The 8 Best Wood Burning Stove for Camping & Backpacking 2022

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To relish the truest sense of camping, cooking out there, and digging into the freshly cooked hot supper is incomparable. What may make this experience even better is if you can prepare the food using wood fires!

Yes, the meal you prepare by burning wood will undoubtedly give you the most authentic taste of wildlife. And, of course, you’re there for it, so why not get a wood-burning stove before you go?

Now, if you’re wondering where to get a good quality wood-burning stove, then leave your worries to us! To help you get the perfect one you might like, we’ve attached a list of the best wood-burning stove for camping down below.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out.


Top 8 Wood Buring Stove for Camping and Backpacking 2022

1. Ohuhu stainless steel backpacking wood stove

[amazon box=”B0125U36Q2″ title=”Ohuhu stainless steel backpacking wood stove”]

The Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove easily picks the number one spot in our list when it comes to choosing your perfect camping stove. Built from pristine high-quality durable stainless steel which is meant to last a lifetime and provides bundles of conveniences to ease your camping game, it serves as the perfect camping companion.

Wide compatibility is one of its strong suits, this wood stove made by Ohuhu will fit just about any pan or pot you bring along with you. From cooking your favorite dishes, and boiling water to making a simple campfire to enjoy your camping experience to the fullest, it serves all of your needs effortlessly.

Again, you can forget about fuel costs because it lets you use any type of wood, leaves, twigs, or pinecones you bring or find along your way making it incredibly cost-efficient and eco-friendly. In addition, this wood stove offers you an adjustable height which can be used to adjust heating levels from intense to lighter heat as you require, making your cooking experience much simpler and more efficient.

When it comes to portability the Ohuhu Camping Stove completely steals the show with its compact and super lightweight design. Weighing just under 1.09 lbs it hardly puts a dent in your backpack’s space. The design itself lets you assemble or disassemble fast and easily without having to use any tools! You can carry it around just about anywhere you want whether it’s camping, hiking, or fishing.



  • Strong and Durable – made from high-quality stainless-steel material and meant to last through any situation. Able to withstand hot fiery temperatures and challenging adventures.
  • Wide Compatibility – supports a wide range of pots and pans with the help of its unique sizeable cooking surface. From cooking your favorite dishes to boiling water, it fulfills your everyday demands. It also comes with its own carrying case making it even more convenient.
  • Compact and Lightweight – designed towards convenience and portability, it can fit virtually anywhere taking hardly any space at all. Assembling and dissembling become effortless with not having to use extra tools. Super convenient for campers who are constantly on the move.
  • User-friendly Features – operates with any form of leaf, twig, or pinecone; you don’t have to rely just on woods. Again, along with its adjustable height, it also comes with an adjustable ash-catching feature which makes your experience with the stove even better.


  • Might create a pitch or black sap that could get difficult to get rid of if you use pinewood for firewood.


Best for: people who value compatibility, durability, and portability before anything else while also not having to break the bank and expect a comfortable camping experience.

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2. REDCAMP wood burning camping stove

[amazon box=”B07VHMZTJ1″ title=”REDCAMP wood burning camping stove”]

Redcamp wood burning camping stove easily takes the second spot on our list for its unique compact design at an affordable price. Built with high-quality stainless steel, this stove is all about portability and compactness, able to sustain higher temperatures while still being very lightweight and compact.

Its unique cuboid design and foldability features make this stove a real space saver. Designed to be collapsible and lightweight and weighing just only 1.9lbs. Comes with a dedicated sling carry bag for easy carrying. Thinking about which fuel to use? What if we say you don’t need any! The stove supports wood, twigs, and leaves that you may easily find in nature giving you a more economical option!

Whenever you’re out in the wilderness, set it up quickly and cook your favorite dishes, make coffee, boil water, stir up a stew, or whatever! After you’re done, just collapse and put it back in and you’re ready to move again with such a short amount of work being done. For people having concerns about space in their backpacks, this stove is the way to go.



  • High quality – built from high-quality 439 stainless steel material which provides excellent durability and offers greater longevity. Also comes with a dedicated ventilation design to ventilate hot air and smoke. Ensures reliability and stability with its stainless-steel grid backing plate.
  • Lightweight And Compact – easy to put and carry, lightweight and compact design that makes the camping experience more comfortable and convenient.
  • Compatible – accepts varieties of fuels such as wood, leaves, and twigs which can be sourced easily from nature and give you an authentic camping experience. Not having to use traditional fuels like propane or expensive jet fuels cuts down the costs dramatically!
  • Sustains Hot Temperatures – burns brighter than most other camping stoves in the market while withstanding high heat.



