How to Clean and Wash a Tent Carpet?

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Every time I bring a tent carpet to the camp, the most irritating task is to clean it. That happened as I have no idea about how to wash a tent carpet. Like most of the camping and hiking freaks, I also love to set my tent up in the midst of the deep and green forest. 

Unfortunately, what I find after camping is not exactly what I expect. The carpet I normally found seems to be a thousand-year-old dirty thing that did never have a good wash. It’s unbelievable.

Whatever, how a silly tent carpet can stop me from roaming the wild world? No, things would never happen like that. Besides, recently I have learned some really good ways to clean it up and bring a completely new look to it. 

So, I feel good to share the easy ways, I found effective, hoping you’ll love getting relief from that burden of washing the big and dirty tent carpet. But first, let me clarify why you should keep your tent carpet clean.

Is It Necessary to Clean the Carpet After Every Time I Use It?

Cleanliness is the best attribute of any person. But most of the time, we don’t have time to clean every single thing regularly. In the case of our tent carpet, it’s not acceptable at all. 

A tent carpet is not a thing for one-time use and then it’s not of a few dollars only. So, the best way to use it at the most is to keep it clean. 

Moreover, if you leave it uncleaned for a while and bring it on your new camping, fungus and dirt will definitely make it messed up. And if you are allergic to dirt like me, your efforts for the camping will be ruined just for it. 

So, there’s no other way you can choose beside either keep it clean or go for a new one. And for me, cleaning sounds good as it needs no money and I know how to do it properly.

Easy Ways to Wash Your Tent Carpet

To be true, washing your tent carpet is not a complicated task unless the dirt gets stampeded on it. Unfortunately, that happens almost all the time for me. But some innovative ideas reduce my effort to hand that stubborn dirt. So, it’s time to learn those ideas on how to clean a tent carpet properly.

Step 1: Give a good winnow by shaking it widely. You can use a broom or brush too. But you have to make sure that there to leaf, sprig, pine needles, cones, or other dry dirt. 

Step 2: Spread it over on your lawn. Make sure you are not placing it in a muddy place. Otherwise, it would be even dirtier than before. 

Step 3: Use your garden hose and let the water flow over it. The water will take away all the easy dirt. It’s now nearly to be cleaned if there is no stubborn dirt get fixed with your rub.

Step 4: For the stampeded dirt, you need to give it a dousing down and then scrub it gently. A rough scrub can end up tearing it up. However, you can use a carpet brush or other soft brush for a good scrubbing. 

Step 5: If you have a pressure washer, you may not need to scrub it. Just go over it with the pressure washer making sure every single cone has got a wash.

Step 6: If you don’t have a long and wide lawn, then take a big bucket or bowl full of warm water and put the carpet on it. Let the dirt get soft and washed away by keeping the carpet in the water for about half an hour. Rub it for a while and you’ll find a clean carpet.

Step 7: It’s time to dry it out. You can hang it up for air dry only. You should take it out just when all the water is absorbed and it is completely dry.

Step 8: Give a winnow again to get rid of any dirt left and sun-dried. Fold it up properly and store it in your storage. 

Do you see it? I have ended up elucidating 3 different ways to wash your tent carpet. Whichever you follow, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a satisfying outcome. But I have a few suggestions, I think, it’s good to let you know.

Points to Remember While Washing a Tent Carpet

Some washing techniques and ingredients are highly prohibited go use while washing a tent carpet. Besides, there are some common questions I saw people asking about it. Let’s learn them in detail.

  • A tent carpet is not bleachable. So, never apply any kind of bleaching on it.
  • Not just the bleaching, you shouldn’t use any fabric washers, liquid, or solid soap for your tent carpet too. 
  • Air dry is only acceptable for the tent carpet. Direct sunlight can fade the color of the carpet out and damage its intensity. 
  • You should use a blinker to store it. Also, make sure the place you are storing it, is dry and air-passable. 
  • If your tent carpet is made of PVC or another waterproof backing, you cannot wash it using your washing machine at all. 
  • You cannot wash your triple-layer carpet in the washing machine too. The washing cycles will damage it badly.
  • Only the single-layer tent with no backing is allowed to wash in a washing machine.
  • Short time steam cleaning is okay for the carpet. But it’s better not to use it prolonged for an operation.

These are the possible facts, most people seem to ask or be confused about. So, I cleared these facts hoping you’ll have no other query on it.

Is it clear now about how to wash a tent carpet properly? Hopefully, it is. Still if, anything else comes in your mind, leave a comment instantly. Soon, I’ll come with the answer for you. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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