The 7 Best Winter Tents with Stove in 2021

Are you looking for a tent for winter camping that can keep you warm? There are special winter tents that come with built-in stove jacks and stoves for your comfort. These tents are also known as hot tents, and they are fantastic for maintaining a warm interior.

This stove not only provides a warm tent by burning woods, but you can also cook in them if you prefer. We have gathered and reviewed the best winter tents with stove for your convenience. Let’s go through the list below to find a tent with stoves that will suit your needs the best.

Winter tents stoves are necessary to survive in the low temperatures as they provide heat and comfort. The best winter tents with stove are the ones who can endure the harshest and coldest weather while keeping you warm inside the tent.

These tents need to be a bit large and come with windows to avoid overheating. They are also made of waterproof and fire resilient materials. The footprint needs to be waterproof too to prevent snow coming in the tents.


Best Winter Tents with Stove

Trying to find the right tent for you can be difficult as there are many choices, but only a few right ones. We have listed out the best tips and aspects you should look for in winter tents with stoves. Read the reviews to see what fits you best.


1. Russian Bear Hot Tent


Russian-Bear Hot Tent Wood Burning Stove
  • UMBRELLA-TYPE DESIGN: The dome-shaped frame allows any outdoor enthusiast to quickly pop up the tent on any...


Our first choice for best winter tents with stove is this tent, which comes with an industry-standard furnished stove. This tent is perfect for hunters, survivalists, and anyone planning to stay in heavy snow areas for a while. It is one of the finest tents you’ll come across.


Firstrate Stove

The provided wooden stove is of premium quality and costs $600 if bought separately. This stove is made of stainless steel with heat resistant ceramic glass walls for heat emission and can be used for four seasons rather than just winter. It is multipurpose as well since you can both burn wood and cook food in it.


Highly Durable

The tent’s protective material will shield you from extreme weather from heavy snowfall, harsh winds, and rain. It is made of high-tech oxford fabric. Its protective abilities make it a capital choice for hunters and anglers.


Heat Control

It can also maintain a warm interior temperature and prevent water from seeping inside. This tent features a 3-layer insulated floor or footprint.


Good Structure

This tent has two doors and two medium-sized windows for proper air circulation. It has three layers- the inner mesh and panel layer, the solid middle section, and the waterproof outer material. The doors of the tent are hinged as well.


4Season Tent

While it was made for extreme winter survival, it works as a summer tent as well. In winter, it provides a warm place, but in summer, it can be used lodging.



  • The stove is of high-quality
  • Insulted floor for warmth
  • Can be used all year round
  • Easy to set-up
  • Can endure the worst winters



  • More expensive than most tents
  • Can fit three people


Our Thoughts on the Russian Bear Hot Tent:

If you plan on journeying to extremely cold places for a long time, this tent is a good choice for you. It is perfect for ice-fishing and winter wilderness hunting. It is warm, comes with an excellent stove, and can brave through the worst weather.


2. Modiba Portable Double Layered Tent 


Mobiba Portable All-Season Double-Layered Expedition Tent
  • [A RELIABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT TENT] for camping/ fishing / hunting. With additional equipments like as Mobiba...


This tent also comes with an excellent stove and has become a common pick for hunters, fishers, and survivalists. It is made of excellent material, can withstand heavy snow, and portable.


Stove, Heater, and Generator

It may sound too good to be true. Still, this tent not only comes with a built-in stainless-steel stove, but it also has a steam generator and heater to keep you warm in even in the lowest temperatures.



Another feature that lands this product in one of the best winter tents with stove list is its portable nature. It is lightweight but sturdy, and it can be transported easily. This trait has made it popular among those who move their camping sceneries frequently.


Built for Heavy Snow

It is a tent that was made to survive the harsh weather of winter. The stove can burn wood for a maximum of 10 hours at a time. The tent can withstand a substantial amount of snow while keeping the interior warm and toasty for you.


AllSeason Tent

While it is one of the ultimate winter tents, it works well in the other seasons. This double-layered tent has a stove that can be used all year round.


