Camping Blanket vs Sleeping Bag: Which One Should You Go For?

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As the number of new camping enthusiasts is increasing in recent days, it is clearly visible that there is an inflow and high demand for camping accessories in the market.

So, are you struggling to choose the appropriate sleeping elements or getting puzzled to make a choice between camping blanket vs sleeping bag for your next camping trip?

You should consider some essential facts before making a purchase decision. So, continue reading to discover what important factors you should bear in your mind while buying a camping blanket or a sleeping bag.


What is a Camping Blanket?

A camping blanket is typically a blanket that is served as a sleeping element while camping for warmth purposes. Camping blankets are great at keeping you warm during camping in adverse temperatures.

It can be made up of cotton, wool, acrylic, fleece, mylar, polyester, and nylon.  A camping blanket is a water-resistance blanket. 

It protects us from minor rainfall and keeps our bodies warm. It also has a firing resistance.


When Should You Use a Camping Blanket?

If you do not want to use a sleeping bag, or if you do not feel comfortable in a sleeping bag. Then honestly, you can go for a camping blanket.

Apart from the comfort level, in case you are camping in cold temperatures. Then keeping your body warm is very important.  

When the ground is cold enough, a sleeping bag may give you a minimal amount of protection between you and the cold surface. However, a camping blanket arrives as a savior here. 

If you are a first-time camper and going for a summer camping trip then you should consider a camping blanket over a sleeping bag.

The camping blankets work as a comfy multi-tool while camping. As you are far away from civilization. It can be used as an effective element to keep your body warmly protected when you are sleeping. It is used as a body warmer tool while outdoor camping in hill tracts where the temperature is lower than normal.


Types of Camping Blanket

You will find several types of camping blankets available in the store, such as –

  • Puffy packable blanket – This puffy packable blanket gives you the utmost warmth and extended reliability for the lowest competitive weight, price, and size.
  • Wool blanket – The wool blanket is a brilliant tool to use in your camping while you are looking to keep yourself dry and warm in cold weather. Due to wool’s heat potential feature, it is a great choice for extreme climates. 
  • Fleece blanket – It is versatile and light in weight. It can easily block the water and wind to ensure your comfort.
  • Rumpl packable blanket – It is the best backpacking camping blanket. As it comes in an ultralight design and an ultra-packable feature without sacrificing your comfort and warmth.
  • Thermal blanket – The thermal blanket is designed to decrease heat loss. It is able to withstand strong wind, moisture, and adverse weather. It is mostly used as an emergency shelter tool for outdoor campers.


Highlighted Features of Camping Blanket

Let’s have a look at the highlighted features of a camping blanket!

  • Flexible
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to customize
  • Better moisture control
  • Solid construction 


Some Best Camping Blanket Models

Here is a list of some best camping blankets that will ensure your warmness and coziness –

  1. Kelty Bestie Blanket
  2. Pendleton Wool Blanket
  3. Coalatree Kachula


Pros of Using a Camping Blanket

  • The camping blanket is very lightweight 
  • It has a compact design
  • You can also use it as a cover in the summer
  • It is easy to carry


Cons of Using a Camping Blanket

  • A bit expensive compared to a sleeping bag
  • It needs quite much time to set-up


How to Choose a Camping Blanket?

You need to choose your camping blanket based on your camping area’s weather conditions. For instance, in colder temperatures, you should have a thermal rating blanket. In fact, the choice of camping blanket basically depends on wind, heat, rain, and cold.

  • Size and Weight

Selecting the appropriate blanket size depends on how many campers use it. Plus, the size of those campers.

Almost all the camping blankets are about 50 inches by 85 inches so that they can be used by one person. Double blankets are also available and they are about 88 inches by 80 inches.

If you are a taller or bigger guy, then it will be wise to go for a smaller one. Therefore, while choosing your camping blanket, consider these numbers and your size as well.


  • Material and Feature

When camping, you should always consider a high-quality and well-crafted camping blanket. The material of the camping blanket regulates several qualities, such as –

  1. Lightweight
  2. Water-resistant
  3. Dirt-resistant
  4. Washability
  5. Warmth
  6. Fire-resistant


  • Insulation

Insulation enhances the ability of your camping blanket to keep you warm. Besides, it also ensures coziness that makes the camping experience more thrilling and enjoyable.

