Coleman 6 person Instant Tent Review (2022)

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Having a tent carries many responsibilities. You will not only be the person in charge of taking place where they will sleep. You also have the difficult task of choosing how many people will go hiking with you. Of course, this is linked to the number of people the store supports. Imagine you are traveling with four or more friends. It is not easy to find a place where everyone enters.

Fortunately, there are currently tents that are specifically for 6 people. Is it difficult to get products like this? A bit. The trick lies in knowing which the perfect stores are. Well, currently, many sell you one thing and then end up being another. Therefore, it is preferable to know the specific models and buy them directly. Coleman 6 person Instant Tent is one of them.

In this article, we will discuss all the tiniest details of this tent. We will also announce the benefits and doubts about this fantastic tent.

So pay attention to the following lines!

Coleman – Equipment for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Let’s talk a little about Coleman first.

The American company Coleman develops products for people who like to spend time outdoors. For more than 100 years, they have created camping products with systems that adjust to different conditions. Their tents of high quality and resistant materials withstand the most demanding climatic conditions. Coleman also offers you numerous items for camping cooking, turning a nature holiday into a relaxing experience.

It won’t be much to say that Coleman 6 person Instant Tent is one of their best productions.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent: At A Glance

If you’ve been through other instant tents comparators, you’ve already noticed this one. This American brand is a reference in the field of camping, and most campers often buy their products.

First of all, it exists in three sizes: 4 people and 6 people and 10 people. We chose the 6 people’s tent because we know you like to have space to store your equipment. In this regard, you won’t be disappointed. At 305x 275x 182 cm, size is essential, as is the ceiling height. This last point is always appreciable because spending time constantly touching the ceiling when you move tends to exasperate.

Editing is very fast, but not instantaneous like other models. It takes about a minute or more. Unlike some instant tents, the structure needs a little help to support itself. But that’s mostly due to the beautiful high ceilings. The teardown, which we imagined for the longest, is finally so fast. A positive point!

In-store design is an ergonomics lesson. Large entrance, large PVC window with curtains, accessible storage. You can sleep there for several weeks without the impression of oppression that adheres to many competing stores.

The canvas is made of 150D polyester, a material often chosen by rugged store manufacturers.

The store weighs about 11 kg. It is a decent weight. This is not the lightest but comes with a carrying bag.  And if you transport it by car, the weight of the store does not matter!


  • Model: Dark Room Tent
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Total capacity: 6 people
  • Structure: Cabin Tent
  • Material: 150D Polyester/taped seams, Fiberglass Rods
  • Dimensions: Measure 305x 275x 182 cm
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 11 Kg.
  • Set-Up Style: Instant
  • Installation: 60 seconds
  • Sealed seams
  • Wind and rain tested for added storm protection 35 + mph
  • Includes Carp bag, mesh pockets.
  • The side windows can be opened and closed depending on the weather.

What Are The Advantages Of The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent?

The time savings you get with instant family stores is enormous. In terms of agility and mounting, no other model can overcome them. But what other characteristics should you know?

  • Small but bulky. Don’t be fooled by its size or its instantaneous mounting. It is designed to withstand all kinds of meteorological mishaps. Manufactured with double walls, mosquito nets, it is waterproof and resistant, no matter what you put on them.
  • Ventilation is adequate and according to its dimensions. It includes small windows, but concerning the volume of the store, it is enough. The main door can be left open without problems; given its dimensions, it is ventilated in a few minutes.
  • Spacious. When it comes to height, it has enough space so that a person can enter standing up.
  • Without private compartments. Perhaps it can be inconvenient for certain users. On the other hand, it is made precisely for small groups, at most 6 people. In short, it is an excellent travel companion to go camping either to enjoy intimacy as a couple, with a group of best friends or for parents with a maximum of 3 children. In addition, given its extreme ease of assembly, its price is very low. You can always buy several if you plan to go camping with a larger group of people.
  • A fantastic option for road trips. Organizing a trip with several stops? If you need to spend the night in the store and the next day you plan to undo the beach bar to continue the route, this is made for you.

In summary:

  • It is a model with space to accommodate 6 people.
  • It is made of polyester, so it has the right level of ventilation.
  • It has a design that generates an absolute comfort where you can rest your head.
  • Quick and easy assembly and is not very heavy.
  • very spacious bedroom space
  • Proper distribution of space.
  • Luminous
  • Robust materials
  • With ventilation window


What Are The Disadvantages Of The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent?

Coleman, the self-proclaimed leader in outdoor product innovation and marketing, now surprises us with the easiest assembly tent yet. Instant Tent 6 is ready in a minute or less, due to its rigid walls and articulated rods.

Once out of the nylon bag in which the tent parts come, you correctly position the poles, and the tent practically assembles itself.

Now, the counterpart of this facility is that it has a design that leaves a lot to be desired. Because, the tent will work correctly if you use it on a summer night with little wind. But if the rain lurks, you had better be careful.

Both the roof and the base of the tent are waterproof but breathable, but the walls are made of “a material twice as thick” as the other Coleman tents. This makes it a not very breathable and not very comfortable place to sleep. And if you need some air, the tent doesn’t have rain protection when the windows are open so that the rain will come in one way or another.

Another flaw that the tent has is that it traps moisture like a sponge when it is fully closed. During the morning after the storm, the tent had perspiration drops on the roof.

One last detail that bothered us about the tent was how “noisy” it was since the floor material is not very flexible. The window and door closings are made of metal, so when you move inside the tent, you can hear the clink of these parts.

The Instant Tent 6 will undoubtedly be appreciated by people who camp in hot spots or travel by car. But for those dedicated to extreme temperatures or trips that require more resistance, it is a tent that they should discard.


How to Set Up A Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent?

In the quest to make their tents more practical and easier to use, to bring the people camp in a way, Coleman developed the Instant line, which has one of the most manageable sets on the market.

You can upload an Instant in 60 seconds.

It can erect an instant tent in sixty seconds, which is possible, especially if it “dominates” the model. But the setup is so simple that even if the scheduled minute passes, you certainly won’t need another one.

The bottom canvas packages instant models in a small suitcase. To assemble them, you must, like the whole store, stretch this canvas on the floor. The important thing is that, along with this canvas, you are also stretching the entire structure of the store, including the rods.

The second and last step is to fix these rods located in the four corners of the structure.  Pull the extension of the pipes completely until the tent is stopped. Simple like that.

The large balcony of the Instant tent comes with the structure already assembled.


Final verdict

It is impossible to say that there is only one perfect model of a camping tent. There are models that can adapt to different needs and budgets. But what you wanted to see fundamentally in this article is about Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent.

In case you came straight here to find the final result, we already anticipate that in our opinion, the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is the best quality-price tent.

This store’s the quality/price ratio makes it an exciting option for those traveling as a family or in a group. The Coleman tent is part of the “cabin” family of tents, with some unique features that make it especially exciting and that you can see above.

The tents have a wide variety of options to offer in the market. However, you should focus on choosing the model that gives you a greater comfort of rest and transport. And Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is just about everything you need.