Compatible for Solo Journeys

If you like to hunt or travel alone or with pets and don’t want to carry heavy set tents, this is a good choice for you. You get all the facilities of a large, durable tent but in a smaller size.



  • Has a stainless steel stove for burning
  • Comes with an extra heater
  • Highly portable due to low weight
  • Perfect for extreme weather
  • Ideal for solo travelers in winter



  • High price
  • Not for families


Our thoughts on Mobiba Portable All-Season Double-Layered Expedition Tent

If you’re an adventure lover who prefers to travel alone, this is the tent for you. It has a stove and heater that will keep you warm in the coldest places. For people with a high budget and frequent traveling, this portable tent can come in handy.


3. DANCHEL Bell Tent


DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket (Top and Wall)
  • COZY&SPACIOUS: Dia. 3 meter /10ft, top height 2m/6.5ft, wall height 2 ft. door height 4.9ft. 44lb,can not put...


Many consider it one of the best winter tents with stove due to the pre-installed stove jacks, durability, and waterproof fabric. The bell-shaped khaki tent is unquestionably beautiful and spacious.


Two Stove Jacks

While the tent doesn’t come with a stove, it does come with two stove jacks, one on the top and another on the side-wall. They feature a heat resistance strip of up to 500 degrees to prevent the fabric’s leaking and injury. With two jacks, you can burn wood in one during cook food in the other.



There are four windows and mesh panels, which create a good ventilation system inside the tent. Besides, the four roof air vents and net covered door provides excellent air circulation as well.


Strong in Dangerous Weather 

This tent comprises of 100% cotton canvas, a 1500 mm hydrostatic rating, and waterproof material. It means that the tent can hold against extreme situations of high winds, heavy snowfall, and rain. It also has a heavy-duty bathtub floor to reserve heat from the stove.



It is quite large and spacious, with an area of 216 ft2 and can comfortably fit 6-8 people at a time. Along with the bell shape, this tent offers a great place for social events and parties.


Easy to Assemble 

Despite being a heavy tent, the one canter pole structure makes it easy to set-up. One person can set-up this large tent within half an hour for the first time. This trait makes it one of the best winter tents with stove. 



  • Premium quality stove jacks
  • Highly durable against snow and rain
  • Provides a warm atmosphere
  • Great air circulation
  • Large enough for social occasions



  • Only comes with a stove jack
  • The zipper is not of durable material


Our Thoughts on DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent

This tent can survive the harsh winter weather with its dual stove jacks and waterproof fabric. It is suitable for large gatherings of friends and families. If you want to do glamping in the snow, this is a good choice for you.


4. Robens Klondike Tent 



This tipi shaped tent has become one of the best winter tents with stove over the last few years. It’s made of good strong fabric made to endure harsh winds and provides a warm temperature on the inside.


Stove Port

This tent comes with a stove port, so you can need to buy a stove for warming. The stove jack can be used by a solid fuel stove, which was made for tents.


Good Material

It is made of a mix of cotton and poly. The fabric is called HydroTax Polycotton, which is two-third polyester and one-third cotton. This material makes the tent more fireproof, waterproof, durable, and much lighter than your standard canvas tents.


Highly Wind Resistant 

These tents are one of the best winter tents with stove as they can withstand an average of 95 mph and a maximum of 105mph.


Proper Ventilation

There are two air vents on the roof and three netted windows on the sidewall. Although it is primarily a winter tent, it can be used all year round by opening up the windows. The HydroTex fabric provides ventilation while preventing condensation.


Solid Structure 

It has a central alloy pole that needs to be tightly tied for proper standing. The tent can fit three people and a stove, gear, but without the stove, six people can fit. The footprint has zippers attached to the frame and can be assembled without sidewalls in warmer days.



  • Comes with a good stove pipe port
  • Made of durable material
  • Has insect prevention net on windows
  • Can survive against strong winds
  • Quite light to carry




  • Available only in one size
  • Shipment takes time as it comes from Europe


Our Thoughts on Robens Klondike Tipi Family Tent

In brief, it is a lightweight and premium-quality tent. The stove jack can be used four seasons and has windows for effective airflow. Though it can only fit three people and gears and stoves, it is still a great catch.


