Can You Drink Alcohol While Camping?

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Drinking alcohol on the campsite is a passion for many of the senior campers. They like to enjoy the natural beauty while having a drink. But there is always a question if drinking alcohol is alright on the campsite and if there are any state rules on that. It’s now become a big issue because there are many states and campsites that restrict alcohol while camping.

Can you drink alcohol while camping? If you don’t think about the rules and just focus on the risk factors then it’s better not to have a drink of alcohol while camping. Though some of the campsites allow alcohol, still you should not drink it for safety issues when you are in a distant area or on a campsite.

Maybe I am making you disappointed but I am very sorry to remind you again that drinking alcohol is not a good habit. It causes tons of health disorders. However, when it is about camping, you should never even think about drinking alcohol. I have many things to say about it alongside the state rules about it. So, keep reading till the end.


Why Shouldn’t You Drink Alcohol While Camping?

When you are camping, you must be on the campsite full of natural beauties and reasons. It can in a forest, desert, mountain, or on an island. So, the situation may not be under your control always. That’s why you have to be alert and very much active.

If you are drinking alcohol and getting drunk, you may not possibly make it out with your best. There are a lot of risky factors as well. The following issues are a must for you to learn if you like to drink alcohol while camping.

  • Getting Drunk

It is often very common for youngsters to get drunk while camping. But When you get drunk outside of your camp there’s a possibility that you will discover yourself surrounded by venomous insects, snakes, or ferocious animals.

Eventually, too much alcohol affects the central nervous system. Sometimes, you may end up with alcohol poisoning like vomiting, pale, low body temperature, slowed breathing, seizures, etc. So, either drink slowly or skip it to enjoy a healthy camp environment.

  • Possibilities of Passing Out

Of course, it is fun to drink Alcohol with buddies while camping in a forest area or in Mountain. But how about if you drink too much and pass out? You might not want to ruin your trips and lead yourself in the ultimate danger.

Furthermore, if the campsite is cold enough then you might end up with hypothermia or frostbite. Besides, you can’t defend yourself while passing out if certain people try to attack you. So, if you still have any plan to get drunk just hold the responsibilities and mark yourself safe.

  • Dehydration

Too much Alcohol is surely gonna make you dehydrated. Although It is okay if you drink at your home where you can run for water. But how about if you face dehydration due to Alcohol especially when you have a plan for hiking, fishing, or kayaking?

While camping, Dehydration is the worst possible case that can happen under the hot summer sun. You may end up with fever, headache, lethargy, amber-colored urine, sunken eyes, low blood pressure, and can even faint. Definitely, it will become an obstacle for your campaign.

  • Getting Lost

There are many cases that drunk people are getting lost while camping. Especially if you are in a forest or desert, you should never drink. You can get drunk easily and then just lose your way. Getting lost in the deep forest or desert can cause a great mess as well.

You may not always get help from the rescue team in the deep forest especially if you don’t have any communicating media. They can fail to detect your presence. You can also pass out on the spit and then forget the way to get to your place. So, you should avoid drinking if you don’t want to get lost in your way.

  • Falling

Camping in a dangerous site and drinking alcohol is the worst combination that you may end up losing your life. If you are camping in the mountains or in a coastal retreat or in a hillside campground then there’s the possibility that you can fall from height and get injured.

Water accidents are very much common that can happen due to drinking too much alcohol in a camp area. You lose your balance and become overconfident and try for a deep dive or swim late at night. And drowning in the water for too long can cause permanent brain damages.

Usually, Alcohol weakens your senses and makes you confused about the distance. Sometimes, your body temperature becomes less than normal so it can cause Hypothermia too. Thus it is suggested to not take alcohol while camping on a mountain or a water place.

  • Hyperthermia

As I have already mentioned that drinking too much alcohol actually lessens our body temperature. Although people think that they are getting warm after taking a few shots but in reality, it thins the blood. And it puts them in the ultimate danger of hyperthermia.

It is okay if you take a drink in the campaign especially on a winter evening. But avoid taking too much because you might not want to suffer in a critical situation.

  • Making Mess with Weapons

It will be a big mess if you have weapons with you and then you get drunk. People, being drunk can make anything unusual and even can kill others. And many people need to carry weapons for safety issues on their way for camping.

So, never ever think about drinking alcohol when you are on the campsite far away from your home. And especially when you have weapons or you are in a dangerous place like on the mountain, deep in the forest, and similar. Hopefully, you understand the risk issues and will be sincere from now on.


When You Can Drink Alcohol While Camping

You must be waiting to hear some points on the side of drinking alcohol. Though drinking alcohol can be the cause of huge damage, sometimes, it is suggested to have a few shots when you are on your trip. You can have a few sips in a moderate level of alcohol that has less chance to make you drunk. If you are a hard drinker only then it’s okay for you.

There are some people who just fall asleep after having two or three shots of alcohol. For them, drinking alcohol on the campsite is highly restricted. The thing I want to say is to take it on your way and make sure to be on your sense anyway. In that case, a soft drink with a very lower level of alcohol is preferable.

Besides, you can keep some bottles of beer in the frigid weather to keep yourself warm in the worst situation. That will have less effect on you and won’t make you drunk.


Rules About Drinking Alcohol While Camping

I know that there are some of you who won’t listen to words when it is about drinking. But you have to listen to what the state says in the rules and conditions. There are many states that ban alcohol on campsites to reduce the risk of accidents.

If you are an alcohol lover, good news for you is ready from USA and UK laws. About drinking alcohol, there are not a lot of laws in the USA and UK. You can drink alcohol moderately and have beers according to the laws. But there are some rules from typical campsites in the USA and UK. The rules and conditions include the following ones.

  • Underage drinking is punishable and strictly banned.
  • Drunk and abusing or unruly acts are not allowed.
  • Mountain drinking is somewhere forbidden.
  • Branded cups are banned in some of the campsites.
  • Walking around the campsite with alcoholic beverages is not allowed.
  • In certain areas, drinking alcohol is completely banned.
  • Intoxicated campers can be fined in some campsites.
  • Drinking while driving is strictly forbidden.
  • On-site bars and Restaurant drinking are Allowed.

So, you should better avoid drinking while camping. It’s not always about the rules but also for your safety. And about the safety issues, you should never compromise with anything.


Alternative Plans for Alcohol

If you are determined not to drink while camping I can help you with some alternative plans. There are lots of alcohol-free drinks and beer that you can carry for sure. When you are camping, you will definitely be busy exploring the natural beauty. Those non-alcoholic drinks will then move your mind from your obsession to alcohol.

Besides, you can make your own drink by carrying the ingredients. It will be helpful as a glass bottle is risky to carry. You can make some berry drinks with soda and carry some plastic bottle soda for that. Also, you can take some instant soup to make you warm.

Coffee works well if you are so tired and want to have a drink. Coffee is full of caffeine and will make you active very soon. Besides, you can have some fresh tea as well. Besides, to distract your mind from alcohol addiction, you can read your favorite book on the campsite as well.


Final Words

Hopefully, you have understood why you shouldn’t drink alcohol while camping. Once again, I like to remind you that drinking is not more important than your safety issue. Also, you have to experience the true beauty of nature to feel the challenges on your own while camping. Drinking alcohol can destroy your experience too.

Well, that’s everything I had today for you. The alternative ideas, I hope, will help you on your next trip. Thank you for your time.