How to Clean a Camping Tent? Few Important Tips

Today I am going to tell you how to clean a camping tent for your next trip.

At whatever point you go outdoors obviously you continually carry with you your closest companion named outdoors tent that will give you a safe house to your next experience.

It is in every case great to have it next to you during times when it downpours or you need rest. You may likewise have utilized it a few times before.

How to Clean a Camping Tent

In any case, how would we do it? No issue we’ll help you with this one!

Because of the ecological components when you’re exploring the great outdoors outside, you can’t maintain a strategic distance from your tent getting earth and mud.

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Presently, you don’t need yourself or others that will utilize it to get them within a tent which as of now needs some cleaning.

Therefore, you should continue to get it another look with the assistance of some great tips that will be talked about here.

Steps in Cleaning Your Tent: Know how to clean a camping tent


Step 1: Remove free earth in your tent. That incorporates pine needles, cones, leaves and so on. You need to ensure that it is vacant before cleaning.

Step 2: Proceed to place it in a tub loaded up with boiling water. In the event that you possess a little tent, it won’t be an issue as it will fit inside. Hose it down with water. You can utilize a sodden fabric or a brush that you, for the most part, use to wash your vehicle as it is delicate.

Step 3: Wash it while it is in the tub. You need to recall that utilizing clothing cleansers or cleanser cleansers in cleaning it is a no-no.

You can likewise clean your tent which has mud or mold by utilizing a blend of lemon squeeze and salt. Else, you can turn to water with vinegar equation.

It is additionally prescribed to utilize Revive X Pro Cleaner which is known to clean tents without influencing its water repellency, together with high temp water.

Step 4: After cleaning it with prompted cleaners, wash it off completely with water. This can be somewhat precarious as certain pieces of your tent will be hard to do it. Ensure it is free from lathery water during this progression.

Step 5: Put your outdoors tent outside in an obscure territory or building. Abstain from putting it legitimately into sunbeams.

Give it a chance to air dry. This can take up extended periods of time so ensure it is totally dried out before expelling it from the spot.

Step 6: Apply to waterproof on the covered texture floor, lower side dividers of the tent and the downpour fly. Observe this must be done while the tent is wet.

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Significant Points to Remember

  • Do not utilize clothes washer when choosing to clean your outdoors tent.
  • Be cautious not to clean the underside of your tent as it will cause harm or disposal of polyurethane waterproof covering.
  • Apply a particular cleaner and after that wash it with water until the foamy water is no more.
  • Never put it under the beams of the sun. It must experience air dry before putting away it once more.
  • When putting it inside your stockpiling, you should give it a chance to inhale to abstain from getting awful scents. Try not to place it in your storage room or whatever another spot that will cause restraint for ventilation.

It is significant for us to keep everything clean. It doesn’t just give a spic and span look yet additionally give security and solace.

This incorporates your outdoors tents. Your tents may as of now have persevered through a lot of years doing the administration for you.

For a few times of utilizing it, we should keep it flawless consequently. What’s more, that accompanies various methodologies and strategies.

While cleaning our tents, we should pursue the do’s and don’ts as it will keep our tent being harmed from unsafe substances.

Consider the cleaners you are going to utilize. Know whether it is terrible for your tent.

Additionally, doing the means perfectly will assist it with having a superior condition for some time later.

So understand that tent out of your stockpiling now and start doing the enchantment!


From the above discussion, you will be aware of how to clean a camping tent. Keep your tent clean using those tips and be safe.

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