5. UNISTRENGH bell tent 


UNISTRENGH Beige Large Luxury Four Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent
  • Comes With REMOVABLE INNER TENT - the inner tent creats a half-moon shaped compartment opposite the door,...


It is another bell-shaped tent with stove holes that is becoming increasingly popular over the years. It comes with an inner tent for a division that can be removed when you want. It is one of the best winter tents with stove you’ll find.


Stove Opening 

The stove opening is on the top of the tent and has a 5inch diameter. You can cover it with a supplied durable belt when you’re not using it.


Removable Inner Tent 

This feature makes the tent one of the best winter tents with stove in the market. The supplied inner tent divides the tent into two half-moon-shaped parts so you can separate your personal space and working place. Not only is it removable, but it can also be used as an insulator after zipping it shut, and you can have a bug free space.



The fabric is waterproof and stitched closed, so snow can’t get it. The PVC groundsheet is solid and strong, while the poles are sturdy. It is a tent that can endure a respectable amount of wind, snow, and rain.


Excellent Ventilation 

The windows, doors, and air vents come with mesh. In summer, the sidewall can be rolled up for better air access. The stove opening has a fireproof protective material around it so it can’t catch on sparks.


Large Area 

It is a huge tent that you can move around while fitting sleeping bags and a mini table. It is a capital choice for family camping trips.



  • Stove jacks for all seasons
  • Large for families
  • Has a proper circulation of air
  • Has an inner tent that can be removed
  • Waterproof canvas fabric



  • The stove needs to be bought separately
  • Can’t withstand extreme weather situations.


Our Thoughts on UNISTRENGH Beige Large Luxury Four Season Tent

It is a great tent for families traveling to a mild snowy area rather than hardcore survivalist trips. Even though the stove needs to be bought, it is still a great four-season tent. For a large tent, it has great airflow, which is an aspect many manufacturers look over.


6. Playdo Camp Bell Tent


PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Wall Yurt Tent
  • COTTON FABRIC and TOUGH.This camping tent is made of 300gsm cotton fabric with waterproof treatment. Heavy...


Another bell-shaped tent on this list, it is more fit for glamping than hardcore camping. This tent comes with a built-in stove jack, and it is large enough to fit 25 seating people or ten adult sleeping bags at the same time.


Preinstalled Stove Jack 

This tent has a five-inch diameter stove vent with a stove jack already installed. Though it doesn’t come with a stove, the jack is suitable for most wooden tent stoves. Also, being situated at the roof rather than sidewalls ensure similar warm temperature throughout the tent.



It is made of 300 GSM cotton fabric and has a waterproof layer to shield against bad weather situations. The outer cotton material can provide better insulation than synthetic tents. It can handle snow and wind but only moderate rain.



It is a spacious tent built for families and social outings. Even the smallest size can fit three queen-size beds, and the largest one can fit ten beds. It is easy to move as it comes with a carry bag.


Waterproof Floor

The entire tent is fully waterproof. Even the floor or footprint is of waterproof PVC material. There are tight sewn in seams to prevent snow from entering the tent, making this tent one of the best winter tents with stove.


Good Airflow

It has air vents on the roof and zipped windows with net coverings. It is breathable and has good airflow. Moreover, you can use it in the summer by rolling up the walls and letting in more air.



  • Built-in jack for stove
  • Durable against wind
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Good air circulation
  • Spacious



  • Can’t handle heavy rainfall or snow
  • Quite heavy


Our Thoughts on PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

If you’re willing to splurge on a large tent for social events, this tent is for you. Though it can’t handle extreme snow or weather conditions, it can be used all year round. You can use the stove jack for burning wood, drying, or cooking food.


7. White Duck Canvas Wall Tent


Outdoor Waterproof Large Canvas Wall Tent
  • STANDARD FEATURES: Canvas Alpha Wall Tent includes the complete tent with Aluminum Frame, Rafter Angle...


