How to Camp Without Electricity? (Expert Tips)

Camping always in the National Park where all necessities are near my hand doesn’t seem to be true adventurous camping. I prefer camping in the midst of nature where wildlife is very near. Such a camping trip requires an idea about how to camp without electricity.

I have several trips in my life where I didn’t have any source of electricity and a generator. To be true, the absence of electricity even made my camping far better. And today, I’ll share how I camp without electricity.

Most of the time, the government and other organizations provide essential equipment for camping like water, electricity, tents, etc in the popular campsite like the National Park. But you’ll not get any of these if you choose the site on a remote jungle or mountain.

So, learning about how to camp without electricity is truly important for you if camping is your love. Well, you can enjoy your camp comfortably even if you don’t have a source of electricity following the tips, I am going to mention today. So, keep your concentration here.

Simple Ideas to Camp without Electricity

You know for what reasons you may need electricity in your camp. Well, I am not asking you to avoid those things and I know you can’t either. Therefore, that’s not a solution. So, you need alternative ideas to deal with those things.

Here, I am leaving some better by not very difficult ideas to deal with most of the tasks you may need electricity for. So, don’t skip any single point here.

1. Bring Some Battery Power Devices

When You are preparing for camping, you can collect some of the battery power devices and take them with you. There are different electronic devices that you can use with some batteries.

In this case, I prefer keeping some extra batteries in case of an emergency. However, for light, you can use flashlights or torches. There are some battery-powered lanterns and candles available in the shops. You can use them too.

If the environment is very warm, you can also keep a battery power fan with you too. But make sure they are working properly and the battery is fully charged.

Besides, you should also keep a dome battery power radio and walkie-talkie. They will help you to contact others and get signals. So, you don’t need electricity to get lights, signals, and cold air.

2. Take Your Power bank

Keeping your phone charged is another problem to camp without electricity. Powerbank is the best solution for that.

Almost all of us nowadays, have a power bank. So, make sure that your power bank is fully charged and can backup your phone for a long time. If you don’t think one is enough then try to have two.  

3. Keep Equipment for Making Campfire

You can use a flashlight or torch to make lights. But it will never make you warm. So, in winter, you cannot completely rely on the batter power torch or flashlight at all.

In this case, fire can be the best solution. If you bring all equipment to make a campfire, several problems will be solved automatically.

You can make lights, keep yourself warm, and also prepare your food with the campfire. Also, it will be easier to boil water so that you can get hygienic water to drink.

You should keep some lighters and matches for sure. Only matches cannot be enough here. If it gets damper, then you cannot use it. Also, you should bring some firewood or collection as well.

Besides, you should be aware of not spreading fire in the forest. Make sure, the place is dry and there is no brunch of a tree near the place of the campfire.

4. Bring Drinking Water from Home

One of the main reasons to have electricity at your camp is to cook or boil food. With a campfire, preparing food is not very difficult but to boil drinking water is comparatively problematic.

That’s why I suggest bringing drinking water from home. Besides, microsize a solid substance it hard to separate from water still if you boil it.

If you have a mini size portable water tank, you can carry it to your camp and use water moderately. You should use water from the campsite for other purposes to save pure drinking water.

5. Enjoy a grilled dinner

When you have made a campfire, it will be easy for you to make a grilled dinner or launch. Even, such kind of moderately burning food will give you a primitive experience.

You can bring some food that you can preserve for days. In this case, I love to bring sausages, bread, sweet potatoes, veggies, etc. Besides, you should bring some foil papers to. It will help you cover the foods and grill them without a pan.

6. Try Canned and Processed Dry Foods

For camping, I always prefer an easy solution for everything. As I am not so fond of cooking, it seems to be a sardonic idea to cook in the camping.

However, I am not willing to spend all my time preparing food for the day and not by exploring nature. That’s why I love to carry canned or processed food on my journey.

Dry fruits, oats, cornflakes, cookies, bread, etc are good as dry items. I also carry canned fruits, soup, meat, tuna, rice, and curry on my way.

7. Carry a Portable Gas Stove

A portable gas stove can be another great solution. Nowadays, you can find lightweight portable gas stoves with cheap pricing. They are also easy to carry.

If you manage to carry a portable gas stove on your way, it will be very easy for you to cook food, boil water, and get warm as well. But you have to carry a saucepan and spoon for that too.

If you love to enjoy a BBQ night, just bring a BBQ stand and set it on your gas stove. Making BBQ will be fun too.

But here you have to be extra careful. Make sure that the gas stove is working well before heading toward the campsite. Also, check twice and make sure that there is no leaking hole in the gas container.

8. Use Hot Rocks and Water

If it is winter, your sleeping bag and blanket may not be enough to make yourself warm. In this case, an electric heater is a must for what you will need electricity for.

But we are discussing how to camp without electricity. So, if you cannot afford a battery power portable heater, then you can use some pebbles and water.

For that, you have to collect some rocks or pebbles. Now, keep them near your campfire and make them heater. When you place them beside your sleeping bag, it will be helpful to make the place warm.

Moreover, you can use some hot water bottles for yourself. Here, you can keep a bottle full of hot water, not boiling water which can melt the plastic bottle. If you place this bottle between you two-leg, it will instantly make yourself warm and longer.

9. Use a Bluetooth Speaker or Walkie-talkie

You should always keep some devices with what you can contact with others while camping in case of an emergency. If there is no source of electricity, it will be a problem to keep the battery power for long.

Sometimes, a power bank may not work for long. In this case, keeping a Bluetooth speaker or Walkie-talkie is the best solution.

In the wild, you don’t know what kind of problem will appear when and why. So, keeping security devices has no alternative. That’s why you should take all the precautions as well.

So, these are the best and easiest solution to deal with camping without electricity. But you can also follow some easy tips also to make your camping trip even more comfortable.

Tips for Camping without Electricity

Yes, there is also some life-saving idea that can help you on your camping trip a lot. Let’s have a look over them.

  • You can keep a portable solar panel to produce some electricity to use for different purposes.
  • Keeping an extra car battery is also a good idea. In any case, you can use that battery to recharge your phone, laptop, or other devices.

Also, you can switch on the lanterns if you manage to make a wire connection between the car battery and the lantern.

  • Try to camp in a dry place where firewoods are available so that you can make campfires easily.
  • Make sure to have all the necessary things for making fire and food.
  • You can also carry a portable bath so that you can have a hot shower to get warm with lukewarm water.

So, do you understand how to camp without electricity? Hopefully, the tips have left no confusion at all. Still, contact with me leaving your comment if you have anything to ask.

Stay connected to us always and learn many life-saving tips and tricks to have a better camping experience. Thank you for a thousandfold.

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