Insulation is duck’s down or synthetic material. However, they both are comfy and effective. 

If you want something natural, then you can go for the duck down. Or, if you are looking for alternatives, then you can choose the synthetic material.


What is a Sleeping Bag?

Basically, a sleeping bag is a warmly padded bag. So, you can sleep peacefully in it during your camping. It comes in a lightweight design and also, it is water-resistance. 

A sleeping bag is enclosed with zipping and hoods. It is pretty easy to carry sleeping bags while camping.

Due to its structure and shape, a sleeping bag is hassle-free to set up. The main objective of a sleeping bag is to offer warmth insulation.

The exterior part of a sleeping bag is made up of polyester or nylon. So, its construction makes it more durable and water repellent. 

Its inner portion has several layers of fabric with a warm texture. Overall, you can easily keep it in your backpack as a sleeping bag requires less space to store.


When Should You Use a Sleeping Bag?

You can use a sleeping bag during camping, hiking, tracking, or hill-climbing. It does not include any additional attachment system. It is versatile.

A good quality sleeping bag keeps you warm in the winter and also cool in the summer. Since long before the camping blankets or quilts are made, the sleeping bag has only been a part of camping. With advanced technology, sleeping bags have improved their quality and features.

If you are going camping in a frozen temperature, then a camping blanket alone cannot be able to trap sufficient body heat to make you feel warm. In comparison, a high-quality sleeping bag performs better in this scene.


Types of Sleeping Bag

Generally, sleeping bags come with two types of insulation. 

  • Down fill – Down fill is lightweight. It performs better while the temperature is cold and dry. It is weather-resistant and can protect it in damp conditions.
  • Synthetic fill –  Synthetic fill is more affordable. It can dry rapidly. It is non-allergenic. Also, it continues insulating while it is damp.

Nowadays, different types of sleeping bags are available in the stores, such as –

  • Rectangular sleeping bag – Rectangular sleeping bag is perfectly suited for car campers. Comfort is its highest priority. 
  • Double sleeping bag – A benefit of using a double sleeping bag is space – if you want more space, then you can consider a double sleeping bag.
  • Barrel-shaped sleeping bag – It has more thermal efficiency. Some of them include a hood to deliver additional warmth. 

It is a better choice for both front-country and backcountry camping. Also, it is perfectly suited up to 3-season use.

  • Elephant foot sleeping bag  – It is a more versatile sleeping bag. You can use it in many rapid and light climbing applications.


Highlighted Features of Sleeping Bag

Let’s check out the highlighted features of sleeping bag –

  • Comfortable
  • Auto-locking zips
  • Internal pocket
  • Well compressed
  • Lightweight yet durable


Some Best Sleeping Bag Models

Here is a few names of best sleeping bag models –

  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood
  2. TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1
  3. Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Doublewide


Pros of Using a Sleeping Bag

  • It is much warmer and lightweight
  • Cheaper
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It is compressed better
  • It provides full body protection


Cons of Using a Sleeping Bag

  • Can be damaged easily
  • Poor moisture control
  • Less customization


How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

Choosing a right sleeping bag can make your camping experience more comfortable. To enjoy a blissful camping night, it is very important to have an appropriate sleeping bag.

While choosing a right sleeping bag depends on some factors, such as –

  • Size and Shape 

As the sleeping bags come with different sizes and shapes. As all the campers need ample space. So, you should choose your sleeping bag based on size, shape, and design.


  • Insulation Type

The major concern is to choose the right type of insulation. Synthetic insulation offers fast drying and it continues to insulate when damp. Also, it is non-allergic and affordable.

On the other side, down insulation performs better in cold or dry weather. It is lightweight, durable, and compressed small.


  • Accessories and Additional Feature

While picking a sleeping bag for camping, you should consider its additional features and accessories such as sleeping bag shells, hood, zipper, pocket, storage sack and more. 


Camping Blanket vs Sleeping Bag – A Comprehensive Comparison

During camping, a camping blanket and a sleeping bag both are solved for the same purpose. Though they both have similarities they also have few minor differences. So, let’s check them out to decide which one you should go for!


