How to Dry Out A Tent Quickly? (Expert Tips)

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Last month, I had another never-to-be-forgotten forest camping where all my excitement could be annihilated because of the heavy rain. Thanks to my uncle, who shared some ideas on how to dry out a tent quickly. And those tricks, luckily, they were working.

Well, rain doesn’t come knocking on your door, especially in the forests. And if you’re a true camping and hiking freak, rain can never be an excuse. But dealing with a wet and damp tent is truly something very disappointing.

However, those tricks I was talking about, helped me dry out my tent very quickly. So, that day, I was very thankful to my Uncle and fixed my mind to share the tricks with you hoping you’ll find these tricks helpful someday.

Also, drying my tent at my home before storing it also takes a long time. And I personally don’t love to wait so long for that. Besides, not drying well before packing can just destroy your next camping with soggy smell and fungus. That’s why it is also necessary to learn how to dry out a tent quickly at home.

So, here, I come again with some feasible tricks for drying the tent both in your home and outdoors. I hope, someday, you’ll thank me for these tricks and so, welcome in advance.


How To Dry Out A Tent in Campsite After Rain?

For a couple of times, I faced a whole night of heavy rain that came to destroy my beautiful camping experience. No, I am not that easy to get upset. I know what to do in the morning to dry it out.

Well, if you are trapped in the rain inside your tent, the first thing I suggest is to relax and wait for it to stop. Most often, heavy rainfall in the night stops before it’s morning.

When it is fully stopped, that’s the time to make your move. Now, follow the instructions one by one.

First, pack all your sleep gear. It will be better if you have a waterproof bag to keep those stuff because you must not want those things to get soggy as well. If you are in a forest, raindrops from the leaves can make those things damp. So, be careful of that.

Now, get out of your tent. Find a clean and dry place and keep your stuff there. Next, try to take off the rain and fly over the tent.

You have to be extra careful in this case. At any cost, you have to prevent the fly from falling over the tent body. It could be worse if you do that for insincerity.

However, give a good shake on it. Make sure, water drops are falling from it as much as it is possible. Now, hang it over a tree branch under the mild sunlight. The air will absorb the rest of the water from it.

If your camping spot becomes muddy and wet, then try to find out a better place. It will prevent your stuff from getting muddy and dirty.

Now, try to leave the tent up as long as possible for you. Be careful if you have any stuff inside it while putting it away. Those things may get wet too, and that’s the reason I suggest keeping them aside on the dry sacks anyway.

This time, if you manage to keep your tent under the mild sunshine, it will work faster. Direct sunshine will work the fastest, but I don’t prefer keeping my tent under straight sunshine for too long.

You’ll get a bonus if there is a little windy environment around you. Believe me, the wind will absorb the water very soon. But make sure the rope is knotted tightly enough to keep the tent on the spot before the wind.

That day, before having my lunch, I got my tent dry and comfortable following these instructions. You may think what I am saying about how to dry out a tent quickly. From morning till lunchtime is not too quick. But let me remind you that there is no quickest way you can dry your tent in a few minutes or hours. It is even the shortest period you can dry it on your camping.

Roaming around the area of your camping after the rain for a few hours won’t be a bad idea. So, let it get dry and enjoy happy camping.


Drying Out A Tent at Home:

You have learned what to do in case of an emergency on your camping. Now, think about drying your tent at home.

Well, before packing it to the store, giving your tent a good wash and dry is like a must for your tent. I myself obliterated a couple of my tents for not just storing it properly. But I saw my uncle using the same tent for years and he says he knows to take care of his tent. For him, washing and drying it before packing is the most crucial task of caring for the tent.

There are so many ways, your tent gets dirt, muddy, and damp on your camping days. And you know very well about that. So, there is no way you can come back home and just keep it out of your bag to directly send it to the storage. Washing and drying are like a must and you cannot deny it unless you want to say goodbye to it.

Can you remember, I share the best ways to clean the tent carpet with you? But I missed to include detailed instructions about how to dry out a tent quickly at home. So, let me share it now with you. The below instructions are suggested to follow for that.

First, choose the best place for the tent set-up and let it dry. Backyard or your garden sounds good if you have enough space there. But if you have either of them, your garage is the best play anyway.

Well, if you choose to dry it in your backyard or garden, then wait for the day with a clear sky or sunny day. You must not want to dry on a rainy day either.

After giving it a proper wash, place it on the place where mild sunlight comes and there is enough space to pass the air. Make sure to keep the rain fly separated and let them dry together side by side.

If there is the wind, as usual, it won’t take too long to dry the tent. Avoiding direct sunshine is preferable. I’ll tell you about the reason behind it in the next section.

Let’s talk about the garage. To be true, I love drying my tent in the garage the most. I have a dehumidifier and it really works well for the tent. So, I prefer this way the most.

Let your car lend its home, I mean the garage to the tent. Well, set up the tent there and keep the dehumidifier activated in the garage. Wait for hours to let it dry.

From my own experience, a dehumidifier works faster than air and sunshine. But if you don’t have a dehumidifier at your home, using your backyard or garden is the only way if you don’t love to place it in your room to let it dry.

Oh, I forgot to mention your roof. You can use it too. But be careful about rough sunshine. Choosing a beautiful day with a happy sun is really essential for the tent to dry.

If you feel good, take the tent carpet out of the stand and it will be easier to dry the carpet separately. You can hang it on the rope of your backyard or even on the balcony. Also, you can place it over the shower curtain rail in your bathroom. But hanging the carpet will take longer to get dry compared to the time a setup tent needs to dry.


A Few Points to Remember While Drying Out Your Tent:

As always, I love to share some important points on prevention and similarities before saying goodbye. So, make sure you are not running over this section not having your eyes on the points.

  • Direct sunlight for a long time will fade the color of your tent carpet and weaken the strength of the contexture.
  • Don’t shove it into the tumble dryer. The excessive heat will cause distortion of the material. Even, it can be melted if it is made of PVC like materials.
  • You shouldn’t use a hairdryer or other heating machines too for the same reasons as the tumble dryer.
  • Make sure that no part of the tent is wet or partially dry. It will cause an irritating soggy smell and fungus.
  • You should store your tent in an air passable dry place.
  • In your camping, you should choose a place to let your tent dry where there is no possibility to drip water drops anyway.
  • The last suggestion, it’s better to check the weather reports before leaving your home for camping trips. You can get cold because of the rain or other natural disasters can appear as well. So, your safety should be your first priority.

Is there anything else you find difficult in learning how to dry out a tent quickly? If yes, don’t forget to let me know. Also, inform me if you love to know about some other relatable issues. You know I love to share and it’s now become a habit. So, wait for me till I come with another of my challenging outdoor experiences and ways to face it. Thank you.

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