How Much Water to Carry and Drink While Hiking?

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While setting out for a hike the immensely important thing that you need to carry with you is water. Now, how many hiking water bottles you need to carry will depend on how much water to drink while hiking. But, backpacking water storage in large amounts can add a lot of weight that can cause back pain. On the other hand, if you don’t pack enough hiking water you might be in grave danger as you’ll get dehydrated on the hike.

Hence, this guide will enlighten you regarding 5 ways that you need to analyze for calculating the amount of water you need to carry to your hiking trip. Also, we added some tips about how you can utilize water storage. So let’s just straight jump into learning the essential ways for guidance.


5 ways to plan how much water to bring on a hike:

1. Analyze the duration of your hiking trip:

The duration that it will take for you to complete a hike is a great factor that controls the amount of water you will be drinking during the trip. Hence, you must have a look at the trail guides of a specific location you are willing to set towards.

The guide comes with a proper list of distances and the time that is needed for walking the trail. And when you are looking at the estimated time, do not think that you will finish faster than the time mentioned. That can cause trouble as things done practically are completely different from theoretical calculations. It is better that you add an extra hour to the total time you calculate.

2. Calculating amount in cups:

Now, after you are done with calculating the duration of your hiking trip you can estimate the water requirement. Follow the general rule mentioned below that applies to adults and kids.

Water requirements of adults: For every 1 hour the amount of water required is about 2 cups that is half a liter.

Water requirements of children: Children have a requirement of 1 to 2 cups of water every hour.

Suppose, if you estimate that it will take up to 6 hours for completing your hiking trip then you need to carry 3 liters of water along with you as an adult. However, the amount of water a person drinks depends on their health, age, and many other physical factors.

So you need to use this calculation as a guideline to carry water accordingly. Anyone who drinks a lot of water should carry an extra 1 or 2 liters as a backup.

3. Weather conditions:

Weather condition is a great factor that controls how much water you will be drinking. If the location where you will be hiking is in a hot and humid environment, then you will be needing plenty of water. In such cases, you have to estimate that you might be drinking 4 cups in an hour. That is because hot conditions make you sweat a lot causing you to get dehydrated faster.

On the other hand, if the conditions of your hiking location are windy and cold you might just go with the calculations we mentioned earlier. That is because your body will be concentrating on insulating and conserving heat as much as possible so you will not need water much. Yet, better be safe than sorry and carry enough amount so you don’t put yourself into any kind of potential risk.

4. Check if the hiking location has a water source:

If you think you have a heavy load on your back, and carrying a lot of water bottles is getting difficult then you need to check if your location has a water source. Finding a reliable water source is a great bonus as you will still have a backup if you run out of water sources.

Now, if you find a water source that is obviously from a stream, river, or lake. You cannot intake that water directly as it contains many microorganisms that can cause health issues that can be fatal. As a solution, you need to carry along with you a water filter that you can use for purifying. Water filters are lightweight ad small in dimension it will fit inside your backpack easily.

5. Know how thirsty you get usually:

You will know yourself better than anyone else. You will be able to understand how thirsty you usually get during normal days by keeping a record of how many glasses of water you drink daily. Keeping your calculations in your mind and the guide that we mentioned previously you can plan about the amount of water you will need while going on a hike.


Tips to drink water efficiently While Hiking

Drink some amount of water before you start your trip:

Before you set out for hiking drink plenty of water when you are around a reliable water source. Keeping yourself hydrated from the beginning of the journey will help you greatly with enjoying your hiking trip as you will stay motivated.

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated:

If you see yourself getting thirsty often that means you are getting dehydrated. For that, you need to take small sips of water to prevent yourself from getting parched. Take small sips every 15 minutes. Getting way too much thirsty can make you drink liters of water at once which can leave you with none by the end of the hike.

Always stay cautious:

Always keep extra 2 liters other than just the estimated amount. This will help you greatly to cope up with the tough situations you might face.


Final verdicts:

To sum up, with the 5 ways that we mentioned above you will not do any sort of mistake and you will plan how much water to drink while hiking properly. The tips that we mentioned, later on, are essential for you to keep in mind and follow. That is because only just carrying plenty of water supplies is not enough.

You need to properly utilize the water storage so that you don’t run out of water when you need it the most. You will get to enjoy hiking in the best way only when you stay hydrated and not at all worn out.

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