  • Unstable At Times – while folded, if handled carelessly it might fall apart. The excessive movement might result in the ash pan or the grill plate falling off.
  • Too Small – perhaps too small for most people.


Best for: campers who like portability and compactness and do not like space-eating stoves. It’s perfect for those who are always on the move and prefers easy to set up and carry.

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3. CANWAY camping wood stove 

[amazon box=”B071P1X3ML” title=”CANWAY camping wood stove”]

Next on the list, we have the Canway camping stove providing a safe and stable camping stove experience. Made from high-quality materials, this stove ensures a sturdy and safe cooking environment. In addition, secondary combustion generates high heat quickly and sustains it for longer periods of time while maintaining high thermal efficiency.

Canway also offers ecofriendly and cost-efficient features designed to use fuels such as natural wood, leaves, and twigs which are readily available in nature. Not relying on traditional fuels or alcohol, this stove limit zero chemical emission which is great for the environment!

We cannot forget how compact and lightweight this stove is, featuring a collapsible form factor, it makes outdoor camping fun and easy and is an ideal stove for two. It also houses a cooking ring to help refuel the fire easily and its raised cooking arms lets you get more space.



  • Well-Built – the high-quality stainless design offers greater durability and sturdiness to the stove ensuring maximum safety and stability for the campers. Providing a unique 3 arms support structure offers a good base platform for cooking while guaranteeing even distribution of heat.
  • Light And Compact – much like the earlier stoves, this one also provides a smaller form factor that is easy to set up or collapse, fits quickly into the storage bag that comes along with it, and takes up very little space giving you a travel-friendly solution.
  • Eco Friendly – only uses branches, leaves, pinecones, wood, or twigs that are readily available in nature as fuel leaving zero chemical emission behind.
  • User Friendly – easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to read the user manual, supports good ventilation, and lights up fire effortlessly.


  • Creates Soot – long-term burning can cause soot around the stove, using gloves for better handling is advised.
  • Incompatibility – might not work seamlessly with inappropriate cookware.


Best for: campers who need a sturdy, strong, and durable stove they can rely on and this stove ranks highest on durability and sturdiness.


4. Unigear wood burning camp stoves 

[amazon box=”B072KGL1H1″ title=”Unigear wood burning camp stoves”]

The Unigear burning camp stove is built like a tank and slightly on the heavier side, unlike its predecessors. Weighing in at 1.54lbs, this beast of a stove can give you solid durability and longer life. Speaking of durability, it has the strength and large cooking surface to place big-sized and heavy pots or pans.

Provides multi-functionality much like its predecessors, providing the option to choose natural wood, leaves, twigs, or pinecones as well as charcoal, gas, and jet fuel. Uniquely designed to burn longer than most other stoves in the market, ideal for long periods of camping.

Although it’s on the heavier side, it does come with a foldable design that can be fitted into your backpack or car intended for traveling or camping.



  • Rigid and Durable – designed as an absolute unit, this stove compiles greater durability and rigidness into one single unit befitting its brand name.
  • Foldable Design – unlike other heavier and chunkier stoves on the market, it provides a foldable structure which makes it portable and a great space saver.
  • Multifunctional – although primarily listed as a gas-powered stove, it does accept other natural substances such as branches, leaves, woods, or twigs as fuel, making it multifunctional to wide varieties of fuel.
  • Easy-to-install – the overall design is built around achieving ease of use. Consisting of only four main parts, assembling and disassembling becomes straightforward.


  • Heavy-Weight – we can’t deny the truth that it also becomes quite difficult and painful to carry all that extra weight that comes along with this model. Not ideal for long-distance camping or hiking.
  • Sharp-Edges – having rectangular folding sides might result in getting a few minor cuts if the stove is carelessly handled. Need to be cautious while assembling or disassembling the stove.
  • Time-consuming – only using wood will result in a longer cooking time than most other traditional fuels such as gas, charcoal, or propane.
  • Takes more effort – frequent adding wood to the stove is necessary. Not doing so will result in a reduction in the intensity of the stove fire.
  • No front cover – without having a front cover on the stove, cooking makes it extremely difficult as it gets a lot hotter as you cook. The lack of windscreen makes maintaining your fire very difficult, especially in windy conditions.


Best for: camping groups who need a large cooking surface area for their cooking needs but also heavy and sturdy. Perfect for small groups of people.