Camping Blanket – A camping blanket can imitate a quilt. It is made up from a weather-proof nylon shell, synthetic or down fill. However, it can also be made up from wool, cotton, fleece, and more.

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag is genuinely made up from a weather-proof nylon. Also, it can be made up from a polyester shell with fill. And the fill can be either down or synthetic.



Camping Blanket – A camping Blanket is mostly rectangular. But it also comes with better moisture control features, solid construction, easy to customize options, and flexibility.  

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag includes a zipper up the side, bag shell, storage sack. Also, it often includes a hood to keep your full body warm. 

It comes in different types of shapes, designs, and sizes as well. It is well compressed so you can easily pack it in your baggage.


Weight and Size

Camping Blanket – A camping blanket is even smaller. Also, it comes in a compact design.

It is quite similar to a sleeping bag in terms of warmth and weight, as it varies on the model.

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag takes up more space than a camping blanket. Its additional hood, shell, storage sack and backside makes it heavier and bulkier. 

So, in case you are going to hike for a long distance to your campsite, then it can be unsuitable for you.

In terms of warmth and weight, a sleeping bag is also quite similar to a camping blanket in different models.



Camping Blanket – The sleeping blanket is nothing but just a layer to provide your  some more warmth. It performs better when the weather is warm. Also it works as a liner for your camping sleeping bag while the outside temperature is lower than regular.

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag can become very warm, as you fully zip yourself inside of it. Sleeping bags come with different temperature ratings.

So, you can choose according to your preference, for example, you can consider a sleeping bag for cold temperature. Or, pick one which is light for the warm temperature. 

A sleeping bag can easily trap the air inside, and make your body warm in it. The interior space is smaller, so it can warm rapidly. 



Camping Blanket – A camping blanket requires a bit more time to set up. As you need to adjust it with comfort level.

Sleeping Bag – Generally a sleeping bag does not require too long set up time. It needs less time to set up compared to a camping blanket. 



Camping Blanket Because of its better quality, high construction made,  and less production – a camping blanket is relatively a bit more expensive compared to a sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag is cheaper than a camping blanket. As it is also available in low quality and its high production keep its price lower.


Why Should You Choose A Camping Blanket Over A Sleeping Bag?

If you want something versatile, then you should choose a camping blanket. As it is more versatile than a traditional sleeping bag.

You can use your camping blanket as a hammock or shelter. A camping blanket is able to keep yourself warm even when it is soaking wet. 

It can be a good choice for summer camping. So, if you are planning for a summer camping trip, then a camping blanket should be in your baggage. Nothing can replace the feeling of sleeping under a camping blanket in a summer camping.

If you are searching for a brand new piece of summer time insulation for sleeping on your upcoming camping trip, then it is strongly recommended to get a camping blanket over a sleeping bag.


Why Should You Choose A Sleeping Bag Over A Camping Blanket?

If you are a new camper and looking for an affordable solution to keep your body warm during camping, then you should consider a sleeping bag. As in terms of price, a sleeping bag is cheaper than a camping blanket.

Sleeping bags are a perfect match for car camping. So, if you are planning for a car camping then you should choose a sleeping bag.

If you are going hiking, climbing, or, tracking – then a sleeping bag that can perfectly fit into your backpack.   

Not only for outdoor camping, you can also use your sleeping bag in indoor camping. They are well-crafted for cold weather use.

If you are an allergy-sufferer, then it is better to use a sleeping bag. Because generally  the sleeping bag does not contain dust and dirt when in use and also during the storage time. But a camping blanket can sometimes contain dust and dirt during storage.


Final Words – Which One Should You Go For?

A camping blanket and a sleeping bag are both better choices or alternatives while camping, hill-tracking, climbing for sleeping with your fellow campers. 

But a sleeping bag is quite better compared to a camping blanket in several aspects. However, sleeping bags can be a better choice for some people but not for all the campers. Some other campers can go for the camping blanket. 

Basically, the choice of using a sleeping bag or a camping blanket depends on weather conditions, environment, and camper’s preferences. So which one should you go for right now – camping blanket vs sleeping bag? 

So, before purchasing a camping blanket or a sleeping bag, you should have a look and consider these factors mentioned in this article and after that, make a good decision.