101 Camping Activities: Fun Things to Do while Camping

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When you’re looking for a fun way to unwind, nothing can beat the option of camping. But, then again, camping escapades may turn out to be mundane if you’re not well up on the things to do while camping! So, if you’re not sure what fun activities you can partake in when camping, then our article is here to back you up. In the following, we’ve brainstormed hundreds of camping activities to keep you entertained during a camping trip. So, now just sit back in comfort and scroll down to find out what to do on your next camping escapade.

Camping Activities: Around the Campsite

No doubt, you’ve chosen a suitable, serene place as your camping spot. Surely there will be so much to sightsee and explore. But, once you arrive, being uncertain of what to do is again a very common scenario. So, to ensure you make the most of your camping trip and leave the spot with a grin of satisfaction on your face, here are some of the most rewarding campsite activities for you.

Trekking: Trekking is one of the most fascinating activities one can do in nature. Similar to hiking, trekking is like a walk through nature while exploring new things. But it’s more on the fun side and lets you explore the surrounding nature more than typical hiking.

Nothing beats swinging in a hammock beneath the open sky, with nature all around you!Make sure not to miss this divine experience on your camping trip. Although some campsites do have hammocks fixed to trees, it’s always a plus to have one with you on the way.

Tailor a rope swing: A rope swing is another fun thing that is easy to tailor and fun to ride. The soothing breeze of the campsite will undoubtedly provide you with a memorable experience while swinging on it.

Afternoon walks: Afternoon walks, especially in the midst of nature, are always refreshing.You can plug in your headphones or just listen to the birds chirping as you enjoy a slow walk through nature.

Climbing trees: This activity is quite underrated, to be honest, but trust us when we say that once you master climbing, you will absolutely love the view of your camp area from above.

Chopping wood: During camp, setting up a campfire is a fun task, which is even more fun when you cut your own wood. It’s also excellent for fat loss.

Building mud castles: If you are fine with getting your hands messy, then we suggest that you dig out some sand, add water to make a clay texture, and make castles. What better place to do this than the campsite?

Cooking outside is an exception to indoor cooking and a whole new experience. You can make the fire yourself from bricks or carry a stove with you.

Campfire: Campfires are a traditional element when it comes to camping. All you need is some wood and a source of fire, like matchsticks. Place some benches around the fire and enjoy!

campfire with family

Rock climbing: If you spot rocks on your camping site that are climbable or have added accessories to them like ropes, then you should give it a try. An experience with rock climbing can markedly uplift your overall camping experience.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset: The hustle and bustle of city life don’t give us the chance to enjoy natural events like sunrise and sunset. So, if you’re camping outside, make sure to see it for yourself.

Beach Camping Activities:

If you’re camping near a beach, the possibilities appear to multiply. Along with the activities mentioned above, there are numerous others that will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Below, we’ve rounded up the finest of them; let’s have a look.

beach campfire

Swimming: Swimming in the mighty waves of seawater is such a tranquil pastime that you can never get enough of it. If you’re camping around the beach, your camping won’t be complete until you dive into that water.

Tubing: What can be more delightful than gliding over sea waves all by yourself? Thank you to Tubing for making that possible for us.

Water Skiing: Water skiing is a one-of-a-kind water sport that is popular across the world. During your beach camping trip, you should give it a shot if the beach offers the equipment.

Kayaking: Riding a kayak gives you a heavenly feeling as you glide among the sea waves.Kayaks are inflatable, so it’s again very easy for you to transport them to your campsite.

Rafting: If you’re there with a big group of adrenaline junkies, make sure to try rafting. You’ll have the time of your life, no question asked.

Surfing: Unlike previous water activities, surfing requires proper mastery, so if you’ve got the skill, don’t forget to flaunt it.

Sunbathing: Sunbathing is a must-do when it comes to beach camping. Lay your body over the sand and let it soak up ample vitamin D to strengthen your bones, along with improving your sleep quality and overall health.

Spend some time getting to know the seashore’s resident turtles, crab sea snakes, and a variety of coastal birds.

Collect sand dollars and seashells. Collecting sand dollars and seashells happens to be a hobby for many people. They work as a souvenir.

Snorkeling: Snorkeling lets you witness the marine life with your bare eyes. If you’re feeling brave, you could try snorkeling while beach camping.

Water Baseball: As you’re staying by the source of water, why not play some games in it? A round of water baseball will surely give you a great time.

Witness Sunset from the Boat: Being in the middle of the sea and seeing the sun drowning in it is too unworldly to explain in words. We highly recommend that you go for it.

