Can You Go Camping Under 18?

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No doubt that the best form of adventure is Camping. And we, people, develop adventurous insistence when we are growing to be young. So, young people grow a bigger interest in camping when they are around 18. Now, the question is can you go camping under 18? Well, today I am here to clarify this matter in detail.

Basically, campgrounds have no minimum age requirement if you are with your family or in a group. But for solo campers, some states and campgrounds have set a rule of minimum age requirement. For some states, it is 18 years and a few of them have 16 years of age requirement.

However, most of the campsites that are safe and not in a distant area allow minors for camping. So, you don’t need to be worried in this case. But I prefer learning this fact in detail. And I am here for that right now.

After talking to a lot of campground management and researching the age requirement of campgrounds on the internet, I have learned a lot about it. I also learned about some essential tips for young and solo campers. I am sure that you will learn something important today if you are a minor camper.


Can You Go Camping Under 18?

Many of you often ask about the minimum age for Camping. It’s pretty much a clear issue if you are not thinking about solo camping. You see, people can go camping with families, including kids. And there, there is no minimum age requirement.

Most of the time, solo camping is not suggested for young campers. But young minds always seek for the lone adventure with all themselves. So, most young people want to make a solo journey to see the world. Well, here you may have to face some problems if you are not 18 yet.

There are some campgrounds that don’t allow campers before 18 to rent the site or a place for camping. It happens especially if it’s solo camping. But not all campgrounds have the same rules. There are few distant campgrounds in the UK and USA that mostly have this rule to avoid immature accidents.

All those campgrounds fix the minimum age as 18 and some fix it as 16. But if you are in a group or with your family, there is nothing to check about your age. That’s the reason if you are below 18, it’s better to check out the rules and conditions of a campground you are going to visit.


Camping for Under 18s

I have already told you that some states and campgrounds don’t allow campers below 18 years old. It is a matter of being frustrated but you have to respect the rules anyway. According to most of those campgrounds, minors have to be accompanied by their guardians or family.

This kind of rule disappoints many young campers but it is necessarily important to know that there are some reasons behind these acts. Most of those campsites are highly dangerous to hike or to camp. Besides, campsite management has to be responsible for any type of accident and also have to explain it to the state. So, they try to ensure a zero percent accident rate on their site. For that reason, some of them only allow adults or kids with their parents.

The goodness is all the campsites are not banned for minors. If you have to camp alone, you can do that too. There are some safe campsites that are popular and still available for minor solo campers. You must be excited to learn about the sites, right? Just keep concentrating and the next will reveal some of the popular campsites that you can visit alone still if you are not 18 yet.


Campsites That Allows Campers Under 18

Around the world, there are lots of safe and sound campsites that allow minors for solo camping. I tried to collect the names of the campsites as much as possible. But I ended up collecting the following site names and details. I don’t know exactly where you are living and so, I cannot provide you the name of such campsites around you. Check the following list of campgrounds and you must get one nearby.

  • King’s Lynn Caravan and Camping Park on North Runcton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK.
  • Sea Pines RV Resort & Campground in Swainton, NJ, United States.
  • Borthwick Park Certificated Site on Solva, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, UK.
  • Oaklands CampSite and Fishery on Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK.
  • Lake Myers RV & Camping Resort in Mocksville, NC, United States.
  • Kansas City West / Lawrence KOA on Lawrence, KS, United States.
  • Little Oak Camping on Retford, Nottinghamshire, UK.
  • Camping World of Tallahassee on Midway, FL, United States.
  • American Wilderness Campground in Grafton, OH, United States.
  • West Highland Way Campsite on Blanefield, Glasgow, UK.
  • Petruth Paddocks in Cheddar, Somerset, UK.
  • Grand Junction KOA Holiday in Grand Junction, CO, United States.

I got these campsites available for minors and all these are from the USA and UK. If you are outside of these places, you can just check out the available campsites for minors in your area on the internet. Hopefully, you will get it easily. Let’s learn some essential advice for the minor solo campers.


How Can You Go Camping Under 18?

First and foremost, I will ask you to gather experience for solo camping especially if you are a new and young camper. And then I have some tips for you.

