquid fuel stoves, this weighs about 2.6 oz. Moreover, like the other ones this one also comes in a compact shape which fits right into the MSR Titan which is a mug covered with insulating material.

Let’s get to the interesting part of this product which is the high-performance provided by this lightweight stove. This might not be as fast as the first one when it comes to boiling water but it outlaws many others as it takes only 3.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water.  In fact, boiling water is even easier with the MSR stove as there is precision flame control which allows the user to change the amount of heat provided.

The flame can be controlled from a torch to simmer. However, flame control isn’t the only thing aiding in controlling the heat, the WindClip wind protection provides protection in windy weather which increases the efficiency to the next level. This wind-resistant mechanism prevents the fire from burning out by the wind and maintains it in a constant flame. One of the disadvantages that can be considered in this case is that the gas is not provided with the burner as it might cause trouble in the shipping procedure.



  • Compact size yet provides high performance
  • Pretty easy to install and works real quick
  • Boils 1 liter of water in about 3.5 minutes
  • Manufactured with WindClip wind protection
  • The adjustable heat enables you to get a flame that ranges from a simmer to a full-fledged boil level
  • Comes with a protective carry case for additional security
  • Compatible accessories: supports any pan and pot


  • Doesn’t come with gas storage

5. Solo Stove Lite Gasification Rocket Stove

[amazon box=”B007DBD3IU” title=”Solo Stove Lite Gasification Rocket Stove”]

This solo stove is another amazing wood stove made by the brand Solo Stove. This lightweight stove is 9 oz in weight with the ability to contain up to 34 flu oz. water. This model packs some striking qualities that are worth mentioning.

As suggested in the name, the double wall of the stove forms this ultra-clean gasification that produces less smoke. Moreover, it also supports secondary combustion which allows the fuel to be completely used up. This ensures that no fuel is wasted and acts as an eco-friendly cooking method.

Avid solo campers all around the world rave about this model for its efficiency. Furthermore, to earn your trust in terms of quality, only the best materials were employed in its construction, including premium stainless steel and chrome wire. Not only is that but nylon stuff sacks are also added for the benefit of the design.

Talking about the design, the solo stove is really effective at saving up space as it can easily fit into the companion solo stove pot 900 which frees up a significant amount of space in your backpack for other necessary equipment. However, you will have to purchase the Solo Stove Pot 900 separately.



  • Boasts a unique stove frame with double wall
  • Get you the facility of secondary combustion
  • Produces lesser smoke even during full burn
  • Free fuel amenity, no need to spend on fuel anymore
  • Designed to fit into the companion solo stove pot 900
  • The included vent holes improves the quality of the flame
  • Compatible accessories: supports any small size pot variety



  • Not suitable for cooking meals for two
  • Takes longer time to boil the content


6. Esbit Unisex Silver Cooking Stove

[amazon box=”B001C1UGVO” title=”Esbit Unisex Silver Cooking Stove”]

Are you looking for a super-compact model that weighs too little yet works just fine? Then, our next pick will be able to put your mind at ease. This Esbit Camping stove happens to be the best minimalistic option you can ever get. This silver-colored one has been manufactured by the trustworthy brand Esbit. It belongs to the category of solid fuel stoves which are in general the simplest form of camping stoves you can think of.

The stove is made from galvanized alloy steel which takes the weight to about a total of 0.19 grams which is really light for anyone to carry it to the camping spot without putting any extra pressure on the shoulder. Besides, its quality is no less than the previous models on our list. However, the feature that makes this stove the handiest one is that it occupies a dimension of 10.2 centimeters in length, 7.6 centimeters in width, and 2.5 centimeters in height.

To top it all off, the model is designed to be so versatile that it can be folded into a mere square shape and takes only a little spot into your backpack. Again, you can easily unwind it when you need to use it. Due to its diminutive size and pot holding area, it may not allow you to cook any dish you desire. Nevertheless, this unisex compact stove is perfect for a short time tea time outside or warming up your food.



  • Boasts a super sturdy stove frame
  • Can be folded into a small, portable pack
  • Features 2 selectable cooking positions
  • Comes with multiple waterproof fuel tablets
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatible accessories: supports cups, small pan, and pot variety


  • The stove consists of flammable solid which can cause severe burning if not taken care of.
  • People who are allergic to this type of solid fuel might show some allergic symptoms when they come in contact with it.


7. SOTO WindMaster Stove

[amazon box=”B00M1V86WK” title=”SOTO WindMaster Stove”]

Our next recommendation is from the very reliable company SOTO. This stove has a weight of about 3.0 ounces or 87 grams and the dimensions of the stove are 1.9 x 3.0 x 1.7 inches which makes them concise and pretty easy to carry. Aside from the weight, the quantity of output or power that you will obtain from this product is 3260 Watts, which has the capacity to burn for 1.5 hours with only 8 ounces.

The main advantage of this stove is that it can act quite effectively at high altitudes even in windy and gusty weather. In rough weather, it will take about two or a half minutes to bring two cups of water to a boil which is a huge plus point. Talking about plus points, there are also 4 flex pot supports with the stove which will ensure that the cooking surface is flat from all the sizes.

Sizes and shapes were kept in mind while designing this stove. The shape of this stove is concave which acts as a built-in-windscreen to prevent the flickering of the fire. If the list wasn’t big enough, the stove has the amazing ability to be used by pots of any size. All this added up, makes this Soto stove one of the best options for using during rough windy weather.