Camping Activities for Kids:

It is true that kids get bored very easily, but if they are guided right into the wilderness, there can be thousands of sources of entertainment that they can enjoy. What are they? Here are some ways to keep them hooked:

Exploring nature: Camping outdoors amidst nature is more than just fresh air; it’s about exploring the surroundings and gaining knowledge. So, give your kids a chance to walk around and get to know nature all by themselves.

Spotting the objects: Another fun activity to do while observing the environment is looking out for assigned things. Simply get your kids to find things like a rose plant, mushrooms, or anything else that is present in that certain area.

Birdsighting: Camping is truly incomplete without the sweet songs of birds and their sudden appearance. Give your children a pair of binoculars and instruct them to search the clear sky for visually appealing birds.

Kite flying: Another thing associated with the sky is kites, and it is no surprise to all that kids love kites—especially colorful ones! If the area is not crowded with trees and the wind howls for it, then just let your kids go for it.

Be the baiter: Fishing is one of the most common camp memories, and why shouldn’t it be?The excitement and the waiting are all worth it! For this, kids only need a fishing rod, tiny worms as bait, and patience.

Chalk twister: Chalk twister can be a good pastime for kids while enhancing their motor skills.

Stone-throwing: It might sound violent, but it’s really stress-relieving, even for adults! Kids can collect various stones and throw them into a river or lake, aiming to throw them as far as possible.

Bouldering: Bouldering is simply free climbing up small rocks, and unlike rock climbing, it doesn’t require any sort of ropes or harness. But having parental guidance while this activity is performed by kids at outdoor camps is highly suggested by us.

Obstacle passing: This might seem like exercise, but it is actually quite fun. Lay some ladders or circles on the field and let your kids pass through them in a consistent pattern.

Drawing: Kids have the most imaginative minds among us all. So why not let them do what they are best at with the wilderness as their inspiration? A pen, some paper, and maybe some coloring pencils are essentials that you should always carry when going camping outside.

Setting up the camp: Kids are great at being helping hands. Setting up camps is an opportunity for them to learn something new that might prove useful in the future.

camping activities for adult

Slacklining: Walking on a single rope is quite thrilling, no doubt. All you need to do is tie a strong rope around two trees and walk on it, using one foot at a time. If you are worried about safety, then we suggest you place something soft on the ground.

Freefall jump: To perform this, campers will stand on the edge of a high platform and leap to the ground for a thrilling free fall. This may sound silly, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll agree with us that it’s worth a try! However, don’t forget to lay anything soft on the ground.

Zip Lining: Zip lining can surely live up to your thirst for an adrenaline rush. If the campsite has arrangements for it, we’d suggest you try it out.

Night Hike: So, when your campsite doesn’t have any nerve-wracking game arrangements,  leaving for a night hike will make up for it.

Riflery: Riflery refers to the practice of shooting at a target with a rifle. So if you have a rifle and know how to use it, don’t miss out on a hunting session during your camping trip.

Tug-of-War: tug-of-war is a super-exciting game that requires nothing but some keen participants and a rope. Playing it in a muddy puddle makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Hiking: Hiking to the top of a mountain will surely give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The view from the top is just the cherry on top.

Tracking: This is the advanced version of hiking that requires you to move faster. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for your fit body and enthusiastic soul!

Flashlight tag: This is a classic game in which one individual hides and you need to find him in the dark using a flashlight. Yes, it’s similar to hide and seek, but better!

Racing: This might seem too athletic, but in an open area, why miss out on the chance to run freely? To spice it all up, you can set prices on the different positions obtained.

Scavenger hunt: It’s mainly an outdoor game, so it fits perfectly with camping. In this game, you must collect various objects with clues on each step that you take.Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Maze running: If your camp area consists of a maze, which some places do offer, then why not try finding your way out? But don’t forget to carry a map before getting into one.

Camping Activities for the Whole Family

Camping does provide the opportunity to increase the bonding between families. Some activities can help your family work and play as a unit. Here are some of the activities that you can’t resist performing with your family.

Bulld a campfire: We believe that camping is incomplete without a campfire. So get your kids to collect some sticks, build your own fire from stones like in the early days, and indulge all the members in this act.

Cooking: Camping cooking is always fun, so why not do it together?Let some of the vegetables cook as you grill the meat, but be sure to keep the meal wholesome and easy to put together. It’s mostly about the bonding rather than the food.