This large-sized tent is perfect for outdoor social gatherings and glamping. The canvas fabric of the tent is waterproof and UV ray proof. It has a pre-installed stove pipe and zippers that are made to last.



This tent is one of the best winter tents with stove. The wall is made of waterproof, light-reflecting, and UV resilient polyvinyl material. The same amount of 16oz of polyvinyl is used to make the groundsheet that is free-floating.


Interior Qualities

This tent has a 5inch diameter stove pipe that also comes with a flap cover when the stove is inactive. The poles are of lightweight aluminum, and the powder-coated metal brackets are of premium quality. The side walls are 5 feet while the center is a comfortable 8 foot 5 inches.



This tent has 3-layer large triangle windows and is highly durable. These windows have a PVC storm cover with Velcro buttons to ensure sunlight entering the tent without losing the stove heat. The doors and windows are covered in durable mesh, and the door panels keep out rain and heavy wind from entering.


Durable Zippers

The tent also boats YKZ zippers, which are considered military quality as they’re bombproof. The tent is twice stitched; especially, the tent corners are super strong because of it. These features make this tent one of the best winter tents with stove.



It comes in many different sizes, such as 4-person size, 6-person size, 8-person size, and 10-person size. So, even if you’re a solo camper or a group camper, this tent has got you covered.



  • Large enough for group events
  • Made of UV resistance fabric
  • The material is durable
  • Has a stove jack cover
  • Military-grade strong YKZ zippers



  • Very heavy
  • Can’t be assembled by one person


Our Thoughts on Outdoor Waterproof Large Canvas Wall Tent

In a nutshell, it is a good choice for luxurious outdoor events. It is quite heavy, so the tent is suitable for shorter trips, including many people. It can be used for four seasons as it is a durable first-rate tent.


How to Cook Safely Inside A Tent 

Cooking inside a tent isn’t an ideal situation as there are many hazards associated with cooking in small spaces. If your situation calls for it and you don’t have other options, it is better to be informed about those hazards and avoid them. Below are some steps you can take for safe tent cooking.


1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Carbon monoxide is released when you cook in tent stoves. Burning any carbon fuels such as alcohol, canister fuel, white gas, and wood will emit this gas, and it can kill you if you inhale too much of it.

 The best way to prevent this is too cook with your tent doors wide open or fold them back. If you can, use a vestibule. You need to have proper air circulation to release the gas into the outside.


2. Fire Hazards:

Like all cooking situations, tent cooking also has a chance of fire hazards. Other than being extra careful while using the stove, using a fireproof tent can help you even more. It is a situation where a precaution can save your life.


3. Choose wisely:

Isobutane canisters are the best for tent stoves. Using a canister stand for your stove can avoid snow melting into your tent. Stove kits for canisters aren’t always trustworthy as they tend to go up in flames.


4. Cautions:

If you use a gas stove, you must prime the stove outside and control the flames before using inside the tent. Using alcohol as a fuel can be unpredictable as it’s not easy when the stove has been extinguished. White gas stoves are prone to creating large fireballs.


What to Consider Before Buying best winter tents with stove:


Stove and Heat Management 

One of the reasons why people choose stove tents is to maintain a warm temperature during cold nights. The best winter tents with stove are multipurpose as you can cook food, burn wood, and dry clothes by hanging it on top of the stove.

However, having a stove is the bare minimum, not a luxury during winter camping. Double-walled tents ensure that the heat radiated by the stove remains inside the tents. While single-walled tents are lighter to carry, they don’t provide the same level of warmth.



Winter tents are usually heavy and bulky, especially since you have to carry stoves, extra blankets, and other cold prevention items. If you choose a tent that accommodates several people while traveling alone, it will cause you more problems. It will be heavier to carry since family tents are larger.

The best winter tents with stove are compact but have enough space for heat to radiate. However, if many people choose a small tent to feel more warmth, it will be a disaster as it will cause condensation and lead to breathing problems. There won’t be adequate space to move around freely.