5. BioLite camp stove 2 wood burning and USB charging camp stove 

[amazon box=”B01FWRICY6″ title=”BioLite camp stove 2 wood burning and USB charging camp stove”]

The brand BioLite brings camping stove to a new dimension with their patented heat conversion technology, converting heat into electricity making it a fully functional power bank! If you do long camps and constantly run out of juice, this unique stove might be the best option for you.

This model is on the heavier side. Weighing over 2.2 lbs, it is certainly not much portable as the other stoves on the list, but it stands out with its unique modern-like design features charging capabilities.

Comes with an integrated 2600 mAh battery that will store electricity from the produced heat while you cook your meals. With its smart LED dashboard, you can easily keep track of your fire strength, and battery level and control your fan speeds.

Works with twigs, branches, or wood as fuel, so you get that eco-friendly vibe and authentic camping experience.



  • Eco-Friendly – housing an internal fan for better air circulation that improves combustion and creates virtually 95% less smoke and cleaner air.
  • USB charging-only stove to have this feature in the list make this stove stand out from others. With its amazing heat to electricity conversion technology, it can charge any electronic device through USB charging functionality.
  • LED dashboard – provides a user-friendly dashboard to monitor the fan’s speeds, battery percentage, and fire strength, keeping you updated all the time.


  • Expensive – probably the most expensive stove on the list and will break the bank for most people out there.
  • Heavy – it weighs 2.2 lbs and is certainly the heaviest on the list so far, not ideal for long-distance campers and hiking. It ranks the lowest in terms of portability.
  • Technical Malfunctions – some users have faced some technical malfunctions such as the led dashboard not working or not displaying the correct readings. There are incidents where fans turn off randomly.
  • Battery not charging – there is a possibility you might face battery issues such as the battery is not charging even when the fire is blazing.
  • Limited functionality– traditional fuel, jet fuel, gas, or propane will not work with this stove except wood, twigs, etc.


Best for: people who constantly run out of the power of their electronic devices and would compromise just about anything for that extra power.


6. Uberleben Stoker Flatpack Stove

[amazon box=”B071GMCSQ1″ title=”Uberleben Stoker Flatpack Stove”]

If you still haven’t found the sturdiest stove out in the market, we have the right stove for you. Uberleben brings their strong and sturdy, made from the highest quality food-grade stainless steel offering excellent durability and stability. Covered with an anti-corrosive coating, this stove feels like an armored shield.

However, you have to say goodbye to your traditional fuel canisters though as they will not work with this stove at all. It is designed to use twigs, wood, branches, pinecones, or leaves for fuel making it entirely organic. Hence, if you were well off using your traditional propane, jet fuels, and gas this might not be ideal for you.

Weighs heavy and might not be too portable or comfortable for people looking for longer camps or hikes. Ideal for shorter bursts and outdoor cooking.



  • Premium Quality – its extremely well built using strong, high quality, anti-corrosive, stainless steel. Uberleben offers you pristine engineering and craftsmanship with this stove.
  • Flat design – with its 5-panel design its able to sit and fit almost anywhere. Great for outdoor camping.
  • Environment Friendly – good news for nature lovers as this stove is almost entirely organically fueled.


  • Weighty – slightly on the heavy side to say the least, but certainly not the heaviest we have in the list. Ideal for short camps.
  • Pricy – definitely on the pricier side and with its premium quality you’ll be having to pay a premium.
  • Fewer accessories – at this price point, with only a canvas bag to offer, no ashtray, certainly not a lot of accessories to make good use of.
  • Complex assembly – the robustness built of the stove makes it difficult for people to take it apart or reassemble it. Look out for sharp edges while doing so, might result in nicks and cuts.


Best for: people who value superior craftmanship and build quality without hesitating to pay a premium price. Good for outdoor camping and meant to last a lifetime.


7. Lixada camping wood burning stove

[amazon box=”B01DY700HI” title=”Lixada camping wood burning stove”]

While we covered a ton of different types of camping stoves in our list, if you are looking for an ultra-light wood burning stove, Lixada camping wood burning stove is the way to go. Weighing in at 6.7 Ounces, it is all about traveling light with this unique camping stove.

You won’t even need to carry your own fuel, this stove uses all kinds of natural substances as fuel ranging from dry wood, branches, leaves to twigs or pinecones making it super environmentally friendly. No more costly petrol fuel canisters!

However, this stove does not fall short due to its size, its intelligently made design allows you to add more wood easily and comfortably while maintaining proper airflow to burn at a higher temperature for longer periods.