Movies on the go: Imagine watching your favorite movie amidst the wilderness with your family! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But how? Well, it’s quite simple, as you can watch movies on any portable device like your phone, laptop, or even a mini projector.

Clicking pictures: The most effective way to capture memories is by clicking pictures. You can pose in different ways altogether, or you can just take pictures of nature!

Geocaching: This is an outdoor treasure hunting game in which devices use GPS to locate the location of geocaching containers hidden around by other participants.The person who finds the container will have to put it back in its original position.

Cornholes: This interesting lawn game requires the players to throw 16-ounce bags of corn kernels at a raised platform, aiming to drop them inside the hole while taking turns!

Horseshoes: As the name suggests, this activity requires you to be equipped with horseshoes in order to toss them at stakes in the ground. The setup is quite easy, as you will only need a few things to enjoy family time.

Leaf crown-making: Making crowns out of fallen leaves will not only give you and your family a fun time but also let everyone channel their creative side in front of other members of the family.

Reminiscing about happy times: Sitting with your family and reminiscing about happy times in the past while feasting or sipping your favorite drink is priceless.

Campfire songs: Gathering around a campfire with a musical instrument like a guitar or just singing freely to any song that all the family members are familiar with is something absolutely precious.

Ghost stories: Not only do gossips and songs entertain you, but stories do too. So, when night falls, why not turn on that torch and enjoy ghostly tales? We are sure that Grandpa has a lot of them.

Boat rides: In camping areas, boats are typically available. Get your family on the boat and row the boat one by one while enjoying the view!

Clean up: Camping sites are sometimes left dirty by other people beforehand, so cleaning up the garbage or dirt will not only save the environment but also grow positive energy in the entire family.

Camping Activities for Inside-the-Tent Time

We spend a lot of time inside the tent while camping, whether it’s due to bad weather, a falling night, or a desire to rest.So, what do we do at those times instead of just dozing? Here are the suggestions:

Card games: Carrying a deck of cards during camping opens up a wide range of games for your entertainment. Everything from Uno to Solitaire to Slapjack and more!

Board games: Cheese, monopoly, ouija, etc. are board games that are familiar to most of us, so why not enjoy them while you’re staying inside the tent?

Truth or dare: Another game that you can play while sitting down is truth or dare. Spin a bottle so that it points towards any individual among your group and task him either with a truth or a dare.

Pillow passing: As the name suggests, in this game you are supposed to turn on music, stop in after certain intervals, and the person who has the pillow at that very moment is out!

Charades: Guessing words that an individual will act out in front of you without saying anything is all this is about.

Arm wrestling: While inside, you can also play arm wrestling for more fun. Set winning prices for each round!

Snuggle: Since the sole purpose of our camping trip is to unwind and relax, it should include adequate snuggle time.

Singing Aloud: Singing the songs that come to mind will make your mind lighter and your heart happier.

Reading a book: Reading always gives us pleasure, but when you try it amidst the soothing ambiance of the wilderness, the pleasure touches another height.

Writing: If you’re into writing, this is your moment to unleash some precious lines, if not the entire piece.

Recite: If you’re good at reciting, then what are you waiting for? Recite your favorite verse aloud, leaving nature as a witness.

Camping Activities for the Night:

There are some activities that are best done at night, and then there are certain things that cannot be done when the sun is still shining. Wondering what those activities are? Take a look at the list below to learn more.

stargazing during camping

Stargazing: Want to get lost in the realm of stars? Stargazing is the way to go! If you can brave the cold and have the astronomy goodies with you, you wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of the joy of stargazing at night while camping!

Soaking in Moonlight: There’s no better way to unwind while camping than with a moon bath.Not only does it help cool down the excess heat of the body, but it also does a great job of preventing diseases such as migraines and hypertension.

Night Walk: A night stroll through the nature around your camp can do wonders for your mood. Put on your camp boots and head off to connect with nature like never before.

Dance around the campfire: Can you think of anything more romantic than dancing around the campfire with your loved one? It will definitely make a great memory to be cherished for years to come!

Puppet shows: A puppet show is basically putting a sock around one’s hand and moving it in a motion that makes it seem like it’s a mouth. You will need to speak in a different tone to make it seem as if the hand is talking. It’s very handy during camps, as you can make up any plot.

Play hide and seek: For a fun break at night, you can play hide and seek around your tent.

Shadows game: In this activity, you will need to turn on a torchlight or use the light from the campfire to make shadows representing objects like bunnies, wolves, and so on with your hands.

Toast to Life: What better time to enjoy things than while sitting with your closest friends and holding a can of your favorite drink? Let’s raise a glass to life right now.