  • Manage Permits If Requires

Well, I forget to tell you about the permits. Some campgrounds allow minors only if they have permits. It can be from their parents or from the school authority. So, check the campsite rules properly if you are being ready to take a tour.

If they require a permit, just check every word of them. Try to make it clear about what kind of permit it is and from whom you have to take it. And then manage the permit properly. Remember that most of the campsite management require a permit if it is more than 1 night of staying. So, you have made a plan and then go ahead.

  • Try Simulation Camping Challenges

If you have no experience of Camping, it’s always better not to go alone for the first time. Still, if you want to go, just try the simulation camping challenge. There are many authorities that arrange this kind of simulation experience to help the new campers.

You can also watch the camping shows like One Man Army, popular Bare Gail’s show, and a lot more to gain experience. You can check out the real camping trip on YouTube too.

  • Select the Right Campsite

Let’s talk about the campsite. You have already learned that all campsites may not allow you for camping alone if you are a minor. So, you cannot break the rule and have to select one that lets you explore alone.

Well, if it’s your first trip, just go to the nearest one. Make sure that it has no life-risk issue and is completely safe. Also, you have to check if it has a proper network for communication.

I suggest you talk to the experts to learn about the best campsites around you for beginners. I would love to remind you a million times not to go there only by your fantasy and imagination. The mighty nature is not always beautiful and it has a dark face. So, be careful while selecting the right campsites.

  • Be Confident

When you are alone on the campsite you have to be confident to face all the challenges. Remember that you have no one to help you and all you have to do by yourself. So, just believe in yourself and be ready for anything.

  • Pack Properly

It’s the most crucial part of camping, especially for beginners. Well, make a list of everything you need on those days. And then pack everything and make the item marked. It will help you not to forget anything.

Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of drinking water, clothes, lighter, medical kit, fuel, and food. Besides, you should take some books there too. You must not go camping to explore the internet or be busy with your smartphone.

  • Not Stay for Long

If you are new and have less experience, it is always better to go camping for 1 night only. Gradually, you can increase the time on your next trips as you will be more experienced as well. However, if you don’t like to go there for a night only just make sure that you are not making it for so long.

  • Don’t Take Risks

Never ever take any steps that are risky if you are alone on a camping trip. For example, don’t go deeper into the forest where you have chances to get lost. Also, you shouldn’t go higher on the mountain where you may have oxygen insufficiency. So, be careful not to take any risky movements.

  • Share Everything with Someone

Whether it is your first camping or not, you should always share everything with some. It is an act for an emergency. No one knows what is coming next. And so, you can be in danger and out of contact anytime. If someone knows your plan, it will be easier for him to rescue you from the spot.

Besides all these facts, you should have an emergency plan and have communication media as well. It will help you to contact people for help.


Why You Shouldn’t Go for Solo Camping Under 18

It is true that young people have more adventurous instincts and they long for solo camping more than people of any age. But I have a point here. Think for a moment about your age, experience, and abilities. Are you sure that you will make it alone?

Well, let me remind you one more time, that camping especially in a natural campsite like a jungle, desert, and the mountain is very dangerous and there are many life-threatening factors waiting for you. A large number of people every year die getting lost or for other disasters. So, you have to make a decision very wisely.

If you are a new and young camper, it is better to keep some accompanies for around a few camping trips. You need to be experienced and should know the true face of mighty nature. The danger in the forest, mountains, and desert are waiting everywhere. You need to know the ways to survive and to stay safe.

Not just if you are a young camper, you should be accompanied if you are a new camper or in a new place. You may not know where and how you will fall in danger and will need some help. So, make sure to go camping a least for the first 4 or 5 times in your life with your family, expert friends, or in a group. It will help you to learn to survive to be experienced.


Final Verdict

I warn you again to make decisions wisely if you are young and new to the world of camping. You should talk to the experts and follow their advice too. If you really want to go solo camping just select one that allows minor and safe to roam around alone.

Many campgrounds nowadays allow minors and even school students. Hopefully, you will get one nearby and have a nice and adventurous Camping experience. If you have any questions, just give me know right in the comment box. Thank you for your time.