Set-up Time 

You need to spend quite a bit of time trying to set up your camp, including assembling your tent, stove, and other gears. Suppose your tent takes 2-3 hours and several people to assemble. In that case, it will drain you of your energy, which is not an ideal situation in chilly temperature.

It’s not practical to have a high maintenance tent framed tent if you frequently move, so you should opt for winter tents based on your travel schedule. The best winter tents with stove are easy to assemble and move. Bell-shaped tents have a central pole and easy set-up, and some tents are even portable.


Buyers Guide for Best Winter Tents with Stove Jack

Buying tents can be perplexing as there are so many choices to choose from. You need to consider not only your requirements but also the environment you’re camping in. We have collected some tips so that you can buy the best winter tents with stove for you.


Stove and Stove Jacks

When it comes to winter camping, tents with stoves and stove jacks will always get the preference. Some tents come with stove openings, but few come equipped with a stove. Without the heat from the stove’s burning wood, you can’t survive winter camping.

While these tents with stoves tend to be more expensive, when you buy tents and stoves separately, it will cost you more. However, don’t buy cheap tents with one of a type stoves pipes as you would have to buy a specific stove for it, and the jack might be faulty.


Quality of Tent 

When you’re camping during the winter, you need to buy a tent that can withstand cold rains, surprise blizzards, and stubborn frosts as they may happen anytime. Waterproof tents are a necessity rather than a commodity during winter camping.

Moreover, harsh winds of cold days can remove your tent from the ground if the tent is weak, which is why always choose a tent that has strong stakes, sturdy aluminum poles, and durable exterior material. Canvas tents are always the top pick in this regard as they are waterproof and wind resilient.


Tent Floor 

This aspect is as important as the tent’s outer fabric quality. Winter camping means your tent is going to be placed on snow or ice. Both of these surfaces are cold, can get wet, and will seep into your tent if the ground floor isn’t waterproof.

The best winter tents with stove come with PVC waterproof footprint to prevent this. Bathtub floors, which can provide insulation, can protect you against snow and frost by maintaining a warm floor. It will also stop snow wetting your tent floor.



Another huge problem with winter camping is trying to find the perfect tent that will keep the cold away while providing a good airflow inside. Since you’re going to be burning woods and frequently using the stove, it is critical to have a tent with good aeration.

Breathing problems are the last thing you need in a cold frosty area. Try to buy tents that come with two windows and a door at the minimum to have good cross ventilation inside of your tent. Windows with zipped netting and mesh air vents are important as well.


Tents Which Are Free Standing

Your tent needs to be set-up tightly in the ground of snow or ice when you’re winter camping. Framed tents are free-standing and can be used both in ice and snow.

If you have a non-freestanding tent like the bell-shaped ones, it can’t be secured in ice as they need to be staked before standing. It would be best if you remembered your destination before you buy a tent.




1. What is the purpose of a stove in a tent?

When you’re camping out in snowy and frosty winter, you need heat to survive the nights, and that is what a stove provides. You burn wood in it to create a warm interior.


2. Why do I need a tent with a stove jack?

The best winter tents with stove are the ones that come with pre-installed stove jacks as it prevents stoves from overheating. They also safely let out the fume and smoke to avoid built up inside the tent.


3. Can I use tents with stoves for large groups or families?

Yes, you can, as many winter tents happen to be family-sized and comes with stove jacks. Some can fit up to eight people and a stove. But you must read the tent’s guide on how many members can fit with stoves and gears.


4. How to know which tents with stoves are safe?

Check if the tent fabric is waterproof and does the tent has enough space for heat to disperse rather than over warming one area.



It’s up to you now to find the best winter tents with stove for you. I hope all by reading this article, you have understood which features you need to look for and which ones to avoid. Now you need to match your needs with the necessary attributes of a stove winter tent.

Tent stoves are a truly multiuse device, and you should use them safely. You need to check their qualities and the stove jack size before you buy the tent. Hopefully, you find the tent you’ve been looking for and have a great winter camping experience!

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