Release sky lanterns: While floating sky lanterns into the sky is a beautiful sight, it is the process of releasing the lanterns with your loved ones that will elevate your camping experience.

Shoot off fireworks: Who doesn’t love watching fireworks in the darkness of the sky? This will definitely add more cherishable moments to your camping memories.

Camping Activities That Are Best Done in the Morning:

The morning is the most peaceful time of day; let us learn what you can do to increase the tranquility of the time.

Sunrise watching: Witnessing a sunrise while sitting in the midst of nature is something you can cherish all your life.

Morning walk: During the sunrise, nature remains at its most pristine and serene. An early stroll is just what you need if you want to connect with nature in its purest form.

Nature gathering: While walking through the woods, you can collect the wild flowers and leaves if you have a habit of nature gathering.

Birdwatching: Early morning is the best time to go for birdwatching.

Fossil hunting: Fossils are the remains of animals or plants from a past geologic period that have been preserved in the Earth’s crust. Because this is not something you can easily find, the best time to start looking is in the morning.

Swinging in the hammock: If you don’t feel like walking, you can still swing in the hammock to enjoy the fresh morning breeze.

Yoga: As we all know, yoga is all about inner peace, and what other place is better for inner peace than under the open sky? You just need a yoga mat for this and to inhale the fresh morning air.

Summer Campground Activities:

Summer comes with loads of heat and discomfort, so let’s learn what the best things are to do during that time to keep yourself cool and comfortable all day.

Rest in the Shade: Do you want to relax in the open air but are afraid of the scorching sun’s rays? No worries; the shade umbrellas are here to rescue you.

Relax under the woods: Such places have a mighty breeze, especially during the summer. So, take a seat and relax under the wood to delight in the beauty of nature on the one hand and cool yourself off on the other.

Cheers to Cold Drinks: When you’re hot, cold drinks work as a soother and taste a thousand times better! So don’t forget to pack enough cold drinks before departing for the trip.

Float on the water: If you are camping near a lake or pool in the summer, you should try getting in and floating for a while.This will undoubtedly cool down your body while also providing entertainment.

Water fight: While you’re in the water, you may have some fun by sprinkling water on each other with water guns or balloons! Isn’t it both fun and soothing?

Stay inside the tent: During summer camping, it is better to stay inside the tent and indulge in tent indoor activities till the heat of the sun diminishes.

Sleep in the hammock. Sweating inside the tent? Then you may come to sleep in the hammock, surrendering yourself to the windy air.

hammock camping

DIY water pipe game: This fun game will keep all of the campers occupied while also providing a sense of relaxation as each splash hits one’s body.

Camping Activities for Winter:

Lastly, let’s look at the best things to do during the winter. We get a plethora of fun activities to do during the winter showers that we can’t do any other time of year.So, if you’re planning a winter camping trip, carefully go over the list of things to do given below to ensure you’re making the most of your trip.

Snowshoeing: If you are fond of the snow, then we assure you that you will prefer this activity in a snowy environment. It’s just like taking a walk in the snow, which also helps you stay fit.

Ice fishing: Ice fishing is similar to normal fishing—dropping the hook, waiting, and anticipating! However, unlike normal fishing, here you will need to make a hole in the ice floor to bait the fish swimming underneath the ice.

Winter hiking: If you are a person who’s fond of hiking, then the freezing weather won’t be able to halt you from exploring nature.

Ice skating is a very common activity in icy weather where the individual glides on a layer of ice wearing metal-bladed ice skates with graceful strokes of movement.

Make a snow slide: Not only kids but adults too love slides, so why not make one? Just pile up a lot of snow to make the pile and stairs of your slide, and then just slide down!

Sledding: Sledding on hills will take your camping fun to a whole new level! Don’t think of your age as a barrier, and go for it during your winter camping if you’ve brought the necessary gear with you.

Snowball fight: If there’s any fight out there that’s deemed innocent, it has to be snowball fighting. If you are bored out of your wits sitting in your camp, take some snow in your hand, make a firm ball, and start dodging at your friends!

Make snowmen: Channel your inner Elsa by rolling up a few snowballs and stacking them up until they take the form of a snowman. Let your creativity run wild when it comes to giving him a nose or an outfit!

Final Thoughts

This article will precisely guide you through the things to do while camping. We’ve carefully selected 101 interesting and engaging camping activities that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. So, depending on where you’re going and what season it is, note down the relevant activities before you go on your next trip; you’d love them for sure.