How to Make a Canopy Tent Out of a Tarp

How to Make a Canopy Tent Out of a Tarp

When you have a big group to stay in one place, a canopy tent can be a very spacious solution. On the other hand, some people love to keep a canopy shade or even tent in their backyard for entertainment. However, a tarp is one of the most popular types of equipment for canopy tents. …

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How to Insulate an Air Mattress for Winter Camping

How to Insulate an Air Mattress for Winter Camping

Do you hate sleeping directly on the hard grounds just with a floor sheet on while camping? Then, you are definitely one of those people who prefer carrying an air mattress in the backpack for the purpose of sleeping a bit more comfortably inside the tent. But the problem with air mattresses is that they …

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How to Camp with Your Dog in the Rain

Do you love camping in the rain? We know many of you don’t! But it is very tough to avoid sudden rainfall while camping. However, it will be a good decision to stay home if severe thunderstorms are in the weather forecast. Never let the rain make your adventurous trip into a boring one. We …

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21 Tips to Cool a Tent without Electricity

how to cool a tent without electricity

Heading somewhere far away and spending the night out under a tent sounds heavenly. But, if you’re out there during the sweltering weather, the tent stay might not come out as fun as expected. As you know, tents are unlikely to have electricity access, so while camping you won’t be able to put on an …

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How to Shower While Winter Camping

how to shower while winter camping

Brrrr! It’s freezing at the campsite. But you need to stay clean and maintain your hygiene while camping, whether it’s winter or not. Taking a shower can be pretty challenging while camping in winter. So, how to shower while winter camping? You can take a shower inside your tent if you bring a water heater …

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How to Clean a Tent that Smells?

How to Clean a Tent that Smells

Are you struggling with a smelly tent? Sometimes after a rough and continual use, the tents become smelly. It is absolutely normal. But it turns out to be a nightmare when the smell is stubborn and lasts longer than you expected. If you’re looking for an effective solution for your smelly tent, you’re at the …

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Winter Camping Activities: 40+ Things to Do in Winter Camping

winter camping activities

Camping in the winter can be as overwhelming as camping in the summer breeze. If you are concerned that the cold and snow may ruin your experience, then my friend you are on the wrong side of the boat! Having a proper fun proof plan beforehand can literally escalate your experience to another level. To …

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Average Tent Weight: How Much Do Tents Weigh?

how much do a tent weight

While preparing to go camping, there are several factors that you need to take care of. Among them, one of the major factors in maintaining a reasonable weight of your backpack or luggage. This might not be an issue for people who are planning for car camping.  Yet, too heavy luggage or backpacks always puts …

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12 Tips for Winter Camping with Your Dog – A Complete Guide

winter camping with dog

Having your furry buddy along with you reveling in the adventures of winter camping sounds like perfect bliss, right? But, with this bliss comes great responsibilities. In order to, ensure your dog’s comfort and safety during the freezing temperature, it’s essential to recognize small details. Like, you must know exactly how cold is too cold …

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How Much Should You Spend on a Tent?

how much should you spend on a tent

Planning to go on a camping trip? Make sure you have all the essential materials to take with you. Well, the first and foremost thing you’ll need is a tent. If you don’t have a tent and wish to buy one, just be a little smarter and get the tent that is best for you …

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How to Choose the Right Tent for Camping?

how to choose and care for a tent

Camping is never complete without the presence of a comfortable tent. Sometimes choosing the tent that suits your requirements might be a tough choice as the options out there are in abundance. Yet you need not worry about this as we have brainstormed all of the factors that will simply answer your question about how …

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Are Camping Cots Comfortable?

