How to Camp with Your Dog in the Rain

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Do you love camping in the rain? We know many of you don’t! But it is very tough to avoid sudden rainfall while camping.

However, it will be a good decision to stay home if severe thunderstorms are in the weather forecast.

Never let the rain make your adventurous trip into a boring one. We provide you with some tips and instructions on how to camp with your dog in the rain. 


Where Can You Go Camping with Your Dog?

Many campgrounds have their own rules and regulations. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to double-check the instructions and guidelines. Every local or state park, beach, hiking trail has its very own policies for pets. 

As long as you follow the campground rules, you can pretty easily take your dog whether you plan for the mountains, urban, or coast area. It is mandatory to have a deep look before heading out.

Always contact a campground individually for better information related to their pet rules. Some prime facts to ask –

  • Leash requirements
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Barking ordinances


Checklist for Camping with Your Dog in the Rain

Camping with your dog in the rain needs a bit of time and concern when it comes to packing your dog bag. A number of dog camping essentials include –

  • Dog food and a bowl
  • Portable bowl for water
  • Portable dog tent/travel bed
  • Dog sleeping bags
  • Food travel bag
  • Dog treats
  • A leash
  • Recent photo
  • Vet records and medical information
  • An attachable ID tag
  • Dog waste bags
  • Prescription and medication, if applicable
  • Reflective vest and dog collar
  • Couples of extra towels and wipes
  • Dog first-aid kit
  • Outdoor-safe toys

To keep all the important dog’s belongings organized, we recommend using a bag separately. These following dog camping gears are not compulsory but suggested to keep with you while camping –

  • Dog brush
  • An outdoor harness
  • Swim-safe leash
  • Dog’s daypack
  • Paw protectant 
  • Dog’s bed
  • Dog rain jacket
  • Hiking backpack 
  • Dog life jacket


Things to Consider Before Heading Out with Your Dog

Camping with your dog will give you a great opportunity to spend some good time with your fur buddy and make the trip more enjoyable. But all fun will become dull if you or your pup fall sick or undergo some unpleasant situations.

So it is very essential to check out and ensure the following things before you head out on your camping –

Check your dog’s readiness

Before going camping with your dog, it is important to address your dog’s personality. Dogs who love to explore mostly like to go on camping. They are best suited for camping excursion which includes activities, for instance, splashing in a lake, jumping, walking, or hiking trails. 

So, determining your dog’s basic personality is a prerequisite for planning camping. If your dog has motion sickness, it is a wise idea to consult with a vet. It will make your journey more relaxing and pleasant for both you and your dog.

Do a short research

Do some research about the spot you are going to camp with your dog is mandatory. A very important part of planning is to check out the policies associated with camping. 

It is wise to select a national park, a national forest, or a local park controlled by the Bureau of Land Management for your camping destination. Rules may vary from area to area.

Do not Pack unnecessary stuff

Filling your pack with unnecessary stuff is nothing but an extra hassle for you. For emergencies and based on your dog’s basic needs, try to pack a minimum of sufficient items.

Stay safe and protected

It is very important to stay safe. By following some essential steps and avoiding a few unwanted steps, you can easily ensure your and your dog’s safety.

Think about some alternative activities

While camping outside, the weather may change all of the activities that you have decided on. Sudden rain or storm can change your plan. 

If the weather does not cooperate with you, a warm tent will be a very comfy place for you and your dog to have fun and hang out together. So, it is a very practical decision to plan all the alternative possibilities to enjoy.

Practice some good camping etiquette

All cherish good camping etiquette. The owner should make adequate use of essential obedience commands on camping. 


dog got wet in rain


How to Camp with Your Dog in the Rain – Exclusive 10 Tips

Camping with your dog is an amazing way to spend quality time with your pet outdoor. In case, the weather does not cooperate with you, turns nasty, and starts raining. 

Your camping trip turns into a big disappointment. Besides, a wet dog may suffer from cold and have a high risk of hypothermia.

With proper planning strategies, you can make the miserable day into an enjoyable one. Presenting you 10 exclusive tips to make your camping trip enjoyable on an adverse day.


