How to Air Condition a Tent 

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The world is exceeding global warming and the temperature is now getting higher day by day. So, camping in summer becomes different for many of us. Thanks to the modern technology that brings a tent-friendly air conditioner for us.

Many of you already asked me about how to air condition a tent. The process is not very difficult if you have the basic equipment and the AC itself. There are two types of tent-friendly air conditioners. The stand AC needs nothing but you have to do some task to set the window air conditioner.

Camping is fun for sure but excessive heat can be a cause of your sickness. For senior citizens, it can be even more dangerous. So, an air conditioner is then a must-have for them anyway.

In the shop, you can buy a portable air conditioner for your tent. And they don’t cost very much. However, to make everything clear about this fact, I am here today. You will learn about the types of tent-friendly air conditioners and the way to use them as well. Let’s get started.


When It is Important to Air Condition a Tent

Basically, it is summer when you need to use an air conditioner in your tent. But the situation is completely dependent on the temperature of the environment. However, your endurance capability also matters here.

For humans, the appropriate temperature is around 23 to 29 degrees celsius. But most people can cope with temperatures up to 35 degrees. So, if you manage to stay well with this temperature, it’s okay not to have an air conditioner when you will be on a camping trip.

Some people love to camp in the desert area or in the tropical rainforest area. The temperature of that part of the earth is not always cold and suitable. Sometimes, it is very hot outside and the temperature crosses 40 degrees at once.

If the camping environment of your next trip is like that, I must recommend you bring your air conditioner while camping. But remember that, an air conditioner is not a lightweight thing. So, if you are going there in your car or pickup van, it’s okay to carry the AC. But if you have to hike the mountain or reach the campsite on foot, then you have to go for the AC alternatives.

Before I leave for today, I will share some air conditioner alternatives for sure. They are cheap, handy, and affordable. You can call them some hacks as well. So, stay focused, and I promise you will learn something essential for your next summer camping.


What Kinds of Air Conditioner is Good for Camping

First, you have to make everything clear about the air conditioner. And so, it is essential to learn about the types of air conditioners you can use inside your camping tent. And I have already told you that there are two different types of tent-friendly air conditioners out there.

Standing AC Units

The most used air conditioner for camping is the stand AC units. It is a kind of portable and freestanding air conditioner that you can keep anywhere inside your tent.

People use this kind of AC because you don’t need to hang it anywhere. It has a hose attached to it. And the outside part of this hose will be kept outside the tent that mainly brings out the hot air from the tent.

So, it is suggested to keep it near the door or window so that the hose can reach the outside part of the tent easily. And then you can face the front part of this tent to the place you will sleep or take a rest. That’s all you have to do with this portable and handy air conditioner.

Unlike the other air conditioner, you don’t need an AC port on the tent cloth. And it is not even visible from the outside of the tent. Additionally, it doesn’t require a stand to get set on. Instead, it has movable wheels to transport it easily. One thing you may not like is that this portable AC cannot make the environment colder as a window AC can. Also, you cannot use it for a big space tent as well.

Window AC Units

When it is about family camping, a window AC unit is the best option for sure. Generally, a window AC is used to set on the window port of the tent. The backside of the AC unit will be outside the tent and the first side will be inside.

The backside of the unit will release the hot air from the tent while the inner part flows cool air inside. The process is not different from the box AC unit we used at home. But for a tent, it is pretty much smaller in size.

However, though setting this kind of AC unit is pretty much problematic, you can do it by yourself following the steps I have described below. But first, let me notify you of the things you will need to set a window AC unit to air condition your tent.


Appropriate Tent and Additional Gears You’ll Need to Air Condition the Tent

First, it is about the tent you will need to buy for your air conditioner. You must know that a Condition room should have an open space or open window. So, you have to make sure that the tent is fully covered properly.

There are lots of tents you will find with mesh windows, roofs, and even walls. If you have this kind of tent, then I fear you have to buy a new one. It’s because you cannot cover the open space anyway with such a mesh tent.

However, you can buy a winter tent that is capable of preventing outside air from coming inside and vice versa. Besides, if you are planning to use a Window AC unit, you should buy a large tent anyway. For a stand AC unit, you can simply go for a smaller tent as well.

Now, let’s talk about what else you will need to set the window AC unit on your tent. Make sure that you have the following things to air condition your tent.

  • A 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner.
  • A bottle of Fabric glue.
  • Bungee cords as much as you will need.
  • A piece of 2 yards Ripstop Nylon.

So, when you have the mentioned equipment with the appropriate tent, then you have to make things ready to air condition your tent so that you can simply use it when you will be on the campsite. The next section will help you learn about the easiest process to air condition your tent.


Process of Air Conditioning the Tent

I have divided the complete process into different steps. It will eventually help you understand the process easily.

Step 1: Cleaning the place

First, you have to clean the place where you will set the tent. Whether it is for testing or on the campsite, you must clean the place.

You have to make sure that the place is flat and there are no stones or sharp objects there to hurt you. Besides, you need to place the tent under a shade if possible. Also, check the area size if enough to set the tent on.