  • Portable – impressively ultra-lightweight, perfect for traveling light and easy to carry and set up.
  • Easy Mechanism – it doesn’t involve any complicated installation process. Very easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Sturdy – although small in structure, it never falls short in build quality.


  • Only Suitable for Two – not ideal for groups and only can cook for two people at a time.
  • Unstable – there are issues like some parts don’t fit quite perfectly and get stuck, making it to be a real pain for some people.
  • Not For Heavy Use – this stove cannot handle the heavy weighted pots or pans, which might lead to the spirit burner plate falling down or spiling the liquid even, making it very dangerous for some.
  • Sharp Edges – if you’re not careful enough, you might end up with nicks and cuts while handling the stove.


Best for: campers who have big concerns over their space and are looking for an ultralight pocket wood burning stove at an affordable price.


8. EcoZoom versa camping stove

[amazon box=”B005GQZ4O0″ title=”EcoZoom versa camping stove”]

At the end of our list, we have the big boy, the heaviest of all, a beast of a stove like no other, weighing in at over 16 pounds, EcoZoom versa camping stove brings you this monster like heavy stove. This stove is made for the masses, a crowd, or large family gatherings.

Provides a sturdy three-pronged large cast iron stove top that supports your big flat or rounded pans. The vertical combustion chamber is fully insulated, it reduces harmful emissions while maintaining greater fuel efficiency.

It runs best on wood, charcoal, or any solid biomass fuel giving you a more commanding cooking experience. Delivers a ton of power in a relatively decent package, ideal for 4-5 people easily.



  • Great for masses – this stove is built to sustain for bigger masses, family camping, or feed a crowd.
  • Impressive Durability – its unmatched durability promises it longevity. It will continue to serve you for years without degrading in quality over time.
  • User-friendly – reinforced with durable metal frames both in the main combustion chamber door and damper door, it ensures better safety and security. Stainless steel handles on the sides let you have better movement and assistance.


  • Heavy – easily the heaviest stove in our list, not ideal for solo-camping or long-distance camping at all.
  • Carrying Inconvenience – this is not only heavy but also bulky; will not fit into your everyday camping backpack.
  • Expensive – most expensive on the list.
  • Eats Up Fuel Fast – need an adequate supply of fuel for longer hours of sustainable burning, definitely not cost-efficient like most other stoves in the list.


Best for: large family camping and outdoor gatherings. When the number is large, this stove is definitely the go-to one.


Buying Guide for Wood Burning Stoves For Camping and Hiking

Before you run your errand for a wood burning stove, there are a few crucial things you should consider. For your convenience, we’ve jotted down the key points that are essential to keep in mind!

Purpose: First things first, the main determiner of what type of wood burning stove you should purchase depends on the purpose you’re buying it. If you’re going solo, then small-sized options should be your top priority. However, if you’re traveling with a large group or for a longer duration, then larger-sized alternatives will meet your needs most there.

Weight: The following factor to consider is weight. Any hefty alternative, no matter how intriguing its features, is an unwise move if you’re carrying it on your shoulder. We’d rather suggest you go with one of the lighter alternatives, even if it means foregoing certain features you desired. However, if you’re traveling there in your personal vehicle, you won’t have to worry about the heaviness.

Compatibility: Wood burning stoves, as the name suggests, require wood to burn fire. However, if you’re heading somewhere where there isn’t a lot of wood accessible, it’s best to go with alternatives that are designed to work with diverse materials other than just pure wood, such as leaves, twigs, pinecones, and alike.

Durability: Of course, you don’t want to buy a new wood burning stove every year, hence durability is one of the most crucial factors to consider while purchasing. The best wood-burning stoves are the ones that are made of titanium, stainless steel, or chrome-plated stainless steel. Make sure to check if the stove is made from any of these materials before finally getting your hands on it. To be on the safer side, get one that comes with a long-term guarantee.

Versatility: You’d love to know that, there are wood burning stove options that are designed to function with fuels.  Purchasing an option with this function may cost you a little more money, but it will save you on those days when the weather turns cloudy or you run out of wood or leaves to burn. You’ll be then able to use the stove according to your comfort anytime and anywhere.


Final words

This article is dedicated to campers who are having trouble finding a suitable wood stove for camping purposes. We understand that of the many options available in the market, finding the one you need is not an easy task. But, in order to make things easier for you, we have carefully chosen the 8 best wood stoves for camping. For further help, we’ve also attached a buying guide that is going to help you make up your mind. We are confident that you will find the one you need on our list, so without any delay, place your order now and get the stove delivered right before your door.