1. Check the weather forecast

Check out the weather forecast before leaving for a camping destination, so you can plan accordingly. Weather forecasting will provide you a better idea and help you with your packaging. As you will know what to pack or not. So, no more unnecessary packing.


2. Use a waterproof tent

If you want to make your mind to camping in the rain, then it will very essential to have a waterproof tent and a ground cover. Factors to consider while buying a waterproof tent for camping with your pup –

  • Size or interior space of the tent
  • Ease of access
  • Seasonality
  • Easy to use and storage
  • Well-ventilated
  • Durability and functionality
  • Tent cords number

As once you get wet, it will be very tough to get dry. A waterproof tent and ground cover do not leak and help to keep moisture off and keep your tent dry. So, you can make your wet-weather camping experience more entertaining.


3. Buy a rain jacket for your dog

A doggy rain jacket is not only cute but also a necessary accessory. While camping in the rain, a doggy jacket is a very handy and comfy stuff to keep your dog protected from raindrops. 

You should consider a rain jacket having both a collar and harness hole and also includes reflective stripes. So it will be easier for you to see your dog in the dark.

There are many premium quality doggy’s rain jackets available in the store. You can buy one based on your preference –

Rain jacket for small dog

When it comes choice a small dog rain jacket, you will have a lot more options. As the small dogs have less body mass and weight. So, what to look for – flexibility, warmth, and comfort.

However, a double-layer rain jacket will provide extra protection but sometimes it may cause overheating. Also, it needs a lot of washing. 

Rain jacket for medium and large dog

You need to consider comfort, adaptability, and breathability, while comes to invest in a  rain jacket for a medium and larger dog. 

A 100% fully waterproof rain jacket with water-resistant protection, better breathability, and flexibility will keep your pup dry and cozy even in heavy rain.

What to look for –

  • Weight
  • Machine washable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Better functionality
  • Have both a harness and a collar

So, try to invest in a rain jacket that is right-sized and shaped, water-resistant, breathable, adjustable, and is effortlessly visible in heavy rainy conditions.


4. Include old towels in your packing

When camping during a rainy season, it is difficult to stay dry completely. Therefore, it is essential to bring some old towels for your excursion, so you can dry your dog easily whenever it becomes wet.

You can also use a super-absorbent chamois. As it will help to remove the extra moisture from your pet’s rain jacket. In fact, it will protect your dog from unwanted colds or fever and prevent the risk of developing hypothermia.


5. Make a room for your dog in the tent

To stay your doy dry in the rain, the most useful solution is – keep them with you into the tent. Proper tent setup will ensure their safety from harmful insects and adverse weather. Besides, it will keep them dry and warm.

Ensure your dog has its own space in the tent so it can relax and chill inside the tent with you. So, make a room for your dog inside the tent with their comfy bed, chew toy, favorite blanket – to give a home-like environment.

Make sure your dog has his own comfy space inside the tent. So that it can take shelter and protect itself completely from the dangerous elements and rain.


6. Pack warm bedding

Warm bedding is mandatory for your fur buddy. As the tents can become cold on rainy nights. Your pet requires a peaceful spot somewhere inside the tent to settle for a sound sleep after a hectic camping day. 

So, you should invest in high-quality portable bedding to ensure your doggy comfort. What to consider –

  • Think about the dog’s size and shape
  • Check where your dog loves to sleep
  • Flat or raised surfaces based on your preference
  • Material
  • Easily cleanable

You can also use a comfy dog coat or dog pajama to keep them protected from chilly rain nights. In addition, you can also use a heating pad or hot water bottle if you do not have a warm bed.


7. Pack all the essentials to go outside

While camping, sometimes all things do not go according to your plan, right? So, if you prepare for some outdoor adventure but suddenly rain comes. Do not feel sad!

It is wise not to go outside from the tent while raining, as some outdoor activities can be harmful and unpleasant in the rain. 

So, what will you do?

Rather than stick to your original plan, it will be better to make some alternative choices. Cook something, or make a hot coffee, watch a movie, read a book, or play with your pet.