Step 2: Keep everything ready

The next task is to make sure that you have everything right behind your hand. You have learned about the basic equipment you will need to air condition your tent. I remind you again to check the size of the Ripstop Nylon fabric and make sure that it’s more than 2 yards.

Step 3: Ripstop Nylon Fabric cutting

Now, it’s the first step in a sense to do the task. It’s because you have to measure the Ripstop Nylon fabric and cut it accordingly. To measure the rectangular diagram of the window AC unit, you can use a measuring tape or ruler.

When you will have to exact the size of the diagram, you have to draw the diagram on the ripstop nylon fabric. Here, you have to make sure that you are not cutting too much or too little than the actual size.

You can use a sharp cutter or scissors to cut the Ripstop Nylon fabric around the diagram. Make sure you do not cut your hand or other parts using those sharp objects.

Now, you have to spray the fabric glue on the reinforcing fabric on the outer part of the diagram. Now, set the fabric around the window of the tent on its outer part. Wait a few moments to let the glue set and then check if you can put the AC on the diagram hole you have made on the fabric.

Step 4: Connection Tube

Now, you have to make a tunnel to connect the inner part of the AC unit with the Ripstop Nylon fabric diagram hole. Some people simply set the AC unit on the diagram whole but it’s better to keep the AC unit a few feet away from the window.

You can use glue to attach two sides of the fabric and make a tunnel. Make sure that the size matches the AC unit diagram you made on the fabric. Then use the glue again to attach the tunnel with the window cover.

Step 5: Test how it works

Now, you can use a stand to set the AC unit on the outer side of the tunnel. Make sure that the stand matches the height of the window so that you can set the AC unit properly.

Now, test if it’s working. I’m sure it will work. If not, check out if there is any problem with your AC unit. However, it is better to check it before reaching the campsite. When you are sure that it is working, you can simply take your tent that already has the tunnel and the AC unit to the Campsite to air condition your tent.


What to Do if You Don’t Have an Air Conditioner

If you cannot manage an air conditioner for your tent and still want to keep cool and refreshed, I have some suggestions for you. I am sure these hacks work quite well to keep you chilled on a sunny day.

  • Use a portable fan

The portable fan is one of the best to use during the campaign on hot summer days. The battery-powered breeze creates a comfortable atmosphere even in 100-degree weather.

Before getting any fan in your tent, make sure that it is light weighted, portable and you can attach it to the wall or ceiling or to the tent’s ground. Another suggestion that I must add is to use the fan with foam blades as you’ll be setting this in close quarters.

  • Select an open tent with a mesh wall

The fine mesh wall of a tent is quite effective during the summer campaign. Mesh tents are great since it lets breeze pass through. Also, it ensures protection from biting insects.

Additionally, mesh tents block the breeze that comes from the lower part of the wall and guard against the splatter of the raindrop.

  • Find the windway and set the tent accordingly

Mesh tents let air travel through the tent all day and night long. But you can make it more comfortable by figuring out the direction in which way the wind blows.

If you are confused about the direction of the wind then you can ask the campground owners and the staff or the residents. Another easiest way is to check the weather apps and if it shows “10 mph NNE” that means the wind will blow at 10 miles per hour from north-northeast.

However, if you can’t do any of these then wet your finger, and the cold side will indicate the direction of the wind.

  • Set the tent under a shade

While setting up the tent, pick the shady place as the trees will absorb the sunlight and keep the place cool. Before that, make sure from where the sun’s rays will pass. And if you fail to figure it out then use a compass instead.

  • Carry a frozen water jug

Carrying out the frozen water jug is one of the best options especially in car camping. It will save you from being thirsty as the jugs of ice can melt in cool water and it takes less time than the ice cubes.

  • Don’t use a sleeping bag

While camping, the warmest weather-rated sleeping bag can also cause trouble and you might end up trapped in the heat. Thus, you can use a cotton sheet which is way more comfortable and will keep you cool.

  • Take a cold shower

Before going to bed, try to take shower if there’s water nearby. Certainly, Cold Water helps to take your body in a self-contained air conditioning unit. Thus it will make you fall asleep comfortably.

  • Bring a relative sunshade

Staying cool while summer camping is much easier with a reflective sunshade. It helps to block the nearest area from the sunshade and reflects the sunlight back to the sky.

Undoubtedly, the reflective sunshade works great above the tent, and don’t forget to leave a 12 inches gap between the sunshade and the top of the tent.

  • Don’t use a rain fly if it’s not raining

In summer times, a rain fly may lock the heat and condense on the inside of the tent. So, if there’s no chance for rain then remove the rainfly from the top of your tent.


Final Words

Still, there are different ways to keep yourself cold and chilled, you will need an air conditioner when you are camping in a desert area or on a very sunny day. And I am pretty sure that you have learned what to do to place an air conditioner on your tent.

If you get a standing air conditioner, it will be hassle-free. But setting up a window air conditioner won’t be a problem either. If you manage to follow the steps one by one, you will definitely make it on your own. For any further inquiry, you can simply knock me on the comment section. Thank you for your time.