Can Camping Propane Tanks Be Refilled

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Planned camping trips become the most successful ones. And that is why; a camping geek is always prepared with his camping kit.

But what if your camping propane tank is empty? Can camping propane tanks be refilled? For your information, yes, you can. This might be your last-minute preparation.

If your camping tank is empty generally, you might consider buying a new camping propane tank. This is time-consuming and troublesome.

Can camping propane tanks be refilled? Yes, and it is very easy. You have to know the proper process to do so. It is beneficial for both your money and time.


Can camping propane tanks be refilled?

You must be glad to know that your camping propane tanks can be refilled. Refilling your camping propane tank will be costefficient as well as energyefficient for you.

To refill your camping propane tanks, you will need just a small tool. It is a Propane Tank Refill Adaptor.


Tools needed to refill the camping propane tank

Can camping propane tanks be refilled? Yes, and the start of the show is the adaptor. This one lets the gas flow from one container to the other. Just get the proper environment and this tool, and you will be all set for the refill.

But there you will need other tools too, to refill the tanks properly.

Here goes your list:

  1. Propane refill adaptor
  2. Propane cylinder
  3. Propane tank
  4. Safety glasses
  5. Kitchen scale
  6. Work gloves


How can camping propane tanks be refilled?

If you go camping regularly, you must be familiar with the process of refilling the tank. Don’t worry if you are a noob in this matter because the process is very easy. And it does not take much effort to refill the tank too.

You can follow six simple steps to refill your propane tank. And that takes the minimum effort and time.

Step 1

Gear up with all your equipment for the process. Attempt your safety first gear with glasses and gloves. Get all the tools near the hand that you will need.

Step 2

Transport your propane tank into a temperature-controlled room. Take it out and give some time to come to room temperature.

Allow your propane gas canister to sit in the freezer to chill for 15 minutes.

Step 3

Take the gas canister out of the freezer. Please put it on the kitchen scale to weigh the empty tank weight. Jot it down. You will need the number later.

Now it is time to use the master tool. Screw your Propane Tank Refill Adaptor with the propane tank.

Step 4

Remove the gas canister from the freezer. Now take the other side of the Propane Tank Refill Adaptor and adjust it with the gas canister.

Step 5

Invert your propane tank upside down. Open the valve on the propane tank and let the small canister fill.

When you stop hearing the gas rushing noise into the canister, know that the tank is full.

Put the tank on the kitchen scale again to see the difference between the previous weight and current weight. This will tell you how much gas is in it.

Step 6

Now it’s the time to seal your tank. Close the valve on the propane tank. Set the tank uptight.

Unscrew the propane canister. And your job here is done.


Dos and donts for the refill

The answer would be yes to the question, “can camping propane tanks be refilled?” when the procedure is followed completely.

Well, there are some important dos and don’ts for this purpose. You know the trick follows them, and the job is done easily.

By this time, you must know how the propane gas tank works. In the tank, you get condensed propane gas. So the temperature is very important in this case.

Do not forget to chill your propane canister before starting the process. You can’t get a properly filled gas tank if the tank is not in proper temperature.

Be careful when you are weighing the tanks. You need to know the exact amount of gas you are going to need in the tank.

To know the perfect amount, keep your count neat and tidy. This will help you to know the state of your gas tank when you out there camping. Nobody loves an empty tank in the middle of a bar-b-q.

Never try to refill a disposable propane tank. The metal walls of disposable propane tanks are thin. If you try to refill it, then the wall will create metal contraction and expansion. This can cause fatigue and even rapture.


Choosing between refillable or disposable propane tanks

Can camping propane tanks be refilled? Yes, it can, but the real question is, “do you want a refillable tank?”

There are various sizes of portable propane tanks. All of them are suited for camping. But according to your job, you can choose the one you need.

For 1lb cylinders, there are two types of propane tanks available.

The first is Pre-Filled Disposable 1 lb Propane Tanks, and the second is a Refillable 1 lb Propane Tank Empty Canister.

When you use a disposable propane cylinder, the can comes with all the gas it can contain. You throw it away after usage.

But if you get a refillable propane tank, you can fill it again after use. These sorts of tanks are more expensive than the refillable ones.

Refillable tanks are best if you go camping now and then. This is more viable and strong.

But if you go camping as a rare occasion, then the disposable tanks would be better for you. It is cost-efficient and lightweight.


Why should you refill the tank rather than exchange it?

Now that you know can camping propane tanks be refilled, let’s move on to what is best for you. You can exchange the tank, or you can refill it. We suggest refilling it. Why? Here you go.

It is cost-effective. You spend less money when you refill a tank than when you exchange it.

If you want to be extra cautious about any leakage then, refilling the tank yourself would be the best option for you. That is how you can inspect the whole procedure yourself.

Some people have noticed that they get more propane in the tank when they get their tanks refilled. It might be policy to render 15 pounds of a tank in exchange for 20 pounds at many exchange vendors.

If you fill your tank, you can fill the 20-pound limit. It allows a 20% vapor area for safety. So if you get a propane tank with your grilling machine, you better refill it than exchange.


Tips for refilling propane tanks

So far, you know that refilling your propane tank is a safer option. You get better in quantity. And it is efficient too.

Well, for better consumption, you can always rely on some tips.

Always note the tank expiry date. There are refill stations that don’t allow over-aged tanks to refill. Generally, the denoted time is five years.

If you think your tank is expired but is still in good condition, you can extend its lifespan. For this, you can search for a recertification site in your area.

The good news is you can exchange empty refill tanks in home improvement stores. It may cost you some fee, but his option is smart, as well as easy.


Are propane tanks pricy?

The expense of propane tanks varies from place to place. Installing a propane tank can cost approximately $800 on average. But a refill will cost between 3$-5$ per gallon.

The size of the tank determines the price of the propane tank. Twenty pounds tank costs around 40$. One hundred gallons tank costs 500$. And 1000 gallons of the tank can cost up to 2500$.

For your better understanding, we include here a list of propane gas service provider companies and their price for the tanks.

  • AmeriGas: $50
  • BernzOmatic: $30-$35
  • Blue Rhino: $50
  • Flame King: $30-$45
  • Worthington: $50-$60

Therefore, the price of your propane tank depends on what extent you use them. For smaller use like camping, you can easily grab the 20 pounds tank. You can refill it with much lower costs too.



Propane gas canisters are handy for camping. You can purchase it to lose, or you can get it free with your grill machine. Either way, it is going to be your best friend on your camping trips.

Some of these tanks are thrown away after their use. But some of the tanks are built so that it can provide refilling the tank for further use.

Can camping propane tanks be refilled? Yes, they can, and they are worth your shot. This is because they are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. You can even check for the quality of the refill for yourself.

Choose the best for your needs and have a trouble-free camping experience each time you go out.