Can You Rent Camping Gear

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Are you a casual camper who doesn’t want to fill up their space with camping gears? Or perhaps you’re a new camper who doesn’t know which gears are better.

If you’re in a situation where you camp once or twice a year, you’re probably wondering can you rent camping gear or not. Most outfitters, through physical stores and online sites, will let you rent premium quality camping gear.

Renting camping products is more efficient than outright buying new equipment, especially if you’re a first-timer or don’t camp that much.

We’ve collected everything you need to know about renting camp gear. Let’s read ahead to find out!


Can You Rent Camping Gear? 

You can rent camping gear from outdoor shops, online sites of outfitters, state parks, and even universities. Renting gears are more beneficial than buying them.  

It is possible to rent camping gear such as tents, cooking stoves, trekking poles, camping shoes, and seasonal camping equipment.


Should You Rent Camping Gear? 

If you’re a casual camper who camps once or twice a year, you should try out renting camp gears. It solves the problem of extra spending and doesn’t take up your closet area.

For first-time campers, renting camping gears is a wiser choice than buying them. Maybe you feel that you had done a lot of research into the matter, and you’re confident about your options.

It is better to be safe and rent your gears rather than buying expensive products. If you like the equipment you rented, you’ll have a reference for what type you should buy.

Families who camp rarely tend to buy camping materials for every member. It is unnecessary spending as renting them is cheaper, especially if the children end up not liking camping.

People who live with limited storage space should consider renting gears. You don’t want your already crammed storage area to be filled with products you rarely use.


What Camping Gears Should You Rent?  

Now that you have the answer to “can you rent camping gear,”; you’re probably wondering which gears should you rent.

People usually rent more expensive and seasonal items. Larger camping gears are also a top pick.

Renting personal items such as appliances or sleeping bags depends on personal choice, as many people don’t like sharing such things. Some of the camping gears you should rent:


1. Tents 

Tents are a clear choice for renting. Some tents can be quite large and heavy, especially the family-sized ones. First-rate tents are costly as well.

This product also requires maintenance, as not all tents are durable. It is better to rent your tent while camping, especially if you travel with a big group.


2. Gear for Backpacking 

Backpacking is popular, but there are many items to choose from. If you rent and use some gears before buying them, it would give you a good idea of what you should buy.

You can rent different items such as bags, camping shoes, trekking poles, lightweight tents, etc.


3. Camping Stoves 

Camping stoves are valuable camping gears as you can manage the heat inside your tent by burning wood and cooking food on it. If you’re going winter camping, there is no alternative to it.

Some tents come with stove jacks but no cooking stoves. These stoves are generally costly, some even priced at 3-digits.

 You can rent camping stoves, and it is cheaper than buying one.


4. Coolers 

Coolers are useful for keeping your drinks and ice cold. They happen to be large and heavy. Coolers are handy equipment to have if you’re going car camping.

If you’re going on a camping trip without vehicles, renting a cooler may not be the best idea. They are also expensive to buy, so it’s better to rent.


Where Should You Rent Camping Gears From 

Renting camping equipment may seem like a difficult task, but it’s not. There are several places you can rent from, each offering different packages and rates.

Where can you rent camping gear from? Renting from outfitters through local outlets and online sites are two of the best options. You can also rent from state parks and local universities. Below are some places you can rent camping gears from.


1. Local Stores 

This is the easiest and safest way to rent camping gear. Local outdoor shops have a great collection of products you can choose from.

The sellers are experienced and can help you find exactly which gears you need. They can also help you to understand the mechanisms of using each equipment.

Moreover, you can physically check and inspect every item before you rent it. This guarantees that the quality won’t let you down since you have the chance to see them before choosing.


2. Online 

Since going to a physical store may not be possible for some, the question arises, “Can you rent camping gear from online?” The answer is that you definitely can rent camping products from online.

There are outdoor shops or outfitters where you can rent gear from online, and they’ll deliver it to you. Different shops offer different packages, and you can also rent pieces of equipment individually.

Xscape Pod and Gear To Go Outfitters are shops where you can get the essential items such as tents, sleeping bags, camping shows separately.

OutdoorsGeek is a Denver-based outfitter and offers top-notch gear packages for rental. You also have the option to purchase what you use if you rent new products. They also offer full packages of gears based on your trip time.

REI is another company that has outlets all over the country. They have a vast seasonal collection.

Mountain Side Gear Rental has packages that include more items than most stores offer, like a cooking stove, first aid kit, etc.


3. State Parks 

State parks are a great way to rent camping gears for a better rate. Sometimes they partner with popular outfitters, and you can get high-quality equipment. They also have more flexible policies regarding renting.


4. University 

Many universities have camping gear, and if you’re a student, you get a discount. The university’s collection may not be extensive. The equipment might not be the latest ones, but the rental price is comparatively lower.


Things You Should Check Before Renting Camping Gear 

While renting camping gears is cheaper and won’t eat up your storage space, you must remember some things before paying to rent them.

Since the gears are rentable, many have used them before you. Rental companies will give you their best and clean pieces of equipment but always check the condition before renting them.

Furthermore, read the terms and conditions carefully and see if they will refund you should they provide a faulty item. It is better to be sure beforehand than have a ruined camping trip.


Benefits of Renting Camping Gear 

Renting is the right choice because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on products going to sit in your storage for the rest of the time.

It also allows you to try out different products without spending a lot of money. Some of the perks of renting camping gears are as follows:


1. MoneySaving: Renting any camping gear is much cheaper than buying them. There are camping products that cost over $2000, and there’s no reason to believe them unless you’re a hardcore camper.

 Even the cheapest best quality tents cost 3-digits, but you can rent them for under $40 for a day. Moreover, there are camping rental packages that allow you to rent many gears under $100 a day.


2. Trying Out Gears: Can you rent camping gear and buy them if you like them? You absolutely can, and it gives you a chance to see how well they suit you before buying. Plus, renting the top-notch gears are cheaper than purchasing them.


3. No Storing Hassle: While some gears are small and can be stored easily, most camping products are bulky and large. Even tent bags, cooking stoves, and camping chair bags need a lot of space.

 If you rent these types of equipment, there is no need for a storage area, especially if you live in a small space and don’t have the necessary place to keep them.


4. Perfect for Firsttimers: If you’re new to camping, you can’t tell which gears will suit you or fail you. While every camping item sounds excellent on paper, there’s no way to know for sure unless you use them. 

Moreover, if you like what you use, you can buy the same product from the store. This opens up your options without extra spending.

Renting camping stuff is the right choice for newcomers as there’s also a possibility of not liking camping. Buying tons of equipment and not ending up enjoying the activity is a massive waste of money.



Now you know, can you rent camping gear or not. Hopefully, this answers all your questions about renting camp gears.

Renting gears is far more beneficial than buying them. You will save money and storage space, especially if you camp occasionally. This way, you can also see which camping items you prefer more.

You can rent from almost all outfitters, whether it’s the physical or online stores. But, before you rent any products, make sure to check the conditions and terms for renting. Have a safe and fantastic camping trip!