Do Tent Campsites Have Electricity?

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Camping is all about thrill and adventure; still, you will need the bare necessities to make your camping adventures more memorable. Electricity is on top of the list. While camping on the hillside or by a beautiful lake, you will find stuff that you just cannot do without electricity. But, do tent campsites have electricity?

Yes. Most tent campsites have electricity. If you need AC power, most commercial or club campsites offer electric hook up nowadays. They provide a 230V supply that can be used for most of the appliances that you use at home. Multi-use campgrounds also have the big 30-Amp electric hook-up for RVs. They offer “Full Hookups” which means you’ll have water, sewer, and electric hookups. Now charging your phone, or heating water, or even drying your hair after a cool shower has become easier than ever on a campsite.


Do Tent Campsites Have Electricity?

It is a thousand times, yes! Campsites do have electricity; you just have to find out the one fit for you. In the past, camping was rugged; the campers were on their own. Tent camping was way more complicated, but the scenario is changing with each passing day. Campsites are becoming more equipped according to the demand.

  • There is plenty tent campsite who provide AC power from their electrical outlet. Even your RVs can be charged up in multi-use sites with 30-amp sources.
  • Usually, campers try to avoid using electricity while camping. However, still, you can use AC for an electric fan or heater in such places. But to save energy, you can switch on your phone only when needed and not carry a laptop.
  • Campers, in general, have suggested that it is best to call ahead and ask the campground staff or park what is available on the site before actually going camping. You might even have to use multi-use sites like pitching a tent next to a trailer or RV.
  • You must bear in mind that all the campgrounds are not the same, so you better know what you are signing up for before you do it.


Benefits of Having Electricity in Tent Campsites

Every new invention added to human life is to make life a bit better. The same goes for tent camping. It was considered a luxury to have electricity on the campsites. Still, now for a better camping experience, it has become a necessity for all the campers.

People, in general, are looking for electricity facilities when they are going camping. Thinking of life without electricity, even for a moment, has become impossible. There is a list of reasons why you would need electricity while camping.

  • Most campers prefer to have their RVs with them while camping, but they take plenty of charges to function correctly. You should ask the camping manager before reaching there if they have an active power supply or not have your RV going.
  • You would need to charge your phone to keep up with the outside world; you would need a heater or fan, depending on the weather’s extremity. Even a little hairdryer too needs electricity to run. Therefore, camping without electricity is off the table.
  • You have to keep your camera working to capture every moment. Having electricity in the camping area would allow you to charge your camera whenever it is needed.
  • If you want to make your camping days a bit more exciting and carry an induction cooker or electric grilling machine, they would need an uninterrupted electricity supply.


Why Electricity Might be The Opposite of What it Offers

The benefits of electricity are too many to describe. But like every other thing on earth, the availability of electricity facility has some drawbacks too. There are high chances that it can result in the opposite of what its purpose is thought to be.

When campers demanded that they need electricity in the tent campsite, many people rose to protest such action. But overall the authorities are allowing electricity on tent campsites. It is high time now we knew how electricity might be opposite of what it offers.

  • The tent campsites are primarily located in the middle of nature, like on a hill or by a vast lake. Availing line electricity in such places is immensely risky.
  • People prefer generators to be brought there for electricity purposes. The fuel used in a generator is harmful to nature. And the risks of accidents also increase in these cases. Safety may be hampered in this process.
  • People go camping to stay away from the hustle-bustle of city life. They go to nature to find the peace that is absent in the city streets. Availability of electricity would mean that the bridge is still open for the city stress to get to the campers via mobile phones or laptops.


5 Tips for Using Electricity in Campsites

Tent camping is not your home. You cannot use an abundant supply of electricity whenever you want. So you have to use it wisely. Little tips and tricks can help a long way to make your camping experience smoother.

Cut short the use of electricity.

Consider why you need that electricity and whether you actually need it or not. There are endless possibilities of using electricity in the tent-like heating, lighting, kettles, keeping food cool, charging devices, and even watching TV. Use only those you badly need.

Use electric hook-up.

Electric hook-up is a great help when camping outside. You can use an electric hook-up that is efficient, safe, and generally gives a better result. This is the most convenient way to get electricity on tent campsites.

Avoid water leakage

Camping can take place in bizarre places. Make sure that there is no water leakage when you are using an electric device in the tent. Even a small amount of damp can result in system tripping, causing fire, or even electrocution.

Don’t leave devices unattended.

Never leave any device running in the tent unoccupied. Any unoccupied device can easily cause a severe accident which can be avoided by acting a bit cautious. Thus, your safety is in your hands.


Wire residual current device (RCD) n your circuit while using electricity in the tent campsites. If there occurs any leakage of current, it immediately cuts off the supply. Such leakage can happen if someone touches a damp appliance.


Our Recommendation

It is still a big concern on how to get power supply in a tent campsite. You cannot count on power unless you book a camp with an electricity supply. That, too, can create a series of hassle, such as looking around for the power port, standing in line for hours, or even not getting a sufficient power supply.

If you take matters into your hands, then you can get rid of such difficulties in camping. You can carry solar-run devices in tent camping. If you stop by any stores, you will easily find a wide selection of solar and hand-cranked chargers for various small electronic devices. There is a wide range of options on these small devices.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

This is the best option for those of you who bring their personal vehicle on camping. This device is ideal for charging small devices like cameras or tablets. The product can supply enough charge for those who use CPAP machines and still want to camp. It is an eco-friendly generator as it runs on solar power emitting carbon monoxide gas.

Average cost: about 199.95$ without the essential add-ons.

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

You can keep your camera and phone charged even on the top of any hill with this solar-run recharging kit. This kit is portable, durable, and waterproof. It has a solar panel that collects energy from solar power or a USB port. Weighing 1.56 lbs, this kit can get fully charged 9 hours from solar power and 4 hours using the USB port.

Average cost: about 79.95$ without the essential add-ons.

BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove

A green solution to your camping electricity problem is this device. It is operated with the twigs and sticks you find when you camp without propane gas. The stove weighs 2.1 lbs, so you can easily carry it. It cooks meals, boils a liter of water in 4 minutes, and even charges your phone. The device can turn heat into electricity by using its patented thermoelectric technology.

Average cost: about 179.99$ without the essential add-ons.

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

To solve your problem of light on a dark camping night, this device can help you a lot. They come with rechargeable batteries and even work with a solar panel. The device can light up to 130 lumens. It has a dimmer function so you can adjust the light according to your need anytime you want.

Average cost: about 64.95$ to 49.95$ depending on the power of the lights.



Camping is a lifetime adventure for every camper. It is your responsibility to make your camping experience the best. You have to know what you prioritize more when you go camping. Suppose you think that you need more time with nature and zero disturbance. In that case, you should look for opportunities where a limited power supply is available.

But suppose you think you want to spend your camping days in the utmost comfort you can manage. In that case, you should definitely look for the options that allow you to have abundant electricity in the tent campsite. You can always follow the tips and tricks to make your stay better and enjoy your camping experience to the full.