Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Review 2022

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The tents from Core are a benchmark in the camping scene. Without a doubt, you should take them into account when buying a camping tent. The Core is synonymous with quality, and the best thing is that at an affordable price, especially if it is through great offers that we recommend in our post.

Since Core designs camping tents of different capacities, you can choose the one that suits you best. Just like the one we are going to mention in today’s Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Review.

Below we detail what we consider to be its strengths, pros and cons, or the weakest points.


About Core

The Core tent brand is the brand specialized in high-volume tents, from 4 to 12 people. They are the families’ preferred stores, with an excellent relation quality-price, resistant and very easy to mount; that if, with the help of the family.

In our today’s article, we want to tell you about this famous brand so that you can buy the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent at the best price.

The name Core originates from the beliefs of the company has with its roots. This company has been able to produce the best products. They have 40 years of experience in the camping market, which has allowed them to become a benchmark in the sector.

The connection with nature allows them to obtain new ideas to create products that improve outdoor experiences. They are leaders in treating the environment with great respect.


Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Review: At A Glance

This tent has been designated as an official high-level tent by the CoreEquipment.

With all the high-quality finishes on this large 9-person tent from Core, it’s no wonder that it is considered one of the best family camping tents. This tent is built to provide all the comfort you could ask for in our modern world, with an indulgent design of 16 feet by 9 feet and a central height of 6 feet. This allows you to stand up straight, even when you are moving around in your tent.

Its spacious design allows three Queen Size air mattresses to be installed side by side, making it an excellent group travel option. To avoid this, they have made their hiking tents easier than ever to set up and takedown. This is done thanks to their color-coded mast systems and their easy-to-carry bags.

The Core tent has many additional features that make camping even more fun, including an elongated door canopy. This allows you to have dry outdoor storage space to store your shoes and other equipment. The inside of your tent stays clean and free. The hinged door of this tent allows you to enter and exit quickly without having to crawl through.

One of the most popular additional features of this tent is the CORE H20 Block Technology, which keeps you dry even in the heavy rain.

One of the sweet things about this cabin tents is that the sides are near vertical, creating a spacious interior. This makes for much more headroom at the sides inside, making it feel much larger than other types of tents. They also have a larger sleeping area making them great for families.



  • Model: Extended
  • Brand: Core
  • Total capacity: 9 people
  • Structure: Cabin Tent
  • Material: 68D Polyester/ Durable 115gsm P.E
  • Dimensions: 16ft x 9ft x 6ft
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 9.4 kg
  • Set-Up Style: Conventional
  • Installation: 2 minutes
  • Sealed seams
  • H20 Block Technology
  • Includes Carp bag, mesh pockets.


Advantages of Core 9 Person Extended Dome

-Freestanding: The Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent can support its own weight on any terrain. It does not even have to be staked down in most cases. But in case of strong winds, it is always best to secure it to the floor with the included steel stakes and guylines.

-Plenty of space: With a center height of 72 inches (6 feet) and a floor area of 144 square feet, the Big Horn gives you a lot of space. Most people can stand inside the tent without ducking their heads.

-Cabin design: This means that the walls are at steeper angles than in dome-type tents. With that, the interior of the tent has more space. In turn, more people can more easily fit. The inside is roomier. You can even fit 3 queen-sized beds inside, and there is still lots of extra space.

-A good number of organizers inside: The interior includes a gear loft, lantern hook, and even a spacious wall organizer. The gear loft is great for items you don’t want lying on the floor. The wall organizer is good for anything like clothes, books, phones, wallets, keys, toiletries, and many others. The lantern hook is also a nice bonus to hold a light source inside the tent.

Has an electrical plug: This tent is also techie-friendly. If your campsite has a power outlet, you can charge your phone, GPS, power banks, and other devices right inside the tent.

Ventilated ceiling: The tent’s ceiling is made of mesh, which allows for good airflow into the tent. This is especially useful during the summer and warm climates. You can rest well inside the tent without it feeling stuffy.

Wide windows and door: You can enjoy the view of the surroundings as you rest, making your nature experience a lot more intimate. This tent has a door that’s big enough to accommodate most people.

Flapped zippers: The flaps on the door’s zippers and windows help prevent water from leaking in. it’s a nice layer of added protection for occasional light rains.

-Durable, water-resistant floor: The floor material is Durable 115gsm PE, a substantially thick and high-strength fabric. Meaning the base is not prone to rips and punctures. Also, the material has a 600 mm waterproofing rating, which is pretty good for most circumstances.


Disadvantages of Core 9 Person Extended Dome

-Vulnerable to the wind: Because of its size and shape, the Core tent may not do best in strong winds. It has to be firmly secured with the provided guy lines and stakes. Even though the tent is listed as freestanding, one would need to stake and tie it down correctly.

No Vestibules: If you want to keep your dirty shoes, clothes, and backpacks protected from the rain etc., you will have to keep them inside the tent.

-Uses Fiberglass poles: Even though the poles are comprised of fiberglass & steel uprights for extra strength. Using even some fiberglass with a large tent-like, the Core 9 Person Extended Dome could lead to problems.

-Poor Heat Retention: The general construction of the Core 9 Person Extended Dome’s interior is designed to let air in easily and out. Therefore, it cannot keep heat inside, making it unsuitable for use in cold weather.


Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent: Value for Money Customer Satisfaction

When thinking about value for money, this tent is undoubtedly more competitive than the normal price of all the 9-person tents we have studied. We also need to take a look at other factors in detail, as we do with every tent.

Users are delighted with the benefits of this Core tent, as they find it spacious, large and functional for entire families. Another advantage that users value is that they are quality products in relation to the sale price.

Suppose it is true that in some models, the materials are defective. But they are problems that come from the factory, which once detected have been corrected. Some complaints come from the fact that the water seeps through the seams if it rains a lot.

The overall score shows that the quality and space the tent gives you are worth it. It should make an excellent choice for most campers looking for an adequate cabin tent to go camping in, that should serve you well for years to come.


Final Verdict

If you came here looking for Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent Review, our view is, it should make for an excellent purchase. If you just happened to land on this page while looking for a new tent, it is perhaps a good idea to look at some other comparable tents.

For campers who value space, Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is an ideal choice. The inside is very spacious owing to the design of the tent. Specifically, the walls are positioned at steep angles to provide more room inside.

However, they also have a steep price, which is the main downside of cabin tents. But, not for the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent. It has many of the benefits of cabin tents without the premium price.