How to Attach Sleeping Bag to Backpack?

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Last month, along with some of my friends, I selected our campsite on the top of the mountain. So, we had to hike over it and cannot carry anything in our hands. Not knowing how to attach a sleeping bag to my backpack, I was thinking about how I carry it there.

Thanks to my friend Sam who showed me some really good ways to attach my sleeping bag to the backpack. And believe me, I didn’t feel anything I am carrying with a backpack and comfortably reach on the top of the mountain.

So, when I came back, I feel like many of you are also facing the same problem as me. So, I researched for some other ways and luckily, I came to find many efficient ways to carry the sleeping bag with my backpack.

As I get some time today, I fix my mind to share those ideas with you. I am pretty sure that someday you’ll thank me for finding these ideas great.

Ways to Attach a Sleeping Bag To the Backpack

Most of the time, people find it difficult to set a sleeping bag inside their backpack. Because most camping backpacks have not enough space to let the sleeping bag sit inside it.

Again, if you manage to keep the sleeping bag inside the backpack, you won’t get any more space to keep other gear.

Moreover, backpacks are of different types and designs. While some let you carry the sleeping bag inside it, there are also some with no functions to attach it outside.

So, if I only share the way I carry it, you may not get helped. Your backpack can be different from mine. In fact, the possibility of that case is highest.

That’s why I have no other way to clarify all the ways to attach your sleeping bag to the backpack. You have had to find out about which one you can follow perfectly.

Attaching your sleeping bag using the loops

You know, until before a month, I didn’t know why backpacks have loops or straps. If you are someone like I was, then it’s time to get acknowledged of that. Those loops are for using to attach your sleep bag to it.

I don’t know how many of you are there who are using backpacks years after years without knowing what’s the function of its loops. Also, some backpacks don’t have any loops either.

Well, if your backpack has some loops, you can use them to attach your sleeping bag to it. If your backpack doesn’t have any loop or strap, you can also add loose straps separately.

However, first, roll up the sleeping bag as tight as you can. Now, get through the straps, fix it with the rolled sleeping bag, and pull the straps tight.

It doesn’t matter how long you are jumping or shaking the bag, as long as the straps will be there, your sleeping bag won’t fall apart.

Use a Frame to Tie Your Sleeping Bag with Your Backpack

Some campers love to use an external frame for different purposes. It can work as a support for the backside of your back and also help to maintain the structure. It also helps you to carry an extra load on your backpack.

And you can also use the frame to attach the sleeping bag to the backpack. So, you can follow this way only if you have your own external backpack frame.

Well, you must see some ties on your backpack. Most of the hikers still don’t know about the usages of those ties also. However, that’s what you need to attach the frame to your backpack.

You will find some ties at the bottom of your backpack that you can use to bind the sleeping bag with the frame. So, it will be strongly tied up with the frame as well as with your backpack.

In this case, you have to make sure that all the tie points are tightly tied up. Otherwise, the frame can be loosened and it can fall apart from your backpack.

Pack the Sleeping Bag inside Your Backpack

Placing your sleeping bag inside your backpack has several benefits. You don’t need to use any frame or straps for that. Also, it is not time-consuming at all as you can just get it out or in Unlike using the straps or frame.

But, it also becomes problematic when your bag is not very big. Most of the time, regular camping backpacks have size variations. You can either keep it smaller or bigger just using some zippers.

However, if there is a way to make your backpack bigger enough to place the sleeping bag inside it, you can do so. Also, there is some bag with an inside chamber designed to place a sleeping bag.

To pack your sleeping bag inside the backpack, you have to fold it tightly. Then tied it up so that it won’t get free from the rolling structure. Then cover it up with a shopping bag or any other waterproof bag. Make sure that there is no way the sleeping bag gets damp inside your bag.

Well, then out the sleeping bag roll horizontally if possible. If you manage to place it horizontally, locking or unlocking the zipper won’t cause any problem.

You have to place it vertically if the width of your backpack is not that much longer. But you have to be careful when to lock and unlock the zipper of your bag.

Attach it on the Top of your Backpack

Sometimes, hikers get confused about which way they should attach the bag. I mean thinking of placing the bag on the to or on the bottom of the backpack. Actually, you can attach it to the backpack anyway you love.

But most of the time, experts advise to place it on the top of your backpack. It has several benefits that make walking and hiking comfortable and easy.

To place your sleeping bag on the top of your backpack, you can either use the strap or the external frame. But you have to make sure that it is tied up properly.

However, when you put your backpack and place it on any place, the bottom side of it comes directly in contact with the surface and so it can get dirty so easily. That’s why if you place the bag on the top of the backpack, it won’t get dirty or damp so easily.

Also, you can get a pillow-like position of the sleeping bag if you place it on the top of the backpack. On your way, if you want to have some rest, you can just sit on the rolled sleeping bag for a while.

But you have to be careful of not making your sleeping bag damp. If it is raining, you should use a waterproof bag to cover the bag up and make it dry.

Using Buckles

Have a look over the storage of your home and see if there is any buckle? You must wonder about why I am asking you to find a buckle, right? Well, soon you’ll learn about that and start regretting why you didn’t use it before.

Buckles can help you have more space in your backpack. I am talking about a compression buckle that you can use to increase the capacity of your backpack.

However, some backpacks have attached Buckles beside them. You can use them to attach your Backpack to it. It will also provide security to the structure of your backpack.

Also, if you use some buckles and make some more space, you may place your sleeping bag inside the backpack. That’s why I can say that these things can come to use for your camping preparation in many ways.

Tie the Sleeping Bag with Your Backpack

You can also tie your sleeping bag with the backpack. For that, you can use a rope or elastic waist. But this way can be the cause of some problems too.

When you tie the sleeping bag with your backpack, you can choose either the top or the bottom part of the backpack to place it. But you have made it sure that there is no way it can be loosened and thus falling apart.

If you are choosing this way, you have to be extra careful of some facts. Make sure that the rope or waist is not covering the zipper area. Otherwise, it will be tough to lock and unlock the zipper.

Many hikers will explain this way if you ask how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack. Because it needs nothing except a rope. Also, you can bind some other things with it like your tent bag, water bottle, etc.

So, these are the easiest ways you can attach your sleeping bag to the backpack on your way to explore something really amazing.

Some Points To Remember:

Well, you have already learned about how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack. Still, I would like to share some points that you may think helpful as well.

  • If you don’t have a camping backpack except for a regular bag, it is better to tie the sleeping bag with your bag using a rope.
  • If your regular bag has loops or straps, you can try the first method as well.
  • A damp sleeping bag is not workable. So, at any cost, you have to make sure that it is dry and clean. For that, I suggest using a waterproof bag.
  • You can also manage an internal frame for your backpack that will help you have more space on it.
  • Don’t get confused with a frame thinking of either external or internal. An internal frame is comparatively slim and includes a lid on the top of it. On another side, an external frame is square-shaped and doesn’t have any lid.
  • If you are confused about where you should place the sleeping bag and ask my suggestion, then go for the top side of your bag. I personally prefer binding the sleeping bag on the top of my backpack.
  • You should always store your sleeping bag in a dry and clean place at your home. Without a good sleeping bag, you can never have a good sleep on your camping trip.

Just remember these few points about storing and carrying your sleeping bag with you on the way for a camping trip. Hopefully, one day you’ll thank me for these ideas.

So, it’s time to say goodbye for today. Don’t forget to inform me about what related idea you are expecting. Concerning your needs is my first priority always. In fact, I am so grateful to you for your endless support and concern. Thank you a thousand times.

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