  • Boasts a shock-resistant frame
  • Constructed with micro regulator and 4 Flex
  • Design to function properly during harsh windy climate
  • The built-in windshield improves fuel consumption efficiency
  • The included stealth igniter improves ignition
  • Compatible accessories: supports large size pots



  • Requires immediate cleaning otherwise the sticky dirt will reduce the efficiency of the stove
  • The use of 100 percent propane may result in an unforeseen accident
  • The stove base is unable to sit on bare ground or in the sand


8. Lixada Camping Stainless Steel Stove

[amazon box=”B07BK4P8FQ” title=”Lixada Camping Stainless Steel Stove”]

The next model on our list is truly a one-of-a-kind option. If you’re scrolling for a model that is concise yet able to ignite a large flame, then we can bet this model will certainly live up to your mind. To your awe, the stove can be folded up like a book and carried in the given carry bag.

What is more is that this stove actually works with wood, coal, and solidified fuel as well. So, with this model, you have less headache of finding the right fuel. Furthermore, the stainless steel qualities of this stove allow it to stay robust and strong while serving you for years on end.

When it comes to the cooking part, the stainless steel stove is great for cooking, boiling and, BBQ. If you are worried about the equal spreading of heat on each side then the telescopic blowpipe will be at your service. You can blow the fire, ensuring that the fire doesn’t burn out and, is consistent on each side. The main issue with this one is that it is not as fast as efficient as the other available options.



  • Versatile, allowing you to grill, boil, and cook
  • Cleverly designed with telescopic blowpipe
  • Can be folded up like a book and squeezed into a carry bag
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag for packing stove
  • Compatible accessories: supports cups, pans, and pots of any size



  • Requires a longer time to set up and takedown
  • The efficiency tends to reduce with usage


9. Backpacking Stove Portable with Butane Adapter

[amazon box=”B08TWBHLCZ” title=”Backpacking Stove with Butane Adapter”]

Last but not least is this Liquid fuel stove produced by the company Caudblor. As cooking is not the least of the worries, portability has to be kept in mind. Along with that, the stove is designed in such a compact shape that it will fit into your car and gear bag without any struggle.

If that doesn’t satisfy your camper soul, then the frame control system surely will. Being smaller in scale than the others, this can only be used for boiling water or coffee. However, the 1 lb. propane bottles and, the butane cylinders that come with it will always back up for your cooking. Lastly, there’s a really good balance between the weight and, the sturdiness of this stove which makes it optimum to use on any type of surface.



  • The most economical option on our list
  • Features a durable frame and stable platform
  • Provides pretty wider base along with large cooking area
  • Included control valve handle lets you adjust the flame from low to high
  • Compatible accessories: supports pan, pot, and skillets variety



  • Not the best option for long-term service
  • Prone to rust after a certain period of usage
  • Can’t function properly under windy conditions


Buying Guide for Best Winter Camping Stove

It’s not wise to rush to the store to buy a stove immediately after going through some options. At first, it is important to recognize the key features that you should look for in a stove in order to work effectively. To prevent your sweat from dripping, we have stormed up some of the important factors that you should keep in mind while buying a stove:

Type of stoves

After going through the list, it must be clear to you that there are many types of stoves. Let’s discuss some of the common ones:


After choosing the right kind of stove, you must choose the weight that works for you. If your camping trip is more about adventures and, exploring then you should without a doubt go for compact and, light-weight ones. However, if you have a car to carry the equipment for you and are going on a family camping trip then large bulky ones should be given more preference as they will prove to be more efficient. Apart from these, you should always keep the weight of the extra pans in mind.


The old-fashioned wood stove does require quite a lot of effort to get it started. This is one of the lightweight ones out there. The most important thing is that it is very effective and can be used easily to cook for a long period of time. Moreover, they function with renewable resources which is a great advantage for the campers. However, these stoves do require you to have experience beforehand while on camping trips.

Solid fuel stoves

This is another light-weighted one that requires a lot of patience to be utilized. This works with fuel tabs which each last for about twelve minutes. Although, the entire procedure is quite easy. You open up the fuel stove then light it up while placing a pot on it. This one stays at a medium frame so cooking will take quite a while. As a side note, it’s important to know that the fuel tabs can get quite expensive.

Alcohol stoves

Like the previous one, this stove also works on a slow flame with the fuel being not so efficient. The flame is not controllable which is a minus point. However, the stove is light in weight and cheap which makes it a typical option among the thru-hikers. It can be easily moved during the exploring ventures.

Liquid fuel stoves

Being noisy, heavy and, complicated than the others, this stove is not always the first option for campers. A huge amount of cooking can be done on this stove which makes it perfect for 3-season backpacking trips. This type of stove requires many hands and effort to carry and, also will use up a lot of the fuel than the other stoves.


Looking for factors that increase the efficiency of your stove can be a good guideline for you. The contact area of the heat to the boiling surface needs to be as close as possible to avoid extra heat loss to save up on the fuel. Moreover, you should make sure that the pans provided are covered with insulating materials to avoid heat loss which will also increase the efficiency of your stove. Here’s a trick, always remember, the more the surface area the faster your cooking process will be.


It’s most likely that you won’t want your food to be spilled on the ground. Keeping that in concern some companies have designed stoves that come with a stand that halts any accidents from happening while you use the stove.


The clever method of buying a stove is to get one within your budget and requirements. If you don’t require a highly designed stove then don’t invest much money on it but if you are planning on using it for many years then you should loosen up your pockets a little more.


Final Words

This article is dedicated to those who are lately planning to get their hands on a handy winter camping stove. Each of the options on our list that we propose is efficient and will help you ace your camping cooking. So, whichever you end up with you’ll win, so don’t hesitate to place your order from our recommended list. Happy camping!