Once the rain stops and the sun appear again, you can go outside and explore together.


8. Bring comfort food is a must

If you pack snacks for yourself, never forget to bring some delicious treats for your fur-baby. Nothing is more pleasant to enjoy favorite snacks on a rainy day. You can also make something hot on the campfire for your pet while raining outside.

You should bring some nutritious food. Based on your needs, you can bring different types of dog food – 

  • Canned food
  • Dehydrated food
  • Dog energy bar 


9. Never forget to pack your first aid kit

Hopefully, you will not face any unpleasant occurrences, and your dog-friendly excursion will end up without having a single problem. But you should always prepare for any kind of potential accident because accidents may arrive at any time. Having proper caution may minimize the consequence.  

Your dog can easily lose its control on a slippery surface in rainy weather. Whether you are camping in a forest, mountain, or park, it is a must considerable item to bring basic first aid kits for your dog to prevent accidental injury. 

Your dog’s paws are very sensitive to temperatures and also harmful materials, such as:

  • Hot ground
  • Salt-melting ice
  • Insects and pests
  • Cold and wet surface
  • Pebbles and sharp rocks
  • Broken glass pieces and other debris

You can use a pet-friendly paw protectant to protect your dog’s paws. If your dog is not used to wear any kind of paw protectants or shoes, then give them much time to adapt to it.  

What you should include in the pet first aid kit –

  • Cotton balls
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Disposable gloves
  • Rehydrate electrolyte tablet
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Eyewash
  • Tweezer

A pet first aid kit will provide you emergency treatment if required until you take your pet to a vet doctor. 

Camping will become beneficial for both you and your dog, only if you maintain proper safety. As you are spending too much time on the unfamiliar ground outdoors. So, proper precaution will make your camping trip a worry-free vacation.


10. Plan indoor activities 

While planning for camping, there is always a  risk of rain. So, it is wise to make some activities for rainy days. Bring some board games, if your tent has enough interior space then you can also practice some basic training. If can find some attractions near your camping area.

Your dog may get bored, so bring extra indoor-safe toys to play with your dog and keep him busy. 

Moreover, nothing is more effective than snuggling to keep your dog warm and dry. Cuddle with your fur-baby and adore all the opportunities to spend quality with your pet while the rain is falling down outside.


dog in rain


Camping Mistakes to Avoid while Camping with Dog in Rain

Many first-time campers or even the pro campers only bring the basic supplies. You need to pack your bag carefully for every campsite so that you can avoid potential threat issues.

Mistake – 1: Bring the wrong tent

Several types of tents are available in the store. It may vary in size, shape, design, style, and feature. 

Do not choose the wrong tent. Make sure your camping tent is spacious, water-proof, easy to use, and durable.

Mistake – 2: Poor food selection

Many campers bring the wrong food, which makes your dog ill. So, bring healthy and hydrated dog food while camping to keep them active.

Mistake – 3: Packing too much stuff

You should not bring home to your campsite. Just make a list and bring only the essential accessories. Do not make your bag too heavy to carry.

Also, the campers should not bring perfumes, scented lotions, glassware, beer bottles, high-fashion jewelry.



How can you stop your dog barking while camping?

Most of the time your dog starts to bark if they do not get their comfy stuff or feel ill. So you can make a warm bed, have a strong leash, bring a few dog-friendly toys, or pack some extra water and food to give him a homely environment.  


Where does your dog sleep during camping?

Mostly your dogs sleep with you inside the tent. However, few dogs love to sleep outside and feel more comfortable sleeping outside under the blue sky on a blanket.

But weather may change suddenly or any insects can bite your dog. So it is wise to bring your dog inside the tent with you while sleeping. 


How can you protect your dog while camping?

The most effective and useful way to protect your dog during camping, you can use a dog exercise pen. You can also use a dog crate to keep your dog safely inside the tent.


Have Fun

Camping in wet weather, your dog probably will not affect by a little rain. But still, you have to ensure appropriate shelter for him and know how to camp with your dog in the rain.

Spending some quality time with your dog is an incredible option for you and your pet. It makes your bond strong and encourages your dog to trust you more.