How to Boil Water When Camping (Expert Tips)

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Do you know? I am a pure coffeeholic. It doesn’t matter whether I am at home or at my camp, I need coffee at least thrice a day. But in the camp, it is pretty hard to boil water here and there. But recently I have learned some very efficient solutions on how to boil water when camping.

when you are on your campsite and not some familiar place like the National Park, you may not have enough accessories to boil water when you need it. Also, you will need boiled water to purify the water that you get from natural sources.

So learning about how to boil water when camping is truly essential for anyone. And it doesn’t matter whether you need coffee or not, you just need a way to boil water.

That’s why I’m here today to share some easy ways to boil water when you are at the campsite. So, keep your eyes attached to today’s discussion. I hope you will learn something essential today.

Easiest Ways to Boil Water When Camping

There are several ideas you can follow to boil water when camping. You may think that learning one or two ideas is enough and then skip the whole part of this discussion.

Believe me, that will be a totally foolish action. You do not know when and where you need to boil water and also which equipment you will have. So, if you are aware of so many ideas, you will be able to make a move following any of these.

Well, let’s have a glance over the most efficient ways to boil water when camping. I’m pretty optimistic that these life-saving ideas will one day appear to be very important for you.

1. JetBoil Cooking Jug

For me, it is the easiest option ever. You can find JetBoil Cooking jugs of different types in the market. You can buy one to use it as an emergency water boiling gadget. Well, it is not an electric system and so, you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

Also, it is a portable gas stove style cooking gadget and you can carry it anywhere. This compact size jug takes only 100 seconds to boil water. If you wish to get some drinking water from a natural water source, you can let it boil for a minute and wait until it becomes cold enough to drink. That is why you can call it the fastest way to boil water.

This lightweight cooking gadget includes a stove, ignitor, stand, and a pot on the top where you have to put the water. Propane is used to fill the stove and so, it won’t take too long to bring fire with high temperature.

However, this kind of gadget is specially designed for hikers and campers as it is good to carry and very durable. Also, it is safe to take it here and there.

2. Campfire

My uncle is an old school person and takes camping seriously. As a purist, he always likes to make Campfire. I know it is the oldest method to get cooking and boiling done.

It is a complete package, if arranged perfectly it can do BBQ, vegetable curry, and water boiling. I have done it with him on the last family camping trip.

If it’s not camping or a short time stay campfire would not be the perfect option. As it takes a lot of labor and time. In hiking or backpacking, it is suggested to get alternative methods, such as gas-based tools or electric-powered options.

For making coffee, tea or just hot water campfires are too much and a waste of effort. But for camping and several days stay campfire is the best option out there.

Once it’s set up it will help in almost everything, from boiling water to a nighttime light source. We made one just by collecting some woods and some rock.

3. Kelly Kettles

One of the most convenient ways to get quick boiling water is Kelly Kettles. It is easy to carry. Whenever I go for a short camp or backpacking, I like to take one. It’s better to pick the medium-sized ones.

For boiling-water, Kelly Kettles shines bright. It makes the water really hot within no time. Moreover, this thing does not waste any energy for its conical design. It allows you to make a quick drink or a cereal meal in the fastest way possible.

It uses regular fuel canisters that can be found anywhere. I have also used it with regular sticks and dry leaves. So, you can skip the fuel system entirely. Its tank is relatively large and there is a rubber stopper that helps to keep the heat inside.

It has an eco-friendly design and saves energy. It will surely take some tension away, as you can ensure safe water and quick food preparation in the camping session. And it is also very easy to carry compared to other methods.

4. 12V Car Kettle

I will introduce you to a favorite thing I keep whenever I go out with friends for a countryside tour or car camping. It is a 12V Car Kettle. I prefer it to make some hot chocolate or coffee in the fastest way possible.

It uses the 12V cigarette lighter plug of the car. It should be inside your car and takes very little time to boil water. As it lets you control the temperature of the kettle up to 200 degrees, you can prepare any quick drinks in no time.

I can make up to 4 cups of coffee or tea in one step and that is more than enough for four friends in the evening. It is convenient for travelers and backpackers.

One time my friend Ashly brought some Muesli with her, and we prepared that after boiling some packed milk in it. It is also easy to wash the interior. I am sure you can also make soups and hot water-based meals with it.

On snowy days I suggest you keep it inside the car. You never know when you need some boiled water or a cup of coffee. You will be able to arrange that in minutes without any hassle of making a fire.

5. Bucket Heater

This way is the best one when you need to boil a large amount of water. You can use a Bucket fire to boil over 5 gallons of water at once. That’s why I prefer this to those who need purified drinking water for several days.

Even you can use this bucket heater for a shower in the winter. But it needs electricity and it is the only disadvantage of this way.

You can find different types of bucket heaters in the market. One of the types is an immersion heater that can heat up over 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

This kind of portable bucket is good to hold a large amount of water and you just need to plug it to an electric point. And it needs only 10 minutes to heat gallons of water.

6. Solar Water Heating Bag

If you ask how to boil water when camping in the cheapest way, then my answer will be the solar heating bag. In fact, it is very easy to use and it needs nothing but sunlight. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, it is a completely eco-friendly water heating system that is also good to carry here and there. It absorbs the heat of sun rays and releases the heat to boil the water.

But you should also remind it that this solar water heater requires a comparatively longer time to heat the water. That’s why you cannot get instant hot water.

7. MSR Pocket Rocket

If you don’t have a JetBoil Cooking system but love the way it works, then try out an MSR pocket rocket. Just it has a separate pan and stove, unlike the JetBoil.

To use this gadget, you need to have lighter or dry matches as it cannot light a fire by itself. Otherwise, it works very well.

To boil water of one liter, it needs not more than 3.5 minutes. Also, it is very easy to carry here and there as it is only 75g in total. So, you can easily carry it over the mountains and use it to have instant boiling water.

8. Ghillie Camping kettle

A ghillie camping kettle is the newest water boiling gadget that gains popularity over the UK and the USA in a very short time. The design of this gadget is very unique and useful.

This type of gear is good to carry and it is not more than 2 pounds. Also, it takes only 3 to five minutes to boil water.

Besides, it doesn’t need either fuel or electricity to work. You can light the fire with anything you have nearby and use this jug to boil water.

So, these are the most efficient ways to boil water when camping. I personally prefer using JetBoil or campfire when I am at the campsite. But I also use some of the other techniques in different situations.

Did you get these points clearly? If you don’t have any easy-to-use gear, you should buy one for a better camping experience with hot coffee and tea. So, that’s all for today. Wait until I come with something essential for a great camping experience. Thank you.

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