Are Camping Cots Comfortable

As long as people stand with the trend of camping, new camping equipment is invented to make camping easier and comfortable. When it is about sleeping while camping, air mattress, and camping cots are always the first things you have on your mind. But many of the new campers ain’t familiar with camping cots and …

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How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping – A Complete Guide

how to insulate a tent for winter camping

It’s winter again! Missing winter camping? So, go ahead and plan one. Worried about how to combat the cold temperature inside the tent? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. One of the most common concerns of winter camping for beginners is about insulating the tent for a warm and comfortable camping experience. …

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44 Tips for Camping in The Rain and Avoid Getting Soaked

Tips for Camping in The Rain

Do you have to cancel your whole camping plan just because the weather suddenly got a bit moody? We don’t think it’s worth it. If you follow some tips for camping in the rain and gather the necessary gear, you’ll have a wonderful experience camping in the rain. For successful camping, you need to find …

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11 Awesome Tips to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

how to make tent camping more comfortable

The outdoors, enjoying nature, little back to basics- we all like to camp. The tent and the sleeping bags in the car and we are gone! You make it as adventurous as you want. A little glamping, we don’t say no to that. So we gave ourselves the luxury of a tent where we can …

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How Cold is Too Cold For Hammock Camping?

how cold is too cold for hammock camping

Winter is coming. Do not throw your hammock in your storeroom and forget about it until summer comes. Hammocks are perfectly suited for cold weather camping. However, for winter hammock camping, the most common concerns are how to stay warm and how cold is too cold for hammock camping. Instead of, keeping your hammock in …

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Do Air Mattresses Have a Weight Limit?

Do Air Mattresses Have a Weight Limit

When it is about camping you cannot just depend on a tent for your time. Essentially, you will need someplace where you can sleep comfortably. People normally use air mattresses, camping cots, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, etc to have a camp sleep. Among all these options, a camping air mattress is the most convenient …

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28 Awesome Family Camping Tips for Making Life Easier

family camping tips

A few days out in the wilderness with your family members might be the one thing you’re looking forward to right now. Nowadays, with all the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyle, nature seems like the gateway to peace and tranquility. The best way to relax and get closer to nature while having a great …

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15 Awesome Tips to Pack Your Food for Camping

How to Pack Your Food for Camping

Every camper would agree that preparing for camping is tricky, especially when it comes to food packing. Even the avid campers most of the time perplexed as to how to do it right! Understanding the exigency of the issue, we’ve come forward to help you out and equipped this article with the proper guideline of …

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Do Campgrounds Have Showers and Toilets?

Do Campgrounds Have Showers and Toilets

Camping is one of the most popular pastimes. It is a chance to get closer to nature. But that doesn’t mean that we should leave behind every modern facility. If you’re a new camper, you’re probably wondering about the shower and toilet status of camping grounds. Almost all campgrounds have showers and toilets. Smaller campgrounds …

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Can You Drink Alcohol While Camping?

Can you Drink alcohol while Camping

Drinking alcohol on the campsite is a passion for many of the senior campers. They like to enjoy the natural beauty while having a drink. But there is always a question if drinking alcohol is alright on the campsite and if there are any state rules on that. It’s now become a big issue because …

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Do Tent Campsites Have Electricity?

Do Tent Campsites Have Electricity

Camping is all about thrill and adventure; still, you will need the bare necessities to make your camping adventures more memorable. Electricity is on top of the list. While camping on the hillside or by a beautiful lake, you will find stuff that you just cannot do without electricity. But, do tent campsites have electricity? …

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Why are Campsites So Expensive?

Why Are Campsites So Expensive

Nowadays, campsites are very expensive and you have to pay a lot even for a night. Campsites’ expenses also vary from place to place and season to season. Still, people are continually asking about why campsites are so expensive as they are frustrated with the rents. Basically, campsites are getting expensive for different reasons. It …

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Can You Go Camping Under 18?

Can You Go Camping Under 18

No doubt that the best form of adventure is Camping. And we, people, develop adventurous insistence when we are growing to be young. So, young people grow a bigger interest in camping when they are around 18. Now, the question is can you go camping under 18? Well, today I am here to clarify this …

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